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    Keitaro lazily sank down into the bench till his head was nearly at the seat. “Time to get back then.”

    “Kei-kun! Long time no see!”

    “Huh?” Keitaro felt a arm wrap around his neck. Seta had taken the seat next to him and was huggling him playfully. What the heck? Is he Mutsumi or something?! “Hi Seta, could you stop that?”

    “Sorry, it’s just a joy to see you. You know Sarah keeps talking about you non-stop? I mean I think she’s taken a shine to you!”

    Like Hell she did! “So have I.” Keitaro grabbed Seta’s arm and was able to escape his hug. “So what brings you here?”

    “Oh, I wanted to come see if you wanted to come somewhere with me later on this month.”

    “For what?”

    “An Archaeology dig of course, that’s what I do.”

    “Cool, where is it?”

    “Pararakelse isnland!”


    “Pararakelse island.” Seta pulled out a map. He pointed at a small island south eastern of Japan. “It’s right there, we’ll be leaving around the end of this month.”

    “Why so soon?”

    “Well it’s because I heard my team over there has uncovered some interesting artifacts and I had to go there myself and I thought to myself ‘Hey! Kei-kun would get a kick out of this! I should bring him along!’”

    “You sound really excited.”

    “Of course I am! So what do you say? I got Zero-kun waiting for me.”

    “Zero-kun?” Wonder if it’s the same Zero-kun…

    “Yeah, he’s a friend of mine who’s hooking me up with a really cheap price on tickets to Pararakelse island and he wanted to know if he should buy anymore tickets. So you in?”

    “That depends, how long is this trip going to be?”

    “It could take weeks! It could take months! It could even take years!”

    “Seta-san, you know I run Hinata Sou right? I need to be here to take care of the place. I can’t just leave it like that.”

    “I know that Kei-kun but come on! This is exciting! Don’t you want to get a rush out of life?”

    “…By digging up old artifacts…?”

    “That’s right!”

    “Well… I don’t think I can give you an answer just now.”

    “Aww… that’s okay Kei-kun. But please contact me when you’ve got an answer okay? Here’s my cell phone number.” Seta pulled out one of his business cards from his pockets, wrote down his number, and gave it to Keitaro.

    “Thanks. And here’s mine...” Wait, I don’t even have my cell phone… calm down, Kanako might’ve brought it over… but just to be safe. “Here’s my cell phone number and also the number for Hinata Sou.. If possible please just contact me through my cell okay?”

    “You got it Kei-kun!”

    “And do me a favour, don’t call too much now, there’s always things to do at Hinata Sou.”

    “You don’t have to worry about that, I’ve got a ton of things to do as well. Oh that reminds me, I gotta get back to Sarah! I said I was going out to get her ice-cream!”

    “Good-“ Seta zoomed away leaving only a trail of dust in his place. “Bye?” You know what? I think he’s being drinking too much coffee… Still though time to get back to Hinata Sou.

    Hey wait, this scene reminded me of something.

    And that is?

    We haven’t drawn in so long, we haven’t even touched the sketch book when after Shinobu had given it back to us. We should really take time to relax and do some doodling.

    Good idea lets go do it right now.

    Meanwhile back at Hinata Sou Haruka had greeted everyone and welcomed Mutsumi to Hinata Sou. She left in a hurry though and went straight for Keitaro’s room; Kitsune was curious and followed her. Haruka was going through Keitaro’s things.

    “What exactly are you looking for Haruka?” Kitsune went beside her and smiled.

    “Keitaro’s sketch book…” She went over to his suitcase and rummaged through it, still no book though.

    “Sketch book huh? Has he got some dirty drawings in there?”

    “Maybe, but that’s not why I want it.” She stood up and sighed from not finding it. That book of his might remind him of Yukari, he’s drawn several pictures of her in there.”

    “Well why didn’t you say so? Let me help you!” Also, I think I see Keitaro’s wallet on his table again, heh heh heh.

    “Stop looking at his wallet.”

    “I wasn’t looking at it.”

    “Okay, then could you at least put his wallet down…?”

    “What wallet?”

    “The one you just put in your pocket.”

    “Ah! You caught me.”

    “…Seriously Kitsune, help me find his book. This could mean big troubles if we don’t.”

    “Okay okay…” Kitsune put his wallet back… after stealing about 4000 yen from him first. “What does this book look like anyway?”

