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The 'nana bunch

Pantsu of the Week #25 - Kurosaki Shigure

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by , 3 Jul 2011 at 9:00 am (1166 Views)
another entry from the digital world, this time from an AVG by Alicesoft.

Double Teacher Life features your usual transfer student trying to find a place to live so he can actually keep going to his new school. This person's name (the player) is insignificant. I knew what it was once, but that's not why we're here. Our hero finds a posting from a woman advertising for a couple of roommates. Upon applying he finds out one position has already been filled (amply) by a teacher who also happens to be teaching at the school he's going to (coinkidink!).

How will he hold up; living with the very women who grade/judge him in his daily life? He has only about three weeks until he can find another place to live... Sounds a little like Happy Lesson

Kurosaki Shigure is a supply teacher sent into the school due to staff shortages. A strict disciplinarian, she is rather like a rational and cool older sister. She cares about planning and sticking to schedule. She treats all her students equally, playing no favorites (I've heard that before). She is also very serious when teaching. As a result, she has earned the respect of the students.

Whether in public or in private, she dresses very conservatively. While she doesn't like to drink, she can hold quite a bit of liquor. However, when she overdoes it, the emotion suppressed under her cool exterior (and immaculate lingerie) explodes.

now, class. If we subtract the denominator from this equation, there will likely be a quadratic explosion. Who wants to write the result on the board?

According to the game blurb, "H makes her go wild". Lucky for us she turned up in the game, eh?

I believe the above pantsu are technically termed "mini briefs". Any "mini"-er and they may disappear entirely...


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