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    Love Hina: The Path Of Love

    Disclaimer: I do not own Love Hina

    -/-/-/-/-/ = Change of place

    Love Hina: The Path of Love

    Prologue: The Bright Young Man

    A man dressed in a black tuxedo was trying to fix his tie in front of a circular mirror. He didn’t seem to be doing that great, in fact he was struggling with it. He looked to be about the age of 19, but he looked a little bit older than that. Besides the stressed looks he was giving from his tie he was actually a very happy, joyful, and calm person. He fixed his glasses right after he finally fixed his tie.

    “Ah-hah! Success!” He said in triumph when he was finally able to do it. He gave a cool smile at himself in the mirro. “Hello my name is Keitaro Urashima, nice to meet you.” He talked to his own reflection as if it were another in that empty room. “Hmm…that sounds just about right.”

    “Oy! Keitaro-kun!” Keitaro slowly turned his head and looked at a man dressed much like himself in the doorway. He looked the same age as Keitaro but he had smaller glasses…much smaller glasses, the type you only use for reading. “It’s about to start. You’d better get in place.” He spoke with sincerity and calmness to Keitaro and kept a smile on for his dear friend.

    “Ah, thank you Haitani-kun. I must’ve lost track of time. “ Keitaro looked back into the mirror at himself and fixed his hair. Haitani walked beside him and looked at himself in the mirror as well. “This is it.”

    “Are you nervous…? Keitaro-kun?” He asked just to make sure he was okay.

    “Just a little bit. I mean with IS a wedding. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. He replied casually.

    “Well Keitaro-kun I really hope that this girl is really the one for you. I mean I don’t want you to get hurt you know?”

    “Don’t worry about me, I’m certain she’s the woman for me.” Keitaro’s eyes started to sparkle with joy. “I really love her, and we’ve been together for three years now." Keitaro faced Haitani. “How do I look?”

    “Like a man who’s about to get a ball and chain locked on his leg. “He joked and patted his shoulder.

    “Perfect.” Keitaro gleamed happily. Well then, let’s go…my best man.” And with that final comment they both nod and leave together.


    Keitaro stood by the altar of the church with the best man standing beside him and the bride’s maids on the other side of the altar. There were many friends and family members who came to attend this wedding from both sides of the families. There were at least 150 people. In the front row of the groom’s side sat Grandma Hina, his mother, his father, and his adopted sister Kanako. They all waved at Keitaro standing there happily waiting for his bride to be. The minister was of an old age, possibly 65 but he looked like he really enjoyed marrying people. He was highly recommended by many people.

    And thus the music begins…the classical ‘Here comes the bride’ song is being played behind the minister on a pipe organ.

    A young and beautiful woman begun to slowly walk down the aisle dressed in a gorgeous white wedding gown that started at the side of her shoulders all the way down into a long flowing dress like shape. She held onto a bouquet of flowers close to her heart. Her veil covered her face but anyone could see through it and the massive blush she had on her face. She had short brown hair which stopped down to the bottom of her jaw from the sides and back, the front of her hair barley touched her eyebrows. Her eyes were of a dark brown which from far away looked like black eyes. She looked very beautiful walking down that aisle. Her ages was of the same as Keitaro though she was 2 months younger than him. She was just about 5 cm smaller than him.

    Keitaro looked at her with nothing but happiness glowing in his eyes. The quests all stared in awe at her at how gorgeous she just was. Many of the girls couldn’t help but feel jealous, especially her close friends who were her 5 bride’s maids.

    She suddenly stopped in her place half way down the aisle. A look of shock was on her face.

    “Huh?” Keitaro took a single step towards her. “What’s wrong, Yu-chan?” He couldn’t see her face, she lowered it so her hair covered her eyes from his sight. “Yu-chan?” She stayed in her spot, silence filled the room, not a sound was made.

    Out of the silence… weeping takes place. It was the bride, she was crying.

    “K-Keitaro…I-I’m sorry.” She managed to say very quietly.

    “What?” Keitaro took a couple more steps in her way again. “Come on Yu-chan…this is our big day together. Don’t be nervous.” He held out his hand to her with a caring smile. She nervously walked up to him and gently grabbed her hand. She paused though, Keitaro could feel something being put into his hand. “Yu-chan…”

    “I’m so very sorry Keitaro…”

    And she ran…dropping her bouquet…she ran and never looked back.

    “Yu-chan?” He opened his hand and his eyes were in shock at what he saw. It was the engagement ring that he had proposed to her with. The entire situation then came and struck him down and he had realised what had just happened. “YU-CHAN!” He wanted to run for her, he wanted to bring her back and tell her everything was all right, he wanted her to stand by his side, but he couldn’t…he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t do anything but fall to is knees and cry. His heart had been broken. “Yu-chan…Yu-chan…” Haitani walked to his friend’s side to comfort him.

    “Keitaro-kun…” He tried to find the right words to cheer up his dear friend, to make him happy again. But nothing he could say would cheer up the broken down man. He was much to hurt.

    “I thought…we’d be together forever. I though…he’d have an eternal love together…” Keitaro unconsciously dropped the silver ring onto the ground and was lost in his own thoughts.

    On a close up of the silver ring, on the inner part of it was the words;

    ‘Eternally yours – Keitaro Urashima.’


