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  • email addresses

    Hello, I'm using the service google apps for and they give me 50 free email accounts and I thinked why not offering this to the public in general?

    Well the thing is if you want a [email protected] email address please send me a private message or post on this thread your desired email address

    You will have 7gb of space, a cool email and all the google services

    There is a second option too, if you want an email redirection, you could have your redirected to another email you use.

    PS: <--- Webmail URL

    *Limited Time Offer
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    Comments 8 Comments
    1. Aeris's Avatar
      Aeris -
      OMG i must have this
      email address requested:

    1. Mr.Anderson's Avatar
      Mr.Anderson -
      Thank you ^^
    1. hinarei's Avatar
      hinarei -
      ooh o_O Previously only offered as redirect, but now accounts on their own! Nice offer, Stylish.

      Think I'm okay with my redirect for now hinarei_at_animeb_dot_com

      Oh, is Eva's redirect still in place?
    1. Style's Avatar
      Style -
      nah if eva wants her redirect she will have to ask it again please check your private aeris and mr. anderson
    1. hinarei's Avatar
      hinarei -
      I see. Either her board's not active or she doesn't want people to email her then... fair enough. I ask because that's the only one I've noticed being used outside of this board
    1. 'Silas's Avatar
      'Silas -
      After some thought I've come up with ways to actually use this mail, so I'll graciously accept


      Thanks style and cheers!
    1. urashima_keitarou's Avatar
      urashima_keitarou -
      wow thats cool
      i want to please
      [email protected]
    1. Betong Åsna's Avatar
      Betong Åsna -
      Ooh, this sounds good! Is it still going? I'll take betong at animeb dot com, if it is!
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