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  1. Bridgeway RP
  2. GS Starlight: Deep Space Generations Ro
  3. Dragon Age 2: Shattered World RP
  4. Dr. Who RP
  5. [RPInc] Appoint the only remaining RPer to Moderator of this forum for cleaning duties
  6. Create Your Own Starship! (Star Wars RP)
  7. Duelme
  8. [RPInc] The Hunger Games RP
  9. D Gray Man RP
  10. Balmung vs Josun: Duel of Traditions
  11. Bio Thread Up (RP Site)
  12. G.o.t.t. Rp
  13. Deamon Academy for Misfits RPG (not literally but somewhat)
  14. Sane Instability Rp
  15. Love Hina RP 2.0
  16. Strike Witches 442nd Air Wing [RP]
  17. Bal's Survival Guide to...Surviving. ESRB - M
  18. 7th Mana Seal chapter 2
  19. 7th mana seal
  20. Marvel Ultimate Origins
  21. Little Shop of Death Dealings
  22. Underground Night Club: Rap Dungeon Battle
  23. Together, Yet Divided
  24. must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mega funny (kinda)
  25. Alright, I answer your challenge
  26. Alright, I challenge someone.
  27. [RPInc] RPinc Leader
  28. Spar Challange
  29. anyone brave enough?
  30. Aoshi VS Lockx VS Zac
  31. Tyroki vs Balmung: Duel of the Gods - Force Battle
  32. a challange!
  33. Rosario+Vampire RP: The Hunt for the Philosopher's Stone
  34. Strange RP
  35. Lire: A Fantasy RP
  36. The Road not Traveled
  37. Battle in the Colombian Highland
  38. Nations 2010 RP
  39. Elfin Territory
  40. A dream Date!
  41. Lirik vs Quicksilver
  42. IRC Role play!
  43. lockx vs Phoenix_21
  44. Lockx vs Z!
  45. Lirik vs RDknightzac
  46. HK-47 with his OMG stick vs EVERYONE
  47. Ryo vs Ori vs Bal vs Tyroki
  48. The RE RP
  49. Star Wars KOTOR Rp
  50. Sister Death Rp
  51. High School Role Play: School Festival Edition
  52. Aeris vs. Grey fox
  53. Aeris vs. Lockx
  55. Team battle rp # 2
  56. [RPInc] Once again, I call the massacre!
  57. Video game character battle
  58. Shinmei Challenge: lockx vs. Balmung
  59. Challenge of Shimeiryu: Dischord vs. Ryo Misaki
  60. Shinmei Spar: Grey Fox vs Ryo Misaki
  61. Shinmei Challenge: Lockx Vs Grey Fox
  62. [RPInc] New moderator
  63. Aoshi VS Zac Spar
  64. Shinmei Challenge: RDKnightZac vs. Z
  65. wwe royal rumble!
  66. Motoko Brigade Championship First Round: GSDAkatsuki vs. Nakakami Seno
  67. Motoko Brigade Championship First Round: Grey Fox vs. Paradox
  68. Motoko Brigade Championship First Round: Josun Tomoro vs. Zet
  69. [RPInc] Unfortunate placement
  70. Star Trek RP
  71. Zac vs Ryo
  72. Zac (RDKnightZac) vs Kiyori (Lockx)
  73. [RPInc] Attention!! Rpers Needed!!!
  74. world war 2008! RP
  75. Vegence is Sweet RP
  76. Ryo Misaki vs Josun Tomoro
  77. Lockx vs Ryo Misaki
  78. Aoshi vs Josun spar
  79. lockx vs. Josun Duel
  80. GSDAkatsuki VS Josun Tomoro Duel
  81. [RPInc] Fanatsy Rp?
  82. [RPInc] RPs: Long term or short?
  83. Arena
  84. Looking for RP partners over MSN ((Mainly female))
  85. HKSS RP: The Dark Alliance To Bring Down Her Kawiness and the HKSS
  86. Shinmei Challenge: GSDakatsuki vs Grey Fox
  87. HKSS RP: The Dark Alliance To Bring Down Her Kawiness
  88. Shinemi Challenge: RDKnightzack vs Josun Tomoro
  89. Negima!'s SCHOOL'S OUT!! Club
  90. Negima RP: Magic Arc (IC Thread)
  91. The shinmei School of the Motoko Brigade challenges the Rpers of Animeb
  92. [RPInc] Sakurazaki needs to rp more...
