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'Nother Day In Paradise...right?

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by , 27 Aug 2010 at 6:02 am (1620 Views)
only a month and a half-ish till i get to leave kabul and head home. I expect everyone to throw me a party and have caeks. Lots of Caeks.
At this point in time im fine tuning my newly arrived laptop to my preferences and heavily modding oblivion. too bad the internet doesnt support my ridiculous amounts of downloads.

and fallout 3 isnt working, but that doesnt really surprise me. apparently over 100,000 other people are experienceing the same issue. epic fail bethesda.
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  1. Katajainen's Avatar
    The correct wording is, "(...) to have a party and throw caeks at me. Lots of Caeks." ^^
  2. Rumiel's Avatar
    Fallout 3 isn't working for you!! Aaaah!! :,( anyway, at least you have caeks to make you feel better :]
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