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The 'nana bunch

Pantsu of the Week #6 - Asa Mizushima

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by , 28 May 2010 at 8:13 am (1377 Views)
so... not even any comment from selo regarding Ms. Barkhorn? This saddens pantsu-huntin' hina

This week's gem comes courtesy of Tony Taka, always a good man to turn to for spare pantsu

Asa Mizushima from Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro!

I like to see a nice moon rising, don't you?

nice little frilly number, basic but tasteful, and not liable to fall foul of uniform code Excellent pair.

Shame though, she wears a stripey pair at one point in the anime...[/QUOTE]


  1. Katajainen's Avatar
    Such an indisputable highlight of pantsu history from 2005, courtesy of the great T2!

    I have seen more fascinating pics featuring pantsu, but if I should pick the definitive manga/anime/VN-style panty-shot illustration to be used as a school example, I think this would be it. Represent represent!
  2. hinarei's Avatar
    it's an amazing offer from Tony, and a great sample of pantsu pulling power I agree that it's part of history, and should rightly be listed as an NBB classic. Its one of those most memorable pantsu shots that everyone needs to experience.

    imagine being taught this in school...
  3. Katajainen's Avatar
    "Ecchilogy as a Part of the Curriculum" sounds like a proper NBB project. Now all we need is members to do it.
  4. hinarei's Avatar
    just crafting a lesson plan would be fun

    I'm sure we could find any number of teachers willing to impart their knowledge to an impressionable school population

    Algebra, statistics, life art, home economics... all of these could be integrated in some way, but that would mean changing the curriculum to Ecchilogy, which isn't quite where you were going, no?
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