    The next day Keitaro went over to Yu-chan’s family home to speak with Yu-chan about the events that occurred personally. But he received news from her mother that she had left with no way of tracing her and knowing where she was. Her family deeply apologized for what had conspired and decided that they’d pay for the entire wedding expenses as a sort of ‘sorry’. That didn’t bring any happiness to Keitaro though. Money was the least of his worries.

    Keitaro returned home, there was nowhere else he wanted to be right now. He sat at the kitchen table on one of the 4 chairs, looking at the engagement ring in his hands, reading over and over the words he had inscribed into it. Doors opened and Haitani entered with a friend of both Keitaro and himself. He was shorter than he was and bared the same type of glasses. He was dressed in a green winter jacket and jeans, Haitani was dressed the same except for a red jacket.

    “…” Keitaro said nothing to them but just kept staring at the ring.

    “…” The friend looked at Keitaro with sadness. “Keitaro-kun…I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your wedding…” He waited a couple of minutes.

    “…It’s okay…Shirai-kun.” Keitaro managed to fake a smile at both of them. “How was your vacation at Okinawa?” Shirau and Haitani seemed a bit joyed.

    “It was actually pretty nice. While I was there I met this really nice girl who showed me around. It was great…you should go there sometime Keitaro-kun.”

    “Yeah…maybe someday…”

    They were quiet once again. Shirai decided to break the eerie silence engulfing the room.

    “Sorry that she left yo-“ He was silenced by Haitani who smacked the back of his head.

    “Idiot!” Haitani hissed at Shirai in anger. Shirai quickly realised that he was just making Keitaro feel worse. He really did love that girl.

    “Thank you…” Keitaro closed his eyes and put the ring away in his pocket.

    At this time Kanako had made her entrance into the kitchen dressed in a long black coat which stopped to her knees. Yes it is very called outside but it isn’t winter.

    “Good evening Kanako.” Both Shirai and Haitani greeted.

    “Good evening you two.” She directed her attention to Keitaro as he didn’t seem to notice Kanako just yet as he stared off into space. “Oniisan?” That caught his attention.

    “Hmm? Yes Kanako?” He stared at her with lifeless eyes, this was starting to worry her.

    “Grandma Hina wants to have a word with you.”

    “Is that so?” Keitaro looked behind Kanako from his seat. “Where is she now?”

    “I’m right here.” Shirai and Haitani shot back in shock gripping their hearts when they saw Grandma Hina suddenly in the seat across from Keitaro. Keitaro slowly moved his eyes to her. “Did I surprise you?”

    “…No not really.” He answered her like he was half asleep.

    “YOU SCARED US!!!”


    “Oh my, I’m so sorry about that. But it’s not my fault you weren’t paying attention.” She laughed.

    “What did you wish to speak to me about anyway?” Keitaro spoke out. Kanako went over beside Keitaro to his left and faced her grandmother as well. Shirai and Haitani stood behind their friends.

    “Well I was going to return to Hinata Sou today in a couple of hours and I was thinking.” She looked seriously at Keitaro. “I want you to come with me.” Kanako twitched.

    “W-what? But Grandma Hina.” Kanako silenced herself as she knew not to speak against her elders.

    “Hinata Sou? That sounds so very familiar.” Shirai wondered. “Isn’t that where Keitaro made that promise?”

    “Now that you mention it. It was also a really big house.” Haitani added.

    Keitaro thought for a moment all the while looking at his grandmother. “Okay…I’ll go with you. I need to get away from this place for a while anyway…” Keitaro sighed and reached into his pant pocket and fiddled with the ring. “Might be a good opportunity to do some studying for Todai.”

    “Ah then it’s settled then!” She looked at Kanako. “Do you want to come too Kanako?”

    “Huh?” Actually that would be great if I could go with Oni-san…but I have something important to do. “No thank you but I must stay here for a while. I may come on my own later.”

    “Well then we’ll be seeing you right Keitaro-kun?” Shirau patted Keitaro’s shoulder.

    “We’ll still hang out together right?” Haitani patted his other shoulder.

    “Or course we will…you’re my friends after all.”

    “Come on Keitaro.” Grandma Hina got off her chair and walked towards the door. “We have things to do before we go.”

    “Okay, coming.” Keitaro got off and followed her. Haitani, Shirai, and Kanako waved to him as he left the door. They stood there for minutes only thinking of Keitaro. They were all very worried about him and his well being. It was painful for them to see Keitaro’s heart get broken in such a way.

    And that was all that was left of the bright young man. He has been left with a big hole in his heart that may never recover. But maybe…just maybe…Hinata Sou could help mend his wounds. This…is the story of his path to love.

    End Prologue.
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    This... is probably the quickest I've ever gotten around to reading one of your works. =P

    Anyway, INSTANT WIN!

    Another great retelling of LH by the Master Zero Eiyuu. =P

    At first... I thought you were going to pick up at the wedding... But then... "Yu-chan"? Wait a minute... THATS not Naru.
    And... being ditched at the alter?
    We all knew Keitaro's luck was bad... But THIS is too sad!

    I'm interested to see where you go with it. ^___^

    ...I'm also wondering why you chose to start another new series, rather than continue with the old ones I'd like to see finished... O_o

    Anyway, VERY nice... As usual, I look forward to more from you. ^__^

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    Oh, haha, Ryo-kun. Good to see that you liked this new series. Yeah, sorry for making you think it was Naru he was getting married to. Maybe I should've stated that this was a new beginning but oh well. And sorry about disapointing you about my old series but I've had them only in the corner of my thoughts so I haven't been thinking of them too much except for my remake of Heaven's Plan, gomen.

