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The Evenstar is failing....

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by , 7 Nov 2011 at 1:30 am (1360 Views)
It has been several days since the last post of arii, several weeks since i've last seen Hinarei.

Is this what it's like to watch someone die?

faithfully visiting and standing by them as you fight to save them, yet knowing in the back of your mind that the cause was lost. but...

This was different.

there was more than likely some things i could have done. some ideas and strategies for revival.

There is nothing worse than watching someone or something die, that either ignored your pleas or rejected your offers of help.

I feel, almost, betrayed in a sense, that those i have extended my offers of time and effort to, for the restoration of this forum or the potential thereof, have left them unanswered, and heaven forbid they be ignored.

this is my last week with you guys.

I cannot deal with the weight of this sadness any longer. and Hinarei vanishing was the final blow.
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