    “It’s your standard black hard cover sketch book. He’s got only one on him so it should be easy to spot, that’s if we find it. Where the hell is that thing?” Haruka looked around and scratched her head.

    “Hey, what are you two doing in my room?”

    “KYAH!” Kitsune and Haruka jumped up in surprises and faced Keitaro at the doorway. He didn’t look mad or anything, just curious. Kitsune backed behind Haruka and hit something with her foot. It was the sketch book located under the futon mattress.

    “Well you two could’ve at least asked before barging into my room.” Keitaro leered at Haruka. “Just to tell you I don’t have or carry any porn magazines on me, so there’s no point in looking.”

    “Oh my you’ve caught us Keitrao! Sorry but I just wanted to make sure you weren’t reading those kinds of books.” Haruka went up to Keitaro and lectured him. Kitsune took this chance and hid the book under her shirt and held onto her stomach.

    “Haruka you’re acting weird. Besides I’m old enough to read those things anyway.”

    “I know that but there are still others living in this place, remember that, what if Shinobu stumbled upon one of those books while cleaning your room?”

    “Owwww… my stomach… I need ta go to the bathroom! Outta the way Keitaro!” Kitsune rammed right into Keitaro and knocked him out of the way, Haruka followed her.

    “Oh god Kitsune! Here let me help you!” And just like that they were out of sight.

    “I’ve got to find a way to lock my room…” Keitaro sighed and looked at the mess that those two didn’t clean up. After some much needed tidying up Keitaro himself searched for his book, but no good, it was gone. Strange, I remember getting it back from Shinobu-chan, where could it be?

    It’s just a sketch book anyway, lets just get another one.

    But I feel like there’s something important about that sketch book.

    Sentimental value?

    Could be…

    Let’s just get another later, it isn’t that important. We can find another way to relax. First we still have to put Mutsumi in a room, let’s not forget that.


    After much discussion with Mutsumi, Keitaro had decided that Mutsumi was have the empty room on the second floor beside Naru’s, he had always wonder what he would do with that room and here was the answer. Once Shirai and Haitani were done with helping Keitaro had offered them something to eat, but they had to leave quickly due to that they were already late for their jobs.

    “By the way what do you guys do? You never told me.”

    “I thought we told you before Keitaro.”


    “No you didn’t, all you told me was that it was a secret, now will you tell me already?”

    “It’s still a secret Keitaro.”

    “You guys suck!”

    “Look at the time Shirai, we’ve gotta hurry up!”

    “That’s right! See ya later Keitaro! Mutsumi!” And before they knew it Shirai and Haitani zoomed out of Mutsumi’s new room.

    “Really have to find out what those guys do later.” Keitaro sounded a bit irritated and amused at his friends. “By the way Mutsumi, don’t you have to go to work too?”

    “Ara, I believe I have a day off today. Does Kei-kun want me to leave?”

    “No! Not at all, I was curious that’s all.”

    “Oh Kei-kun, please tell me, did you get a job as well?”

    “Sort of…”

    The two of them went into the kitchen to chat and sent off Su, Motoko, and Shinobu to school. In reality Mutsumi and Keitaro had to go to prep school too with Shirai, and Haitani but due to some difficulties today the prep school was closed. Apparently some crazy foreign girl and some crazy guy by the name Hinarei had unleashed some hell over there with an epic battle. No one knows what exactly happened. Naru had gone to her room to study in peace, no one but Kitsune had known that she was trying to get into Tokyo University in the house. Speaking of Kitsune she was busy drinking in her room to get some ideas on articles she would make up for her job as a freelance reporter, however in the past things didn’t really go so well for her. Mei had gone off to wonder around Hinata Sou to get to know the place, she came upon the hot springs and after showering herself she took in a nice relaxing dip into the springs with no one around.

    “Ara, that’s an interesting job Kei-kun.”

    “Yeah, but it seems to have gotten into a little problem.”


    “My Boss Seta spoke to me a while ago and wanted me to go off to Pararakelse Island for a while, and I don’t even know how long it’ll be.” Keitaro nudged his chin and looked outside at the clouds. “Thing is if I don’t go I’ll most likely lose the job and if I do go I’ll be leaving Hinata Sou for a long time. And I can’t just leave this place.”

    “Ara… that’s no good. Not having Kei-kun around would be depressing.”

    “You think so? I mean I’m sure the girls would be fine without me. But I can’t help but be worried.”