    Thank you though.

    (It's been so long since I was called 'Master' haha, good times.)

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    Dont apologize! That's not a fault.
    It wasnt a dissappointment at all.

    Meh... You're apologizing too much. It cant be helped... I know how creativity works. You can only work on what you feel like working on. =P
    ...still... Hell's Plan, at very least, would be nice... I did love that Canon.

    Oh well, no matter WHAT it is... I look forward to your works. ^_^

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    Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina, that belongs to Ken Akamatsu and no one else!

    Love Hina: The Path Of Love

    Chapter 1: The Great Hinata Sou

    “So you’re just going to site there and do nothing Keitaro?” Grandma Hina stated. Keitaro was seated on a long wooden bench looking at the sketch book he brought with him with his suitcase brown suitcase beside me. “Don’t you even want to at least look around? Maybe get to know the area again?”

    “It’s okay…” Keitaro gripped his book tightly but not tight enough to crumple it. “I’ll be fine right here for now, you don’t have to worry about me.” Keitaro still couldn’t forget about the events that transpired yesterday and it ate him inside. Deep down inside Keitaro, with the forgiving soul he possessed, wanted to see his fiancé’s face again and tell her that everything was okay. He wanted to tell her that he still loved her.

    “Oh Keitaro…” Grandma Hina twirled around and took a couple of steps away from him before she stopped. “You remember the way to Hinata Sou from here I assume.”

    “Yeah I remember. That’s something I couldn’t forget.” He said with a small smile. That place holds great memories that I would cherish. And of course that’s where I met that girl who I made a promise too. I wonder if I’ll ever see her again.

    “Okay then. When should I expect you to be there?”

    “About 20 minutes, maybe less. I don’t know, I just want to relax for a while.”

    “Well if that’s the case then take your time.” She turned her head just enough to see Keitaro. “There will definitely be a warm welcome for you waiting at Hinata Sou.” She walked away carrying her own big bag of items. It looked pretty big and heavy but every time Keitaro would offer to carry it she would not let him. It was amazing that she could’ve carried it, the size was too different, and it must’ve been 3 times bigger than her.

    Keitaro relaxed and took in a deep breathe. “It’s been so long since I’ve been here.” Keitaro Reminisced about past memories he had of this place of the good times he’d spent with a very special girl that he made a promise too. In his life he had never forgotten that promise and still holds to keep it. That was just the type of person he was. But as luck would have it he never got into Tokyo University, in fact after 2 tries he still hasn’t passed the entrance exams. “Don’t worry…I’ll keep that promise.”

    A cold wind blew across his body.

    The girl flashed through his mind, the girl from 15 years ago when he made the promise. He took out his sketching pencil and opened his book to a blank page near the center. He started to sketch what he had just seen. Keitaro kept it as a daily routine to draw as much as possible of the girl whenever he had the chance. He couldn’t exactly remember how she looked like but he tried. But then another thought crossed his mind while he was drawing.


    His fiancé that he was about to marry. When Keitaro was 16 he met her at school while they were paired together to do a project. One thing led to another and they become good friends, then soon girl friend and boy friend. Keitaro fell in love with her the second he laid eyes on her He really thought that she would change his life for the better, and it was like that for a while. He then remembered something that made him angry.

    He saw himself alone at the altar.

    Rage filled him instantly. He broke his pencil lead from pressing too hard, seems that he didn’t realise how hard he was pressing it. The picture looked just like the girl that flashed through his thoughts. Except that there was a lot of broken pencil lead all over where the face should be. He tried to brush it off with his hand lightly but it only smeared it black. He couldn’t make out her face anymore. Feeling defeated and stressed him but the book on his lap and pulled out a pencil sharpening and started sharpening. Another cold wind, this time it was stronger, blew across him. The wind blew the pages until it stopped near the beginning of his book at a picture of Yukari in a wedding dress. He instantly closed the book in 1 second.

    “…” I’m feeling so angry right now. But I can’t be mad at her, she must’ve had a very good reason for this… Keitaro smiled with a sad look. Maybe she just needs some time…I’m sure of it… Feeling a bit calmed down he opened his book again to another blank page next to the one he just drew. Might as well draw something else since my pencil’s sharp. But what?

    To Keitaro’s luck he noticed a girl sitting all the way to his left on a separate bench much like his. She looked down at her own feet in sadness in her green dress-like shirt. This girl had short blue hair with her bangs moving slightly to the sides of her cute face to let her blue eyes show off. She looked to be around 12 by Keitaro’s guess. Something really bothered him though; she looked extremely depressed and sad.

    That’s so depressing… is that how I’ve been looking all this time? Without really thinking he begun to draw the girl’s face on his page. He would once in a while glance at the girl then back at his book to get a better picture. That’s when the girl noticed that he was looking at her. She saw him out of the corner of her eye.

