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    Ooh, nice chapter.. Even though I'm at school I read it in one go, couldn't stop

    And only 2 spelling errors .. I believe that Seta was saying "Where do you live?" instead of "Where do you love?" and keitarou tells motoko to 'shoot herself' (lol, that came out funny)

    I think it should have been "Suit yourself"

    But even my ever viggaliant eyes only saw this, that's good.. Keep up the good work, I'm really looking foreward to the next chapter.. I mean Keitarou going with Motoko to Kyoto and Seta being there..

    Kanako missing Keitarou..

    It promises a lot. Next chapter please.

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    .............okay, my mistakes there made me laugh, what the heck was I thinking? hahaha... shoot and love. I dunno what was going though my mind there. anyway though thanks Mr. Anderson for the help on that. The next chapter many things are going to happen and to have a little spoiler, Motoko's and Keitaro's relationship gets a bit better in a sence. so prepare yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skull Darkmaster View Post
    Good job Yoru-san please keep it up

    I know someone who has the same picture as there avatar on another forum.

    Oh, and this is a pretty good fanfiction!!

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    please keep coming on the next chapter because i would like to know what is going to happen with all the girls at the dorm

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    Zero Eiyuu: Hello readers, what a wonderful day it is to upload another chapter of a story of love.

    Say… have you ever wondered how a friend or family member was doing? Ever wondered if they were happy, sad, or just bored? I say this because you should cherish your moments with all of your friends and family. Because you just don’t know… and I don’t like to say this, it might be the last time you see and talk to them. I say this because I had something tragic happen to me and wish I had gotten to have more happy times with that person I cared for.

    Please though, enjoy this chapter.

    Chapter 5: The Shattered Hope

    It was a little over 6:00AM when Keitaro was abruptly woken up all of a sudden. It took some time for his eyes to focus on the one shaking him right now but it put on his glasses and saw who it was. It was Motoko and she looked a little bit excited but at the same time scared. She was still vigorously shaking Keitaro and he looked annoyed trying to sleep.

    “What the heck is it? It’s… 6:00! We don’t leave for another three hours!” Keitaro bundled himself up and turned away from her.

    “There’s been a change of plans, we have to leave right now!” Motoko continued to shake him. “Get up Urashima!” She was still dressed in her pyjamas which make her look like a child trying to wake up her father, it was quite cute.

    “Okay okay, I’m getting up! You can stop that now.” Keitaro sat up and gave an annoyed glare to Motoko. He didn’t bother to cover up his chest with Motoko there mainly because he didn’t even realise he slept with no shirt. “Oh, sorry, lemme get my shirt.”

    “I-it’s okay.” Motoko stammered. Then something caught her eye on his body, something she never noticed before. “Urashima… what is that?”

    “What is what?”

    “That wound just under your left shoulder.” She pointed it out the wound. As she said it was just under his shoulder, it didn’t look all that bad but it was odd.

    “Oh… this.” Keitaro placed his hand over it to cover “This is something… that I don’t like to talk about. So… umm…”

    “Understood, I’ll respect that.”

    “I’ll be ready in a few minutes okay?”


    “…” Keitaro blankly stared up at her. She have him the ‘what are you looking at?’ look. “…Right, thought I didn’t have to say this but, could you at least leave me room while I change?”

    “Huh? Oh! Ahh! Sorry!” She blushed madly and ran out of his room very embarrassed.

    “Geez… so sleepy…” Keitaro lightly touched his wound and smirked. It sure has been a while… Yukari, just how are you doing? I just hope you know that I still think of you. My heart still belongs to you. Bu… just what is going on though. Keitaro but on his black sweater and jeans quickly. “Must remember, meet Seta-san around 12:00.”

    “Alright let’s go!” Motoko slammed Keitaro’s door opened and she was already dressed in her normal Gi. Before Keitaro could react, she pulled on his sleeve and dragged him away.

    “Gah! I can walk you know?” He said and shrugged her grasp off of him when they got to the front of Hinata Sou outside. “Okay let’s go… wait, shouldn’t we tell the others?”

    “I only told Haruka-san. I’m sure that she’ll tell everyone else later on.”


    Meanwhile at Haruka’s place.

    “There’s something I’m suppose to do… something really important. Oh yeah! I know!” Haruka pulls out her smokes and takes a drag. “Ahh… that’s the stuff.


    “Well okay, if it’s Haruka I can trust her. But when we get to your sister’s place, please hurry because I have an important appointment later on there.”

    “I won’t make any promises, but I’ll try.”

    “That’s all I can really ask for.”

    With no more time wasted Keitaro and Motoko got to the train station and boarded their designated train. Soon the train was off and they were on their way to Kyoto at last. Together they sat side by side but the two didn’t talk to each other, it was too quite between them. Motoko was fidgeting a lot from being so bored and soon stood up and walked away from Keitaro towards the middle of the train, grabbing hold of the handle bar from the ceiling.

    “How am I going to do this?” She said to herself. She’s smart, I can’t tell if this’ll work or not. It all really depends on Urashima though. But what am I thinking though, he won’t be able to cooperate if I don’t tell him. But I just can’t up ad tell him like that. This isn’t good. Keitaro peered over at Motoko and raised an eyebrow. She just turned her back to him. Geez, what is he looking aaaaaAAAAACK! WHAT THE?! Motoko glared behind her and saw a man in his early forties touching her where he really shouldn’t and he didn’t show any signs that he would stop. Motoko was both embarrassed and enraged, she was about to strike this pervert down where he stood. She got her bokken ready for just that purpose. “Y-you…!”

    “Sir, you really shouldn’t be doing that.” Keitaro came up and firmly grabbed a hold on the man’s shoulder. “It’s very impolite to treat women like that.” Keitaro squeezed tightly and dug his nails into him, that made this pervert wince in pain and pull his hand away from Motoko. “Got it?” Keitaro finished his conversation with a deathly evil, dark, and killer stare right into his eyes.

    “Y-yes sir!” This guy’s face was full of fear. He was actually soiling himself without his knowledge…

    “Hmph…” Keitaro let go and watch as he ran for his life away from them. Keitaro took a step closer to Motoko and faced his back right up against hers as if to keep watch. Motoko blushed at his display.

    “You know, I could’ve handled that by myself.”

    “That may be so. But the way you would’ve handled it would’ve caused… a lot of trouble you know?” Keitaro took a peek back at Motoko. “You can take your hand off your bokken now you know?”

    “…” She let go of her bokken. She knew he was right but just didn’t want to admit it. “Well you don’t have to keep standing by me. I’m sure no one would dare do what he did again.”

    “I doubt it.”


    “You’re an attractive and beautiful girl. I wouldn’t really be all that surprised .”

    “!!!” Motoko was speechless. Why would he say such a thing?

    “Besides… if we talk like this to each other it’ll sure make this ride seem sort.” Keitaro turned his body and faced Motoko. “So what do we talk about?”

    “Heh…” Motoko turned around and faced him as well. “I don’t know.”

    Just at that moment another train went right by Keitaro and Motoko’s. It’s the same train that Kanako was currently riding to get close to Hinata Sou. As soon as she would get off she would call a taxi and head right for Hinata Sou with news of her recent discovery. But after some meaningless conversation between Motoko and Keitaro they had arrived at their destination. Kyoto.

    “Hmm… seems like we can walk the rest of the way from here.” Motoko suggested.

    “Yeah… so it seems.” Keitaro looked at his watch. It’s 7:30. Hmm, I’ve got plenty of time to kill. But I would like this to end soon to get some free time. In a matter of minutes they arrived at the doors to the Aoyama Dojo. Keitaro took this time to marvel at all of its glory. Still looks amazing as ever. They entered through the front doors and saw a young lady with long white silky hair dressed in a traditional gi sweeping up the floors. She immediately recognized Motoko.

    “Motoko-sama, welcome home.” She said with a bow. Motoko bowed back to her.

    “Ohayou gozaimasu Mitsuki-chan. Where is Tsuruko-sensei?”

    “Sensei? I believe she’s in her quarters right now.”

    “Ah, good. I can talk with her privately then.” She turned to Keitaro. “This will only take a moment okay? Just wait here till I come back.”

    “Yes. Got it.” Motoko walked away and down a hall out of sight. Mitsuki and Keitaro were left alone. “It’s been a while Mitsuki-chan. You’ve definitely grown up since I last saw you.”

    “Thanks Keitaro-kun. Four years will do that to you though.”

    “Yeah… has sensei been treating you good?”

    “Well yes. She’s a bit on the strict side but she takes good care of us students. She’s really kind after all.”

    “Good to hear she hadn’t changed.” Keitaro looked at a couple of shinai bamboo swords lying in the centre of the room. He glanced at them for just one second but so did Mitsuki. In that split second the two of them jumped for the swords and grabbed one and jumped away from each other. Both pointed their swords at the other and got into their battle stances. “That was almost as fast as me Mitsuki-chan, you really HAVE changed.”

    “Hmph, I take it your previous remark was just to mock me then?”

    “Nothing like that. I’m just a bit surprised that’s all.”

    “Heh, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

    “Then let us spar!” At last I’m back here. I can free my mind and body and concentrate on my skills for once, unlike that time Motoko got me back then at Hinata Sou. This time it’s completely different. Feel my wrath Mitsuki-chan!

    Meanwhile in the sensei’s quarters in the dojo, Motoko sat down in front of an older woman who wore a calm and serene look upon her. She herself was dressed in a gi much like Motoko’s and had a giant yellow bird sitting on her shoulder.

    “Perfect timing Motoko-chan! Does this mean you’re here to take over the family dojo?” Sensei asked happily.

    “Huh? Sensei-“

    “Please stop calling me that Motoko-chan! We’re family!”

    “Uhh, very well then Tsuruko-sama. As I told you before on the phone I distinctively said I WASN’T ready to take over the dojo. Don’t you remember? It was just yesterday!”

    “Ara?” Tsuruko tilted her head to the side playfully.

    “*Sigh* I said I was getting married. You even told me I should come and bring him over.” Sure hope this works. “I brought him over with me. And as you know I can’t take over the dojo if I am to be married. So… sorry Tsuruko-sama.”

    “… I see… that’s really too bad. WAIT! You’ve got a fiancé?! Is he here?!”

    You must be kidding me. Nee-sama must’ve gotten senile… “Umm yes, he’s in the demonstration room right now. But we really have to get going so you won’t have any time to meet him so-!”

    “Nonsense! Come now! Let me meet him and give you my blessings! Also I have to be honest Motoko-chan, I thought you’d never find a man to marry you, I mean you’re just so scary sometimes.”

    “Uhh…” Well THAT’S a nice thing to say… NOT! Besides you’re scarier than me! I’ve taken lessons from you before! “No, but we, uh, really have to be going!”

    “Oh I can’t wait to meet him. He must be some kind of tough hotshot guy with a hot body if he got you attracted to him!”

    “Hey! I never said I fell for him!” What am I talking about?! She’s making me crazy!

    “Come on, let’s go let’s go!”

    “O-okay.” This isn’t good. Urashima… please cooperate.

    Sounds of battle were heard all throughout the dojo. Keitaro and Mitsuki had been in the heat of battle since Motoko had left and none of them showed signs of fatigue. Motoko and Tsuruko watched with silence at the two of them.

    “Heeyaaaah!” Mitsuki parried Keitaro’s basic attack and did a little spin while slashing up towards him. Keitaro blocked with his sword and was a bit back by her strength and jumped away to get some distance between them.

    “Too close.” She’s improved quite a bit in these years. She has a lot of potential with Tsuruko but this is starting to get a bit annoying. Time to take this up a notch. Keitaro ran up to Mitsuki, she had her sword ready to block and counter anything he was going to throw at her. Keitaro charged and shot his foot right to her face, she barely blocked it with her sword and was knocked back into a stumble. With Keitaro’s chance to strike he struck his sword down right at Mitsuki, she was still able to block it but now lost complete balance. Keitaro kept going though with his momentum, he struck the floor then spun around with a backhand uppercut slash, knocking her sword into the air.

    “… Nice one Keitaro-kun. Completely caught me off guard.

    “You did well too Mitsuki-chan.” Keitaro held his sword at his hip and grinned. “Maybe someday you’ll be able to beat me.”

    “Hmph.” Mitsuki wasn’t really concerned as she grasped her falling sword in the air and in a second had it at Keitaro’s neck. He didn’t even move and was shocked. “Careful, that day may come sooner than you think.”


    “That was quite impressive you two!” Tsuruko praised. Motoko followed closely behind and was surprised at Keitaro’s skills. But she was more concerned about how she was going to get herself out of this situation. Keitaro and Mitsuki gave a quick bow to her. Mitsuki though felt embarrassed and ran off to clean another room in a different area out of sight. She didn’t really like to fight in front of Tsuruko, something about fighting in front of her sensei really got her nervous. “Kei-kun!” She wrapped her arms around him for a hug.

    “Uhh, good to see you as well Tsuruko-sensei.”

    “Likewise Kei-kun!” Tsuruko released him from her bear like embrace and her happiness slightly faded away just looking at him. “I’m… I’m sorry for what happened at your wedding day. I have no idea what’s going through her mind right now.”

    “Thanks… wait, you were there?”

    “Of course I was silly! You sent me the invitation yourself! Don’t you remember?”

    “Oh yeah, I forget about that for a second there.”

    “Well this is sure a treat but…” Tsuruko faced Motoko. “Where’s your fiancé?”

    Keitaro’s interest sparked when Tsuruko asked this. He gave Motoko a quick ticked off look. Why is it that I have a bad feeling about this? “Motoko…” he muttered under his breath.

    “What are you saying Tsuruko-sama?” Motoko held her hand out to Keitaro to put him on the spot. “He’s right there. Right, Kei-kun?” Ugh… that was harder to say than I though… bah, Kei-kun?!

    Yeah… this isn’t good. “Uh… heh, heheh.” Keitaro nervously said nonsensically.

    “What?!” Tsuruko gasped and looked dumbfounded right at Keitaro. “Really?! Is this true?!”

    “UH…!” Keitaro looked just as surprised as she was. This came to a sudden shock to him and looked to Motoko for answers. Interestingly enough though when he looked at her she was writing down something a piece of paper. She held it up. Please play along, I’ll explain later… what the heck?! Why is she, why the, grr… I guess this must be really important to her if she’s doing this. Fine Motoko… I’ll play along for now just for you. “Yeah that’s right, it’s true…”

    “?!?!” Keitaro walked beside Motoko and held her hand while at the same time rested his arm on her back. W—W—W—What is he doing?!

