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    Explosive Jester Tyroki's Avatar
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    October 2005

    Mass Archive and Refresh

    Hey everyone!

    It was discussed, and we decided it's time to start fairly fresh.
    I've archived the mass majority of the ancient AnimeB (and lets be honest, thank goodness for that right?), so the only way you're going to see some of that cringe-worthy old content is if you actually go looking for it in the Archives. But unlike a dusty old tome, I have to say: Probably not worth it.

    The only thing outside of Administration that is being kept is the Welcome Forum. Feel free to say hi on your way back in. I also kept our longest running game.

    You'll notice that in place of a variety of old subforums (that were seldom ever used, lets be honest) are a few new forums. We've also relaxed the duration of 'new' anime to what's out in the current year.

    So I hope everyone enjoys the fresh start and gets to posting with new and old friends alike. I expect everything will be quite relaxed.
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    November 2005
    Cool stuff, let's see where this goes!



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