    What is he doing…? He eyed her again and resumed drawing. He had on this intense look of concentration. Is he drawing me…? She noticed that Keitaro had a small smile now. He looks like a suspicious person…I’m scared…

    He had just completed his sketch of the girl. The picture took up the whole page and was really well drawn. The girl was smiling cheerfully in his picture, the complete opposite of what he saw. Happy with his work he put his pencil back into his pocket and when he did that another wind blew across him. The pages flipped to a picture of Yukari hold out her hand to him with a happy smile. Something snapped in Keitaro though, something made him go crazy. For some reason the sight of Yukari enraged him so much that he wanted to punch through a wall and scream at the top of his lunges. His eyes widened, he grabbed his book and slammed it right into the ground with all of his might. He grinded his teeth fiercely while never keeping his eyes off the book.

    “Ah!” The girl screamed out when he did that. Keitaro snapped out of his anger and realized what he had just displayed. He calmed down and tightened his fists.

    Just what the hell am I doing? Keitaro looked at the girl who looked very scared and now looked directly into Keitaro’s eyes. I scared her… she probably thinks I’m some crazy freak now… “S-sorry.” Keitaro ran away after grabbing his suitcase and leaving from the scene without his book.

    “Sorry?” She stood up and walked towards the book. His eyes… they looked like he was in so much pain, but he had a look of sincerity. She was about to pick the book up when the wind blew again and flipped the pages to his picture of her. She gasped at the perfect sketch of her face. He got every feature right about her. This is me? Smiling…? She tried to copy the image of herself but hesitated for a second several times. But she eventually smiles just as the picture showed. This is so nice…I feel so happy… She looked into the direction of where Keitaro went. “I wonder who he was. I’d like to meet him again.”


    “…” Keitaro slowed down and started walking instead. He looked at the suitcase in his left hand and sighed. Just what was I thinking? I must’ve looked like some kind of pervert or stalking to her. I hope I didn’t scare her too much…I feel bad. He stopped and looked at his watch on his left wrist. It was 8:22 and he had told Grandma Hina he would be there in 20 minutes 22 minutes ago. “What else is there to do?” He thought for a moment then decided. “I’ll go pay Aunt Haruka a visit! Her shop should be near here.” Keitaro began walking again in the direction of where Hinata Sou was located. It’s a good thing her place is on the way there. He wasn’t paying much attention when he was walking and accidentally walked into someone. To his surprise he had just walked right into Haruka. He gave a quick look at her. She was wearing her work apron which said ‘Haruka’s Teashop’ on it. Under that she was wearing an ordinary brown shirt and jeans. Keitaro noticed one very important thing about her. “No cigarette today, Aunt Haruka?”

    She hit him over the head. Keitaro already knew why she hit him, it was because he called her ‘aunt’. He knew how much she hated it and did it on purpose. She truly hated being called aunt by him because she was still fairly young. “It’s good to see you too Keitaro.” She was actually on her way to buy some cigarettes actually before she bumped into him. She fully knew what had happened to Keitaro as she was actually attending the wedding secretly. “How have you been…?” It took Keitaro a couple of seconds to collect his thoughts.

    “I could be better. How are you?” He asked without changing his expression.

    “I’m just fine…” She smiled at him and looked behind herself. “Did you come here with Grandma Hina?”

    “Yeah actually.” He looked behind her in the direction of Hinata Sou. “She wanted me to live with her at Hinata Sou for a while.”

    “Oh?” She said with interest and eyed him. “For how long?” And I wonder if she told him all ready…

    “No idea. I was thinking maybe a couple of weeks, that’s all. I just need to relax here.” Keitaro sighed. “She really wanted me to come and live there. I sure hope it hasn’t changed.”

    “Hmm?” I guess she DIDN’T tell him. Guess it’s my job too.

    “Something on your mind?”

    “No…nothing really.” Actually he can find out on his own. That’s what he gets for calling me ‘aunt’. “You should get to Hinata Sou and talk to Grandma Hina ASAP.”

    “Why is that?”

    “No reason. See you later.” And before he knew it she was out of his sights before he could try and pry information from her.

    Too late…ASAP huh? Wonder what’s going on… While he wondered just what she meant he continued on towards Hinata Sou. It wasn’t much further from his current location and would only take minutes to reach. He wondered to himself just how Hinata Sou looked, he hadn’t been there for a good 15 years now and memories didn’t serve him well. He’s never been back there since that time he made that promise to the girl. He still couldn’t remember how this mystery girl looked like, or even her name. Memory…didn’t seem to take a liking to him…not at all.

    Keitaro stopped at the foot of a very long set of stone steps leading all the way up a big hill. It’s pathway on the sides were full of thousands of cherry blossom trees that just made the whole scenery so beautiful, so serene, so very peaceful. It made him feel like he wanted time to just stand still as he witnessed this scene. He took his sweet time to walk up those steps to admire the falling cherry blossoms, a peaceful smile on his face the entire time. It brought back great memories for him.

    When he finally got to the top he couldn’t help but marvel at the place he knew has Hinata Sou. He awed in amazement on how big it was. In the past he knew Hinata Sou was big and he thought it’d seem smaller when he got older… but it still gave him that feeling that he was so very small.

    “I guess some things never change.” He felt very nostalgic at the sight of it. He quickly ran up to the house in excitement and entered the place. There was no one in his sights, he couldn’t even hear anything. It was as if it was completely empty, and that’s what he thought.

