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The 'nana bunch

Wedding blues

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by , 27 Apr 2011 at 3:00 am (1564 Views)
Union flags strung out across important streets, cheaper versions plastered everywhere else. The usual kerfuffle about hanging a flag upside down. Loads of tea towels...

It may surprise some of you to learn that, despite my rigid upper lip and staunch Britishness, that I don't much care for the upcoming nuptials of our next-next-in-line to the throne. The reason is this: people generally go overboard. No-one talks about anything else. Also, I have a hard time getting excited about family weddings, involving people I know very well indeed, so how can I get enthusiastic about two strangers getting hitched?

It's undoubtedly an important moment for the future of the monarchy. I'm sure Palace flunkies have been eagerly beavering away on some sort of warped succession plans for a while now. When Catherine Middleton showed up (no longer Kate to the chatterati, but always will be in the eyes of the tabloids) and stole Prince William from the attention of every young woman across the face of the earth - or so we are led to believe - I dare say it was initially sneered at. "Middle class! She's not of the blood, hyas? Ai don't think she's suitable for our William; her parents are pretentious!" Now the nation appears to have warmed to her, outside of a mostly bonkers coalition of newspaper columnists and blue-bloods, she's immediately being cast as the next "People's Princess", the new Diana. bit of a bind for old William, since Diana was his mum... not sure how well that goes down, but with Royals you should never presume anything.

All the pageantry associated with a Royal Wedding gets on my nerves too. I may have only just been alive for the last enormous wedding in 1981, but I just can't get into it. It annoys me. Tacky cups, tea towels, embossed cheap flags given away with newspapers... As a nation I'm sure Brits like something they can throw themselves into that reminds them of their glorious heritage, but it all seems so contrived.

That said, I wish William and Kate the best. I'm just glad I didn't get an invite
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  1. Aeris's Avatar
    I think it's all fascinating that the royal wedding got bumped from my local news channel today by the annual Destruction in the plain's states here in the US.
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