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    Aniki is my King Shinobu Angel's Avatar
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    Do you consider yourself a healthy person?

    So. What's everyone's opinion of their health? Do you think you're pretty hardy or sickly? What kind of surgeries or broken bones have you had? These kind of things usually make for really great stories... sometimes, anyway.

    For me, I have a really bad immune system... As in, I am very healthy and never get sick, but when I do I am usually hospitalised overnight. Blah! As for broken bones, I've never had any. But I have had spinal issues almost my whole life, and now have compressed discs, cervicalgia and spinal issues.... so lots of daily pain and swelling. I can't really remember a time when I was without some kind of spinal pain. I'm seeing a neurosurgeon in May about a possible spinal fusion which I've wanted since I was 17. But otherwise I like to stay healthy and eat really well (when I can).

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    Aniki is my King
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    Other than some strange stomach issues - I'd say I'm pretty well off.

    I recommend everyone try to maximize their health because bad health is terribly expensive and in the extremely likely case that one prefers living over death - you'll want to extend the living bit for as long as possible.
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    Apart from allergies I've been pretty healthy my whole life. I once broke my left ankle in two places when I was a teen. It healed without surgery or screws so I got pretty lucky.

    I need to eat better lately though...

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    Hinata-Sou Resident BobCat's Avatar
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    I've been healthy, except for some minor injuries from time to time. So I'm thankful to God for my health.



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