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The 'nana bunch

Wedding blues: the big day

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by , 29 Apr 2011 at 2:00 pm (1864 Views)
The big day's finally here: the bride was radiant, didn't fall over on her walk up the aisle, and even old Phil didn't show himself up. A good one, all told. Too many people fell head over heels for the pageantry of the occasion, too many people have too much time on their hands and really should get a life, but I'm glad the day went off without anything too terrible happening. A 'suspicious' vehicle was parked outside Miss Middleton's hotel just before she set off to Westminster Abbey, but it was deemed to no longer be suspicious about ten minutes later.

Worst thing about today? Couple of things: TV coverage of the celebratory fly-pasts was horrifyingly woeful, there wasn't the promised rain, and the coverage was wall-to-wall. Once the four hour spectacular was finished with, we had a couple of international news items (the tornadoes in the US given a cursory glance) and then... the Wedding. For another half an hour. When the national news was finished... local news, for the London region. Wedding. Another half hour. Followed by edited highlights and discussion of the day's best moments for a further hour. You can bet the evening news will be full of it, just in case people missed it earlier. News channels repeat forty-five minutes of the same news on the wedding every hour on the hour. Oh, and both the biggest tabloids featured at least 9 of the front pages full of wedding news and each had a pullout in the centre pages. All right, all right, we get it already...

Best thing about the day? Wills is a lucky man. Kate looked a right knockout in her wedding dress And the kiss on the balcony went down a storm
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  1. antmanbee's Avatar
    I've been staying up late recently and since it was on I decided to watch a few minutes to see what the big deal was, and ended up watching the whole thing. I thought it was really amazing to watch, very big and well-organized but also beautiful. It really felt like a special occasion. Kate did look great.
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