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Tanned Cuties of the World Unite!

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by , 8 May 2010 at 1:25 am (1129 Views)
The other day, I chanced upon a Shelf Life review of Strike Witches, which has become my newest favorite series with a blazing speed Shirley Yeager would approve of. (Many other things about Shirley are blazing, such as her dakimakura, which I have already been using to twist my friend's arm into becoming a fan of the show. I didn't have to twist very far)

Shelf Life, written by Erin Finnegan, is a witty op/ed type column, and a very entertaining read, so I'm more inclined to chuckle than take offense at any given remarks it may contain, but this one got to me. On the subject of the 501st's TCIR (Tanned Cutie In Residence -- I'll let Hina bestow the honors. Or take them off ), Shelf Life had THIS to say:

Francesca, from "Romagna", is the darker-skinned character who sleeps in the trees. Like a little monkey, she's carrying on a racist trend from Su in Love Hina and Tanya Natdhipytadd in Battle Athletes.

It's called a FETISH, Ms. Finnegan, much like your inordinate attachment to the title character of Space Cobra Just as some of us have miko fetishes, vampire fetishes, angsty goth girl fetishes, angsty undead miko fetishes -- I won't name any names (whistles innocently) -- characters like Su and Francesca aren't popular because of racism, they're popular (though I daresay not enough) because some of us actually LIKE them.

And as for Fran sleeping in a tree, I'd suggest she gets this from being part panther -- here kitty kitty.

So Tanned Cuties of the world, UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your knickers!


Hina and 'Cesca, sittin in a tree --
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  1. hinarei's Avatar
    racist? o_O rubbish! Typical journalistic sensationalism.

    Not all tans sleep in a tree, not all tree-sleepers are tans

    The Juraians in Tenchi Muyo lived in trees, and they were alarmingly white, at least in Ayeka's case.

    If there are racist undertones to the character's casting, then there's certainly enough of a fanbase to make this irrelevant and actually a good decision, regardless of whether the sentiment was misplaced.

    And tans will not lose their pantsu. They are usually scatty, but have their heads screwed on right. The only time they won't be wearing pantsu is when they don't want to

    Shirley's swift, gigantic and soft perfect dakimakura material

    *hinarei grabs a grappling hook

    I've never been that great at staying in...
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