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The 'nana bunch

England played badly, what about Nigeria?

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by , 10 Jul 2010 at 2:00 am (1015 Views)

Nigeria's threatened ban on their men's international football team playing friendlies or competitive matches for the next two years after a terrible performance at the World Cup has failed to materialize, after warnings from FIFA abut government interference in football matters.

The Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan lifted the ban after the Nigerian Football Federation promised to disband and rebuild the side.

The news came shortly before a 1700 BST deadline set by football's world governing body Fifa was set to pass.

Fifa had said that it would expel Nigeria from world football if the government was seen to be interfering.

The presidency said in a statement: "The NFF assured the president of their commitment to evolving an enduring football development programme, and grow a new senior national team that will bring glory rather than consistent embarrassment to Nigeria on the world stage".

Meanwhile, over here in England... we've kept the manager cos it's too expensive to buy him out of his contract, and the same suits are going to be in charge of the game for the next few tournaments at least and we'll keep on with the same old players and formation which haven't helped us perform to anything like our potential. English football needs a reworking, like Germany's been through since Euro 2000.


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