    “Ara…” Kei-kun… what am I thinking? He should go, if there was ever anything to help him forget it all this would be it. And then when he comes back he’ll forget everything about Yukari. Mutsumi you’re a smart girl. “You should go Kei-kun.”

    “Really? Are you sure?”


    “But who would take care of the place?”

    “Kanako-chan is here right? Why not leave her in charge?”

    “Kanako? Her? I can’t put such a burden on her!”

    “Oniichan I really don’t mind at all.”

    “I know but Kanako—Where did you come from?!”

    “Was at Haruka’s place.” She had listened to the entire conversation and had the same idea as Mutsumi did. “But don’t change the topic, I really advise you to go on this trip with this Seta guy. I’ll take care of Hinata Sou while you’re gone.”

    Keitaro was trying to find out why these two would want him to leave so badly for. It was very suspicious for him. “Well okay then, if you two insist THAT much.” That means I’ll just have to make a call to Seta. Oh wait, I should ask Kanako. “Kanako, do you bring my cell phone by any chance?”

    “Your phone…?” Kanako tried to remember where she put it. “I think it’s in my suitcase in your room. I’ll go get it.”

    “Nah it’s okay I’ll go get it.”

    “No you just wait here.”

    “Oniichan just let me go get it.”

    The trio went to his room together, Mutsumi didn’t want to be left alone. Kanako went over and grabbed her suitcase from the closet where she put away the futon. Laying it on the ground and opening it Keitaro saw she packed only a few of her clothes, some make up, and two cell phones, one hers and the other was his.

    “Here you go oniichan.”

    “Thanks.” Keitaro took out the business card Seta had given him and dialled the number. The phone was answered on the first ring.

    “Moshi moshi?”

    “Seta-san, it’s Keitaro.”

    “Kei-kun! That was faster than I had expected!” Keitaro could hear a muffled voice in the back ground but couldn’t make it out. “It’s Keitaro, you know? The one working for me? Yeah, hah, that one.”

    “Who’re talking to?”

    “Zero-kun, and you couldn’t have called at a better time. So what’s your answer?”

    “I’ll go with you.”

    “That’s perfect because we leave this weekend!”

    “…What? I thought you said we’d leave at the end of this month. Not in 4 days!”

    “Plans have changed due to weather concerns. It seems that there’s going to be a some very bad conditions up ahead and rather than wait any longer the departure has been moved earlier. You think you’ll be able to get ready this week?”

    “That’s really soon, but I’ll manage. Will you be able to come pick me up at Hinata Sou on Saturday?”

    “Of course I can. But uhh Keitaro, you’re not ‘bugged’ or anything are you?”

    “Bugged? By what?”

    “You know… a tracking device…”

    “No… why did you ask such a weird question?”

    “Oh, no reason! I’ll see you on that Saturday Kei-kun! Oh and by the way I’ve already made a deposit on your bank account to pay for your salary.”

    “How much?”

    “I’d say oh, I don’t remember… but I’m sure it was in the 7 digits.”

    “You’re kidding right?”

    “Time to go, later Kei-kun!”


    He shoved his phone into his pocket and rubbed his temple from the stress. Kanako and Mutsumi listened the whole time and had expected and wanted him to leave as soon as possible. They were happy with these changes of events. “Just how does something like that happen in only 2 hours?!” He stood and opened up his suitcase and sent several work clothes in there.

    Kuro had then made his entrance into the room and perched himself on Kanako’s left shoulder, whispering something in her ear. Mutsumi was bewildered and overjoyed to see Kuro looking at him with sparkling eyes. Kuro stopped whispering to Mutsumi and nervously looked at Mutsumi. “Kawaiiiii come here kitty!” Kuro didn’t really have any choice because Kanako gladly handed him over to her. She hugged him tightly.

    Gyahh! Help me Kanako! You can’t let her do this!

    “You like cats huh?”

    “I simply adore them!” Mutsumi snuggled Kuro more and giggled happily. “But they aren’t my favourite pet to have.”

    “Then what is?”

    “You’ll have to wait and see” She said in a singsong voice.

    “Hey, you’ve got to tell me now, I’m curious. Is it a dog?”


    “A bird?”


    “A dragon?”


    “Umm… ahhh, a turtle?”

    “Ding ding!”

    “You’re talking about Tama-chan aren’t you Mutsumi?”

    “Ara ara, that’s right Kei-kun.”

    “Where is she anyway?”

    “Umm, Tama-chan? A turtle? You’ve got a strange pet there Mutsumi.”