    “I have to make this look convincing Motoko.” Keitaro whispered into her air. She fully understood this but just the hot air of his breath made her body tingle and her face flush. Keitaro didn’t feel strange at all though, he thought he’d be embarrassed like Motoko but he just wasn’t. It was possible that he being in a relationship, more intimate than this, before made him stronger in this sense. “I’m her fiancé, surprised?”

    “Seriously?! I mean, wow! Kei-kun that’s amazing! I must say, you healed from that tragedy pretty quickly. I’m happy for you, I didn’t like the things I heard from your parents.”

    “Y—yeah, things like this… don’t faze me that badly…” Keitaro looked away slightly. Truth be told he ate him up inside much worse than anyone could think. But he was strong and didn’t show this much, and at times when he did it wasn’t serious. Okay, now that that’s done we have to get out of here before she starts asking questions! “We thought we’d just come in and say this, we’ll be on our way now, bye-bye—“

    “Wait! You must tell me how you two met! I must hear of this with my own two ears!” I can’t say I’m not happy… but something seems wrong about this whole thing… But that look on Motoko-chan’s face, it’s just so convincing! Could this really be the moment I’ve been waiting for?! She was very eager.

    Oh come on! “I don’t know you might be busy right now so we’ll just get out of your hair! Come on Motoko-chan!”

    We must flee! “Yes Keitaro-kun!” Motoko’s mouth slightly twisted up saying his name like that. It was quite funny, luckily Tsuruko hadn’t noticed.

    “Oh no no no!” Tsuruko grabbed their hands before they could move and made them all sit down. “I have all the time in the world, please tell me! I’d love to hear this!”

    Knowing that there was no way to weasel their way out of this, Keitaro and Motoko weren’t in a good spot right now. Okay… she won’t let us go without telling her… what could I say, come on Keitaro, think!

    “Urashima… what are we going to do?” Motoko whispered

    “Don’t worry.” I just got a good one. I just hope that she’ll buy it. And knowing her… she probably will. “You see it was on that day that I met Motoko-chan at Hinata Sou. I came there with Grandma Hina and was instantly greeted by her. I could tell from the way she talked to me that she was one of those shy girls who puts up that real tough exterior to conceal their cuteness.”

    “Sure sounds like her.”


    “Heh heh, yeah. Well anyway though when I was with her I was just so happy. When I was with her I felt like nothing else matter. With Motoko-chan I could forget all the pain. But, I don’t know, something about her really interested me. It must’ve been the way she walked or talked or something.”

    “Maybe it was her figure? Doesn’t she have a nice body?”

    “Neesama! Don’t say such a thing!” Motoko’s face was furiously red with embarrassment.

    “No actually… it was her smile.”


    “Interesting… go on…”

    “It had taken me a while but that was actually it. When I saw her smile I could see past everything and look into her true nature. She was a really nice and gentle girl.”



    “And as the days had pasted by we spent more and more time together and quickly realised that we really liked each other, well actually I don’t know about Motoko-chan here, but for me it was love at first sight. And with her, my hurtful memories of that past just seem to fade and fade away slowly. And soon it will just be a distant memory.”



    “And that’s it.” Keitaro looked into the eyes of Motoko and smiled happily. “I truly do love you Motoko-chan?”


    “Oh my gosh that is BEAUFITUL! I mean, wow! Kei-kun I never knew you felt that way about my little sister!”

    “Heh, I never thought I could feel this way about her too… It…” Keitaro stared at Motoko with sleepy eyes. “It was a big surprise.” He stood up and brought Motoko up with him. “Well we should be going now, I hope you understand Tsuruko.”

    “Yes, yes. I’ve heard enough.” She watched the two of them walk off away but she wasn’t really fully done with them. “Motoko-chan!” They stopped and both turned to face her.




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    Motoko and Keitaro stayed silent when they walked away. Motoko had expected Keitaro to be furious right after but he didn’t seem the slightest bit angry at all. She was a bit scared at this.

    “Urashima… I just want to say thank you for this.”

    “…” He stayed quiet.

    “…I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. But…” She stopped and showed no signs of continuing.

    “It’s okay, just tell me when you’re ready. I won’t judge you or anything right now. All I know is that you were desperate and I can understand that. But I just wish you had told me this before. If I knew this was THIS important to you then I would’ve done this in a second.” He didn’t sound mad or anything, rather sympathetic. “I’m not mad at you or anything just to let you know, just a little bit annoyed.”


    “…Hey! And did you see the face on Tsuruko-sensei?! She really bought it! I mean I didn’t expect a reaction like that! Haha!”

    “Y-yeah, me too.” But to be honest with myself, I actually thought it was true too. You are really amazing you know that?

    “Ah… that was good. But anyway though I have to go to my appointment now. I trust you can get back to Hinata Sou by yourself… or do you need me by your side again for THAT?”

    “N-no! I don’t need anyone! I can perfectly do that by myself!”

    “Just kidding with you Motoko…” Keitaro walked away. “I’ll see you back at Hinata Sou, I won’t be back for a good few hours.”



    At this time… Kanako had arrived to Hinata Sou and she was really hoping to meet up with her brother. She was so happy and anxious his reaction would be… she hoped he would take the news well.

    “I’m telling you Kanako, don’t do it!” Kuro yelled at her from her shoulder. She didn’t pay attention to him though, it was like Kuro wasn’t even there. “*sigh* What a stubborn girl…” Kanako opened up the front door and saw no one, it was completely quiet.

    “Hmm…” She took off her shoes, leaving her in her black socks, and set down her briefcase. Kuro jumped off her shoulder and looked around ahead of her. “Oniichan! It’s Kanako!” There was no answer.

    “Maybe he went out?”

    “Maybe… still though, there should be some other people here too. He can’t live here by himself.” Also I wonder where Grandma Hina and Haruka-san are. “Kuro, you search upstairs, I’ll search around this floor.”

    “What am I looking for?”

    “The other tenants. I’d like to know who else is living here with oniichan. And make it quick. There’s a can of tuna in it for you.”

    “Sold!” Kuro immediately ran upstairs leaving nothing but a cloud of dust in his place.

    “Now… lets see.” Kanako left her briefcase aside and made her way into the kitchen. No one was there, nothing was on the table, and nothing was on. Might as well have a snack. She went to the refrigerator and spotted a strawberry cheesecake neatly cut up into 10 small pieces. Looks pretty good. Taking out a plate and fork, she begun to eat a piece.


    “What the heck was that?!” Kanako yelled when a large explosion was heard from upstairs.


    Kanako looked up above her at the ceiling; it was starting to crack and showed signs of breaking. She took a few steps back and took another bite of her cake.


    Kuro crashed right through the ceiling and onto the floor before Kanako. He didn’t look to okay and looked very bruised. He crawled over to Kanako's leg, she could keep her eyes off the huge hole in the ceiling though. It looks liked an expensive thing to repair.

    “I’m afraid to ask, but what happened Kuro?”

    “… I found the other tenants… nya…”

    “Male or female?” She put down her cake on the table and picked up Kuro and placed him on her shoulder.

    “It was hard for me to tell with 1000 lasers shooting at me, but I was sure that it was a girl. By my guess maybe 13 years old. She scares me… a lot.”

    “Well that’s one person, let’s keep looking.”

    “That won’t be necessary. While I was sneaking into her room, which was like a jungle might I remind you, she was mentioning a few names. Naru, Kitsune, Mokoto, Shinobu, Haruka, and Keitaro.”

    “Keitaro? What else did you hear about this?”

    “Nothing much, just names.”

    “Hmm… those names though, they all sound like female names.”

    “I would hope so. A guy named Naru would be strange.”

    “Shh, I hear something, let’s hide.” Kanako opened up the windowed and jumped out, hiding her back against the wall.

    “Su-chan, why did you do this? Look at this mess…”

    “Sowwie but I saw a funny looking cat, I thought it was a demon cat sent to take my inventions away.”

    “Auu… sempai will be mad when he comes home.”

    “Sure he won’t mind that much. Su, since you made this mess you have to clean it up, leave the huge hole up there for Keitaro to fix.”


    Interesting… they seem to not care for oniichan at all. Except that ‘auu’ girl. “Kuro, let’s find Haruka quick, we’ll inform her with all the information that we’ve got.”

    “Okay… but first…”


    “Where’s my tuna?”


    *HUFF* *PUFF* *HUFF*” Keitaro was loosing his breath running to the Kyoto Tower, but he was almost there. I’m a little early but that should be a good thing. He dashed in between 2 guys nimbly and kept on running. Soon enough he made it to the tower and spotted Seta speaking with a business man. Hey, isn’t that Zero-san?

    “Zero-san, I can count on you right?”

    “You always can. Consider your flight booked.” Zero bowed and walked away just when Keitaro made his way beside Seta.

    “Ah! Keitaro! You’re early, I like that.”

    “Heh.” Keitaro looked at Zero, he was carrying a couple of folders under his hand. “You know Zero-san?”

    “Yup. He’s a friend of mine that goes way back. I just talked to him and he’s hooking me up with a huge discount on a flight to one of the ruins I’m going to.”

    “Really? How big of a discount?”

    “90% off”

    “Whoa… you gatta be kidding me.”

    “Hah, nope! That Zero-san has got some crazy connections.”

    “By the way, what ruins are you talking about?”

    “Some kind of turtle civilization off on an island.”

    “Turtle civilization? That’s the first I’ve heard of something like that.”

    “Well it’s not known by a lot of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t.” Seta scratched his cheek. He was looking for a different subject to talk about and of course he had completely forgotten why he wanted Keitaro to be there.

    “Umm… Seta-san?”


    “Shouldn’t we be getting to work or something? This is fun doing nothing and all but that’s not what I came here to do.”

    “Oh ya! How can I forget! I just have a simple task for you that’s all.”


    Keitaro followed Seta up until they got to his van which was parked across two parking areas. “You remember those earthenware ware artefacts that I had in my van last time?”

    “Yeah.” [I]I see where this is going. They’re going to be all broken and I’ll have to fix them. Ugh, how troublesome.


    Seta opened up the side-door of his van. “They’re all still in one piece! Cool huh?!”

    DWAH! What the heck?

    “You’re job is to neatly pack these up safely into separate boxes that are lined with bubble wrap while I drive to the delivery point okay?” Seta jumped into the driver seat and started the car. Keitaro jumped into the van and closed the door.

    “Let’s get started then.” And so they were off.

    1 minute later…

    “Umm… Seta-san…?” Keitaro nervously asked.

    “Hmm? What is it?” Seta didn’t turn around and kept his eyes on the road… rather though he was keeping his eyes on a stop sign that was wedged right into his windshield wiper.

    “W-why is there a little girl in here…?” Keitaro was being given the evil eye up close by a little blond girl dressed in overalls with a red cap with the beak turned back. She didn’t alter her stare at all and it really crept out Keitaro. He was still trying to concentrate on packaging the artefacts though. Just don’t give her any eye contact Keitaro, just don’t make eye contact!

    “Oh her? That’s Sarah, a relative of mine. Don’t worry, she’s harmless, just continue on with your work.”

    “A-as you say.” Keitaro kept his eyes off of Sarah, trying to do his job. He set five plates into a box and sealed it safely, but his eyes were drawn to the Sarah girl. She was smiling at Keitaro happily, holding an earthenware cup with her fingers with only two fingers. She wouldn’t… would she?

    “Hee hee.” She let go of the cup.

    Keitaro however was fast enough to catch it before it was close to crashing into the ground. But he used to much force in grabbing the cup. It cracked all over his hands. “…”

    “Nice going there you dork.”

    “Keitaro? What was that sound?”

    “…I broke one of the cups… sorry, I’ll pay for it.”

    “Oh? You don’t need to worry, my client is used to getting broken earthenware from me, hahaha!” Although the pay sometimes gets lowered but oh well, I’m not in this for the money! “Just get as much done as you can and that’ll be okay.”

    Keitaro was happy with his words and continued to work under the evil eyes of the Sarah girl. Keitaro didn’t say anything to her and she didn’t bother breaking any other things. She didn’t feel like wasting any of her time on this part-time worker.

    40 minutes after they arrived at their destination; the Kyoto National Museum. Keitaro was able to pack every single one of the earthenware without damaging any of them. He even packed away the broken cup. Keitaro looked at Sarah with an annoyed stare.

    “What are you looking at dork?”

    “… A child.”


    Seta stopped the van. “Alright we’re here! Now Keitaro let’s unpack all of this in the museum!” He jumped out of his seat, opened the side doors and grabbed several boxes. He just as quickly dashed for the doors of the museum.

    “Whoa, he’s got some stamina.” Keitaro awed and was quite impressed. He himself grabbed about three boxes and …

    “Yeah…” Sarah put out her foot and Keitaro tripped over her, crashing onto the boxes. “Hah, what a dork.”

    Grr, why… this girl! He suppressed his anger as best as he could. He didn’t want a little kid like her to get the best of him. He grabbed the boxes again and followed Seta. They both continued to do this until everything was unloaded from the van into the museum.

    “Well that was nice and quick if I do say so myself!”

    “It would’ve been faster if you got someone better than this guy though.”


    “Now now Sarah, Keitaro is very reliable. I don’t know anyone better than him to help me.”

    “Heh.” That’ll so you kid. Seta’s not gonna can me just because you say so, haha.

    “…Ara…? Oh my! Oh no!” Seta looked through his van frantically. “I must’ve left it back at the Kyoto Tower!!!”


    “Look I’m gonna have to go back to the tower, you two just wait for me here. Go around the museum or something! This is really important and I have to speed for this one!” Seta jumped into his car.

    “B-but! Papa! You can’t leave me with this idiot!”

    “Just endure for a little bit Sarah! And don’t call me papa I said!” Seta sighed then looked at Keitaro. “Make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble okay?”



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    And just like that, Seta was gone.

    “So...” Why did I have to be left alone with this brat?

    Why did I have to be left alone with this dork?

    “What do you wanna do before your… err… papa comes back?”

    “How about I wait here for papa while you go die in a ditch? Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

    “Psh, whatever you say. I’m going into the museum.” He shrugged off her hostility and walked into the museum. He knew that she was following him the whole time. I knew it… she’s no different than her. This should be fun. Keitaro paid the admission fee of 500 yen and walked down the ceramics section of the museum. He would hear the little footsteps of Sarah behind him. He wanted to make sure that she didn’t know that he knew she was following him. Keitaro jogged down the halls and turned around the corner then hid behind a pillar that held a large ceramic plate on it. Keitaro watched Sarah run passed him.

