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  • Save the Community, the Forum will follow.

    I was taught by my marketing professor that once a following is made for something, or people are brought together, they stay together as a group even if the thing that brought them together dies. He added, that the group's devotion to it could be so strong that it could ressurect itself.

    He're the thing folks. This board was founded for a specific reason. ken akamatsu and his works, now i think Negima has finished, and as far as I know, there won't be any more Akamatsu works for the time being. I don't know about you, but I've not watched or read any of the end of negima yet, or love hina since around 2009.

    we need to find a new Series to follow, while keeping our roots in mind.

    Only then will we see new faces

    Only then will this site cease to be brushed aside.

    if the day comes that we should give up the ghost, God let it not be because we didn't try.
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    1. Aoshi Shinomori's Avatar
      Aoshi Shinomori -
      I agree that we need to find a new series, but the problem is which one?
      We need to find a series that we can all somewhat agree is good enough AND has a decent enough fanbase to warrant people even looking for forums.
    1. BobCat's Avatar
      BobCat -
      For some reason I cannot view the post. The problem with my account continues.

      This place started with Love Hina. We had a few people who were passionate about the series, I bought in a TON of members who were also passionate about the series and make this place rock. Negima came on the scene and was the next logical step. But that didn't go anywhere. Darkie could have been to Negima what I was to Love Hina - a great evangelist to bring people together.

      One of the things I loved about this place was that we allowed a great deal of silliness and fun in the place. Not just being anime otakus, but also talking about fun stuff, sports, games, roleplaying, lots of fun stuff. It was a great place to get away from all the horrible things in real life. A place to chill, like your favorite pub or tavern. Hoist a pint or six pack of beer with your buddies and have fun.

      Looks like the Ken has started a new series, maybe that will be interesting to people? Again, I should start a thread about this.
    1. 'Silas's Avatar
      'Silas -
      Good luck mates Honestly, I think people just grew up and got busy with other stuff
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