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The 'nana bunch

A victory for football?

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by , 11 Jul 2010 at 5:29 pm (801 Views)
Well, Spain have won the 19th World Cup

On balance, I think the right team won it. In the main, the Netherlands set up to stifle the Spanish possession and creativity and tried to clog their way to victory, in the first half especially. They could have been reduced to 10 or even 9 men after the first 45 minutes.

I feel for the Dutch, I really do. I was so looking forward to them winning for the first time. People tend to go on and on about the Spanish being the "nearly men" of world football. Holland have gone to three World Cup finals now and not won once ><

Good goal by Iniesta, Heitinga should not have been sent off for his foul, Van Bommel and certainly De Jong should have gone, and both keepers, Casillas and Stekelenberg both made fantastic saves in the game. Robben could have won it, Ramos had a couple of chances... The third place game yesterday was much better, as a football game, but this beat it in terms of nervous spectacle.

Shame Giovanni van Bronckhorst couldn't round off his career with a World Cup win, and that he finished his game early.

The best team at this World Cup, Germany, only finished third.

Arsenal have won the Cup. No, I'm not talking about Cesc Fabregas. Spain: fancy football, not enough end product, always looking for the pretty pass.

Record in knockout games: 1-0. 1-0. 1-0. 1-0.

Overall experience... well, it's not been the greatest of tournaments, to be honest

Well done, Spain!


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