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The 'nana bunch

Pantsu of the Week #3 - Rin Tohsaka

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by , 6 May 2010 at 10:31 am (1257 Views)
All right. I'm off work unwell today, so have caught up with a few other things :/

One of which is PotW

I'm a little later than planned, and ended up scrapping last week altogether. Must've been the after-effect of Lynette's patriotic pantsu!

This week's pantsu (modelled for us by the lovely Rin Tohsaka from the Fate/Stay Night series) are a variation on side-tie bikini-type pantsu. I've long been a fan of girls wearing these, but see some potential downsides depending on your point of view. For one, if the knot's not secured properly it'll get very draughty very quickly Another is that they're not particularly practical for day to day wear, and should normally be worn without other coverings or under very heavy skirts, which won't do anyone any good :/

it's frilly o_O

I'm not very familiar with the series or even character in question, but she wears 'em well. Spectacularly well

Rin's pantsu have either been recently visited by the NBB or may be an indication of the direction my vote went today


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