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Earthquake in Chile...

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by , 28 Feb 2010 at 8:31 pm (1048 Views)
On Saturday, an 8.8 Richter scale earthquake hit a neighboring country and well known here in Brazil: Chile.

So far, rescue workers found more than 700 deads and this number may increase further in the coming hours. Santiago, the Chilean capital, is cut off and in chaos. The town most affected was Concepción, one of the southern Chile main cities, where much of the city was devastated by the earthquake. Attacks on markets began to occur in various parts of the country and there are some 2 million homeless.

I've met several people from Chile and I can say I'm saddened by this event that occurred in our neighbor country. The situation there is desperate and I ask our friends in this forum to pray for Chilean people who lives days of chaos and madness caused by this earthquake. I'm sure the Chileans will recover from this tragedy and return to their normal lives within a short time ...

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  1. Ammaranth's Avatar

    My thoughts and prayers will be with them. I'm sure we are all deeply saddened by this disaster.

  2. hinarei's Avatar
    700? I caught something in the news, but didn't go into details til much later. Sounds strange to say it, but I thought the region was used to quakes. Doesn't make it better, but I would have hoped that the area would have had better warning of an impending shake.

    So many dead and so many more homeless :/ dreadful news.
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