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Shinobu Angel

Woof Woof

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by , 6 Mar 2010 at 12:19 am (1375 Views)
We can have blogs now. What shall I write about...
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  1. ™'s Avatar
    that you can apparently bark now? Should be interesting
  2. Miroku's Avatar
    A barking angel..... interesting.
  3. SonicDaMan's Avatar
    Write a blog about dogs? I dunno =P
  4. hinarei's Avatar
    choco blog, to go with the choco group? Write about exciting new tasty choco blocks

    glad you've discovered the blog bit, SA. Hope you can find something to fill it with.

    Oh, and congrats on our 100th blog post. You beat me to it
  5. Betong Åsna's Avatar
    I want chocoblog!
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