  93. Love Hina RP Add-on: Keitaro and Naru's THIRD Anniversary! WHOO!
  94. Mecha Brigade Battle: Nani? vs. (Reserved)
  95. Mecha Brigade Battle: Balmung vs. Aniki
  96. Skies of Arcadia: Different Beginings RP
  97. animeb anime story
  98. American Civil War II RP
  99. The Tavern (Open freeform RP)
  100. [RPInc] Other Brigades reorginisation and what to do with the Creative Corner
  101. Star Trek & Star Wars RP
  102. [RPInc] Anyone up for a spy RP?
  103. NEGIMA!: A Day in the Life of Nagase Kaede (Story RP)
  104. Motion for Universal Roleplaying code
  105. Negima: Vlad Bradley Chronicles Sign-up
  106. [RPInc] Confrence of Compromises
  107. <(|1st Annual Animeb Battle Royale Programme!|)> Coach Journey and "Class."
  108. ()rbs
  109. Warfare Unleashed
  110. Kenshiro vs. Kano Kirishima -MB Title Match Pt. 5-
  111. Zombie RP
  112. [RPInc] .hack RP?
  113. Battle Royale!!!!!!!!
  114. [RP INC] Fate/Destiny RP Thread
  115. Earth after the Volir Surge (story rp)
  116. team battle rp
  117. [RPInc] Major Rp Suggestion thread
  118. Mecha Brigade Unlimited: The Coming Day
  119. [RPInc] Who's here?
  120. Negima: The P.R.G. Chonicles
  121. Sword spar
  122. ~Misaki vs Balmung~
  123. Ryo and the RP Battles
  124. Skies of Aracdia; Sucked into Aracdia RP
  125. Ryo Misaki vs. Josun Urashima
  126. Mecha Brigade: Team Practice Battle
  127. Rematch GN V.S. Ryo Masaki
  128. Rozen Maiden: The Mirror Of Fate
  129. Practice Mech Battle with Balmung
  130. Star Wars KOTR 3:Rise of the Dijin
  131. Back to Basics Spar
  132. Negima: Kite's tales
  133. Love Hina RP Ideal thread
  134. Megaman ZX+ZX Advent RP
  135. Spar with Yuu
  136. [RPInc] How do you rate an RPist's skill level?
  137. Ultimate Battlegrounds
  138. In search of a Spar...
  139. New Negima RP
  140. [RPInc] Character Design: A Thread for Newbies.
  141. The Ultimate Survival Game
  142. Love Hina RP
  143. [RPInc] A bit of help...
  144. The Fifth Element: Unlimited
  145. [RPInc] Challenge: 5 minute RP post
  146. Cross Academy (Cleaned Up Version)
  147. The Bard's Tale: Song of the Bard: AnimeB Style!!! (Game)
  148. [RPInc] RPG Inferno based
  149. [RPInc] Overpower yourselves for $20 a month!
  150. Dark Schneider vs. Evangeline Shinso Chan -MB Title Match Pt. 5-
  151. From t0k0 VS. Shake: The Investigation of the Attack upon Ordog's Life.
  152. The Arena Battle of All Time!!! (All are welcome!!)
  153. t0k0l0v3r Vs. Asuna Kagurazaka -MB Title Match Pt. 4-
  154. La guerre des Exorcistes [IC]
  155. La guerre des Exorcistes [Character Creation]
  156. Clash of the Titans!
  157. Animeb High (2)
  158. Fight against Cross
  159. The Angelic Orphanage
  160. [RPInc] A Favoured RP character?
  161. Martian Successor Nadesico: The RPG (Sign-up!!)
  162. the mexican army versus the scavadian army
  163. Espada VS Seireitei
  164. The Glorious British Empire vs The Scandinavian Brigade
  165. Da vinci's mona lisa
  166. Hey Guys.
  167. [RPInc] Roll Call!
