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  1. MBU Summary of Events, A wonderful memory!

    by , 27 Nov 2013 at 4:47 am
    Quote Originally Posted by Orca Misaki II View Post
    MBU Page 21: FIRE BOMBER!!

    - The band Fire Bomber is more fully introduced.
    - Introduction of the Melord, from which Duo will deploy at Kilimanjaro.
    - CPO Lilia Flauberl (ZAFT) introduced.
    - First use of a Windam.
    - First actual meeting between Duo and Kamille.
    - Maverick, AKA Captain Dyson, the Wild Eagle, returns.

    Summary: In the end, Rei, Saito, James, and Kai all end up staying at the ORB Day Festival, although Kai never meets
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