This is a story I started from the top of my mind. I posted it on another forum but since I'm not there anymore I've decided to post it here, hope you like it! ;]

The moon was shining on Princess Decor’s castle, the villagers and the cattle were now fast asleep, none of them knowing that the event that was about to take place would change their simple lives forever…
The masked figure took a deep breath through its dark clothes when it reached the castle walls. Thankful that it hadn’t been perceived by the amateurish village guards, it prepared itself for action. The figure lifted its head up, observing the castle’s prominent silhouette made out of solid marble which was cold as ice to the touch. It got a small bottle from its trouser pocket which contained a transparent liquid inside. Then it applied the contents of the bottle over its left shoe and over its right shoe. When finished, the figure inserted the bottle back in its pocket and quickly placed a foot on the marble wall, then without hesitation it lifted its other foot too..
If any villager had seen what the mysterious figure was doing they would have called it dark magic, a famine, an abomination. And the thing they would have seen was a dark figure climbing over the long castle’s walls as if walking through flat land, without losing balance.
After various minutes the figure reached the end of the long walls and easily climbed over them. The path was clear, no guards on sight. Without a moment to catch breath, the figure went through the exterior door that led into the castle, where a tragedy was about to occur..

I accept constructive critics and suggestions on how to make it better ;] I've already done chapter one so I won't be changing that one, but from there I'll take in mind your comments =D