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    Su's real feelings for Keitaro

    How do you really think Kaolla feel for Keitaro? She wants to marry him afterall...

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    It's less straightforward than simply who likes who and wanting to marry. Su-sama is clearly quite fond of Keitarou, but her wanting to marry him was a combination of her desire to grow up and keitarou looking like her brother of whom she's also quite fond.

    In fact, I think she likes both equally well if something like that could be expressed numerically. The only caveat is that we don't know much about her in the last volume of the manga. How Su-sama, after more time has passed, looks towards Keitarou. Has her affection matured like Shinobu, or progressed more like Motoko's?

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    Interesting question

    I believe Mr.Anderson covered the anime in his answer (?), so let's take a look at what the manga tries to tell us about Kaolla's feelings for Keitaro.

    Here Kaolla asks Keitaro if they can start dating once a week. She clearly wants to get closer in a more romantic type of setting, and possibly have a relationship with him. So she clearly likes him a lot.

    When Kanako researched how much each of the girls liked Keitaro, Kaolla ended up as the 2nd highest of them all - even higher than Shinobu!

    So she's probably in love with him by that time, but it might not be very obvious at all, compared to Motoko or Shinobu, because, well, Kaolla is Kaolla. She's an eccentric, tomboyish jester and it's hard to tell how serious she feel about anything. The manga also shown us that she doesn't really mature much at all, but remains very childlike as an adult.

    Looking at the bed she prepared for her and Keitaro's consummation, she's not exactly "romantic"!

    Another revealing thing is that on this page in the original dialogue, she says she wants to have Motoko as a bodyguard and lover,revealing that she's bisexual and wants a sexually open marriage. (I wonder how Motoko would've reacted to that proposal...)

    She doesn't even care if Naru is around before she starts foolin' around, as she's suddenly topless here:

    Looks like being married to Kaolla would've probably been a crazy ride to say the least ^^;

    As for how she feels at the end of the manga, like Shinobu and Motoko, she considers herself 'dumped':

    Hope that was helpful
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