    “Huh? Where did he go?”

    Keitaro silently stepped behind her and slowly moved his head beside her ear. “Boo.”

    “Uwaaaaahh!” She jumped forward and slipped on the ground onto her butt. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

    “I thought you wanted me to die in a ditch. Why did you follow me?”

    “I’m just keeping an eye on you so you won’t steal from here.”


    “You got a problem with that?”

    “Fine, do whatever you want. It’s not like I’m your father.”

    “Yeah! That’s right! You’re not!” Sarah tried to get up but something was wrong. …I sprained my ankle.

    *Sigh*” Keitaro grabbed Sarah by her arms and lifted her off the ground.

    “H-hey! What are you doing?!”

    “Just helping you up, chill out…” Keitaro plopped her down on her feet but noticed her wince when he did that. “Are you hurt?”

    “No okay? I’m fine.”

    “… Liar.” Keitaro picked her up and rested her on his back into a piggyback.

    “Hey! What the hell!”

    “Look, just stop that okay? You’re hurt and you don’t want to make it worse so just live with it. I don’t see what the problem is.” Keitaro waited for her to yell back at him. But she was quite. “It’s Seta-san isn’t it? You don’t like me because I’m working for him?” She was still quite. “So it is…”

    “Shut up…”


    “What’s so funny?!”

    “You’re just like her…it’s pretty funny.”

    “Like who?!”

    “My sister…” Keitaro walked down the halls and observed the beautiful artworks. “You see for as long as I can remember me and my sister have been really close. She always got angry with me whenever I’d hang around other girls, or even guys, it was as if she wanted me all to herself. It was very childish of her. However though when she got to know the friends I had she finally accepted them and realized that none of them could ever truly take me away from her. Because you know why?”


    “I’ll always be her brother.”


    “And that’s it Haruka.”

    “Kanako… that’s quite a story to swallow. Are you sure of what you saw?”

    “Of course I am… there’s no doubt about it.”

    “…” Haruka took a long drag of her cigarette. “Well… it’s not my problem; you can do whatever you want. But please keep in mind of Keitaro’s feelings. I really don’t want Keitaro to get hurt. But… I do agree with you that he has to know about this.”

    “Thank you, I’m glad that you agree with me.”

    “Hmm. Well since you’re here I should introduce you to everyone. You’re going to be living here now isn’t that right?”

    “That’s correct. And I have to say that I’m not so sure these girls should be living here with oniichan. They don’t seem to care for him much.”

    “Well it seems that way…” She smiled. “But they’ll warm up to him.”


    Once Keitaro and Sarah were finished looking throughout the museum quickly they waited outside for Seta. He was expected to arrive very soon; they’ve been waiting for nearly half an hour now. Sarah was standing up by herself as well, she seemed to have recovered quickly from that little sprain.

    “So, tell me more about your sister, Kanako, was it?”

    “Yeah, that’s her name. Well what is there to tell? What do you wanna know?”

    “Hmm… how do you feel about her?”

    “Heh. I don’t know, I definitely love her if that’s what you’re asking. She’s someone who I believe I can tell and share anything with. I sometimes wondered what would happen if she wasn’t with me.”


    “You know, brotherly love.”

    “Ah, just like how I love papa.”

    “Yeah, it’s quite the same.”

    “But I’m sure I love my papa more than you love your sister so ha!”

    “Why you…!”

    “Look! There he is!” Sarah pointed out into the distance and saw Seta’s van. He was still going really fast and didn’t look like he was going to stop at all. Sarah ran away leaving Keitaro to gawk at the van. He didn’t budge though.

    Vrooom! Schrrreeeeeeeeeeech!

    It was good for him not to move because Seta spun out of controls and tipped over its side flying right over Keitaro and landing right beside Sarah on all four wheels. She almost had a heart attack. “*cough* *cough* Wow! I landed properly!” Seta coughed as he stepped out of his van with blooding running down his face.

    “Umm… Seta-san?”

    “Papa! You’re bleeding!”

    “Blood? Oh my, I thought that was that tomato I was snacking on.” Seta smiled and wiped off the skin of a tomato off his head and the so called blood. It really was a tomato he so happened to be eating. Keitaro and Sarah didn’t know what to say to that. “Sorry to make you to wait. We should be going now.”

    “Huh? But what about that thing you left at the Kyoto Tower?”

    “Oh that? Heh… heh…” Seta pulled out rubble from his pocket. “The gold coins I had back there happened to just be rusted over pieces of metal, silly me.”

    “…Papa, sometimes you’re an idiot.”

    “Ah, sorry, sorry Sarah.”

    “Hah!” That’s daughterly love for you. “So Seta, could you drop me off at the train station since we’re done here?”

    “Of course I will. Let’s go, I think the police didn’t give up on their pursuit yet.”


    “Never mind! Hurry hurry!” Seta threw both of them into his van in quite a hurry and drove off from 0-60mph in 1 second! Though that is impossible Seta was just that amazing! As they left the police had stopped at their location and begun a search around the area.

    “Seta-san could you just slow down a bit?” Keitaro sounded very scared.

    “Y-yes p-papa, please slow down!”

    “Haha! As you wish!” Seta was overly happy. A little overly happy after finding out his cold coins were nothing but rusted metal. Seta had slammed on the breaks and the van skidded to a stop right into a stop sign. Keitaro fell over and landed right on Sarah, squishing her.

    “Ugh! Can’t breathe! Get off of me you dork!”


    “Well we’re here!”

    “Huh?” Keitaro gasped and realised they were actually at the train station already. “B-but how? We were just, I mean, what?”

    “Hurry hurry now! I have to get going before they catch up!”

    “Before who-?” Sarah opened up the door and happily pushed Keitaro out and flat on his face. “HEY! What was that for?!”

    “See ya later dork!”

    “I’m sorry Keitaro but I’m in a big hurry, I’ll contact you later in about three days. I’ve already sent your pay at Hinata Sou.”

    “Oh, t-thanks.”

    “Ara?” Seta looked at his rear view mirrors. They caught up faster than I thought. “Oh well, later Keitaro.”



    “…ter…?” Keitaro noticed once Seta zoomed away, several police cars were chasing him. Did I get employed by criminal? He slumped his shoulders and sighed. “Please don’t get caught Seta-san, you’re my only means for income.” Today’s been a long time, I can’t wait to get back home and just relax. Keitaro went and purchased his ticket and waited for the train to arrive. To his surprise Motoko stood right beside him. “You’re still here?”


    “You were waiting for me?”

    “What makes you think that?”

    “…” Right then. “Never mind. Just good to see you safe.”

    “Likewise.” She whispered.

    “What was that?”

    “I said ‘shut up.’”

    “Yeah, that’s what I thought too.”


    Motoko and Keitaro were nearly home, all they had to do now was walk up the steps to Hinata Sou. The day was finally coming to an end and both of these people were relieved that it had finally passed. Motoko stopped, they were half way up the steps. Keitaro paused and looked back at her.


    “I was to take over the family dojo. It was my duty to take it over when my sister was to step down. I didn’t want to take it over though, that meant I have to leave Hinata Sou.” She looked down at her feet. “My sister counted on me to take over… but I just couldn’t I wasn’t ready at all. How could I have such a burden but on me?”


    “That’s why I did this Urashima. If I were to get married then I wouldn’t have to take over. I really wanted to tell you this but I was just so nervous. I didn’t know what you’d say so I had to do this. I want to say thank you again… and that I’m sorry. And if there’s anything I can do for you, just tell me and I’ll do it… you have my word. I am in your dept.”

    “Motoko…” I’ve never seen this side of her. I’m happy that she has shown me this side of her. There’s nothing I can ask of her… except. “I’ve got it.”


    “Could you please… call me Keitaro from now on? Being called Urashima seems weird to me.”



    “Is that really all you want?”

    “Of course. I can’t ask for anything else but this.”

    “Understood… Keitaro.”

    So now they walked side by side the rest of the way up. They looked happy together. It looked like they were a happy couple coming home from a date. Of course none of them thought about it that way, but it sure did look like it. The mood though changed when they reached the top.

    “Kanako-chan?” Keitaro gasped. There stood his sister with the rest of the girls behind her. She ran up to him, jumping into an embrace, wrapping her arms around his back.

    “Oniichan… I missed you.”

    “Oniichan? She’s your sister?” Motoko was surprised.

    “Yes. This is my little sister, Kanako-chan.”

    “Oniichan, I have to talk to you. It’s really important. Could we please go to your room?”

    “S-sure, but can’t this wait a little bit? I’m really tired right now.”

    “Yes, sempai you must be exhausted. I’ll cook you something.”

    “You don’t seem to understand. This CAN’T wait.” Kanako was very serious.

    “Kanako, you can’t do this, not yet.” Naru said in the same serious tone.

    “Geez, you’re really going through with this?” Kitsune sighed.

    “Huh? Is something going on that I don’t know? What’s this all about Kanako-chan?”

    “…It’s about…” She let go of him. “Yukari.”

    Keitaro and Kanako found themselves in his room sitting silently alone. The atmosphere of the room was too much for Keitaro but he waited patiently. Kanako was being quite, looking for the correct words to say.

    “You see a few days ago I was actually trying to find Yukari. You remember that time I phoned you?”


    “Well near the end of our conversation I located her. I was curious so I followed her. I followed her for quite a long time and soon she met up with this guy I never saw before.”

    “A guy?”

    “Yeah. As I progressed with this I found out his name is Jirou, though I couldn’t find out his last name. I thought for the worse at this point, I thought she was cheating on you, that she left you for this guy. I wasn’t so sure though, I had to find out more.” Is this really the right thing to do? “I secretly observed them and found out they are actually living together in an apartment. The thing is that I noticed their relationship was quite… intimate.” This is for oniichan... this is for oniichan...

    “Intimate? As in, their holding hands and hugging?”

    “No, they were kissing.”

    “…” Keitaro is speechless.

    “At the point I didn’t want to see anymore and that was it for the day. But my curiosity wasn’t satisfied at all. I needed to find out the truth. So the next day I went out in a disguise, I was dressed as an elderly lady. I followed them to a café outside. They sat together and talked happily. When Jirou went to the bathroom and left Yukari alone, I took my chance. I walked up to her and said ‘My my, what a nice young man.’ She replied to me ‘Yeah he is.’ I pressed on ‘Do you love that man? I’m sure that he loves you.’ She was taken back by my words and paused, but eventually she answered me ‘With all of my heart.’”

    “I can’t be.”

    “Then I asked ‘Is that man the only one in your heart? You love no one else is that right? You would never betray the one you love, right?’”

    “No… don’t tell me.”

    “She simply answered me… ‘Yes.’ I’m sorry Oniichan… but she has lied… and has betrayed your love. I’m sorry.”

    And that’s when his whole world came crashing down.

    His life… would never be the same.

    End Chapter 5: Shattered Hope

    Zero Eiyuu: What better time to submit another chapter than when it’s almost Christmas right? Yeah I’m an idiot, I meant to submit this about two weeks ago but I kind of lagged behind. Every time I was working on this I’d move on to working on my business plan which is coming along pretty nicely.

    As you have noticed… I suck big time with sound effects eh? Haha…! …Yeah…

    So yeah, Sarah MacDougal has been introduced to the story and next chapter another character will be introduced. But that character won’t be known to those who’ve only read the Love Hina manga; this character is from the anime series and is one of my favourite characters. So yeah, heh, can’t wait.

    Sorry on how slowly I’m updating but the main reason why I’m taking so long is because of the following reasons.

    Playing too much games
    Watching too much anime
    Playing too much games
    Reading too much manga
    Playing too much games
    Working on school projects
    And of course…
    Playing too much games

    Yuuup! So anyway though I really hope you liked this chapter, in my opinion I really thought this chapter ran well together, I didn’t think it was as boring as the other chapters and wow! What a bombshell for Keitaro eh? Well we’ll have to see how things end up next chapter…

    Next Chapter

    Chapter 6: The Changed Man

    “Kei-kun…? What’s wrong? Why do you look so sad?”

    “You wouldn’t understand… no one would understand. I’m sorry but could you just leave me alone?”

    “I’m sorry Kei-kun but I cannot just leave you like this. It’s hurts to much to see you sad.”

    “ I SAID JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Please just leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to anyone… not even you…”


    “Not even those who care about me. Just why… why has this happened to me?”

    Was I destined to be unhappy?
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    OMG OMG OMG, a new chapter. Unfortunatly my extreme lazy nature has stopped me from reading it. Though I suspect that me sitting on my knees in front of the computer, which ends up to be quite painfull, has something to do with it too

    Anyway, I'll be getting a chair, PM my review about your diary project and read this all while downloading the newest bleach and naruto ep, the half-life orange box and the remainder of Ghost in the Shell.

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    please update soon becasue I would like to know what is going to happen next with them
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    OH MY FREAKIN GOD!! THAT WAS SO NEAT!! I WAS SO CAUGHT UP WITH THE STORY I FORGOT ABOUT THE HAM!!*explosion from kitchen, Josun rushes to it and is thrown out the roof when the oven explodes.*

    I've been on the ASR brigade for too long....

    Cannot wait for the next chapter.

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    Good chapter, I finally manage to read it, I read it all the way in one big stroke. Now I really can't wait for the next chapter.

    Write FASTER!

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    Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina… I do however own the Love Hina DVDs! But when I mean own I mean that I bought the DVDs and don’t literally own the company that made them!

    Zero Eiyuu: And so the one known as ‘Zero Eiyuu’ has returned and… look! I’ve brought a new chapter! Before the story starts I would like the thank Mr. Anderson for proof reading this story for me, he has helped me a lot and pointed out… several mistakes that when I look back I gatta say WTH to it! So once again, thank you Mr. Anderson!

    Now let’s get this story underway! Oh yeah! Happy Valentine’s Day people! Now enjoy!

    Love Hina: The Path of Love

    Chapter 6: The Changed Man

    “I can’t believe that I’m hearing this. This can’t be true, you must be lying Kanako!” Keitaro thrusts forward and grabbed Kanako’s shoulders angrily with desperation in his eyes. “Please tell me that you’re lying!”

    Kanako turned away; she couldn’t look at her brother like this. “Onii-chan please…” She looked at his hands on her shoulders; the pain of his grip was starting to get to her. Keitaro though, couldn’t realize this fact. “You’re hurting me.”

    “Tell me that you’re lying right now!!!” He yelled out furiously. He clenched his teeth together, further tightening his grip on her This is all just a joke! One big sick joke!

