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    Star Wars Galaxies - Genesis

    Note: This story was done by Myself and a friend. She is the same girl who co-wrote the Dark vs. Light Fanfic that was posted so long ago. Other notes, this was made in November 6th, 2005. So the writing can be choppy, and naming was based on people I knew being put into the galaxy of Star Wars. So take it with a grain of salt and tell me what you think! Everything from here on, is unedited quality straight from 2005

    Yavin 4 - ( 5 months since the DeathStar's Destruction)

    Walking amoung the dense growth of grass and trees, a dark armor-clad figure moved quietly trying it's best to attract attention. Moving forward, the figure stopped infront of a tall exotic looking plant. The clouds around the sun parted, comming through the forest's trees to reflect off of the figures armor, showing the organish brown colors and the wrap around the beings hips. Breathing in and out of it's breathing regulator, the figure knelt before the plant and examined it closely.

    Rasing his right hand to his ear he turned on his comm-link, "Dustin...this is Matt! I've found the plant!" Waiting for a response, Matt started hearing loud wet kissing noises from the other side of the comm-link and quickly turned it off in disgust. "oh don't worry Matt, we'll have your back." Matt said mimicking Dustin's voice. Sighing, Matt began to harvest the plant of it's special pollen.

    This plant, also known as Veirra Plant made a very potent spice native only to Yavin 4. It used to be easily attainable by normal trading standards, but since the Empire moved had been out of the space lanes for quite a while. Making it very valuabe to the customer who'd hired them for this mission. Taking out a small vial, Matt put the extract into it carefully, making sure not to spill anything and then put the cap on it. Taking out another vial, Matt began to extract some more of the spice when something cast a shadow over him. Looking up at the sun and seeing that no clouds where covered, Matt sighed. "Oh Shit..." he said as he suddenly jumped up and began running. ****

    Dustin's eyes were closed as his hands slid up Kristina's chest. She bit her lip and leaned her head back on the surface of her chair. She giggled as his lips went over the silky softness of her stomach as he lifted the black shirt up from her blue skin. His fingers where like feathers, running over the surface of her skin, tickling her almost. She pulled him up and kissed his lips softly, her arms wrapping around the fur of his Pilot's Jacket and kissed his lips gently, the lekku laying on her shoulders. She pushed him back and looked into his eyes.

    Dust grinned widely and nipped at her chin. He got closer and closer, pushin his lips against hers and wrapping his arms around her slim waist to pull her onto his lap. She looked down into his eyes. "You know...Shouldn't we be doing something else?" Dustin laughed. "No, not really." He shrugged. He was suppose to do something, but he had totally forgotten about it already. He really didn't care either way, as he pulled her closer. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he put his lips to her chest. She laughed and closed her eyes.

    Suddenly Dustin's comm-link buzzed to life, "What the?" Dust said as the static noise rose to an unbearable pitch. "DUSTIN YOU BASTARD!!" said a very angry voice. "PREP THE FRIGGIN SHIP UP!!" Sighing, Dustin picked up Kristina and put her in the seat beside him, "Sorry babe..we're gonna have to do this later." he said with a sly smile. Kristina rolled her eyes. "Yeah, thats what you think."

    Sighing sadly, Dustin began flipping the switches and pressing various buttons, prepping his YT-1300 Correllian freighter for flight. "I wonder what Matt's so worried about?" Dustin asked as he watched the horizon looking for Matt. Kristina's eyes narrowed, looking to the horizon as well. She growled silently and put her hands on Dustin's head, pointing it in the direction of Matt who was running towards the ship "...There he is." Squinting at the distant figure, Dustin sighed. "So why the hell did he have to call us to prep the ship? We could have done that when he arrived." he said grumpily.

    Kristina again rolled her eyes, and thwapped Dustin on the side of the head. "Don't you see that big ass Rancor chasing after him?" it's teeth where salivating, wishing to catch it's new found food. It's huge claws where swiping rapidly at him. "Dammit." She grabbed a blaster and waited at the door of the ship. "Let's hope he get's here, before that thing get's him." Dustin stared at the Rancor for a few seconds before starting to panic. "DAMN!! WHATS A RANCOR DOING ON YAVIN??!! GET BACK UP HERE!!" He yelled at Kristina as the ship began to hover upwards. "We can't just wait here...if we do..we won't have time to take off as Matt get's in!"

