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  1. The End of Negima

    by , 6 Feb 2012 at 6:51 pm
    This news is a couple days old, but:

    So, it's all coming to a close. I'm far behind on the series, but from what I understand it's come as a bit of a surprise to the more up-to-date readers. I hope for a satisfying ending, whenever I happen to get there.
  2. Before Watchmen

    by , 3 Feb 2012 at 4:57 am
    Well DC, you've finally gone and done it. Let's not kid ourselves, it was bound to happen eventually... but it still can't help but feel like a shock. What am I yapping about? Why, this, fair reader:

    Seven new Watchmen-prequel miniseries for a total of 34 issues. I'm not even gonna bother specifying that Alan Moore isn't involved, it goes without saying, but I'm a little ...
  3. Sports Update

    by , 23 Jan 2012 at 2:01 am
    Giants/Patriots Superbowl. Two teams I really don't care about. However, I will be rooting for the Patriots since they played such a great game today. I'm sure a lot of New England fans will be thirsty for vengeance, five years ago these teams met here, and if I recall correctly that was the year the Patriots had their perfect season ruined at the very end of the road. It should be a fun game.

    In other sports news, it looks like the Republican election process might hold my interest ...
  4. Reality Commercials

    by , 8 Jan 2012 at 10:41 pm
    It all started innocently enough. A couple years ago Burger King launched a new ad campaign which featured 'actual reactions' to a prank where BK employees told customers the Whopper was being discontinued. It was pretty ridiculous but like all commercials it wouldn't last long. Or so we thought. Now every other commercial on TV is shot like a youtube video, featuring 'unsuspecting people' reacting to some 'unexpected happening'. Surprise, you thought you were eating product a, but you were actually ...
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  5. DC Hitting the Reset Button in September

    by , 2 Jun 2011 at 4:00 am

    After Flashpoint, their latest 'event' ends, 52 DC series will be starting over at #1, featuring new costume designs and a more streamlined and accessible continuity. I'm more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, and while I know a lot of fans are gonna be skeptical of this, I can't help but think it's a good idea.

    One of the biggest problems that both DC AND Marvel have been facing is inaccessibility. Only longtime ...
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