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New Rules of Animeb

Revised: 2nd of April, 2008

Animeb's General Statement

Animeb is a great place to be, filled to the brim with friendly people from all around the world. We have great staff who work hard to make the board fun. To make sure things remain as they should, and in order to make things easier on everyone, we have certain rules in place. These rules should be kept in mind when posting in the forums or on profiles, or when chatting in the Shoutbox, as these rules apply to all parts of Animeb.

Member Conduct

Animeb is a friendly place, and we want to keep it that way. Act here like you would in polite company; don't do anything you think is going to upset anyone, and don't cause offence to other members.

Things to remember when posting

1. When posting new threads, think about the content of your topic and where its going, and try to aim for the relevant subforum. Keep your forum tidy ^^

2. When replying, try to keep on topic. People won't rip into you for straying, but try and make things relevant. Also, judge if the topic is serious or not. Don't reply to a serious and healthy thread with silly, offhand comments. If the thread feels more daft, then feel free to reply a bit less seriously.

3. Spam is frowned upon in all parts of the forum. However, you will not be punished for spam in HFF or The Kingdom. Spam in any other forums is against the rules (see rule 7).

4. When creating a thread, try to be informative and post in a way that will spark a discussion. Your thread might not always take off, but do not despair! You can always bump the thread after a week or so.

5. In all other cases, multi-posting is not allowed. If you have something else to say, you can simply edit your post.

The Rules

We have made the rules as expansive as possible, but we can't cover every potential problem. Therefore, there will be occasions when a custom warning or infraction is issued. Make sure you respect this - it is not a 'hidden rule', it is simply something that the administrators have decided is unacceptable. For such infractions, as with any other, the right of appeal (as outlined below the rules) remains valid.

1. Flaming, bashing, ridiculing, or baiting other members will not be tolerated.

1a. Flaming is a heated attack on another member, including insults, name-calling and generally boorish behaviour.

1b. Bashing is defined as always being on a member's case, however subtly, especially after having been asked to stop.

1c. Ridiculing is defined as cruelly making fun of a member. If you know they don't mind your jokes then knock yourself out, but be very careful and never assume this is the case.

1d. Baiting is defined as acting nastily in a way designed to draw a reaction from a member. We also urge anyone who feels they are being baited to not react badly, as this would result in a punishment for you as well. Keep your emotions under control.

2. Do not discriminate. Racism, sexism or attacks on a member's beliefs will not be permitted. We strongly support freedom of speech, but please adhere to common sense.

3. Do not be a forum rebel. That is to say:

Do not question every single thing an administrator or moderator does. If you have a problem with something, you can take it up with the admins or mods either in a private message or by reporting a post and it will be dealt with accordingly. When contacting a staff member over a problem, be polite and properly explain your problem with links to threads, or screenshots if the incident occurred in the Shoutbox. We can't do much about your problem if you don't show us any proof.

Please remember that just because no action has been taken, your appeal has not been ignored. Rather, the mods have simply decided against you on this occasion.

Feel free to appeal any decision within reason. You will not be infracted for stating an opinion. However, stating an opinion repeatedly when the admins have already made a decision will land you in trouble, as will constant appealing for no good reason.

Do not continue to do as you please when a moderator has asked you to stop.

Do not consistently break rules, or stir up trouble for members or for the staff. It doesn't make you look clever; it just wastes everyone's time.

Do not waste the staff's time by abusing forum features. And if you really want to be banned, PM an admin rather than causing havoc for other members.

If a member of staff decides that you're disregarding authority, there may be heavy penalties involved.

4. Spamming is generally discouraged, and repeat offenders will be infracted. Spam is defined as posts that add nothing of value to a thread, such as one-word
responses, off-topic and uninteresting posts, and answering a genuine question with nothing more than an "I don't know". While we appreciate active members, posting for the sake of raising your post count is not encouraged.

This rule also stands for the Shoutbox. Do not fill it with a load of senseless babble.

We have two forums which are exceptions to this rule: Happy Fun Forum and The Kingdom. In HFF, spamming is permitted, as long as it is at least vaguely related to the thread's topic. In The Kingdom, any kind of spam is allowed, no matter how meaningless. However, all other rules still stand for these forums. Flaming, discrimination and the like will still not be tolerated here.

Off-topic posting is not, in itself, against the rules. As long as the thread stays interesting, and a lot of people are enjoying posting in it, it will be allowed to go on. However, if a thread has descended into nonsense, or a conversation between two or three members, it will be moved to The Kingdom. A thread that has become an argument or a flame-war will be pruned, and possibly locked or deleted.