    “Ara, you’ll be surprised later.” Mutsumi looked around his room. “Ara? I swear I saw her fly into your room somewhere.”

    “Fly? I hate to break it to you Mutsumi but turtle’s can’t fly.”

    “Ara! There you are Tama-chan!”

    “Myuhh!” A loud cry cried out above the three of them. Mutsumi looked on up and greeted a flying turtle hovering above her head. The turtle landed on top of Mutsumi’s head and waved at Kanako. That moment Kuro was able to break himself free of Mutsumi’s grasp and hoped back onto Kanako’s shoulder.

    “Tama-chan, long time no see.” Keitaro offered his shoulder to Tama-chan and she flew over to his shoulder and smiled at him. Keitaro pet her and playfully nudged her.

    “Ara, Tama-chan still adores you Kei-kun. Isn’t that wonderful?”

    “Sure is.” Keitaro closed his suitcase satisfied with what he had packed away. “So I’ll be leaving this weekend… I didn’t want to leave that quickly but work is work. I trust you won’t do anything crazy right Kanako?”

    “We’ll just see what happens in that time.”

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    Time had passed by quickly in Hinata Sou.

    Haruka was able to keep the sketch book hidden away from Keitaro the whole time and was able to avoid any conversations about the ring. She mainly kept to herself in her teashop and would always tell Keitaro she was too busy with work to talk to him.

    Motoko spent most of her time just training herself daily. Often Keitaro would join her in battle and lose obviously. Though everyday Keitaro would learn more and more from Motoko and gained more skill with each passing day. Motoko had noticed this but wasn’t worried, she knew she wouldn’t lose against Keitaro.

    Shinobu and Su became the best of friends quickly and soon couldn’t stand to be without the other’s company… well that is how Su feels. Shinobu feels the same way but not so greatly. Shinobu had grown to accept Su’s whacky antics and got used to all the weird things she was doing. Having to comfort Su after a failed experiment on Keitaro was a daily chore for Shinobu.

    Kitsune, Mutsumi, Naru, Mei, and Keitaro had been hanging out mostly outside of Hinata Sou. Often they’d just go out to eat, talk about school with Shirai and Haitani, go out and see a movie, and other normal things. Mei wasn’t exactly interested with many things, she seemed to just enjoy Naru’s company… as well as Keitaro’s. Naru couldn’t face Keitaro most of the time, thoughts of her kiss with him made her blush every time she looked at him. Everyone wanted to know what was going on between the two, but neither of them would say anything. Things would be the best this way they thought. But knowing Kitsune, she’d find out in no time.

    It was now Saturday, 12:30PM, Seta had come to Hinata Sou to pick up Keitaro. Keitaro and Seta stood outside. Everyone, including Shirai and Haitani, but not Haruka were there to bid their farewells to him. Naru looked strange though, he face was unusually red at this time and she couldn’t keep her eyes off Seta in a dream like daze. Kitsune knew why to but didn’t say anything, she enjoyed this.

    “Don’t wreck the place up too much while I’m gone. Repairs aren’t cheap.”

    “Yes yes, I get it oniichan.”

    “Keitawo, bring me back a present!”

    “Don’t worry I will. I’ll make sure to bring you all back something.” If I have enough money that is… plus, I don’t even know what they have over there.

    “Keitaro. Take care.” Motoko bowed.

    “Sempai, please be careful.”

    “Yes, I will.”

    “Kei-kun. Can I ask you a favour?”

    “Sure, what is it Mutsumi?”

    “Tama-chan wants to go with you. Can you take her with you?”


    “Oh, uh…. Okay?” Tama-chan flew over from behind Mutsumi and landed on Keitaro’s head with a smile. “Guess it can’t hurt.” Keitaro had noticed Naru’s state of mind and walked up to her, she didn’t budge still. He waves his hands in front of her, she didn’t even blink. “Wonder where her mind has gone.”

    “Trust me, you don’t wanna know.”

    “Kei-kun, please hurry, our ship leaves in an hour.” Seta softly said while looking at his watch.

    “Okay, got it. Good bye for now.”

    “Mhm, catch you later Keitaro.”

    “Don’t pick any fights okay?” Mei jokingly said, still remembering him saving her. “We don’t want you putting anyone in the hospital now.”

    “Ah, don’t worry about that.” He and Seta nodded at each other and walked off. At that time Naru finally snapped out.

    “Huh? What?!”