  168. Heaven or Hell
  169. City of War IC
  170. [RPInc] Nani?'s Grand Project
  171. Love Hina: The Ancients Awake RP:
  172. Sc Vs Sg
  173. skullcrusher versus Jusuchin Panjirinanu
  174. lordly rights! pai VS dork...
  175. [RPInc] Twin Warriors
  176. [RPInc] I want to do an rp, anyone intrested?
  177. [RPInc] Making your own roleplays. Simple affair or not. You decide
  178. Junichi Vs. Skull
  179. Hayate No Gotoku, Ragnar Greyclaw Style
  180. Grey Fox vs. Ammaranth -MB Title Match Pt. 3-
  181. [RPInc] The new second in command.
  182. Battle: Ragnar VS. Keiranto The Chaos Arena (All are welcome to fight!!)
  183. Starcraft: The Elite of Vaygon VI
  184. [RPInc] Naruto and Bleach lovers
  185. Magic team competion!
  186. [RPInc] roleplaying events
  187. Face Off Round Two - Kenji VS Junichi Kanzaki
  188. Final Fantasy Relived
  189. Chains of Sorrow: Aegis versus Teliko
  190. Aegis Vs Teliko Friedman
  191. [RPInc] An RP for Sakurazaki
  192. Negima Meets Pirates of the Carribean
  193. Mecha Brigade Unlimited
  194. Mecha Brigade Battle: Ryouba vs. NegimaAniki
  195. Mecha Brigade Battle: Maverick vs. Sakurazaki
  196. [RPInc] One on one rp?
  197. Darkness vs. Beyond the Grave
  198. StarCraft Madness!!
  199. [RPInc] .Hack//Fatal Error
  200. T0k0l0v3r v. Death (reaper rights)
  201. Grey Fox vs. Nakakami Seno -MB Title Match Pt. 3-
  202. [RPInc] Question about what types of roleplay there's been
  203. soma vs ken. the battle of hate
  204. [RPInc] Love Hina RP forum
  205. AnimeB Trial: The AnimeB Cliff
  206. varylish rp
  207. Arena
  208. Fight: Cupido the Destroyer vs. Grimm McIllioch
  209. [RPInc] A few questions.
  210. Pokemon - The Elemental Masters: The Dark Pokemon Wars
  211. Keiranto vs. N-11/ Ordo -MB Title Match Pt. 2-
  212. [RPInc] Proposition - Pokemon: The Elemental Masters
  213. Basara (Balmung) VS. Komm (... Komm)
  214. [RPInc] Just Another Guide To Role-Playing
  215. [RPInc] Proposition: MSGF
  216. Ryo Misaki Vs. Nakakami Seno -MB Title Match Pt. 1-
  217. Zero Eiyuu VS Ryo Misaki
  218. [RPInc] Userbar
  219. Basara VS. Fodder and Ankoku
  220. [RPInc] tools and tricks of the trade
  221. TheGame28 VS Ranma Saotome
  222. [RPInc] Sai's Theory of Magic
  223. [RPInc] Mahora Fest
  224. [RPInc] Tyroki's Theory of Magic
  225. [RPInc] A recent post
  226. Negima: Unlimited
  227. Ryo! We End This! >d
  228. [RPInc] Signatures
  229. [RPInc] Character Histories
  230. [RPInc] We gotta music
  231. [RPInc] Roleplayers Incorporated (RPinc): Who are we?
  232. [RPInc] RPinc Welcomes and Farewells
  233. [RPInc] RPinc Rankings (Member List)
  234. [RPInc] Resignation
  235. [RPInc] Great Teacher Tyroki's lessons on RPing (Lesson Two)
  236. [RPInc] Great Teacher Tyroki's lessons on RPing (Lesson One)
  237. Ty Vs. Ranma Hand to Hand Style
  238. Drama RP
  239. Negima RP : Darkness Unleashed...Or ?
  240. The AnimeB Marriage Thread
  241. Cross Academy Out Of Charecter thread
  242. Real Type RP: Battle of Jaburo
  243. [RPInc] Button
  244. Battle Royal
  245. Lost Generations
  246. Swords Clash (All Swordsmen Welcome)
  247. A spar, a spar it is....
  248. Maikeya - The RP
  249. Naruto RP : New Alliance - Old Hatred (Open RP)
  250. Bleach Rp