    This is where memory is on his side slightly, he vaguely remembered everything from Hinata Sou from when he was a kid. As Keitaro walked around Hinata Sou to get his memory jogging he begun to remember everything about Hinata Sou. He took a quick glance at the hot springs, walked into the kitchen to see what there was. He gave a quick overview of the complete first floor basically. He headed for the 2nd floor and he knew where Grandma Hina’s room was and headed straight for it, ignoring any other room.

    He stood outside of her room and looked at the top. There was a sign that read; Kanrinrin. Keitaro could hear some moving around. Keitaro gently knocked on the door.

    Knock Knock

    [End Part 1]

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    [Start Part 2]

    “Come in.” the voice of Grandma Hina said. He slid the door open and walked in, sliding it closed behind him. He set his suitcase aside against the wall and looked at her. She was packing some things into 2 different suitcases. Looked mainly like clothes, magazines, and photo albums. Other than that the room was completely clean and everything was set away. “Already done sightseeing huh?”

    “Yeah… I didn’t want to make you wait.” Keitaro sat down and leaned against the wall beside his suitcase. “Planning on going somewhere Grandma Hina?” By the looks of her luggage it looks like she might be going for a long time.

    “Well yes I am.” She closed both of her briefcases and looked at Keitaro. “But I have to talk with everyone first. I hope you don’t mind.” If all goes according to plan, this will definitely help Keitaro.

    “Not at all.”

    “Well… is Hinata Sou just as you remembered?”

    “Yes it is actually. Everything’s the same.” Keitaro tried to look for his sketch book but then remembered of the recent event with the blue hair girl. He decided to forget about that and the whole thing altogether. “So where am I going to stay? And how much do I have to pay you?”

    “Pay?” The mere mention of that word coming from her own kin brought chills through her body. She waved her hands in front of her. “That won’t be needed Keitaro.”

    “Are you sure about that? How are you supposed to make money letting people stay for free?” Keitaro said half jokingly and half serious.

    “Of course, I’ll get by, don’t worry.” Seeing as Keitaro would never be able to win this conversation he decided to just give in to Grandma Hina’s word.

    “If you say so.” She’s way too nice, makes me feel bad for staying over here, even though she invited me to come. I’ll make sure to sneak her a couple 10 000 yen into her suitcase, that’s the least I can do for now. “Well then, where should I put my things?” Keitaro gave a quick glance at the only suitcase he brought.

    “Oh you can just leave your things here for now, I’ll decide later.”

    “Oh, okay…”

    “Hey I know, why don’t you go and take a nice relaxing bath in the hot springs?”

    “Hmm? Why do you say that?” Keitaro asked seeing as Grandma Hina seemed to want him out if his room.

    “Well… you seem a little tired and restless, I’m sure the hot springs will make you feel better.”

    “…” Now that I think about it that doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. “Okay.”

    “There shouldn’t be anyone in there right now so you should hurry. Hup to it Keitaro!”

    “Right right…” Geez she doesn’t have to rush me like this. But what she just said… are there people in here right now? Hmm… I wonder who they are, I should really introduce myself to them. I AM going to stay here for a bit after all. But first, the hot springs!

    Keitaro slowly shank himself into the warm steam waters of the hot springs. He set aside his glasses on the floor next to his head. Tightening his towel around his waist, he laid against the rocks and finally, since the horrible tragedy, he relaxed.

    Grandma Hina was right, there was no one to be found in the hot springs, in fact Keitaro didn’t even run into anyone in Hinata Sou. He was starting to think that everyone was out or something. But he did find it relaxing to have no one else distract or bother him.

    “If there’s one thing in this world that can relax me, it’s this.” Keitaro’s whole mind was at ease. He could think of anything or anyone and not be anger by anything right now.

    But of all the things he chose to think of… he chose to think of Yukari. He just couldn’t get her out of his head, she was his fiancée and that was something big, REALLY big. It wasn’t easy for Keitaro to hold this burden within himself, it was impossible for him to forget about her. He still very much loved her in his heart; she always held a place in there. But the pain from her leaving had left a big hole in his heart that still very much tormented him.

    Keitaro’s mind was clear, he wanted to just forget all his troubles… all of his pain… he just wanted to forget everything and lose himself in the hot springs. Before long he was slowly starting to fall asleep. But the sounds of foot steps… that kept him wide awake.

    Quickly, Keitaro snatched his glasses off the floor and stood up looking around with his glasses on. He looked where he heard the footsteps and was completely dumbfounded at who was walking to him.

    What the?! Who the heck is she?!

    What he saw really surprised him. There, standing wrapped only in a towel, was a beautiful young woman who gave Keitaro a cute smile like he was his boyfriend. She looked around to be the same age as Keitaro, probably younger though. She whipped her long hair to the side and let her dark brown eyes sparkle. Keitaro was left in awe.

    Wow… she’s so beautiful… Keitaro was too shocked and stunned to do anything in this situation. Sure he had a fiancée and all and he was sort of used to things like this. But this… this had a different effect on him. What are you thinking Keitaro!? You’re still engaged you know that!? This is unacceptable! We gatta get out of here and fast!!!

    “Ahh…” the girl sighs in relief right next to Keitaro.


    The girl slowly sank beside him and laid her back against the rocks as well. She looked up at the sky with a calm and serene look as if Keitaro wasn’t even there. Keitaro controlled himself to not look at her body because up close like this he would practically see everything. And the funny thing was that she didn’t look like she minded at all. Keitaro decided that he should leave right now.