    “Welcome back to Earth Naru, you just missed Keitaro.”

    “What?!” Naru ran to the stairs, seeing the two of them walking down all ready. “Keitaro!” That caught his attention. “Take care of yourself!”

    “Heh, thank you Naru.”

    1 Hour later…

    “Finally you two arrived. You couldn’t have come earlier?” Zero stood at the dock leading up to the ship going to Pararakelse Island. “The captain was going to leave earlier but I had to stall for time, you know how boring it is talking to a old sea dog?”

    “Hah, sorry. I had some troubles with the cops on the way here. But my superior driving skills got us out of that trouble. Right, Kei-kun?” Seta looked behind him at a panting Keitaro.

    “What the heck are you talking about?! You ran 5 red lights and nearly rear ended 10 cars!”

    “Why do I even bother being friends with you Seta…” Zero groaned. “So Kei-kun, you really are going with Seta, I’m worried for you.”

    “Hey, you aren’t the only one.” Kei groaned as well.

    “Well you two hurry up and get on, the ship’s leaving in 1 minute.” Zero watched Keitaro and Seta get onto the ship. The bells rang and the ship was now off to it’s destination.

    “Papa! You’re finally here! If you were any later I would’ve been on this ship all by myself you know?!”

    “Sorry Sarah. It won’t happen again.”

    “That’s a lie! It ALWAYS happens!”

    Keitaro stayed away from the two bickering to one and another. He kept to the rails and looked off into the horizon, taking in the scenery and cool breeze.

    I hope this doesn’t take too long. I enjoyed being around those girls. I don’t think I can go without them for too long.

    But you’ll manage.

    You think?

    Of course, I wouldn’t doubt it. Besides I’m sure this won’t take any longer than a month.

    A month is a long time. I’m far to worried about Kanako and Hinata Sou. What if something goes wrong?

    Kanako will take care of it. She’s your sister, granted she’s your half sister, but she’s got your spunk in her. She can handle these things on her own.

    Yeah… you’re right…I shouldn’t worry.

    Are you still curious about that ring from before? We never got any word from Haruka.

    Honestly I couldn’t care any more about such a trivial thing. If it’s something I had remember then it’s something I should completely forget. It couldn’t be THAT important anyway.

    That’s true. I say you’ve made the right decision then.

    “Pararakels Island… what could be waiting for me there I wonder.”


    “Hey, what are you doing?!”

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this! This just isn’t right!”

    “You can’t just leave! Yukari! You’d better not leave that damn door!”

    Yukari grabbed a hold on the door handle and tightened her grip on the suitcases she was carrying. “I was wrong… I shouldn’t have done this to Keitaro. I shouldn’t have even thought about this!” She yelled back at the man.

    “It’s too late Yukari. I’m sure he’d never take you back! Who in their right mind would?! You better just stay here with me!”

    “That’s not true… Keitaro still loves me, I know he does.”

    “And how the hell do you know that?!”

    “Because I still love him!”

    “Don’t lie to yourself! If you did you would’ve married him on that day! But no, you came to me! You came to me because you were sooooooo greedy.”

    “Shut up! I’m leaving!”


    Yukari stood outside of the large house, holding onto her suitcase and running away from the place. She kept on running and running until she was too tired and stopped at a bus stop.

    “Keitaro… please… just give me another chance. I know I’ve done something terrible to you, but I’ll have my whole life to make it up to you… I promise…” She boarded the bus.

    It was time for her to head back to the Urashima residence.

    End Chapter 7: The Path Forgotten

    Zero Eiyuu: My bad, this chapter was actually suppose to be a lot longer than it is right now, but I was starting to lose my patience with myself and quickly wrote through all the events I wanted to happen. As you can tell from the shortened time in the 4 day wait for Keitaro.

    Well ya, there’s the chapter for you, sorry for the wait I made you all do, but things like this take time, hah. I’ll be honest with you, this wasn’t exactly my favourite chapter but oh well.

    Wow! Yukari has made a move eh? Isn’t this exciting?! Who knows what’s going to happen next! What’s going to happen on Pararakelse Island?! What’s going to happen at Hinata Sou?! Will I update again soon?! I have no idea!

    Thank you for reading, please review if you’d like, doesn’t matter much to me but I do enjoy it.

    Blooper: Suuuuuu Pwned!

