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2 feet of snow in NY!!!

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, 1 Mar 2010 at 2:28 pm (3497 Views)
Apparently it has been hailing. Image spoilered for size
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  1. Miroku's Avatar
    Ha-ha....... nice joke. Laugh at us poor New Yorkers some more, why do'ntcha? We had 2 feet of snow in New York City.... last December, when that one blizzard ripped though there.

    We got about 28-30 inches out on the Island though. Which I had to shovel the most, at my place.
  2. Sorocabano's Avatar
    Eh, It makes sense...

    But, I hope it will snow this year in southern Brazil. I'll going there in a few months (if I change my mind, since I'm planning on stay a few days in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay).
  3. hinarei's Avatar
    nice I expected to see drifts and the city swathed in crisp white snow. Then it dawned on me whose blog I was visiting
  4. Aniki's Avatar
    why arent they hairy like yours selim?
  5. 's Avatar
    Because I'm not in NY
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