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Mood Forecast: Sullen, with a chance of Rant.

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by , 21 Feb 2010 at 10:56 pm (2167 Views)
Can I throw in the towel now.... please? >_<

Because as far as this goddamn game is concerned, I give up. :bs:

Read this only if you don't mind hearing a grown man rant and rage.


TLR: It's been a hellish last couple of days or so. Tomorrow's not looking any brighter either.

.......... I may take up knitting, just for the shits and giggles.

Updated 22 Feb 2010 at 3:41 am by Miroku

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Mind Over Monk


  1. Sakurazaki's Avatar
    Ah ragnarok online....good old days. I was beastly as a paladin >:...of course I got the name Setsuna Sakurazaki
  2. 's Avatar
    Huh, that story reminds me of ... the forum upgrade . Also, we all know knitting is your true passion .
  3. Miroku's Avatar
    I'm surprised you don't still play, Rei. Although with the mashup of the 3rd Class Jobs, including (I'm sure) the ones for the Paladin 3rd Class..... it's gonna be annoying until they work the kinks completely out. -_-

    And selo? Kindly bite me.
  4. Katajainen's Avatar
    Thank you.

    Your rant convinced me that it has been a good idea not to go into commercial MMORPGing, however much I love the idea. Me, buying a new computer every two years and constantly updating Windows to keep up? No bloody ****ing way!

    That said, it could be nice to join a large text-only online roleplaying community, if there are any. Even better, they could have still illustrations for important characters and locations... And lots of maps, of course! And NPCs with good AIs!
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