    Kanako slowly met eyes with Keitaro. Fear was in her eyes. “I’m sorry Onii-chan, but it’s the truth. I’d never lie to you… You know that already.”

    It was hard for Keitaro to take, but one look from Kanako and he could tell one thing… she was definitely telling him the truth. He let go of her letting his arms drop to his sides. “I can’t believe this is happening. Why does this have to happen to me?” Keitaro gritted his teeth and walked over to the step that he used to get up to Naru’s room. “WHY!!! DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?!?!” In his rage he spun and threw the step right outside into the trees.

    “O-onii-chan! Please calm yourself down!” She stood up walking to him.

    “Dammit!” He fell to his knees and punched the ground with his fist. “Why… why Yukari…?”

    “I’m, sorry to say this.” Kanako took a deep breath and kneeled down beside him. “But… she just doesn’t love you. In turn, she doesn’t deserve you either onii-chan.”

    She doesn’t love you. “Heh…” She doesn’t love you. “Heh heh…” She doesn’t love you. “Heh heh heh, hahahaha!”


    “She doesn’t love me, heh, it all makes sense. She doesn’t love me, that’s all!” She doesn’t love you, She doesn’t love you, she doesn’t love you. “I can see now! I see the truth! She doesn’t love me, right Kanako?” Keitaro grabbed onto her shoulders again, but this time he was gentle. He calmly looked into her eyes… Kanako was scared. “Right from the very start, this is how she has always felt. Isn’t that right?”

    Why is he acting like this? She could only respond with a slow nod. She was blushing too because his face was so close to hers, she could feel his warm breath on her lips.

    “Why… just why had this happened to me? Was I destined to be alone… was I Kanako?” Keitaro waited for Kanako to say something. She didn’t want to talk though; she was scared out of her wits. “Kanako… would you please leave my room… I want to be alone right now.” She answers him again with a slight nod and left the room. Giving one glance back at her brother looking off into space.

    “I can’t believe you actually told him.” Haruka softly said when Kanako closed the door. All around the area everyone stood, they all were listening on their conversation out of concern.

    “Who knows what he’s going to do now. Nice going there!” Naru said in a pissed off tone. She wasn’t too happy and would have preferred they kept this a secret from Keitaro. Keitaro’s too much of a nice guy, he doesn’t need this on his shoulders.

    “You know, anyone of you could’ve easily have come in and stopped me. But you didn’t, so that’s not my fault.” Kanako hit a good point; no one could say anything back to that. “Look, I didn’t want to tell him just as much as the rest of you. But no matter what, he had to know. He would’ve found out sooner or later and it’s best that I had broken the news to him. I’m his sister after all.”

    “Aren’t you actually his adopted sister?”

    “What does it matter?! No matter what I still love and care for him.” Kanako was getting irritated, especially since it was Naru who made that comment.

    “We all care about him okay? The same goes for us; we’re really worried about him. I’m really worried how he’s going to react.” Kitsune leaned against the wall beside the door. “I really got a bad feeling about this.”

    “Auu… what’s going to happen to sempai? He sounded… strange when he was talking to you Kanako-san.”

    “I don’t know bu-“

    “AAAAAAAARGH!” Keitaro shouted out from his room, shocking all the girls into taking a step away from his room. “WHY!!!” That was followed by him striking that ground with a hard punch, large cracking noises were heard. “WHY WHY WHY!?” Each time he’d strike the ground over and over. The girls were scared…

    “I don’t like this. We should get out of here and let him calm down. Come Shinobu-chan, Su-chan.” Motoko urged them to follow her. They were smart to follow her. Naru, Kanako, Kitsune, and Haruka stayed though. Keitaro…

    “Okay I’ll goes with you Motoko! But we gatsta play okay?”

    “Right right…”

    “Wait, why are we going?”

    “Look, Keitaro needs to be alone. And I fear what he may do in his… angered state right now. It’s best for all of us.” Soon the other four followed Motoko. Good, they followed my lead.


    Keitaro had slammed the door opened. A jolt of shock shot through the girls and they all turned to see Keitaro walk out. His hair covered his eyes when he kept his head down. He had put his jacket on. He shot a glare at all of the girls. “I’m going out.” He turned away from them and headed for the stairs. Each of the girls wanted to call out to him and grab him but all of them were too scared on how he may act. Who knows what he was going to do if someone tried to even look at him.

    “Sempai…” Shinobu walked to Keitaro’s room and looked in. She was dumbfounded at the scene she saw. His room was completely trashed with everything all over the place. The sounds they were hearing was Keitaro punching the floor in the same spot. Keitaro had punched a large hole right through his floor.


    Somehow deep in my heart I knew this was the case. Maybe I just needed someone to tell me this to make me realize that my worst nightmares were true. Keitaro stormed down the steps of Hinata Sou. The question is… what do I do now? I just lost what I thought was the love of my life. Is… is my life even worth living anymore? Keitaro stopped at the bottom. “No, I can’t think like that. I must move on past this, I’m strong enough to do this.

    But you know… this is a wound that won’t heal…

    That’s true, but I could always… just forget. Forget this whole thing with Yukari has ever happened. Forget that awful tragedy in my life.

    But will that even work?

    Who knows… we’ll have to find out.

    He continued walking aimlessly thinking… just thinking. His heart was torn and he had a possible answer to his anguish, but all in all he didn’t know what to do anymore. In his whole life, this was indeed his worst incident.

    Keitaro walked alone for a couple of hours pondering what to do. He had taken a train a one time and soon he was looking up at the place of his past dreams, Tokyo University.

    Could this place help me forget? If I meet that girl again and fulfill my promise to her, will I be happy?

    I don’t know... that’s a path you must travel to find out. But like life itself, there are many paths to travel; this is just one of them. Others may be more suited for you. But remember that all paths get a little hazy when traveled; you never know what’s up ahead.


    ‘What path should you follow?’ Is the question though. What is your answer?

    I see…


    That’s strange; I think I just heard a very familiar voice call out to me.


    Keitaro turned behind him and come face to face with his good friend Mutsumi. She was quite close so he jerked back. “Mutsumi…” Often he would be happy and beaming when he was with Mutsumi, but in this case it was different. “What are you doing here?” He asked her coldly, giving a feeling in his tone that he didn’t want her here. She didn’t look too effected at that though.

    “Just enjoying the view that’s all. We’ll be going here together after all. It’s so exciting.”

    “Hmph, that’s only if we pass.”

    Mutsumi looked shocked. “Oh Kei-kun you mustn’t think like that! You can’t think so negatively. Oh course we’ll pass, Shirai and Haitani too, we’ll all be there studying together.”

    “Holy… you’re way too optimistic you know that? I’m getting real sick of it.” From the look Keitaro was giving it didn’t look like he cared for anyone’s feelings. Truth was that he wasn’t really paying much attention; it was like he was in his own world. But what he had just said registered in his mind.

    “…Kei-kun… what’s the matter? You never talk to me like this… your words… hurt me.” She inched closer to him, but in reaction Keitaro turned his back to her and clenched his fists looking down. Not satisfied she stood in front of him and held his shoulders so he wouldn’t turn his back to her again. He showed no resistance. “Ara?”

    “M-Mutsumi… I-I’m sorry…” Tears flowed down from his closed eyes. He tried his best to hide his tears from her but it proved to be futile.



    “There there Kei-kun.”


    Mutsumi brought him in close and pushed his face into her chest and embraced him, resting her chin on his head. The wind blew across the two as time seemed to stand still for that one single moment. To them… it did.

    “Kei-kun, remember this okay?”


    “No matter what happens, no matter where you are, no matter where I am, I’ll always be there for you. You and I are friends, please remember this. I care for you Kei-kun and it brings me grave sorrow to see you sad at times like this.” She tightened her hold on the embrace. Keitaro… he was able to embrace her back.



    “Eek!” Naru shrieked and shivered after. Kitsune raised her eyebrow to her from Naru’s bed. “That was weird.”

    “What was?”

    “My ‘pervert senses’ are tingling.” I suddenly felt that I had to give Keitaro one of my Naru Punches.

    “And that means…?”

    “Never mind. Why are you even in my room anyway?”

    “Cause Motoko, Su, and Shinobu decided to play in my room. Don’t know why they did that, they could’ve just as easily played in Su’s room.”

    “And you had to come here?”

    “Well Kanako and Haruka are at the teashop talking again so the obvious choice was to come to you.” Naru leered at her. “Hey, I don’t wanna be alone right now, kay?”


    “Lets get back on the subject on our little runaway.” Naru sat down at her Kotatsu.

    “What is there to talk about? He left and he’ll be back soon.”

    “How are you sure about that?”

    “I just am okay?!”

    Kitsune sighed and fell back onto Naru’s bed and stretched. “Whatever…” A thought had just crossed her mind. “Hey… you ever wonder what this Yukari girl is like? I mean, she’s gatta be real important to Keitaro for him to react like that.”

    “I don’t know and I don’t care. She’s a girl who I hope I never meet… to be so cruel to such a good person.”

    “Did I just hear that right?!” Kitsune shot up.

    Naru was taken back. “W-what?”

    It may just be my imagination but… “How do you feel about Keitaro? And be honest Naru, I know you best!”

    “Where the heck did THAT come from?!” What does she think she’s doing? Whatever it is I’m not falling for it.

    “C’mon Naru just tell me. What do you think of Keitaro? It’s a simple question, no harm.” Of course I’m lying.

    “W-w-w-w-w-well I don’t know, that’s a question I just can’t answer.”

    Kitsune got to her feet and walked to Naru, resting her arm on her shoulders. “Naru, I’m your best friend, just tell me all ready. You do know that I’ll find out sooner or later.”

    “…You’re relentless…”

    “Darn straight.”

    Naru took a deep breath then shoved away Kitsune to fall back on her bed. “I just think he’s a good person okay! That’s all! It’s not like I LIKE him or something if that’s what you’re trying to find out!” Naru took another deep breath, she was frightened of the smirk that Kitsune gave that clearly was saying ‘Yeah I got you in the palm of my minds.’ “What about YOU! What do you think about him? How do you feel about?!”

    “I think he’s okay. A little uptight at times, good looking, has a really friendly atmosphere around, and is really gullible. I guess I kind of like him.” Com e on… Naru…. Come on…

    “You… like him?”

    Gotcha! “Sure I do, what’s not to like about him? I’d do him.” She said that last comment with a smile.

    “You’d… WHAT?!” She screamed at Kitsune from point blank nose to nose range.

    “Whoa there Naru! I knew it… so you really do like Keitaro. That’s just the reaction I needed from you.” Kitsune giggled. “You’re just so cute!”

    “SHUT UP!” Naru ended their friendly chat with a great big shove to get Kitsune out of her room then slammed the door. Kitsune laughed evilly and walk away with a sense of triumph.

    Meanwhile in Kitsune’s room… or whatever was left of it. Su had just about completely trashed the place because in reality she was looking for Kitsune’s secret stash of booze for her sake powered new weapon. She knew that she would have an endless supply if she located it. But she wasn’t able to find it and she wouldn’t ever, Kitsune was too good. Motoko and Shinobu watched with amusement but they both were still worried about Keitaro. Shinobu has busy trying to clean up the place but thanks to Su’s incisive search she was having a hard time. Motoko however thought only of Keitaro and what to do.

    He helped me… I should help him. But I don’t think going out to bring him back will help much. Motoko pinched her forehead. What should I do? I can’t just ignore this. “Hey you two, what do you think is going happen next? I’m in all over my head on this.”

    “I wish I knew Motoko-sempai. I only wish that sempai return home safely and soon. I miss him so much already.” Shinobu crossed her arms and took a slow deep breath. “I hate to say it but, we can’t do anything…but we have to find a way, for sempai…”

    “Boo, I can’t find them!” Su pouted and plopped down onto Kitsune’s bed which Shinobu was able to clean and keep it that way. “Guuuuuys! I’m boooooored! Let’s go look for Keitawo!”

    “We wouldn’t even know where to start Su. It’s useless right now.” Motoko sighed. “Even if all of us were to look, he could still be anywhere; he might not even be in this area anymore.”

    “Aww… come on, how about yous Shinobu? Don’t ya want to play with Keitawo?”

    “Auu, uhh, ano… I don’t know if I want to play but ano…” Oh my gosh am I blushing?

    “Listen to me. We shouldn’t look for him. He said so and we must respect his wishes and what he chose to do.” Motoko clenched onto her sword. “And if the worst were to happen then we’d be informed on it right away. So there’s no worry.” She opened the door and left without closing it. “I’m going up on the roof to train.”

    Hours had past and Keitaro had still not returned. Everyone was getting even more worried where Keitaro might be. Kanako and Haruka never left the teashop since they started talking; they were still having the same conversation.

    “3 hours and he still isn’t back. This is serious.”

    “Is it?” Haruka sipped her tea.

    “What do you mean?”

    “You know when Keitaro was little and something bad would happen to him he always wanted to insolate himself from those he cared about. He didn’t want to show his tears or his pain to others.” Haruka smiled. “Even when a tragedy like this happens to him he thinks of others. What an idiot.”

    “Yes, I recall that.”

    “Are you worried about him Kanako?”

    “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.” She rested her chin on her hand. “But something tells me that he’s just fine right now.” The two women stayed quiet and drank their tea. “But it IS starting to get dark. He’ll have to come back soon right?”

    “Who knows. He may be at Haitani’s or Shirai’s place or maybe even booked in a motel somewhere. He’s a big boy, he knows what to do.”

    “Well… I wish he’d come home in the morning then.” Was this really the right thing to do? But if I hadn’t had told him he would’ve found out later and by that time it would break his heart even more. I can’t allow that. “Say, Haruka, are you worried about onii-chan?”

    “Me? Worry about Keitaro?” She smirked. “All the time.”

    It was now night, around 11:30PM. There was still no sign of Keitaro. Motoko trained on the roof up until an hour ago, she retired off to bed and dozed off worried. Shinobu went to sleep around the same time as Motoko as well, not before making a snack for Keitaro on the kitchen table in case he’d come home late at night. Kanako and Haruka waited patiently still, both not showing any signs of sleepiness. Naru and Kitsune both met back up in Naru’s room. Kitsune didn’t bring up the conversation from previously due to the fact she knew that Naru would tear off her head if she did.

    “So the plans still going on?” Kitsune asked.

    “Of course, I can’t let something like this ruin this arrival. We’ll get everything ready in the morning around 5:30AM and I’ll go get her from the train station. In the meantime you should inform everyone of her and get everyone in the mood.”