    Kristina held onto one of the bars of the ship and looked over to Dustin. She sighed and ran over to the co-pilot's seat. Turning the ship around, Dustin flew off to the side of a nearby cliff. ****

    Running as fast as he could, Matt watched helplessly as Dustin began to take off. Holding up his hand to his ear Matt yelled into his comm-link, "DUSTIN!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" Over the buzzing comm-link, Dustin said, "Matt...I'm going over to the cliff, if I wait for you we might not be able to get out of here!" Growling Matt slid to the ground as he tried to stop himself and grabbed at the dirt with his left hand and pulled himself to the other direction, towards the cliff.

    As the Rancor began to get closer, it swiped at Matt, tearing down trees as they ran. "DAMMIT!!" Matt screamed as he redoubled his pace again. Kristina sighed, "He needs to run just a teensy bit faster." she pointed out to Dustin. Grabbing the comm-link she yelled, "HURRY THE **** UP!!" Approaching the cliff, Matt saw the ship hovering by the edge, "I CANT RUN VERY FAST WITH THIS ARMOR!!" he yelled into his comm-link.

    She sighed, "Excuses, excuses." She walked over to the edge of the opening hatch and looked to Matt, running over the edge. She'd grab him if he didn't quite make it. Approaching the edge, Matt jumped at the ship's hatch. Just as the Rancor's hand came down and destroyed the whole side of the cliff that he'd been standing on only seconds ago. Hitting the hatch's walkway with his torso, Matt tried to climp up, bringing his feet over the walkway.

    Dustin meanwhile was laughing like a maniac as the rancor fell off the cliff and into the small river below. As Kristina pulled Matt into the ship, Matt was gasping for air. "OOoooh MATT!! It's gonna be easy credit's man!!" he said sarcastically, "THATS THE LAST TIME I LISTEN TO YOU DUSTIN!!" Kristina managed to get Matt on the ship with on last tug that threw him to the front of the ship and closed the hatch. She turned around, seeing Dustin laugh maniacally. "...All men are idiots. I swear it." She chuckled and walked over to Matt, to see if he was okay.

    Still gasping, Matt got up and began unlocking the the neck piece of his helmet. As a hissing noise came from his helmet, Matt took it off and wiped his sweating forehead. "I'm alright..." he sighed. "Did you get the plant?" She asked. Looking through the pouches in his belt, Matt produced a small vial with the plant extract. "Yeah...I only got one vial...but that should satisfy the guy who wanted this stuff." Dustin smiled, "That's Matt for ya..what a Trooper." he said sarcastically.

    Kristina walked over to the pilots chair and thwapped Dustin upside the head again. "Oh, shut up. I think maybe you should go out there next time." She nodded as she sat in her chair and leaned back. "What do you think, Matt?" She looked over to him and her eyes focuse on the vial still in his hand. " if, then he won't let me get my cut of the profit's." he said with a smile as he went to the back of the ship. Smiling Dustin punched in the coordinates for Tatooine as he prepared for lightspeed. "Well let's go collect our payment!" he said as the ship dissapeared instantly into hyperspace.****

    Moving through the Imperial Control room, Captain Moors watched the holo projector as it showed an armored man running from the Rancor. It wasn't a good position, but the neck camera had done it's job. " seems our Creature Handler didn't train our new and EXPENSIVE specimen well enough." he said making note to punish him later. Looking over at the stormtrooper who stood gaurding the door, he nodded at him and watched as he quickly left the room.

    The storm trooper would give the order to send a transmission to the nearest Emperial Star Destroyer, with an order for the immediate capture of that space craft, after all he mused. How would it look if he allowed a mere Smuggler to come into Emperial space without permission and then just leave. Captain Moors smiled to himself, the Bounty Hunters would have them soon enough.

    -To Be Continued!

    P.S. - This was written by Me and my Friend Tiff. My writing is the black and her's is the Green!! Comment's will be appreciated!!
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    So far it looks good. As it's past 1am and I'm already in bed and viewing this on my iPhone, you'll have to wait for constructive critisim
    For now, post the next chapter ^^



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