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  1. I flew today

    by , 25 Jun 2011 at 8:30 am (The 'nana bunch)
    edit: Well, okay, not today. I guess I only saved the post as draft when I got back. *le sigh*.

    I went to our Glasgow office last Sunday to do some maintenance and upgrades to their networking equipment. Being a Sunday trains were likely to be very dodgy, and a missed train could add a further hour's wait on a 5 hour long trip. I had to get there fairly late Sunday evening, do the work and be here Monday morning to soothe any troubled Scottish brows which may have arisen as a ...
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  2. Pantsu of the Week #24 - Kan Ginpei

    by , 22 Jun 2011 at 3:00 am (The 'nana bunch)
    back again with another storming piccie. This shot speaks to me on many levels, not least because it's a lovely piece of art featuring an about-to-burst dark-skinned lovely ^^

    The fact that Kan Ginpei (Sengoku Taisen) doesn't appear to be wearing any pantsu is beside the point. We're showcasing the pantsu themselves here too, folks*.

    I know little of Sengoku Taisen itself, and this is one of only a pitiful range of shots I can find of Kan-chan, but I do know it's ...
  3. A.I. -- Love You?

    by , 21 Jun 2011 at 2:08 pm (Juniper Berries, vol. III)
    Last Friday (17th June 2011) I finally finished reading "Love + Sex with Robots. The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships" (henceforth abbreviated as "LSwR"; ISBN 978-0-06-135975-0), a book written by David Levy. Some of my readers might recall that I have mentioned it earlier, at least in the forum discussion thread "An actual chobits" [sic!] in November 2009.

    My primary reason to read Levy's study was indeed manga-related: curiosity triggered by Clamp ...
  4. The Six Shenzhened Flute

    by , 14 Jun 2011 at 7:30 am (Juniper Berries, vol. III)
    Already more than a month since my last blog entry? I have read stuff in the meantime, though. I should clear some of the backlog.


    Over three weeks ago, I returned to "L’Anneau des Castellac", a Johan and Peewit adventure by Peyo (in Finnish translation: "Järvilinnain sormus", ISBN 951-1-05188-1; seemingly not available in English). This album must be one of the earliest Franco-Belgian comics outside the Asterix/Lucky Like/Tintin triangle that ...

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  5. DC Hitting the Reset Button in September

    by , 2 Jun 2011 at 4:00 am

    After Flashpoint, their latest 'event' ends, 52 DC series will be starting over at #1, featuring new costume designs and a more streamlined and accessible continuity. I'm more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, and while I know a lot of fans are gonna be skeptical of this, I can't help but think it's a good idea.

    One of the biggest problems that both DC AND Marvel have been facing is inaccessibility. Only longtime ...
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