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    Stalingrad...send blanket

    I'm off to Japan! But before I go, something important.

    Hello all! Due to issues involving the incredible edible internets (props to anyone who gets the reference) I have been unable to post this, or anything else, until now. If you read this at all, please read to the end, that is all I ask. There is a point to the stupidity.

    I brought this up last year but now it is right around the corner. On Saturday the 19th of this month (October) I will get on a plane bound for Osaka, Japan. We have reservations for 2 weeks at the Kyoto Brighton Hotel right next to the Imperial Palace, a reserved room at a hot springs in Wakayama Prefecture, and even a room at a hotel in Akihabara for Halloween night. But all of this is just a side for the reason I am get 12,000 miles away from work for 2 weeks! Just kidding...sort of.

    There is a real reason though. While there I will be taking part in the Osaka Marathon on the 27th. For this run of 42.2 kilometers (26.2 miles) I have opted to dedicate each kilometer to someone or something important to me. Most are obvious, my home state of West Virginia is km 35 (the state is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year after joining the U.S. as the 35th state). Others are dedicated to loved ones. The 1st and 42nd km are dedicated to my grandfathers who are both past now. Some are to major influences in my life. I have dedicated km 5 to the teacher I credit with helping turn my life around to make something of myself and 9 to my high school cross country coach who inspired me. And then there is the oddity of km 42.1 and 42.2 are to my two fox Akane and Oichi who always toy with me (not really joking on this oddly enough).

    After all that I get to the point. There are 2 reasons I am bothering to type all this here.

    #1: I am truly thankful to Laura Bailey, the English voice actress of Evangeline A.K. MacDowell. She and her husband, fellow voice actor Travis Willingham, are backing me for the race. I have dedicated km 25 to Travis and 26 to Laura as this was Eva's seat number. Both seemed shocked that I wanted to do this and whole heartedly endorsed me. I am truly thankful...and terrified that if I walk 1 step instead of run it during km 26, Eva will kill me for it. ^_^;;

    And #2: I wish do dedicate a kilometer to Animeb. This place has been and always will be something important to me. I want you all to know this. Though it has fallen on tough times, I will always see this place for what it was when I joined; a vibrant, fun filled place where people who shared the same passion gathered and shared experiences. I look at a rather ragged, worn bag now. It is a messenger bag with the Mahora logo on it. I have taken it to 35 anime conventions now as well as Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Italy. On it, there is a signature and a little message from Greg Ayres, the English voice of Negi Springfield, and it sums up what I want to say to everyone here and those who have left us: "Much Magic! Much Thanks!"

    Wish me luck. I will be running for my heart out for you all. *bows*

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    Run with Passion! D:
    You'll laugh at your fears when you find out who you really are

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryo Misaki View Post
    I think only Bal's truly neutral.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miroku View Post
    ".....Ye, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no Evil.... for I am the meanest Son-of-a-bitch in the Valley!"

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    I hope you will have time to get us some pictures of some cool countryside, i need a new desktop! lol in all reality i love that you're doing this and if i had the fortune to be able to break away from work for "frivolous and hobby related vacation" (taken from the employee manual) i would hop a plane right along side you.

    mainly to steal that

    if you want a look into my life in song and video form:



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