Yeah, so I'm doing that. I left it too long, and too sloppy, so I'm starting at the first chapter and completely re-writing it. I may also use the recent "events" as a plot device. I don't know. It's going to involve Motoko back in HS, and no I will not listen to protest. It is her who started my writing career, and it is she who I owe to make this a masterpiece. Anyway, I ask one simple thing thus far... maybe other things later.

What school could Motoko most likely have gone to?

I mean seriously, nobody mentions a specific high school, only saying that she did go to school. Obviously, I mean she's a successful woman for Christ's sake! Can you guys point the most likely candidate for me? It may be a bit of a... well... (pardon my Gallic moderators) BITCH... to find some of these things with the earthquake and all the other assorted things. If you guys can do it, I'd be grateful.