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    Aniki is my King 'Silas's Avatar
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    November 2005

    Total posts counter?

    Sup guys and gals, for nostalgia's sake I checked my total posts and it was around 4000, and I thought "hmm, that seems surprisingly low", so I did some quick comparisons from my friend list:

    Shinobu angel: 887
    wlf-kun: 2863
    Katajainen: 3681

    And I thought, well that's not really a lot, given how much I remember us posting in Scbr threads (m vi aldrig glemme det!), but then I saw hinarei and BC and I figured maybe the rest of us just spend more time lurking and in chatbox than the super oldies

    hinarei: 19,843
    Bobcat: 15,487

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    Hinata-Sou Resident BobCat's Avatar
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    February 2004
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    Actually, my post count was in the high 19K's before my vacation, but I guess when a ton of my posts got deleted.

    I was like the most active member for like the first three years I was here. All that MYUUing and RP'ing. And HKSS rocking.



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