Hello there folks, I dunno if any of you peruse this section anymore, but I thought I'd take my chances. Unknown to most of you that long lost one I posted a long time ago, the "Through The Storm" story? Well, I've still been writing on that. Sixty thousand words of "writing on that," to be exact. I'm actually kind of stuck too. Here's the most recent chapter. If I don't get the thirteenth written before you guys reply, then I'll take your advice.

Oh, about that... I need to know where to take this thing. I've got Perrine in the Spitfire, Lynne and the MC in a C-47 which just narrowly missed a Neuroi Beam, and Mio and Minna with a radio she spirited away. As always, maps of the damned base would be appreciated.

For the whole set of chapters go to:


Please, hit the link to get to the story. I'd put the 12th one up, but the formatting doesn't carry over. Damn.