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Welcome!! To the...

Fanfic Brigade

We are a brigade dedicated to the creating of literature. This includes Fanfics, Originals, Poems, whatever your heart desires. If you love writing, reading, or just evaluating fanfics then join and do so Writers, feel free to join with your fellow members and colaborate on stories together, perhaps creating an epic story that will get you your own fanbase!

This brigade is not afraid to show it's insanity, so feel free to dive into whatever type of literature you wish. Anything is welcome (albeit as long as it includes a warning as to what we need to expect). A good example being our fellow member Hinarei

Now, remember we are not only fanfic writers and lovers. But due to your leaders devotion, we are also called Fanfic Mafia So my friends, don't disappoint

Don't be put out if you don't write Fanfics though, because READERS ARE ALSO IMPORTANT!! You can help judge and criticize the writing and storyline of our work, making POSTIVE suggestions and giving helpful advice whenever you can.

I look forward to seeing all of you're works and can't wait for us to get running at full throttle. Remember, we are one of the most powerful brigades not only because we have our pens...but because we have the PUBLIC. We can take any character or any person we know and turn them into a hated snob or a gallant hero/heroine. WE ARE WRITERS, and hence we have the power.

Once again, Good luck and I can't wait to see what you guy's come up with! ^_^

-Lord Balmung of Azure Sky
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