    “Err… that’s going to be hard with the whole Keitaro thing…”

    “Don’t worry.” Naru grabbed Kitsune’s shoulders. “I believe in you, you can do it! Even if you have to get them drunk as heck! I want her to be happy when she gets here, okay?”

    “Gotcha. I have to say that I’m glad you’ve changed your mood from last time.”

    “Me too, now that I think of it.” I can’t think of Keitaro right now. This is important too; I can’t get distracted by him.

    “We’ll give her a heck of a time when she gets here.” Naru…

    No one had a pleasant sleep or dream that day. Who could have, too many bad things had happened. And the thing was… Keitaro never went back to Hinata Sou that night.
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    The time is now 6:00AM, morning had broke and the sun shined through pink curtains and onto Keitaro’s face.

    “Huh…?” Keitaro blinked and stared up at an unfamiliar ceiling. Where am I? What is this place? Keitaro sat up from the bed, his clothes were set neatly folded off to the side on a chair right beside the bed. If my clothes are there then… Yeah, he was naked. He bunched up the blanket against his body and looked around the room, no one was around him. Keitaro stood up still wrapped by the blanket and locked the door so no one would come in while he changed. He was able to get one pant leg on before he heard the door jiggle.

    “Ara? Why is the door locked?”


    “It’s a good thing I had this key with me.”

    Oh dear God no!


    “Wait Mutsumi!”


    Keitaro slammed his back against the door to keep it closed. “Ara? Ah good you’re awake Kei-kun! But why did you slam the door on me?”

    “W-w-w-w-well that’s because I’m naked! Lemme change first!”

    “Ara, as you wish Kei-kun. Come out when you’re ready okay? I’ll be waiting”

    That girl sometimes… He sighed while putting his clothes on. “Still though, how did I get here?” Keitaro opened his door.

    “Ohayo gozaimasu, Kei-kun.” Mutsumi was standing out there the whole time.

    “W-whoa!” Keitaro stumbled back. “Mutsumi! Don’t scare me like that!”

    “Ara?” Keitaro looked up and down her body, she changed when he last saw her, she was dressed in green turtle neck sweater and a long black velvety dress which went down to her knees. He couldn’t look away from her beautiful figure. Mutsumi tilted her head. “Is something the matter?”

    “HUH?! AH! N-no! Nothing’s wrong Mutsumi, nothing at all, ahaha…haha…” Keitaro stepped out and followed her through the small building and through the doorway into a kitchen.

    “Want a little snack Kei-kun?”

    “Umm, sure. I could go for one.”

    “Hai, please have a seat.” Keitaro took his seat at the table and waited. By the time he sat down Mutsumi had put a slice of watermelon before him. She then sat across from him, since the table was so small they were still close.

    “…Why a watermelon?”

    “Ara? You don’t like watermelons?”

    “No… no… it’s just kind of strange, but that’s you in a nutshell.”

    “Ara ara…”

    “By the way Mutsumi…” He grabbed the slice of watermelon. “This is your place right?”

    “No Kei-kun, I broke into someone else’s apartment and locked them out.” Mutsumi said it so seriously but smiled after. “Of course it’s my place. I had to get my own place to live if I wanted to go to Tokyo University here.”

    “Well that makes sense. But how did I get here?”

    “You don’t remember?”

    “No, not at all. It’s all a blur right now.”

    “Well okay. Remember we ran into each other in front of Tokyo University. We had a little chat and I held you in my arms when you started crying.”


    “After awhile you were done and didn’t say much. If I had left you alone you would’ve stayed there like a statue all day. So I suggested we go to my place. You nodded to that. So I took you to my place and put you in the extra bedroom I had. Of course your clothes were filthy so I had to clean them.”

    “Kyah! You what?!”

    “Oh don’t worry Kei-kun. We’re both big girls and boys. Though Kei-kun is quite amazing…”

    “Gah…” Keitaro’s face went red right away. “W-well thanks.” He took a bite out of his snack and thought for a moment.” It’s odd though, why did I cry?”

    “I don’t know but I’m just guessing but I might’ve been about Yukari.”


    “…Kei-kun? What’s the matter?”

    “Who’s Yukari? I never heard of her.”

    “Ara, Kei-kun?”

    “What? I’ve never heard if her before, she a friend of yours?”

    Mutsumi got up and felt his forehead. Is Kei-kun broken? “You seem okay.”

    “Come on, cut that out.” He gently grabbed her hand… but he didn’t let go. He looked happy.

    “Ara? Can I please have my hand back?” Keitaro’s face flushed red when he let go. “Hee, thank you.”


    “Ara, it’s no problem. But still… something is wrong with you Kei-kun. Do you even remember your wedding?”

    “My wedding? I remember going to one, but it certainly wasn’t mine.”

    “I see…” How did he forget? This is odd… But I guess this would be a good thing though. If this is the case then it would be best not to make him remember.

    Keitaro finished off his snack and threw it away in a garbage bin nearby. “Well anyway thank you for the snack Mutsumi but I should really be getting back to Hinata Sou.”

    “So soon?”

    “Well ya, I didn’t go back yesterday so they must be worried sick about me.”

    “Can I come too?”

    “If you’d like to, but why?”

    “It’s just been so long since I’ve been there. I’d love to see Hinata Sou again.”

    “Then let’s head out.”

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    A few minutes later the two boarded their train that was headed for Hinata City. They took their seats and Mutsumi had fallen asleep… or more correctly she fainted onto Keitaro’s shoulder. She shuffled her body towards him and rested her body against him, her chest pushed up against his arm. Blood rushed up to his head that moment.

    Calm down Keitaro! You never reacted like this before! Come on she kissed you before! So settle down before you get a nose bleed! Without realizing it he put his arm around the back of her neck and rested his hand on her shoulder. We look like a couple like this… a couple? Just like before… what did I forget?

    “…Mhmm! Liddu-kun watch out…! Zzz.” Keitaro chuckled at her cuteness.

    “Must be having an exciting dream there.”

    “Could you please just leave me alone?” Keitaro looked around for the small voice that sounded scared. Not that far away down the aisle he saw a little auburn haired girl sitting down holding a big suitcase on her lap. She’s dressed in a white dress shirt and a blue skirt down to her knees. Two much older men, about the same age as Keitaro, stood around her. One of them held a big sports bag over his shoulder.

    I don’t like the looks of those two.

    “C’mon, just tell us your name. It’s not like we’re gonna hurt you or anything.”

    “Yeah Come on cutie!”

    She looked nervous, she didn’t want to tell them her name but she wanted to get rid of them. “…Mei.”

    “Mei-chan huh? That’s a cute name, how old are ya?”

    “How rude! You shouldn’t ask a girl her age so bluntly like that!” From the looks of her Keitaro guessed her to be around 12 or so. “I already told you my name now please leave.” She tried to sound tough but she let out a tone of complete fear. And the two men took notice of this.

    “Okay okay, let’s go Akira.”

    “Yeah yeah Kai. See ya later Mei-chan.” He winked at her and the two walked away to a different cart.

    Both Mei and Keitaro sighed with relief when they left. Mei sat down lazily sliding down in her seat to relax. She too looked around and noticed that Keitaro was looking at her. He quickly looked away though. Glad she handled that well. I’d hate to have to beat up a couple of guys in front of Mutsumi. “Hey Mutsumi… Mutsumi.” Keitaro nudged her lightly to try and wake her, she opened one eye. “We’re almost there, wake up.”

    “Mmm… okay Kei-kun… just give me a sec—Zzzzzzz”

    “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me.”

    “…It’s a promise…” Keitaro froze. “…We’ll be together… it’s a promise Kei-kun…”

    An image suddenly flashed through his head for a split second, it hit him like a thousand needles in his head. He jumped up to his feet and fell to his knees grasping onto his head with both hands. “W-what’s going on!?” The other passengers were freaked out and kept their distance away from him, Mutsumi had woken up and gone to his side.

    “Kei-kun what’s wrong!”

    “I—I don’t know! My head just suddenly hurts!” He stopped and looked at his hands. What? “The pain is gone…”

    “Thank goodness. We have to get to Hinata Sou and let you rest. You scared me there.”


    Mei listened carefully with interest. Hinata Sou? That girl must live there, maybe I could follow them. She’ll be so surprised!

    The train had stopped and the passengers hurried off to get away from Keitaro, but the two took their sweet time. As they walked on they hadn’t noticed that Mei was following them from a good 15 meters away.

    “Hey Key-kun, can I ask you something?”


    “Is there a lot of room at Hinata Sou?”

    “Well I had a lot of time to explore the place and I would say so. It’s too big a place for the six of us.”

    “Ara, really now?”

    “Why’d you ask?”

    “I’ll ask you later.” She smiled.

    Back behind them Mei was hiding behind a pole to try and conceal herself. Of course if Mutsumi or Keitaro turned back they’d see her no problem. “I wish I had a map then I’d get their faster.”

    “Get where?”

    “To Hinata Sou.”

    “Hinata Sou you say?”

    “Yeah, it’s this really…” Mei slowly turned around and saw the two men from before and backed into the pole. “W-w-w-what do you want?”

    “EVERYTHING little lady.”

    “Quick, grab her before somebody sees.” Akira forced his hand over her mouth before she could say something and dashed into a nearby alley. Mei dropped her suitcase and soon Kai followed.

    Keitaro stopped in place and gritted his teeth. “Kei-kun? What’s wrong?”

    I’ve got a bad feeling. “Mutsumi, can you get to Hinata Sou from here?”

    “Well yes, I remember the route correctly.”

    “Good, then please go, I forgot something.”

    “What did you-“

    “Please just go, I’ll catch up as soon as possible.” Keitaro ran back and turned into the same alley that Mei was taken too after grabbing her suitcase. Mutsumi didn’t see that and walked on curiously. Keitaro dashed through the alleys as fast as he could stumble through some trash but still keeping his ground. Far away he saw that Akira guy behind Mei holding onto her so she couldn’t move while Kai was inching closer to her from the front.


    “This is gonna be sweet. Yes, keep screaming like that, no one’s gonna help you!”

    “Leave her alone you sickos!” Keitaro went running for Kai. Kai didn’t lose his cool though.

    “Hah! Look at this guy, thinking he’s a hero.” Kai pulled out a long pocket knife. “Come and get some.”

    Keitaro dropped Mei’s suitcase and pulled off his jacket, still holding it in his right hand. Kai lunged his knife at Keitaro. Keitaro wiped his jacket and wrapped it entirely around Kai’s arm then came up close to knee him in the gut then flipping him onto his back. Keitaro stepped on his hand holding the knife and as he screamed in pain he let go of his knife.

    “Psh, nice moves.” Akira pushed Mei away into a pile of garbage. “But try and take me on.” Akira put down his sports bag and pulled out a sturdy baseball bat. He clenched it in his hands. “Bring it on!” He ran at Keitaro.

    Keitaro was about to move out of the way but Kai was still conscious and held onto Keitaro’s leg’s tightly so he wouldn’t move, and it was too late for Keitaro to try and struggle out. Akira swung the bat at his head. Keitaro put up his arm to block the blow but when it struck Keitaro it didn’t feel as painful as he had thought. Keitaro jabbed at Akira’s color bone and hit it hard making him stumble back. Looking down he gave Kai a deadly glare. He was able to get one leg free before stepping on his arm hard, he could hear the bone cracking.

    “AGGGGH! YOU BASTARD!” He let go and shot back against the wall holding onto his broken arm.

    “Hmph!” Keitaro dusted himself off, getting ready to take out Akira. Akira was actually behind Keitaro and about to smash his head like a watermelon but Keitaro had seen this coming and parried around him nimbly. Keitaro elbowed him hard in the right rib then he took the chance and stole his bat, only to swing around and smash it right into his other ribs, breaking the bat in half. He went flying towards his friend, unconscious. “People like you make me sick. That’s why I learned Shinmeiryuu, to protect innocent people from YOUR kind.”

    “Shut up, I’ll kill you!” Kai got up and armed his non broken arm with his knife. He slowly walked to him and lunged his knife at Keitaro again. Keitaro smirked and grabbed a hold on his arm and bending it the wrong way to break his arm. “AAAAAAHHHHH!”

    “You never learn.” Keitaro kicked him away to his friend. He was crying for the pain and tried to hid away from Keitaro like a scared dog. Keitaro walked over to Mei and handed her the suitcase. She was watching the whole time and was freaked out by Keitaro’s abilities. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

    “…” She was speechless and scared.

    Keitaro sighed and offered his hand to her. “You can trust me okay? I only did that because I hate their kind of people. I’m not like them.”

    “…” She didn’t budge and stared into his eyes.

    “Ahem, well you know you can stay with those two over their.” Keitaro pointed to the two idiots who looked pretty much dead, still alive though, Keitaro wouldn’t commit murder… or would he?

    “O-okay then, but I’m watching you.” Oh my gosh why did I say that? He just saved me, I should be grateful… but how do I know he isn’t like those two men? Keitaro grabbed a hold on her hand and picked up her suitcase and headed out of the alley, leaving those men to lay motionless for god knows how long.

    Keitaro and Mei ran out of the alley and headed for where Keitaro and Mutsumi were going but they slowed down. Keitaro handed Mei her suitcase and smiled. “You’re not hurt or anything are you?”

    “No, they didn’t do anything to me, I’m just a little rattled up that’s all.”

    Keitaro sighed. “Thank god, I was worried when I heard you yelling.” He looked relieved for sure, that stress was all gone. “Well you be careful now, I’ll be going now.”

    “Wait!” Mei grabbed his arm as he turned around.


    “Sorry, but I overheard you before talking about going to Hinata Sou. Could you please bring me with you?”

    “To Hinata Sou… uhh, sure.” Keitaro looked down to her with a raised eyebrow. “Can I have my arm back?”

    “U-uhh! Sorry!”

    Several minutes later Mei and Keitaro arrived at the top of the stairs leading to Hinata Sou, Mutsumi was waiting patiently for Keitaro at the top. She tilted her head in curiosity when she saw Mei. She wonder who she was and what her relationship was to Keitaro.

    “Ara, is this a little sister of yours you’ve been keeping secret?”

    “Mutsumi! No!” Keitaro yelled but still knew that Mutsumi was joking… he thought, he wasn’t really sure on that part. “Her name’s Mei, she wanted to come to Hinata Sou for a sec. So I thought I’d bring her along.”