Spamming can also take the form of advertisements. Members are free to show off their own sites, forums and projects, but doing so repeatedly or in inappropriate threads will be punished.

5. Don't be mistaken for a linkspammer. Linkspammers are people who join a forum specifically to create threads filled with links and adverts. These users are instantly banned. Do not make a thread just to post links without any description, discussion or relevancy. Links to advertising, promotional websites, pornography, "You have been bitten by a werewolf"-type games and other such worthless things will be punished, and especially for a new member will often result in a ban.

6. Duplicate threads will be locked and possibly deleted. This forum has been around for a long time, and the subject you want to bring up may have already been discussed. Make use of the search function if you're not sure, and you may find your answer. We don't mind necroposting if you have something useful to add to an old discussion, but do make sure it is worthwhile.

If your thread was locked and you disagree with the decision, PM the moderator who locked it or an admin. Creating another thread to continue the discussion without may get you infracted, and the thread will be deleted.

7. Pornography and hentai are not allowed. Of course, we wouldn't be much of a Ken Akamatsu board without ecchiness, but make sure you don't go too far with it. The basic rule is no genitals, no female nipples, and no sex or sexual positions. We do have a lot of young members, and we wouldn't want to get in trouble with our server, so do make sure you stick to this.

8. Sometimes people like having serious discussions and debates over politics, religion, philosophy and so on. To accommodate such topics, we have created the limited-access Serious Stuff Forum.

Although everyone can see this forum by default, posting in SSF is a privilege rather than a right, and your access will be withdrawn if the admins believe you are abusing it. Make sure to read the SSF-specific rules that are stickied within the forum itself before posting. Serious topics created elsewhere will be moved into SSF whether or not the thread creator has access.

9. Impersonating another member is forbidden. Do not make extra accounts under a name similar to someone else's with an intent to confuse or insult, and do not steal a member's avatar and signature without their prior consent. Name change requests that the admins consider confusing or insulting may be ignored.

10. Multiple accounts are not permitted without good reason. If you want to take a new name, PM the admins and the change will be made for you. Using multiple accounts to take on several identities will be punished. We can normally tell when this is the case, so don't try it. We appreciate that there may be another person who uses the same IP address as you to connect; if this is the case, make it clear to the staff who you are so we know to make an exception.

If your old account is broken, you may create a new account to post your problem. The admins will then try to sort it out for you. If they manage to fix it, your accounts will be merged. If not, you will be allowed to continue posting under you new account, which will be edited to appear like your old account as much as possible.

If you create a new account to get around a ban, your new account will be permanently banned, and your other account will receive a large infraction for circumventing a prior ban. This will probably see you banned for a lot longer than you already were, so this would be a very stupid move to make if you want to get back to posting as quickly as possible.

11. Excessive bad language is frowned upon. The occasional swear word here and there is tolerated, but continued use will be punished. This includes insults in all languages, so long as the moderator can understand you.

We do have a language filter in place, but it isn't particularly comprehensive. Please try to respect it.

12. For the sake of our members who do not have broadband connections, please keep your signatures within a reasonable size. Anything under 400 pixels high and 1028 pixels across is fine, and no bigger than a maximum size of 200kb combined. Members with oversized sigs will be asked by a member of staff to resize them. Failure to do so may result in an infraction, so please don't argue about this.

13. Repeatedly asking to be a moderator, or continuously dropping 'subtle' hints to that effect will only damage your chances. If the admins want you as a mod, they will generally select you themselves and come to you with the offer.

There may be occasions where there is a thread asking for applicants; in this case, of course you may state your case as to why you think you would make a good member of staff. Otherwise, just prove your point through your good conduct on the boards.

The IRC Rules

These apply to the channel #lovehina on

1. Rules 1, 2, 4, and 5 apply exactly as they do on Animeb.

2. By using our channel, you agree to follow the rules of, which can be found here:

3. The operators and half-operators have the equivalent role on IRC of the moderators on the forum. If they tell you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

4. No flooding. Facebot will automatically kick you out of the room if you do so.

Punishments for breaking rules on IRC may be carried over to the forum if the mods think it necessary. IRC-specific punishments include being kicked and banned from the channel for as long as the operators see fit.

Infraction system

1. Verbal warning: If you break a rule in a small way, especially in the Shoutbox, you may be cautioned by a member of staff.

You will be expected to stop what you're doing immediately, and no further action should be necessary.

