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Thread: Cells at Work!

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    Cells at Work!

    How does the body work?
    Now, how would the body look if it were a complex city where a lot of people live?
    What happens when a Red Blood Cell is an absolute navigational nightmare and has to be regularly saved by a White Blood Cell?

    Okay, you might thing "Oh gods, an informational?"

    Yes. Yes it is, and a surprisingly informative one at that.
    However, despite the role it takes at being quite informative about the body, this anime is actually a comedy, and a really funny one at that. It's also surprisingly on point according to real doctors, despite taking some creative license here and there.

    So yes, I recommend this one whole heartedly. No really, this is on the must see list.
    It's absolutely brilliant.

    (The Platelets are damned adorable!)
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    April 2006
    From what I've heard; Osmosis Jones, but better (or actually good depending on who you ask) and darn adorable. Also I believe the WBC fights are pretty brutal. Sadly I haven't had the chance to watch this yet, definitely on my 'to watch' list.



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