    “I see.” Mutsumi kneeled down slightly to Mei, Mei wasn’t that small after all. “Hello there Mei-chan, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mei responded with a slight nod beside Keitaro.

    Keitaro walked ahead and slid open the door for the two before following them in. “Huh? Keitaro, you’re back?” Kitsune had her jacket on looking ready to go out. “W-what a surprise.”

    “Going out Kitsune?”

    “W-well not anymore!”

    “Huh? Why?”

    “Cause….w ell, umm, I remembered I have a full stock of booze still, ya, that’s it!” Can’t let him know that I was going out to look for him. “Anyway though welcome home, I hope you blew enough steam from last night.”

    “Huh? What are you talking about?”

    “You know, about that girl.”

    “Who? Naru?”

    “No… y’know, Yu-“

    “Ara, Kitsune long time no see!” Mutsumi walked up to her and cut her off while hugging her. “You remember me right? I’m Mutsumi!”

    “Mutsumi, what are you-“

    “Don’t talk about her, make sure no one does. I need to speak to all of you while Kei-kun’s not around. It’s important.” Mutsumi whispered lightly into her ear.

    Interesting… okay Mutsumi, I’ll play along.

    “Mutsumi, come on, let her go now.” Mutsumi did as Keitaro said. “Now Kitsune, what were you about to say? I’m curious now.”

    “About what?”




    “I don’t remember, sorry.”

    “…” Keitaro pinched his eyebrows and looked down feeling stressed. He noticed the whole time Mei was standing beside Keitaro listening and watching their conversation. “Eh heh, sorry about that Mei.”

    “Huh? Mei?” Kitsune hadn’t noticed her until now, surprisingly. “Mei! It’s you!”

    “About time you noticed my presence Kitsune!” Mei dropped her suitcase running up to Kitsune and hugging her. Kitsune hugged her back and saw a confused Keitaro and delighted Mutsumi.

    “Okay… I’m pretty sure their’s a pretty good explanation for this.”

    “Of course there is Kei-kun.” Mutsumi clasped her hands together. “Their sisters!”

    Kitsune stood up and smirked. “Well you’re close Mutsumi, she’s actually Naru’s sister. Surprised?”

    “Naru’s sister… how interesting…” Keitaro bent down and looked at her. “Do me a favor… don’t turn out to be a brute like your sister, okay?”

    “Hey, that’s mean Keitaro.” Kitsune laughed. She paused. “What a minute, if Mei’s here… and Naru’s not with you then-“

    “She’s back at the train station?” Keitaro looked disappointed.

    “Yeah… someone should really go get her.”

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    “Guess I’ll go get her. You girls just stay here, I won’t be long.” And with that Keitaro was gone to get Naru. When he left, Mutsumi stared into Kitsune’s eyes.

    “You should gather everyone up, this is really important.”


    A couple of minutes later everyone including Mei, Kanako, and Haruka had gathered into the kitchen. Kitsune sat at the end of the table with Mei standing beside her on her left. On the left of her sat Motoko and Su, of the right Shinobu and Kanako. Haruka stood besides Mutsumi.

    “I’m guessing that Kei-kun had stormed out of this place after a Yukari related incident I’m guessing, right?” Mutsumi said seriously. Kanako nodded. “Could someone please tell me what exactly happened?”

    “Well you see, it all started when Kanako told Keitaro about Yukari…” Haruka continued on with what had happened the day before and Mutsumi listened to it all. She wasn’t all that surprised. “…and that’s when he just left.”

    “Ara, it makes sense now.”

    “What does? What happened to Keitaro?” Motoko demanded.

    “Yes, please tell us what’s going on with sempai!”

    “I don’t know how to say this but I’ll be blunt. Kei-kun… he seemed to have completely forgotten about Yukari… everything. What exactly happened is unknown to me.”

    “I can explain for yous all.” Su stood up and pulled out her laptop out of nowhere and begun typing quickly. “You see Keitawo was already in a delicate state of mind and being with us pushed his tress levels to the limit. In combination with the shock of the news from Kanako and the crazed actions he showed afterwards, it’s just possible that his mind just pushed out the memories of her. But in reality memories are never truly forgotten and are just pushed in the back of our minds and take some help to try and remember them, Keitawo has just pushed all these memories far in the back of his head. But with the right words and actions it’s possible for Keitawo to remember it all.” Su was still typing out stuff when she said all of that.

    “Wow… by the way, what are you doing there Su?”

    “Oh, just replying to a PM from some guy named hinarei on this forum. He wants my ‘nanas, but too bad for him, they is mine!”

    “This is quite interesting… the whole memory thing, not that hinarei thing.” Haruka paced back and forth. “What exactly has Keitaro forgotten Mutsumi?”

    “The wedding, his love life, everything that had to do with Yukari he seemed to have forgotten. It’s as if she never existed to him.”

    The girl stayed quiet but Mei was confused, she didn’t know what was really going on.

    “This… this is a good thing, isn’t it?” Shinobu whispered. Her whisper was heard by them all though.

    “What do you mean Shinobu-chan?” Motoko asked.

    “Well if Yukari-san doesn’t exist to sempai, then he can live without the pain of her. I mean, I know you all hate to see sempai down whenever Yukari is mentioned, so it would be best if he just forgot about her, forever…”

    “I’ve been thinking that too Shinobu-chan… but what if something jogged his memory to remember her?”

    “We’ll just have to do our best to stop that from happening, we can’t let sempai get hurt anymore. You all agree… right?”

    “Sounds like a good idea.” Kitsune agreed.

    “This is the best it would seem…” Motoko nodded.

    “As long as Keitawo sticks around I is okay with it!” Su happily cheered.

    “Well it’s good that we all agree on something.” Mutsumi was still looking and sounding serious. “Now all we have to do is tell Naru about this.” Mutsumi looked around and could tell that the whole place was slightly different. “Ara, what are all those boxes all over the ceiling and walls?”

    “Oh those? It’s a secret of course!” Su jumped up holding a remote control with a single big red button on it.

    Back at the train station Keitaro arrived and saw Naru pacing back and forth around the station waiting.

    “Hey Naru, nice day isn’t it?”

    “K-Keitaro?” Where did he pop out of?! “Uhh, what a surprise. You feeling better?”

    “Huh? Well, I guess I am. Nothing can really bother me right now.”

    “Really?” Wow, that’s weird. Guess it’s a good thing, but even so I shouldn’t even mention that woman’s name. “What are you doing here?”

    “Well you know, I’m just looking for a little girl about this high with about the same color hair as you carrying a suitcase.” Keitaro but his hand around his chest to get a good picture of how small the person he was describing was. “Have you seen her? I think her name’s Mei.”

    “What the heck?! You’re looking for my sister?! How did you know about her?!” Naru dashed up to Keitaro and grabbed him by his collar. He was laughing though, rather than being scared or mad.

    “Haha! Sorry, had to do that.” He was still laughing as he grabbed her hands and made her release him. “I actually was here when she arrived and brought her to Hinata Sou. You’ve got quite a charming sister there Naru.”

    “…You idiot, you should’ve said that from the start.” Naru blushed. “Sorry for getting mad at you like that. I was just worried where she was, I thought that some weirdoes might’ve gotten to her.”

    “Yeah… we wouldn’t want that to happen.” Can’t tell her THAT then, she’d worry to much. “Come lets get back, I’m starving, all I had was a piece of watermelon.”

    “Watermelon? That’s weird.”

    “Yeah, well that’s all that seemed to be at Mutsumi’s place at the time.”

    “Huh? Mutsumi’s place? Why were you there?”

    “Well, I spent the night there.”

    “At Mutsumi’s place…”

    “Well yeah, it was the closest place for me to go.”

    “And you spent the night there… with Mutsumi?”

    Keitaro nodded. “I didn’t really want to I guess but apparently she brought me there when I came to.”

    I can’t believe this, could those two really be an item? B-but… but that can’t be! Did Keitaro really go into the arms of Mutsumi for comfort! Why didn’t he come to me? What am I talking about… “So you two are really close huh? You love her?”

    “Whoa! Where did that come from? I don’t think I can go THAT far, I mean I like her but love? I don’t know about that.” Keitaro’s face was all red.

    “Really? But from what I can tell it seems like you two act like… well, lovers.”

    He walked alongside her. “I know it seems like it, but we’re just really really close friends. We’re not what you think we are, we’re only friends, that’s all.”

    Even though he says that… I feel like there’s more to it. But at least I know that he thinks of her only as a friend. Naru lightly punched Keitaro’s shoulder. “Okay, that’s good enough for me.”


    “For now. Although I don’t know what your perverted mind is hiding from me.”


    “But I trust what you’re saying… for now.”

    “Well, uhh, glad to hear it, now let’s get back to Hinata Sou then if you’re done interrogating me.”


    “What could be taking them so long…?” Kitsune sighed standing behind Mei and resting her chin on her head. “Hey Mei, how old are you now? It’s been so long that I forgot.”

    “Well I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 next month, why do you ask?”

    “No reason, just curious. But still, a month? That’s pretty close… anything you want as a present?”

    “That’s funny of you to ask Kitsune, cause you never have any money… EVER!”

    “Ouch… that hurts me right here Mei-chan. How cruel.” She grasped her heart jokingly.

    “Hey, it’s the truth.”

    “Kitsune-san! Sempai and Naru-san are home!” Shinobu came running into the kitchen yelling.

    “Okay, good job Shinobu, now we can get this started.”

    “Get What started?” Mei looked up to Kitsune.

    “You’ll see, just come with me Mei.” Kitsune grabbed Mei’s hand as she ran out of the kitchen and towards the front door. Kitsune slid the door open and surprised both Naru and Keitaro. “Hiya Naru!” She pushed Mei into Naru and dragged Keitaro inside while slamming the door shut.

    “Kitsune?! What’s the matter?!”

    “Sssssssshhh, quiet down Keitaro. We were planning on throwing Mei a party but you messed it up by bringing her here too early.”

    “Well SORRY, but I kind of had no choice.” He glanced behind Kitsune and saw Kanako looking at him from the stairs, Shinobu peering from the Kitchen, Mutsumi was standing by the stairs happily waving ‘hi’ to Keitaro, and Motoko sitting down looking at him. “Uhh… what’s with the stares? Did I really mess up that badly?” Is my fly down or something? “Uhh, Hi…?”

    Kanako smiled happily. This could work out perfectly. “Welcome back onii-chan, I missed you.”

    “Hey now, we all missed you Keitaro. Glad to have you back!” Kitsune smacked his back hard making him stumble forward.

    “Easy now, it wasn’t like I was gone for a year or something.”

    “Sorry sempai but we were just scared and worried when you didn’t come back yesterday.”

    “Yes, please try to not do that again Keitaro, we don’t want to go out searching for you.” Motoko stood up, walked to Keitaro, and gave him a little quick hug. Maybe this is all I can repay him with for now. “Don’t worry us like that again.”

    Keitaro didn’t move, he didn’t expect her to actually hug him… EVER! Kanako, Shinobu and Kitsune were also interested in the current event. “Umm… sorry Motoko, won’t happen again.”

    “Good…” Motoko released him and blushed.

    Ooooooooooh! How very delicious! Looks like Naru might have some competition! This could be fun! I don’t know who to root for! “Hey Shinobu.”


    “Why don’t you give him a hug too?”

    “Auu, what are you saying Kitsune?” How did she read my mind! I can’t do it now!

    “Ara, I’m surprised you said such a thing Kitsune-san.”

    “Hey, it’s what I do.”

    “Well if you 3 are done, don’t we have a party to get underway?” Kanako spoke out from the bottom of the stairs and went up to Keitaro. Shinobu came up into the group too.

    “I’m surprised Kanako, you actually want to participate?”

    “I never said I didn’t want to.” She crossed her arms in disappointment. “Haruka said she couldn’t participate though.”


    “She didn’t say, but she left in a big hurry after getting a phone call.”

    “Hey… something’s wrong here.”

    “What is it onii-chan?”

    “Where’s Su?”

    “Oh, heh, she’s around…” Kitsune snickered.


    The door slid open, Mei and Naru walked in.

    Right in the middle of the group and the sisters, the floor suddenly opened up and Su popped out of nowhere holding onto the remote from before.

    “BANZZZZAAAAIIIIIIIIIII!” Su clicked the big red button and all of Hinata Sou suddenly was engulfed and a pink cloud of dust that was the result of a large explosion.

    “Onee-chan what’s going on!?” Mei couldn’t see through the think pink dust all over the place. It took a while but the dust settled down and Mei saw everyone gathered around her very very close. “W-w-w-w-what?!”

    “WELCOME TO HINATA SOU MEI!!!” All the girls threw up Mei into the air and cheered while Keitaro just played along. While they were throwing her up all the boxes all over the house shot out party strings simultaneously.

    “Hey! Haha! Come on! This wasn’t necessary! Weeeee!”

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    As Naru and Kitsune had planned they had a long party together. Everyone was happy and things couldn’t be better. Shinobu had cooked up a great feast for the party and even made a really good looking and tasting triple chocolate cake, everyone fell in love with her cooking even more and Mei was blown away. Things got a little out of hand when Kitsune started distributing sake to everyone… even Mei. At first Naru didn’t want that to happen but Kitsune convinced her to. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea but it was a party after all.

    It was getting late and everyone but Mutsumi, Motoko, and Keitaro were passed out drunk. They were smart enough to control their drinking.

    “I can’t believe them… out cold just like that.” Motoko shook her head.

    “Well Kitsune did bring a little bit too much sake; you have to wonder where she hides it all.” Keitaro laughed.

    “Ara, should we wake them up?”

    “Nah, that would be the last thing to do.” Keitaro laughed. He noticed Mutsumi was looking around curiously. “What’s up Mutsumi?”

    “I was just wondering… Motoko-chan?”

    “Hmm? What is it?”

    “You lived here for a while, has it ever been… uhh, crowded?”

    “Honestly I wouldn’t say so, seems to be a lot of room in this big place.”

    “Well then, Kei-kun?”


    “Could I live here?” she titled her head slightly to the side with a questionable look, waiting for an answer. “If it’s okay with you of course.”

    “…Motoko? Got anything to say?”

    “I’m not the kanrinrin Keitaro, it’s up to you.”

    “Well then!” Keitaro grabbed Mutsumi’s hand and shook it. “Welcome to Hinata Sou Mutsumi! I’m sure it’ll be a pleasure to have you here.”

    “Ara… thank you.” Mutsumi leaned forward to him.

    “Oh, there’s no need for a hug I-“

    Mutsumi kissed him on the lips right in front of Motoko. Motoko’s face of course went red instantly seeing that before her eyes. “Ara… sorry.”

