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, 26 Feb 2010 at 3:51 pm (2568 Views)
I wonder if people will get it
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  1. hinarei's Avatar
    'kay, yeah, I get it, but why can 8 see his friend? Surely this would apply to all positive numbers. Unless 8 has been drugged in some way...
  2. Chao's Avatar
    I actually had the same idea, Hina. XD
  3. antmanbee's Avatar
    I don't get it, I'm a math noob
  4. hinarei's Avatar
    I'm waiting for selo to explain the 8 anomaly. Has he not been on today?

    Try looking up "square root minus" on google, beeboy google is your friend.

    i, selo. i
  5. Chao's Avatar
    8 was high, poor guy.
  6. 's Avatar
    What? so all the kids that say they have an imaginary friend are high ?
  7. hinarei's Avatar
    I'm glad 8 made a friend You'd hope though that now he's been around a long time, that he'd made more friends than as to need imaginary ones
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