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The 'nana bunch

Pantsu of the Week #18 - Asahi Kamijou

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by , 26 Sep 2010 at 3:30 am (1111 Views)
Right folks. this won't do. This simply won't do. very nearly a month between pantsu o_O You lot aren't doing your job right. You need to poke every so often and let me know to get on with things.

This week's PantSunday is brought to you by the feverish endeavours of the makers of the H game HoneyComing. This game follows a fairly run-of-the-mill linear plot, the kind one usually associates with visual novels of a certain type. What other games don't offer in such abundance is the delight of HoneyComing's main heroine: Asahi Kamijou

you know, sooner or later all that will go to your hips. You need regular cardiovascular exercise to keep that weight off.

Asahi is the "childhood friend" (we know where this goes, don't we folks?) of the game's main protagonist Koichiro, your "faceless male player substitute". The college they both go to is Aikyo Academy, formerly known as Aikyo Girl's Academy (bear with me), and since the school used to only have female students, there are certain classes oriented towards girls which are still mandatory to take, such as lessons on love and romance.

These lessons are known as Love-making Lessons (yes, really), and students at Aikyo are required to take these classes on how to fall in love, and the ways of proper romance techniques. Each lesson, two people (of the opposite sex) pair up to make something, such as a meal for example, and they must form good communication if they intend to pass the test. There are also tests on practical skills, unspecified in the blurb. Oh, and a nearby junior high school also takes part in those lessons...

Asahi is also known as a chocolate junkie.


  1. Katajainen's Avatar
    You already sound like those semi-professional VN bloggers through whom we English-reading fans get most of our information on the medium.

    We need to poke you on a regular basis? But that would make us poke-monsters! (Not pronounced "poh-kay".)

    When it comes to Asahi-chan's hips... A little extra there would not hurt her at all. She has a most peculiar body form for a young Asian girl: a seemingly very small, boyish behind and a relatively slender waist combined with outstandingly large breasts.
    Updated 26 Sep 2010 at 11:33 pm by Katajainen
  2. hinarei's Avatar
    oh, psh. I'm nowhere near as "knowledgeable" as them guys I've played a few games, sure, but am far away from doing this as any sort of profession. I wouldn't want to, either, because I'd start to view it as a job rather than something I could enjoy

    you are already poke-monsters. Don't try and tell me otherwise

    Did I say there was anything wrong with Asahi's hips? Nothing wrong with it, but shouldn't let it go too far from what she'd be comfortable with
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