    “You have to stop doing that Mutsumi.”

    “What? You don’t like it when I kiss you?”

    “No, it’s not that, it’s just that-“

    She pressed her finger against his lips. “You don’t need to say anymore.” She smiled. “I’ll go pick up my things from my place tomorrow and bring them here, until then Kei-kun.” Mutsumi walked away and out of Hinata Sou after giving Keitaro one last glance.

    “Hah… that girl.” He glanced at Motoko and saw her looking at the ground.

    He kissed her… no, SHE kissed him. That was so sudden… it was like in that book… but real. Why won’t my heart stop beating?

    “Earth to Motoko! You there?”


    “Heh, nothing I guess. Well I’ll be getting to sleep now, you should do the same.” Keitaro went for the stairs. “Oh, and could you get these girls some blankets or something? They look a little chilly.”

    “Yeah… goodnight Keitaro.”

    “Oyasumi nasai Motoko…”

    Before this had all happened, right before the party had even started Haruka was back at her teashop and talking on the phone alone.

    “So, you’re not coming back for a while I’m assuming?”

    “That’s right, I have my own reasons.”

    “Heh, you always do.”

    “You haven’t been smoking in Hinata Sou have you?”

    “Umm, uhh, of course not.”

    “Yeah, you’re lying.”

    “Come on, give me a break here, I can’t just quit.”

    “Well if you say so.” There was a long pause. “So… why Is it that you wanted me to call your teahouse?”

    “I wanted to talk to you privately for a while.”

    “It’s about Keitaro-kun isn’t it?”

    “Yes… that’s right.”

    “Is it serious?”

    “In a way yes, actually, this is VERY serious.”

    “Please enlighten me.”

    “Well long story short, Keitaro has forgotten everything about Yukari.”


    “Yes, apparently everything; the wedding, his relationship, everything that had to do with her.” Another long pause. “We have decided to try our best to make sure that he doesn’t remember her again, it’s the best thing to do right now right?”

    “This is a hard one, for now that would be the best solution. True I wish for Keitaro-kun to forget about Yukari… but to do it so suddenly is quite odd, you may have to look into this more. In the mean time you should make sure that Keitaro-kun doesn’t have anything that may remind him of her.”

    “That shouldn’t be a problem since all he brought was clothes here.”

    “Well actually… there should be one thing he brought with him, and knowing him he would have kept it close to him.”

    “What is it?”

    “…His engagement ring.”


    The next morning Naru had woken up in her bed early in the morning, around 4:00, Keitaro had actually brought everyone back to their rooms when Motoko had left. He even brought Mei with Naru to sleep together. Naru laid face to face against Mei as she slowly opened up a single eye.

    “...Ugh… no hangover? It’s a miracle…?”


    “Oh, you’re awake now?”

    “Yeah… your breathe smells horrible.”

    “Well that’s nice of you to say. Your breath isn’t a ray of sunshine itself you know?


    Naru sighed. “It’s good to have you here, you know that Mei?”

    “Well then, it’s all thanks to that Keitaro.”

    “How so?”

    “He saved me; I thought he’d tell you girls.”

    “Wait a minute.” Naru sat up. “What exactly happened when Keitaro picked you up? How did he save you?”

    Right under their room Keitaro was having a bad dream about a faceless woman in a gown running away from him while he chased after her. He soon woke up from the nightmare in a sweat; he was confused at the dream.

    “What the heck was that?” He whispered to himself. A faceless woman… it’s kind of like the faceless girl from my past 15 years ago, but that dream… it hurts my heart so much. Why?

    I don’t know, but if that’s truly the case then it would be best to just forget.

    Keitaro could hear the light conversation taking place right above him but he couldn’t really make out what was being said. He only recognized his name come up a few times, but that was all. “Well they’re up pretty early.” Seeing as I probably won’t be able to get back to sleep, I might as well get some studying done. He went to his desk and but on his glasses. He spotted his ring on his table. “Huh? What’s this?” He picked it up and looked at it. “’Eternally yours – Keitaro Urashima’? What? This is mine?” Odd, I don’t remember having something like this, and what’s with the engraving? Eternally yours? Sounds like I proposed to someone or something. He clenched the ring in his hands and slipped it into his pocket.


    Keitaro looked up at the hole in his ceiling and saw the cover removed. Naru had slipped down in her pyjamas and landed perfectly. “Naru?” Keitaro stood up and went to her. “What is it?”

    “Keitaro… I want to thank you.”

    “For what?”

    “Stop that, you don’t need to pretend. Mei told me what happened when you saved her.” She looked down and crossed her arms lightly. “She says that she owes her life to you.”

    “Oh… that.” Keitaro didn’t want to think about that incident. “I’m just glad I was there to help her. But really, it was nothing.”

    “No, Keitaro, it was something and I thank you for that…” Naru blushed. “Keitaro?”


    Naru had pressed her hands against his chest and kissed him to silence him. Keitaro… I know now, I always wanted to do this…

    N-Naru…? Keitaro didn’t know what to do. But his instinct was that Naru was just as scared as he was, even though it was just a simple kiss. And it was true, Naru felt a little nervous, but he gently grabbed her shoulders and soon enough… he was returning the kiss.

    End Chapter 6: The Changed Man

    Zero Eiyuu: I bet you think the story is over right? Wrong! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, I think to many things had happened in this story, like I didn’t really want the story to be two days, in the story, but things just turned out this way, man did that last long. I mean, really REALLY long but I know that some Love Hina fics, such as ‘A Changed Leaf’, are like 5x my length in every chapter! Now that guy’s got some grade A material too!

    Any who… yup, Mei Narusegawa has been introduced to the story and I changed her personality slightly to fit this story, she’s kind of the same in the anime but in a way kind of evil. And when I mean evil I don’t mean evil as EVIL, just kind of mischievous in what she does in the anime. But yeah, she’s a great addition to the story.

    Oh yeah, and regarding the party… aherm, I would just like to note that I do not encourage underage drinking… seriously! Or do I…?

    Yeah! That whole Keitaro fight kind of came out of left field didn’t it! Where did he learn those killer moves? Why the Shinmeiryuu of course! (Shinmeiryuu is a trademark of Ken Akamatsu in the great art of Kenjutsu.) It’s true though, Keitaro’s got some fighting instincts in him, it’s just that he doesn’t like to have to do it, just like his little welcoming party from Motoko in chapter 1… or was it chapter 2? I forgot. But don’t worry, this story isn’t going to be all about the A fighter Keitaro, I just needed that part to make the connection between Mei and Naru greater. Hey have you ever noticed that in EVERY anime or manga whenever the hero does something heroic they always say it’s annoying? I find THAT annoying! I mean for god sakes take the credit for once… then again I did that in this story too so ‘boo’ on me!

    I really hope you enjoyed reading this chapter… kind of annoying I say this in the end of every chapter ain’t it? But I guess it’s a habit. Please review if you wish, negative feed back or positive feedback, it’s all good and will be useful to me. Heck, I gatta thank some of the reviewers! They really helped me modify the story in a good way. But anyway though I’ll end this with a few funny bloopers, Enjoy!

    Keitaro changing…


    “Wait Mutsumi!”



    A sweat drop ran down Keitaro’s forehead. “Why is it that I have a bad feeling about this?” Keitaro opened the door after he put his pants on. It seems that Keitaro slammed the door a bit too hard and sent Mutsumi through 4 walls. “Oh my god no! Mutsumi!”

    A little snack…

    “Want a little snack Kei-kun?”

    “Umm, sure. I could go for one.”

    “Then how about this?”

    “How about wh---? GYAHHH!” Keitaro fell back from a nosebleed when Mutsumi had laid herself on the table naked with nothing but whip cream covering herself. “GYAHHH! Wouldn’t that be dessert?!”

    “Ara, you’ve got a point there, let me just get rid of all this cream.” Mutsumi lightly touched the cream and licked it off her fingers seductively eyeing Keitaro.

    “Oh my god, too much!” Blood sprayed out of his noise as he fainted from blood loss.

    Mutsumi looked at the camera. “Hey Zero-san! I think Kei-kun is deaaaad!”

    Zero pinched his eyebrows. “Okay, send in the Keitaro look-alike then.”

    Heroic Keitaro…?

    “This is gonna be sweet. Yes, keep screaming like that, no one’s gonna help you!”

    “Leave her alone you sickos!” Keitaro went running for Kai. Kai didn’t lose his cool though.

    “Hah! Look at this guy, thinking he’s a hero.” Kai pulled out a long pocket knife. “Come and get some.”

    “Okay cut!” Zero yelled out. Keitaro walked away from the scene towards Motoko and Naru off to the side. “Okay, let’s get Keitaro prepared for the big fight scene, let’s try and get this in one shot… Hey! What are you two doing? I said ‘cut!’” Akira and Kai were still at it with Mei. “I told you guys to stop already!”

    “Come on Zero, can’t we at least have a little fun?”

    “Yeah Zero, come on.”

    “Umm… could you two NOT touch me?” Mei asked.

    Zero got mad. “Psst, Motoko, come here for a sec.” Motoko inched over beside him. “Could you just… y’know, take care of em?”

    “Consider it done.” Motoko drew out her sword and smacked Akira in the back hard and knocked him out. She then twirled around and smacked Kai in the stomach making him keel over. “Mei you wanna get out for a second, this is going to be rough.” Mei walked away with a smirk. “I hope this’ll teach you guys a lesson.” Motoko kept on smacking her sword onto them even though they were on the ground and couldn’t fight back.

    “Those guys should’ve listened.” Zero laughed.

    “Hey umm, Zero? Shouldn’t she stop?” Keitaro asked.

    “Nah… let Motoko have a little bit more fun. Hey Motoko! Don’t forget the groin!” Zero turns around and faces the reader. “That’s all for now, please continue reading in future chapters, have a nice day now.”

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    Please update soon because i would like to know which girl he will go out with now. I found a few spelling mistakes in your story. you put a 'w' where 'r' should be but other then that it is a good story so please update soon.
    If mess with a Dragon and you will get burned

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    *Sits still for a moment, letting the story truly soak through his head*


    HOLYYYY FFFRREEEEAKKKKKKKIINNN COOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    This chapter was awesome!!!

    Make them longer! I love long chapters!!!

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    This is indeed a great chapter, really cool. First I was like, this isn't right (no not because of the mistakes) but later on it all came together. Marvolous work my dear Zero. Keep it up.

    btw, I was kind hoping you'd release the mistakes you made too. I almost fell of my chair laughing .
    Ow, and did you read through your story one more time before posting? Because I couldn't sleep after proof reading it and decided to read it again (I saved a copy of it and copied it on my MP4 player which can play txt files) and I found some more mistakes. I was able to correct one of them before you probally knew I was done proof reading but I couldn't find the others since I was too sleepy

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    Disclaimer: Blah blah blah, I don’t own Love Hina, blah blah blah… and even more blah!!

    Zero Eiyuu: Hiyas-su! It’s good to see all of you readers again and welcome to the Love Hina Fanfic Path of Love! It’s been a while since I updated so here’s to all of you who waited patiently for this chapter! Enjoy my friends!

    Ryo Misaki: …Zero, who are you talking to?

    Zero Eiyuu: The readers of course!

    Ryo Misaki: What readers?

    Zero Eiyuu: That’s mean Ryo-kun… so very mean…

    THE Dark Evangel: Yes Ryo-kun, that’s too cruel.

    Zero Eiyuu: Thank you Eva-san.

    THE Dark Evangel: He’s got that little doll that he made reading his fanfic.

    Zero Eiyuu: (Dies)

    Ryo Misai: Do you think he’s really dead?

    THE Dark Evangel: I don’t know but I think I’ll take this chance and suck his blood.

    And that’s the end of Zero Eiyuu, he had died from loss of blood… the story will now be discontinued…


















    Love Hina: The Path of Love

    Chapter 7: The Path Forgotten

    I would never have expected Naru to do something that bold. Does this mean… she likes me? No, this is Naru we’re talking about, that kiss she gave me has to be her way of saying ‘thank you’, she doesn’t seem like the person to fall for a guy like me.

    You’re hopeless you know that? Why do you have to think of it like that? Are you scared or something?

    I don’t know, I think I am. But there seems to be something else in me that makes me act very cautious.

    What could it be? What reason do you have to be afraid? There shouldn’t be any, you heard it yesterday, and everyone cares about you. Don’t you care about them?

    Of course I do!

    Keitaro sat on top on the roof of Hinata Sou above the front door, he was looking at the sun slowly rise while the wind gusted across his hair. “What to do what to do…”

    “Hey Keitaro.” Motoko walked in and sat beside him. “It’s kind of sad looking at you watch the sunrise alone like that.”

    “Oh, hey Motoko.” He looked at her for a second then went back to the sunrise. “Beautiful isn’t it? I mean… look at it.” This brings back good memories. “A sunrise is such a wonderful thing, is comes up after a long sleep and pushes away the darkness of night to bring us a new day.”

    “That was beautiful Keitaro.”

    “Heh, thanks, took me a while to come up with that.” Both Motoko and Keitaro stood up. Motoko was looking at his hands and wanted to hold it, but she of course was scared and nervous. “Hey, do you remember that time to hit me with that Ki wave when I first arrived?”

    “How could I forget? It wasn’t all that long again.”

    “Yeah, well I’ve been thinking. How about you and me have a little spar? I’d like to get some revenge.”

    Motoko laughed. “Well sure if you think you can beat me, highly unlikely though.”

    “Oh? Do you think I’m that inexperienced?”

    “Well, your display at the Aoyama dojo was a bit impressive… but you still are no match for me.”

    “Oh, a little confident are we?”

    “I think it’s time I teach you a lesson, wait here for a moment.” Motoko went back downstairs and left Keitaro. A few minutes later she came back with two Shinais in hand. “I hope you’re prepared Keitaro, I’m not going to go easy on you.”

    “I didn’t want you too anyway.” Keitaro was handed one of the shinais. “Are you ready?” Keitaro got ready to strike her, she did the same.

    “Whenever you are Keitaro, I’ll let you strike first.”

    “How kind of you…” The two circled around each other never losing eye contact as they prepared to strike and block.

    Keitaro lunged for her chest; she slashed his attack away to the side and slashed for his body horizontally. Keitaro crouched and felt the force of the attack skim his hair. Keitaro brought himself up and jabbed Motoko in the stomach with the hilt of his shinai. It didn’t hurt her too much, just enough to make her jump away and grab her stomach.

