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The 'nana bunch

Pantsu of the Week #21 - Sora Kasugano

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by , 3 Jan 2011 at 1:00 pm (1063 Views)
While we await further tours of Katz's drawers (and more W&G specials?), I give you the first POTW of 2011 (start the new year as you mean to go on, sort of thing)...

Ladies and not-so-ladies, I present for your delectation the delights of Sora Kasugano, from the anime and H-game, Yosuga no Sora!

could I see about pulling a rabbit out of there?

The main heroine of the YnS series, she is a quiet, fragile and reclusive girl, and fraternal twin sister to the main protagonist. Beneath Sora's angelic doll-like appearance lies a troublesome personality thatís prone to withdrawn laziness and demonstrates a rather severe lack of social graces. In all honesty, Sora doesn't care for anyone else, and would much rather just surf the Internet and eat instant food, for as long as Haruka, her brother, is always by her side. She's also fond of her rabbit doll, not pictured here. Sora favours black and white and not many shades in between, perfectly illustrated by her choice here.



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