Nisekoi: False Love is the classic tale of one guy and the many girls that fall in love with him (Love Hina anyone?). It centers around Raku Ichijo, a well mannered guy who is also a great cook. He also happens to be the son of a yakuza leader, so there's that. For ten years he's been enamored with the memory of a young girl he made a promise with. In his possession is a locket while the girl holds the key. Of course, being the typical male character that makes promises as a child (AHEM-KEITARO-AHEM) he can't seem to remember the name or face of the young girl.

Enter: The Girls. Onodera, his high school crush and Kirisaki, the new transfer student. Kirisaki happens to be the daughter of a gangster leader; To avoid a war, the fathers of Ichijo and Kirisaki decide that the two will have to fake being a "lovey-lovey" couple for the next 3 years until they graduate.

The anime is a fun romp, very reminiscent of the Love Hina vibe, in which you can't help but envy the male character and root for your favorite girl to win out in the end. The downside is the very slow development of the girls that are not Kirisaki. While you see a lot of growth in both Kirisaki and Ichijo, the other characters seem pretty stagnant. The first season has already concluded but with no answer as to which girl wins so we can only hope that support rallies enough to push for more seasons.

Overall I'd give Nisekoi 8.5/10. The story is very enjoyable, the characters are hilarious but the potential for growth was ignored in some of the other characters. If you like Love Hina (which I'm assuming you do, and if you don't you should probably leave before you get hurt by a stray Tama) then I highly recommend you go check it out.