    Su bounced beside Kitsune and rested her head beside Kitsune’s head. After looking around at everyone else she came to a conclusion. “Kitsune’s the only one who has a hangover!!” She yelled this right in her ear, but it was the truth though the other girls looked perfectly find despite just looking a bit sleepy. Su had some problems though… Kitsune’s eyes burned with a deathly stare.

    “AGHHH! I’m gonna kill you Su!”

    Kitsune was faster than expected and had clenched Su’s neck with both her hands squeezing tightly.

    “K-K-Kitsune you’re suppose to miss her!” Keitaro scarcely pleaded to her.

    “Shut up! This is gonna be sweet!” Kitsune looked at Keitaro for a moment. That gave Su enough time to press a little red button that was camouflaged on her sleeve. “What was that ‘click’?”

    Before she knew it everyone had cleared the table and hundreds of Mecha-Tamas occupied the area and aimed their weapons at Ktisune. “Get em my pretties!”

    “Oh crap…”


    Blooper: Wrong Book…

    “What exactly are you looking for Haruka?” Kitsune went beside her and smiled.

    “Keitaro’s sketch book…” She went over to his suitcase and rummaged through it, still no book though.

    “Sketch book huh? Has he got some dirty drawings in there?”

    “Maybe, but that’s not why I want it.” She stood up and sighed from not finding it. That book of his might remind him of Yukari, he’s drawn several pictures of her in there.”

    “Hey look! I found it!” Kitsune picked up a hardcover black sketch book off the ground.

    Zero Eiyuu: What is she doing? They aren’t supposed to find the book this early… lets see where this goes. Zero signals to continue shooting the scene.

    “Good then lets get the heck out of here before Keitaro get’s here and she’s what we’ve done to his room!”

    “Wait, I wanna take a look in this book.”

    “Actually you know what? I’ve always wondered about Keitaro’s drawing skills.” The camera zoomed in on the book and the pages flipped. Kitsune and Haruka were quickly skimming through the first few pages. “WHOA! HELLO!”

    “Kyahh! Stop filming! What is this?!” Zero yelled out in anger. Kitsune and Haruka blushed madly as they looked through the book. “This isn’t appropriate! Keitaro! What the heck are you doing leaving drawings like THAT around!?” Keitaro was standing right beside him.

    “Not my fault, it’s there’s for invading my privacy.”

    “Damn Keitaro! That’s really perverted to draw such things, especially on this set!” Zero glared at Kitsune. “And you! Stop going through that thing!”

    “I’m sorry… but I just can’t help myself.”

    “Quick! Somebody get that book out of here!” Zero pointed at Naru. “Quick! Do something!”

    “Gotcha Zero-san.” Naru evilly stared at Keitaro and reared her fist pack and punching him with such force that it sent him through the studio walls. “PERVERT!!”

    “That’s not what I wanted you to do but it works. Motoko, would you please just dice up that book?”

    Blooper: Party Time!

    “Sure is.” Keitaro closed his suitcase satisfied with what he had packed away. “So I’ll be leaving this weekend… I didn’t want to leave that quickly but work is work. I trust you won’t do anything crazy right Kanako? No throwing parties late into the night.”

    “I’m not a kid, and I can’t promise that last part.”

    -/-/-/- 10 minutes later -/-/-/-

    Keitaro had gone out to get some suntan and had come back to Hinata Sou. Too his surprise on his way up the stairs he saw several strangers passed out on the stairs with booze in their hands. He ran the rest of the way and say that from the outside Hinata Sou was and mess and some parts of the roof was on fire and many more people were outside partying. Inside was worse… it was a nightmare for him. He couldn’t see the floor, it was either covered in garbage or people had passed out on the floor. In the kitchen there was Shinobu dancing on the table with a bottle of sake in hand and her face completely red. The rest of the girls were passed out asleep on the table and Kanako appeared behind Keitaro.

    “Sorry, I couldn’t stop this from happening.”


    “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “…Kanako… I’ll give you 5 seconds before I tear your head off… 5.”

    “Oh crap!”


    Blooper: Giving Keitaro a Lesson

    “Well, your display at the Aoyama dojo was a bit impressive… but you still are no match for me.”

    “Oh, a little confident are we?”

    “I think it’s time I teach you a lesson, wait here for a moment.” Motoko went back downstairs and left Keitaro. A few minutes later she came back with her equipment in hand. “I hope you’re prepared Keitaro, I’m not going to go easy on you.” She dropped several weird objects in front of Keitaro. One which intrigued him was a whip and a ball gag.