    “You know I didn’t expect you to be in here alone, and so early too. Isn’t it better bathing together like this?” She kept looked up at the sky.

    Is she talking to me…? Well duh! I’m the only one here; of course she’s talking to me…

    “Hey Kitsune…”

    Kitsune…? OH! She thinks I’m this Kitsune person. Well we’ll be able to… WHOA!!!

    This young woman completely revealed herself to him on purpose with a calm look.

    “I think my breasts have gotten bigger.”

    Holy crap! Who IS this Kitsune person?!

    “Uhh…” Was all Keitaro could muster up.

    “They’ll never be as big as yours though. Come on, let’s give em a squeeze!” She lunged herself towards him, but Keitaro finally snapped out and reacted and firmly grabbed her shoulders to stop her in her place. She looked at his arms in surprise and definitely looked confused.

    “Excuse me but…” He calmly said, at the same time the girl slowly put a pair of round glasses on. Keitaro let go of her. “There must be some sort of misunder-“

    “KYAHHHHHHHH!” The girl closed her eyes and screamed in horror at the top of her lungs. Keitaro had to cover his ears to relieve himself from her blasted shriek.

    “Hey! What was that for?! It was you who-“


    I’d better straighten this thing out pronto! I need to calm her down first!

    “Excuse me ms but-“ Keitaro didn’t even move an inch towards the girl.

    “Don’t touch me!” She reeled back her fist and was ready to give Keitaro a major punch. Keitaro didn’t think this would hurt and continue to try and calm her down.

    “Wait, you don’t underst-“


    Naru punch?---GAHHHHHHHH!

    Before he would react, she landed her fierce punch cleanly to the side of his face. The force of her attack sent him flying straight towards the change room, right through the door. He accidentally landed right on top of another woman wrapped in a towel. After he collected himself he got to his feet and grabbed her hands, helping her up.

    “Sorry!” Keitaro gave a quick glance at the woman before him. She had short blonde hair, tall, and most likely was around his age. It took him a while to notice, but he was still holding onto her hands, he let go the second he noticed. “S-sorry!” The girl just looked really confused.

    “And you are…?”

    “No time to explain!” Keitaro dashed right past the woman in a great speed, tightly grabbed into his towel to make sure it stayed in place. The girl who punched Keitaro right into the change room and confronted the girl. “Who was that Naru?”

    “I don’t know Kitsune but he’s a pervert! You should’ve stopped him!”

    “Pervert?” I don’t know about that... he doesn’t seem like the perverted type. Also… he looks very familiar.

    “Come on, let’s get him!” The girl named Naru’s mood changed drastically, her eyes were filled with anger and bloodlust while she cracked her knuckles.

    Back with Keitaro he managed to reach the side of the stairs that lead to the 2nd floor near the front. He was still only wrapped in his towel, and he was dripping a trail of water all across the floor with his own footsteps.

    “Gees, that was crazy. I really need to talk with Grandma Hina about this.” Keitaro took a few steps up the stairs but stopped when he felt a strange feeling. It felt like there was a presence of great power near him and it wanted to do much harm to him. He looked around and saw a girl far away slowly walking towards him. She was dressed in a white and red kendo gi with a sword firmly held in her right hand. She looked right up at Keitaro with intense fiery eyes that would only come from someone who truly hated and despised men.

    “Trespassing will not be accepted, prepare for the consequences.” Keitaro noticed that she wielded a very dangerous looking sword in her right hand, it was emitting a yellow electrical current through it from what he saw. “Ougi Raimeiken!!!” The woman ran and jumped towards Keitaro slashing her sword right at him.

    HOLY CRAP! He was fast and smart enough to run away from the attack upstairs. The woman slashed the stairs and broke the side bars. She held back her power the second she knew she would miss. Looking up the stairs at Keitaro she begun to run at him. Keitaro just kept running away up the stairs and down the halls. That was a Shinmeiryuu Sword Technique! If she knows the Shinmeiryuu style of kenjutsu then I’m in trouble!

    “Get back here and receive your punishment trespasser!” Keitaro was fast and was running slightly faster than the woman who pursuited him. Keitaro turned a corning and begun to run again. The woman also turned the corner and realized that she wouldn’t catch up to Keitaro at this rate. Her sword was emitting a power again. “Hiken Zankūsen!!!” She sent a large intensely concentrated ki straight through the hall. He won’t be able to dodge that. This won’t kill him, but it will hurt like nothing he’s ever felt before.

    Did I just hear her say Hiken Zankūsen?! Crap! I got no choice then, I’m gonna have to do what sensei taught me! Keitaro skidded to an abrupt stop, turned around and held out his arms to block his body. Okay bring it on!

    What is he doing? The woman watched curiously without moving.

    The ki blast made a direct attack right in the center of Keitaro’s arms, cutting them slightly, and sent him straight down the hall like a bullet. He went extremely far and fast then bashed right through the doors of one of the resident’s rooms. He went about half way into the room before he came to a tumbling stop from the ki blast. Surprisingly after all of that his towel managed to emerge unscathed and still tightly wrapped around Keitaro.

    He shook his head and got to his feet slowly. The wind was almost knocked out of him but his body was strong and he could take it. It’s a good thing I had training with sensei or else I would be seriously hurt… now… Keitaro looked at his surroundings with bulged eyes. WHERE AM I?!

