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The 'nana bunch

Just like to apologise for my attendance of late

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by , 11 Mar 2012 at 5:00 pm (1872 Views)
sorry folks. Things had moved a bit and people were beginning to engage again and now it's all tailed off again

I have been under the cosh at work something chronic lately, been very busy flitting around the country doing installs and improving the infrastructure at work.

I managed to post a week or so ago, but hope to see my visits become a bit more frequent over the next few weeks. The majority of our site visits have been done, with only next Saturday and the following weekend on the horizon at the moment.

You haven't yet lost hina, but it takes a lot for me to completely vanish for a month
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  1. Katajainen's Avatar
    You were here on 18th March, but your posting lacked the usual enthusiasm and depth, as if you were just saluting your fellows. Earlier we sort of had it goin' on in the NBB. What next? Please let us hear of you. And please nuke this Spactasty chap. A bit of Polish on the board does not hurt, but his/her/its blog entries look like spam. Those links are extremely fishy, and I would not like to click to see whether I am right.
  2. hinarei's Avatar
    while I don't ever like to be accused of "phoning it in", your criticism of my last visit was justified. I couldn't get myself up for it even though I stirred myself to post once or twice. Many apologies for this and I hope to be back up to my usual standard of posting in future.

    Spactasty is now gone. I hope thanks for the report.
  3. Mordred Kaides's Avatar
    since when did you get a blog hin?
  4. BobCat's Avatar
    Oh noes! Hinarei is becoming like Ryo!
  5. hinarei's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mordred Kaides
    since when did you get a blog hin?
    More'n two years ago now, MK Shows how much you were paying attention!

    I am not becoming like Ryo. I stand a chance at remembering I've been gone for a while
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