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MBU Summary of Events, A wonderful memory!

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by , 27 Nov 2013 at 4:47 am (1661 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Orca Misaki II View Post

- The band Fire Bomber is more fully introduced.
- Introduction of the Melord, from which Duo will deploy at Kilimanjaro.
- CPO Lilia Flauberl (ZAFT) introduced.
- First use of a Windam.
- First actual meeting between Duo and Kamille.
- Maverick, AKA Captain Dyson, the Wild Eagle, returns.

Summary: In the end, Rei, Saito, James, and Kai all end up staying at the ORB Day Festival, although Kai never meets up with the other three. Following Fire Bomber's masterful and showy performance, the festival comes to a close, and the crowd disperses.

As the Kilimanjaro-bound Melord flies overhead, Duo watches what he can of the concert, and his desire to forge true peace throughout the Earth Sphere is renewed and strengthened. It is on the Melord that he also meets the young CPO Lilia Flauberl, the vessel's operator.

Duo is one of the first to drop at the Titan base, where he is accosted by a Windam, two Long Daggers, and an Asshimar. Although he handles himself well, he gets caught by the Asshimar in its MA mode, and is aided by Kamille in the Zeta Gundam. Working together, the two proceed to fight their way further into the chaos around the base.

Captain Shin Kudo Dyson, AKA the Wild Eagle, reappears in ORB as the UN/ORB Liason. He meets up with Rei for the first time in more than a year, who isn't the happiest to see him. Dyson reports to Rei that she will be accompanying his team on a certain mission, and they head off to meet with the Head Officer.

Interesting Quotes: Saito says, "Stupid anime.... giving me hope that war can really be ended by force... " followed by "... Well... I never said it was a bad anime..."
I'm not entirely sure if Saito is referring to his existence in an anime universe, and just being sarcastic, or if he's actually talking about a particular anime series. Either way, the irony's equally thick about his statements, lol.

Oh, yes: FIRE! BOMBER!


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