2. Warning infraction: If you break a rule for the first time, especially in a forum, you will generally be given an infraction with a value of 0 points. This is a warning infraction, and it will appear permanently on your profile for the staff to see.

Receiving a warning infraction means that you have to be careful, because the staff will be checking that you're staying out of trouble.

3. Infractions: If you repeatedly break the rules or break a rule in a major way, you will be given an infraction. This is a warning that will appear permanently on your profile, and give you a certain number of infraction points. In most cases, the points will expire after a set length of time; this time will also be shown on your profile.

If you manage to receive 10 active infraction points, your account will be banned until enough points expire to take you back below 10. Do not attempt to get around the ban - this will result in you being banned for a lot longer.

If you receive an infraction, you'll know what you've done, and you should stop doing it in order to get back in the Staff's good books.

You may also be banned from the Shoutbox by an administrator for as long as is deemed necessary. You will always be warned before this action is taken, but not necessarily infracted. Be careful.

How to appeal a decision

If you feel that any action taken against you was too harsh, or was for an offence not specified in the rules, you may appeal the decision.

1. Please send the reasons that you consider the decision unjustified to the moderator who punished you via private message. Include any links or screenshots your feel back up your case. You can find out which moderator warned or infracted you by looking at your profile.

2. That mod will then create a thread in the Staff Forum containing the details of your complaint. The staff will then discuss the matter, and the admins will decide whether or not you have a case.

On some occasions, the mod you appeal to may decide himself that your case is fair and reverse your infraction himself, without going to the staff.

3. If the staff decide they want to look into it, they may ask you for your take on events so they can get a feeling for who is justified. Don't be offended if the mods seem to tend towards the opinion of their fellow staff member - it's only natural that should back up our own team in their decisions.

If the incident took place in the Shoutbox or on IRC, we may also try to find an impartial observer to give us a neutral view of events. It is important that you come to us with screenshots to back up your case, or we will have little choice other than to take the mod's word as final.

4. When the staff have come to a decision on the matter, they will PM you with the details, and your infraction will be reversed where appropriate. We may offer you an apology, but understand that no favours will be handed out because by way of compensation.

5. This decision is final and cannot be argued. Doing so may land you with further infractions.

Who do I talk to? Our Chain of Command

A lot of the staff have busy lives and can't always devote as much time time as they would like to Animeb. With this in mind, an order has been laid out to decrease their work load and allow for faster response times from the staff as a whole.

Brigade moderators appear as green names in the Shoutbox and Active Members List.
Forum moderators appear as white.
Global moderators appear as blue.
Administrators and the Webmaster appear as yellow.

Senior staff:

hinarei, Randompanzy

Global moderators
Billgoku, Silas

Forum moderators
selo, Miroku, Balmung

A complete list of our current staff team and the forums they look after can be found under the link 'View Forum Leaders' near the bottom of the forum's main page.

1. If your problem is specific to a brigade forum with a brigade mod, go to him for assistance.

2. If he cannot help, or if the forum has no Bmod, go to the white mod(s) assigned to the forum. If the problem is in the shoutbox, all white mods, global mods, and Admins can help.

3. If the moderator is unable to help, go to the three Gmods. Do not go straight to the administrators with a problem that the Gmods might be able to solve.

4. If the Gmods are tell you that they are incapable of helping you, go to the three admins. They can be reached either via PM, by speaking to them in the Shoutbox, with an instant messenger, or in urgent cases directly via e-mail. The admins all have their IM details listed, and can be e-mailed by clicking on the link in their profiles.

5. If the admins can't help you on their own, they will go to style with the problem. While style is approachable and receptive to all members, he is often very busy, so we ask that you don't trouble him yourselves. Even if you know for a fact that your problem is definitely something that only he could deal with, we may be discussing it already in the Staff Forum, and your intervention may only serve to confuse matters and hold up any action that is taking place.

Basically, the chain goes like this: Bmod -> Mod -> Gmod -> Admin.

Remember this hierarchy, and the staff will be able to serve your needs more efficiently.
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Signature size

Recently, there have been a lot of people using huge animated signatures on the forums. Rule 12 of the Animeb Rules clearly state the maximum limits of sig size:

If you are found to have an oversized sig, you will be asked to change it. If you refuse for whatever reason, you'll land yourself an infraction and possible point penalties and have privileges taken away. At worst, you could even get banned. It's a pointless thing to rebel about, so please don't bother. Take after most people, and change it without complaint. It's almost always file size that people are guilty of, so be aware of this when you choose your sig to avoid having to change it later.

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