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The 'nana bunch

Pantsu of the Week #5 - Gertrud Barkhorn

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by , 21 May 2010 at 3:27 am (7020 Views)
Time for another pantsu of the week! Another bleached, military utilitarian venture this Pantsuday.

Ladies and perverts, may I present the pride of Karlsland, one for selo, and boy does she wear 'em well:

Gertrude Barkhorn!


good girl. Always helpful to carry a spare pair. Even in the anime she was willing to give up her pantsu for the sake of another member of the unit. What a selfless gesture. She seems a sight more embarrassed here though


  1. Katajainen's Avatar
    Wipe off your tears, old fellow! This entry does deserve a comment!

    Namely, Fräulein Barkhorn ended up as my twenty-first image post on Danbooru! I just wanted to check the artist's name through the IQDB, and it turned out none of the "great chans" had the pic up. It got approved fairly soon on Dan, but also received negative votes, who knows why.

    I have been waiting for a good moment to ask where you found the pic. Since we have not run into each other on the board, let me put the question to you here and now.


    Also, ladies and perverts certainly deserves to be mentioned in The NBB Vocabulary. Which in turn sounds like an AnimeB Wiki article we will be crafting in the dark evenings of next autumn, doesn't it?
  2. hinarei's Avatar
    it does indeed deserve comment, and thank you for providing it I knew someone would like it.

    This piccie is cute and sugary, but has the right amount of ecchi (and angry Minna) to go with the series I first spotted this on Gelbooru, actually, but it cropped up on Sankaku and Danbooru since too. It has a source listed and it's a link to pixiv, member 18669. I wish I could read Japanese

    ladies and perverts deserves an entry into the AnimeB dictionary as an official NBB Vocab word. It may not be entirely of our making, but we've claimed it as our own, same as all them pantsu... To the Wiki!

    ...not next autumn, autumn after
  3. Katajainen's Avatar
    A Pixiv link is great, we have lots of them moonrune readers on Dan.

    ..."Morning after" sounds bad enough, so what should I think about "autumn after"?
  4. hinarei's Avatar
    look at the source link on Gelbooru o_O This was just posted a few days ago
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