    Motoko leaped at Keitaro holding onto her shinai with her right slamming it right into Keitaro’s head, he was able to block it with his own Shinai but he didn’t completely stop it, the force made him hit his own head with his Shinai really hard. Once Keitaro hit himself she drove her knee fiercely intro his stomach then his back with the hilt of her shinai when he bent down.

    Keitaro felt the full force but wasn’t down and out yet. Keitaro threw up his head and knocked her hands and body off balance. Still on his knees he jumped up at her doing a diagonal slash to her body with all his strength. He almost knocked the wind out of Motoko.

    Motoko smirked from how hard he was actually fighting. It was time for her to get a little bit more serious. Even though she was really hurt and should’ve stalled a little to rest she dash to Keitaro doing a non-stop barrage of attacks from all directions. Keitaro wasn’t a beginner at this; he blocked and parried everything she threw at him. But Motoko’s plan wasn’t to hit him, it was to make him lose his energy, and it was working. Keitaro’s arms felt weak and it took all of his strength just to hold onto his shinai.

    With one finally attack Motoko struck his shinai as hard as she could and sent it flying straight up then booting Keitaro in the stomach knocking him down on his butt. She caught his shinai in the air and pointed both weapons down at him.

    “I win.”

    “…Well played.” He got to his feet and dusted his butt off. “I see I need to train more if I am to ever beat you.”

    “Heh, I told you that you wouldn’t beat me. Nice try though. These wounds are going to leave a bruise though.”

    “You actually got bruises from that? Hah!”

    “Hey! Didn’t you?”

    “What? No, my body is more used to it than you! I’m perfectly fine, you’re just weak.”

    “That’s cold…”

    “Well if you want that to change, how about you spar and train with me more later on? It won’t make you as good as me, but it’ll definitely help.”

    “I’ll consider it.”

    “That a yes?”

    “Yeaaaah.” Keitaro resumed looking at the sunrise. “Thanks Motoko…”

    “For what?”

    “Helping me put my mind at ease.”

    “What were you thinking of?”

    “Nothing… nothing at all.” Keeping me and Naru’s kiss a secret would be the best right now. Everyone would completely misunderstand and I’m sure that Naru wouldn’t want that either.

    What is he thinking… did something happen when he woke up? He seemed fine to me when he was going to sleep… Wait… could it be because of that kiss he and Mutsumi had? That’s still in my mind as well…

    “Hmm, yes?” Keitaro watched Motoko stare off into space, she looked cool when the wind blew her long hair back.

    “I would just like to remind you that I truly am grateful for helping me at the Aoyama dojo. Remember, if there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.”

    “You already did that for me though.”

    “You insult me Keitaro. You asking me to simply call you ‘Keitaro’ is in no way equal to what you’ve done for me.”

    “It’s okay, really Motoko.” Keitaro was feeling a little bit uncomfortable. “Why do you want to pay me back so badly anyway? I mean it’s not really necessary at all, calling me ‘Keitaro’ is good enough for me?”

    “Yes for you, but not for me.”

    “Seriously, why Motoko?”

    “Well… I guess it’s because it’s my way of trying to tell you that I’m sorry, sorry if I’ve caused you any grief or harm.”



    “Fine, how about this then?” Motoko listened. “You take me out to get some beef bowl.”


    “Yeah that’s right; just take me out to get some beef bowl, that’s all.”

    “Okay I didn’t expect that but okay, beef bowl it is, but I must remind you that this isn’t enough to repay you and I won’t stop until I’m satisfied.”

    “Darn, I was hoping you wouldn’t say that, but fine. How about you get me something more expensive then.”

    “No no no, beef bowl sounds good.” I don’t really have the funds for something for elegant anyway…

    “Hah, I thought so.” I was starting to crave that too, heh.

    Motoko sighed in defeat. “Did I just get suckered into buying you beef bowl.”

    “Yuuup. And if you don’t that’ll be a great dishonour to you.”

    “Maybe I’ll make an acception.”

    “What was that?”

    “Nevermind.” She whispered.


    “Good morning girls.” Keitaro greeted the girls as they came into the kitchen. He saw Kanako walk in and take a seat beside him while yawning. “Morning Kanako.”

    “Ahhh… ohayo onii-chan.”

    “Sorry I made you sleep on the couch, but no one told me which room you were staying in.”

    “Oh, I’ve been using your room onii-chan.”

    “Wow, really? Are you sure? I mean my room is still so clean that I haven’t noticed anyone staying there.”

    “You saying I’m messy? Unlike you onii-chan I like to keep the rooms I stay in neat and clean.” She glared at him playfully.

    “Not my fault.”

    “Of course it is, lazyyyy oniiiiii-channn.”

    “Could you two just be quiet?! My head is killing me!” Kitsune yelled, covering her head and resting it on the table. She felt the full force of a hangover from drinking 75 of the sake from yesterday’s party.

    Su bounced beside Kitsune and rested her head beside Kitsune’s head. After looking around at everyone else she came to a conclusion. “Kitsune’s the only one who has a hangover!!” She yelled this right in her ear, but it was the truth though the other girls looked perfectly find despite just looking a bit sleepy. Su had some problems though… Kitsune’s eyes burned with a deathly stare.

    “AGHHH! I’m gonna kill you Su!” Kitsune tried to grab Su but she bounced away to quickly and hid behind Motoko.

    The whole time though Naru was talking with Mei and occasionally glanced over to Keitaro, and he noticed this. She isn’t saying anything, guess that means she doesn’t want the others to know too. “So Kanako, what room are you going to be staying in?”

    “Hmm? I was thinking I’d just stay in your room, if you don’t have a problem with that.” All the girls went deathly silent.

    Okay… she’s looks dead serious. “I don’t but… don’t you think that’d be a little be, I dunno, crowded?”

    “Don’t girls usually like having their own private rooms? I mean we didn’t even share rooms back at home Kanako.” Keitaro gulped. “Besides, why are we talking about this in front of everyone?”

    “You’re the one who brought it up.”

    “Well yes but…”

    “Besides everyone seems interested…” Kanako eyed everyone who was listening and that was everyone! This’ll show them that I won’t them take away my onii-chan from me.

    “Ah-uhh-ahh, I’d better get ready for school!” Shinobu went running for her room and Su followed her just for fun.

    “I’d better get ready as well.” Motoko followed as well.

    “Come on Mei, help me put your things away in my room.”

    “Okay one-chan.” Lastly Mei and Naru decided to leave and left Kanako and Keitaro alone.

    “There, we’ve got some privacy now.”

    “Kanako… you’ve got a lot to learn.” Keitaro went to go whisper in her ear. “They’re just hiding and still listening in on our conversation. “We’re not safe anywhere in this place.”

    “Look, this isn’t even that big a deal, all I wish to do is to stay close to my onii-chan, is that too much to ask for?”



    “I guess not. Okay, you can stay in my room.”

    “Great, then I’ll go and unpack my things.” Kanako happily walked away leaving Keitaro.

    He sighed. “So many things just in the morning? I don’t think I can handle this.” Keitaro walked over to the front door to get some fresh air. He opened the door and went outside.

    “Hey Keitaro! Long time no see!” Keitaro noticed Haitani and Shirai by the stairs and decided to greet them.

    “Hey guys, what are ya up to?”

    “We’re helping Mutsumi move, she’s got a heck of a lot of stuff you know?” Haitani dropped the three suitcases he was holding and sat on them to get a little rest. “Just why did we have to be around at the time Shirai?”

    “Hey, you’re the one who wanted to visit her, don’t blame me for any of this.”

    “Oh come on but it’s easier to blame others than oneself.”

    “Guys, speaking of which… where is Mutsumi anyway? I don’t see her any-“


    “KYAHHH!” Keitaro nearly had a heart attack when he heard Mutsumi’s voice behind him. “Mutsumi! How did you get behind me?!”

    “Ara? What ever do you mean Kei-kun?”

    “You just suddenly appeared behind me!”


    “Haitani! Shirai! You saw right?” Keitaro pleaded to the two for a answer, but they both looked jus as surprised as he was.

    “That was amazing Mutsumi…” They both had they’re jaws hanging way down.

    Keitaro sighed. “This all your stuff Mutsumi?”

    “Yes, that’s all of it. Thank you Shirai and Haitani for your help.”

    “Hey, it’s no problem at all for us Mutsumi!”

    “What are you talking about Haitani? My back’s killing me! Do you remember how far her place was?!”

    “You guys stop complaining, if you didn’t want to help her then you should’ve said so. And even so it’s waaaay to late for that.” Keitaro laughed at them lightly. “Now you guys put those things inside, Mutsumi we’ll decide which room you’ll be in shortly.”


    “Oh, I forgot to mention. My sister finally moved in, cool huh?”

    “Whoa? So she finally moved in huh? Sure did take her long enough.” Haitani laughed.

    “Yeah yeah I know. But I’m just happy she’s here with me again. Although she seems to be acting different.”

    “How so?” Shirai asked. “Are you sure you’re not just going crazy?”

    “No… I’m sure of it that she’s different, I mean, it’s not exactly the same as before. It worries me.” He crossed his arms and thought. “But yeah, hurry and get that stuff inside, I need to take a walk.” He took only a few steps before something came to mind and he stopped. “Oh, wait guys, I need to ask you something.”

    “Yeah, what is it?” Haitani turned to him and so did the others.

    “You 3 know me best so you should have some answers; could you guys tell me where I might’ve gotten this from?” Keitaro took out the engagement ring and showed them. “I found it yesterday and it peaked my curiosity. Got any ideas where I might’ve gotten this? I can’t recall anything.”

    Shirai and Haitani looked at one and other then at Mutsumi. “Sorry Keitaro, I don’t know where you got that from.” Haitani shook his head.

    “Yeah, doesn’t look familiar to me either. Sorry.”

    “You Mutsumi? Any ideas?”

    “Ara? I’m afraid I don’t Kei-kun, sorry…”

    Looks like I’ll never find out where I got this from. “Thanks anyway…” He left them with no other words. On the way down the stairs though he ran into Haruka who looked like she was heading for Hinata Sou herself. She stopped to say hi to him for the time being. “Morning Haruka.”

    “Morning… going out for a walk?”

    “Yeah, just need some fresh air. I think a bit too much has happened in the past couple of days.”

    “You’re telling me!” …He’s holding it… “Keitaro, what’s that in your hand?”

    “Oh this? It’s a ring a found on my table when I woke up. Strange how I can’t remember anything about it at all.”

    Haruka listen to his words carefully to make sure nothing could make him remember about Yukari. “I see…”

    “Why? You know something about this ring?”

    “Maybe, can I see it?”


    Keitaro handed over the ring to her. She examined it closely and read over the engraved phrase inside the ring over and over in her head. Part of her wanted to throw away the ring to make sure he’d never see it again… and her as well. But she didn’t want to seem too suspicious in front of him. “It’s hard to say but this ring… I think I’ve seen it before.”

    “Really? Where?!”

    “Calm down Keitaro, I can’t just remember on the spot.” What do I do… I have to get rid of this ring somehow. But Keitaro seems like he won’t stop until he finds something out about this ring. What can I say… what can I do? “Well I can’t remember right now but would you mind if I held onto it for a little bit longer? I’m sure I’ll remember something important if it’s with me.”

    “I don’t know about that… I was thinking the same thing except for me.”

    “But I remember a little bit about it, don’t you think it’ll be better for me to hold onto it?”

    “Well yes that’s true… but I don’t really want to let go of it. I mean something deep inside me is telling me that I should keep this close to me, to remind me of something, but I don’t know what.” But of course part of me wants to forget… what is it?!

    “Well Keitaro if you really feel you can’t trust me then-“

    “Hey, I NEVER said I didn’t trust you Haruka, how could you say that?”

    “Sorry but in my shoes it seemed that way to me. So you DO trust me?”


    “So I can hold onto this for now?”

    “Just for now, I’d like it back later, and when I mean later I mean near the end of the day.”

    “Yes yes, I got it.”

    “…Thanks for helping me Haruka.”

    “It’s no problem.” Keitaro walked past her and down the stairs. “When you coming back to Hinata Sou?”

    “Soon, I’m going to just walk around a bit and be on my way back.”


    Keitaro reached the bottom; he turned around to look up those stairs he walked down. Memories from the past vaguely flowing through his mind as if to help him forget even more. The scene of him and the mystery girl whom he made the promise with played through his thoughts over and over. No matter what happened this was something he just could never forget.

    “To get into Tokyo University… It will soon come true, I just know it.” I’m a man of my word and I must fulfill this promise… even if that girl has forgotten all about me. But I’m hoping she hasn’t… Not wanting to return back to Hinata Sou yet and to climb those stairs, he walked to a nearby bench and sat under the shade of a tree behind it. He watched on as countless others carried on with their lives, every single one of them seemed to have this happy aura around them. He was a bit happy at this but saddened at the same time, for he wasn’t exactly happy.

    You’re still thinking about that kiss with Naru aren’t you?

    Well of course, you are me after all. Can I help it if I keep thinking about it? I mean I haven’t kissed a girl since that promise 15 years ago.

    Are you sure she was the only one? Wasn’t there someone else? Someone close to you…?

    I don’t know, I think I did, but… I can’t remember.

    Well that’s bad for both of us. In any case what are you thinking? Why has this kiss sparked your interest?

    That’s a hard question to answer.

    Take your time, I can wait…

    Wait, if you’re me and I am you then doesn’t that mean we can’t wait?

    True… well? Do you have an answer for me?

    I don’t know what I should be thinking now though, she kissed me and I kissed her back. She then went back to her room and closed off the hole. It’d be better if I knew what she was thinking.

    I’m sorry but we don’t have that kind of power.

    I know… but still…

    You like her right?


    Next question… do you love her?

    I wouldn’t go that far just yet.

    And why not? I’ve been stuck long enough in your head that I know when you’re lying to yourself or not. So tell yourself the truth.

    Why do we always have conversations like this?

    Cause you seem to like being alone with your thoughts a whole lot.

    Right… right…

    Quite staling, give me your answer; do you love Naru?!

    If you’re me… then you know I can’t answer that. I don’t know if I love her or not. But Naru… I feel like I can spend a lot of time with her.

    Is that an acceptable answer?

    Yes, for now.

    Good. But on the other topic, what do you think is up with Haruka and that ring?

    Maybe it’s worth a lot of money and she’s planning on selling it?

    Nah, that’s something you’d expect Kitsune to do.

    Then I’m stumped.

    That makes two of us.


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