    Keitaro was surrounded by what looked to be a tropical jungle. Nothing but plants surrounded him. He looked behind but didn’t see where he came from. He was lost in this jungle; it was a whole new world for him. He needed to get out for he couldn’t grasp the dangers that awaited him in this jungle.

    Okay Keitaro, just stay calm and everything will work out. Just gatta stay cool… Keitaro rested his arm on a large fully grown tree as he thought. He didn’t notice that the tree made a strange light buzzing noise, like a mechanical device. At least I’m safe from that Shinmeiryuu girl for now.


    “Hmm?” Keitaro looked at the tree. “Did this tree just talk?” He removed his hand and realized he actually put his hand over a bug. He took a closer look and saw it was a mechanical bug with glowing red eyes. “What the…”

    “ACTIVATING CAPTURE PROCESS” The mechanical bug said.

    I got a bad feeling about this…

    All around him in a big circle, the floor tiles opened up and huge mechanical arms stretched out all around Keitaro. All of them held very high-tech sci-fi looking guns all aimed right at Keitaro’s head. He froze up in place from fear; he couldn’t and didn’t want to move at all.

    I got a REALLY bad feeling about this…

    Behind him though a mechanical arm stretched out and held a small wooden mallet between its fingers. It hit Keitaro over the back of his head and knocked him out onto the floor. He was unconscious.

    “Huh? Who’s this person?” A mysterious girl walked up to Keitaro’s unconscious body.


    Just about 10 minutes later Keitaro found himself lying in a bed, someone else’s bed. He slowly sat up and looked around; he was still surrounded by many plants and oddly enough tons of bananas. Off to his right side he could notice a large box that was labeled ‘Hinarei’.

    “Good, you’re awake.” A girl said softly. Keitaro felt the girl grab his hand from the other side of the bed, he looked over at her. She looked to be around 13-years-old, dressed in a sailor school uniform, had dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. She looked like a nice and calm girl. “Oh, my name’s Kaolla Su, you can call me Su.”

    Keitaro looked down at himself saw he was still wearing his towel. “Oh… uhh… hi Su.” The girl named Su poke and prodded at Keitaro’s entire arm. “Umm, what are you doing?”

    “Just checking up on you. By the way what’s your name?”

    “Umm… Keitaro Urashima. Wait a minute, I’m okay. There’s no need to check on me.”

    “No, I know that. That’s what I’m amazed at. I saw my surveillance tapes of you and Motoko. Just how could you take such a attack I wonder…”

    “I don’t know, I’ve always had a strong body. And my sensei taught me a lot.”

    “Well it’s decided!”

    “Huh?! What?!” Su hugged Keitaro tightly suddenly.

    “You’re gonna be my new test subject from now own Keitawo!” She yelled out with such happiness. It was certainly cute, but Su’s embraced on Keitaro was very tight. Plus the thought of being a test subject for whatever she had in mind didn’t really comfort

    Just what the heck is the girl talking about?!

    A familiar voice called out from the jungle in this room.

    “Su! There’s a pervert in your room! Be careful!” It was definitely the girl who attacked Keitaro previously. The sounds of her slashing through bushes and leaves could be heard, and they were getting close. “And tell me where you are! I’m lost!”

    “Hmm? Is Motoko after you test subject?” Su asked innocently.

    Motoko?! That must be Motoko Aoyama! I’m in big trouble if she finds me in here! Keitaro grabbed Su’s shoulders and shook her lightly. “You gatta get me out of here Su!”

    “Okay that can be arranged! Just stand right there!” Su pointed over beside the bed on the left side. Keitaro walked over and stood over a tile that had a yellow painted happy face on it.

    “Right, now what?”

    “Now...” Su pulled out a simple remote with a simple red button on it. She lightly hovered over the button with her finger and smiled at Keitaro. “YOU GO FLYING!!!”

    “What?” Keitaro looked too dumfounded to fully grasp exactly what she meant.

    The floor abruptly sprung up instantly about 5 meters up, sending Keitaro high up into the air and right through the ceiling.

    “Try to land on the target!!!” Su yelled out to Keitaro.


    Keitaro was launched high up into the air, way above Hinata Sou. From far away Keitaro would look like some kind of bird flying into the air and diving down!

    “This isn’t good…” Keitaro started to fall on a different area of the place, he was headed straight for a big blue, white, and red target painted on the flat roof. “If I land on that from here like this I’m dead!” What can I do what can I do?!

    Luckily for Keitaro in the center of the target, a big air pad suddenly inflated right in a big boom. It was the size of the target itself and looked to be strong enough to take in Keitaro’s impact on it. He landed straight into the center of the pad safely. Rolling over on the air pad he faced up to the sky and sighed.

    Thank god I’m alive… Wait a minute… is that… Keitaro looked into the distance and saw something flying towards him in the air. Su?


    “Su?! What the-?!” Before he could even move, he couldn’t anyway; she landed right on top of Keitaro in a big crash. As a result of the force of her impact in combination of Keitaro, the entire roof under them collapsed and they both went crashing down through the roof. As the dust cleared from the wreck Keitaro got to his feet and looked at Su. She was lying on top of the deflated pad with a happy smile. Keitaro couldn’t believe it. “Why did you do THAT for?!” Keitaro demanded an answer from her. This had better be good!