    “What the heck is all of this for?”

    “For the lesson of course. Now hurry up and but that gag on and get into position!” Motoko grabbed the whip and snapped it against the ground. “Also strip down into your underwear and lets get this thing started!”

    “Like hell I am! I’m not that kinky for starters!”

    “Then we’ll have to change that.” Motoko looked at Keitaro seductively and rubbed up against him. “I’ll change your mind for sure.”

    -/-/-/- Kitchen -/-/-/-


    “Hmm?” Shinobu looked up at the ceiling. “What was that?” Su plopped onto her seat in the kitchen.

    “It sounded like Keitawo screaming.”

    “Should we go check on him? I think he’s up on the roof.”

    “Nah. I want to eat breakfast Shinomu! Pwwwease!”

    “Okay okay.”


    Blooper: Paying Keitaro Back Big Time

    “Seriously, why Motoko?”

    “Well… I guess it’s because it’s my way of trying to tell you that I’m sorry, sorry if I’ve caused you any grief or harm.”



    “Fine, how about this then?” Motoko listened. “You become my girlfriend?”

    “Your… g-girlfriend…?” Motoko stuttered and blushed.

    “Yes… my girlfriend.”

    “W-why?! Why right now?! I don’t know if that’s a request I can give!”

    “Well that’s too bad Motoko, I was really looking forward to it.”

    “Wait! Keitaro! I’ve mad a decision!” She looked straight into his eyes and closed hers. He closed his eyes as well and he was drawing closer to her. He was so close that she could feel his breath. “I…I…” She tightened her grip and shivered. “I WILL NOT BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! DIE YOU FIEND!” And with a swift strike Motoko struck Keitaro into the morning sky.

    Deleted Scene — Tama-chan vs Kuro

    “Myuh Myuuuuuh Myuh Myuuuh! (There’s only room in this place for ONE pet!)”

    “My thoughts exactly. So I advise you to just leave this place forever.”

    “Myuh Myuh! (Why don’t you make me?!)” Tama-chan’s eyes gleamed evilly.

    “If it’s a fight you want then come and get it! Bring it on!” Kuro flew at Tama-chan but she flew up as well and the two started to chase each other around and around in a circle near the ceiling. “You can’t evade me forever!”

    “Myuh! (Take this!)” Tama-chan turned around and head butt Kuro in the stomach, Kuro however saw this as a chance and chomped on Tama-chan’s tail. “Myuuuuuuuuuh! (Owwwwwwwww!) Myuh myuh! (Let go let go!)”


    Winner: Kuro

    Scenes from the next chapter

    “What?! Keitaro’s not here?! Where did he go?! I have to speak with him right now!”

    “Why should I tell you? So you can just break my sons heart again? I don’t think so.


    “So this is your reason for being here. I never knew… but now that I do I will do everything I can to help you. Is that okay with you?”



    “W-what are you saying?! You can’t be serious…”

    “I’m quite serious actually. And no one will stop me from doing this. No one, and if you get in my way I’ll have to resort to violence then. And trust me, that’s something we all want to avoid.”

    “Y-you can’t do this!”

    “It isn’t your place to order me around. Since you won’t stop complaining though…”


    “How do you think things will end up Hinarei?” Zero asks.

    “How the hell am I supposed to know? You’re the writer!”

    “Yes, that’s true I guess.” He happily sipped his tea. “This story still has some ground to cover. With Yukari’s arrival things have become quite complicated hasn’t it?”

    “Why are you telling me this? Why am I even here?!”

    “Heh, who knows.” Zero calmly said. “Stay tuned for the next chapter, Chapter 8: The Truth Revealed.”

    “Who the hell are you talking to?!”

    “Sayonara minna-san.”

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    Very nice chapter. I enjoyed it. What sucks is,

    Now i want to be in it even more!!

    You could always add me as a punching bag for naru/su/motoko. That would be funny

    *josun goes flying from one of motokos attacks*


    *readies magic*

    Just give the word Zero, ill make her wish she had gone done that aisle. She wont like a pissed off Josun....

    But anyways, enogh nonsense. I cannot wait till the next chapter comes out.

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    *whacks ryo upside the head.*

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    I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. the way you have it you have to tell us what is going to happen soon. I for one want to know what is going to happen between everyone.
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    man great chapter definetly cant wait. wont juge any charater till i know reason.
    PS. Mutsumi shoud go to Par..something to with Keitaro to win some hearts^^


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