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The 'nana bunch

Judgement Day is coming...

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by , 22 May 2011 at 1:00 pm (793 Views) wait, it's gone.

All this blather from Harold Camping's rhetoric, the evangelist who's predicted apocalypse once before and been proved wrong... No-one's really been surprised to see the sunrise this morning, have they? Some believers expressed bewilderment or said it was a test from God of their faith, after the day passed without event.

Meanwhile, Mr Camping has not been seen since before the deadline.

He had predicted that Jesus Christ would return to earth on Saturday. True believers would then be swept up, or "raptured", to heaven, he had pronounced. The 89-year-old has used broadcasts on a Christian network and billboards to publicise his ideas as part of a campaign that went global. He said biblical texts indicated that a giant earthquake on Saturday - which he said would begin at 1800 at various time zones around the world - would mark the start of the world's destruction, and that by 21 October all non-believers will be dead.

We should be raptured already or we have another five months to wait? Make up your mind...

Some people have even travelled down to California where this Camping fella's radio station is based for the event. As if God can accept you into heaven only if you're by this man's side? What does God care if you're in Maryland, California, Indonesia, Sydney or Hackney? If you're righteous (doubtful if you live in Sydney), you'll ascend to heaven when others do in judgement, yeah?

Church groups have even gone as far to set up counselling sessions for those whose world hasn't ended yet. A group from the Calvary Bible Church in Milpitas, California, organised a Sunday morning service to comfort believers in Mr Camping's preaching, the New York Times reported.

"We are here because we care about these people," the newspaper quoted James Bynum, a church deacon, as saying. "It's easy to mock them. But you can go kick puppies, too. But why?"

Many Christian groups however dismissed Mr Camping's ideas, with some describing him as a "false prophet".

US atheists held parties to celebrate the failed prediction

Rejoice everyone, Animeb's still here!


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