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The 'nana bunch

UK is 33rd in broadband speeds

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by , 14 Jun 2010 at 2:00 am (1123 Views)

You know, that's really cack. Surely we can improve on that...

Our Culture Secretary has spoken out on the previous Labour government's proposals for a minimum coverage of 2MBps across the UK. The work involved to get some three million extra homes wired up to achieve even this speed would involve a whole lot of road digging.

A national "superfast" network would add to the GDP by some 18bn, but the costs and time involved in a "paltry" speed boost would be prohibitive, especially during our current predicament.

We'd be laughed away from Asia should we ever show our faces
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  1. antmanbee's Avatar
    A pretty cool idea, I wouldn't mind having something like that here... Too bad money's always gotta be a factor. Damn money, it creates so many problems for us.
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