    “Because it was fun!” She says happily like it was nothing.

    What…? Okay that’s just too strange. He looked around at his surroundings and noticed they landed right in front of the Kanrinrin’s room. What luck for Keitaro, just where he wanted to be.

    The door of the Kanrinrin’s room opened up and Grandma Hina looked straight at Keitaro standing there all disoriented. She threw him his clean clothes and felt her temples. “You’d better get dressed.”

    “Huh?” To Keitaro’s surprise… his towel was missing in action. “Oh god! Sorry!”

    “It’s okay it’s okay… just hurry up before anyone else see’s you.”

    “There you are!” Too late, the group of girls came running into the scene. Keitaro was only able to put his pants on half way up, but he covered himself nonetheless. “Su! Landlord! Step away from that male.” The woman held out her sword pointing at Keitaro.

    “Oh so I see you’ve met my grandson.” Grandma Hina said to every one of the girls. The whole area becomes deathly silent for a couple of minutes.


    [End Part 2]

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    [Start Part 3]


    Keitaro was seated on the very end of the table with the rest of the girls sitting across from him. All but Su were giving him some deadly stares that made him feel uncomfortable. Grandma Hina told them all to wait there while she got something important. Haruka was also there and in that time she also told Keitaro each of these girl’s names. Haruka stood behind Keitaro. She informed Keitaro of some very important details about Hinata Sou, the most important that Hinata Sou was now a all girls' dormitory. He was deeply surprised indeed.

    Naru Narusegawa, the girl Keitaro was in the hot springs with. She was actually 17 years old and was aiming for Tokyo University. She was really smart according to Grandma Hina.

    Mitsune Konno, a.k.a. Kitsune was the girl who Keitaro ran into next. Apparently she loves saké, is a freelance journalist, and has a mischievous little habit to play pranks.

    Motoko Aoyama, the sword wielding girl. To Keitaro’s surprise she was only 15 and had a great deal of knowledge of the Shinmeiryuu. She completely despises males for some odd reason that Grandma Hina doesn’t know.

    Kaolla Su, Keitaro already knew a little about her. She is, according to Grandma Hina, very hyperactive, is a mechanical genius from an unknown foreign country that Su never told anyone.

    Though Keitaro knew all of this he still found it hard to have a normal conversation with them. The atmosphere really was all to inviting, mainly to him.

    “…” Motoko didn’t stop on giving him such intense looks that made it clear that she didn’t like him at all. Him? A relative of such a saint such as our Landlord? This just can’t be…

    “Sorry to have kept you waiting.” All attention turned over to Grandma Hina as she took a seat right beside Keitaro. She held some papers in her hands. She was smiling a little. “Okay, I know you all would like to know why I’ve called this meeting.” Everyone was waiting; their silence showed that she was right. “Well as you all know I’ve planned to travel around the world.” Everyone nodded to acknowledge her. “And I’ve been thinking on who should be the new landlord while I’m gone.”

    So this is why she called the meeting. No doubt Haruka will be the new landlord. Keitaro thought to himself. Grandma Hina held the papers towards what looked like Haruka.

    “I choose you, Keitaro.” Keitaro was speechless, actually everyone was. But Haruka didn’t seem phased at this at all. “This is the deed to Hinata Sou, I give it to you.”

    Motoko and Naru looked like they were on the verge of blowing their heads. Their anger was quickly growing at all the problems with what their landlord was doing. How could she choose a male to run an all girls’ dormitory like Hinata Sou? This was all too much for everyone.

    This is completely unacceptable! I won’t accept this male as our landlord! I’d rather die than this! How could she do such a thing?! Motoko roared in her mind.

    He’s a complete pervert! What is she thinking making such a guy our landlord! None of us is going to take this sitting down! Naru screamed in her thoughts.

    Both Motoko and Naru stood up abruptly and took deep breathes to say what was on their minds.


    “I will not accept!”

    Everyone… even Haruka and Grandma Hina… were surprise at how Keitaro reacted to this. He had his fist tightly pressed against the table. His teeth were gritted so tightly. His eyes showed so much anger in them.

    “But…” Grandma Hina felt hurt at this.

    “I’m sorry Grandma Hina but I can’t!” Keitaro stood up and walked away. Before he left the room he muttered to himself but was loud enough for everyone to hear. “I’ve had enough for today…”

    End Chapter 1

    Zero Eiyuu: Sorry I was in a really big hurry when I was writing this. Really hope you enjoyed the story and all, sorry if it was so long and just kept running on and on. But oh well. Plese continue to read my story as it progresses! I promise you this will be a great story that will last a long time. Until next time. Please review if you can.

    Sayonara Minna-san.

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    (A/N): Umm…sorry for the delay… I’m trying to get these chapters up as fast as I can but when I’m typing them up, after one page I get bored and go do something else, haha… gomenasai…

    Disclaimer: Me own Love Hina? Well that’s not true; Love Hina belongs to Ken Akamatsu and no one else.

    Grandma Hina stood outside of her room quietly waiting. She knew that Keitaro had taken refuge in her room; she knew that this was the only place right now that he felt secure. It was the same as when Keitaro was just a child and had first come to visit her so long ago. To her… Keitaro was still that child 15 years ago.

    It looks like my plan has backfired… how unfortunate. Things had just become just a bit complicated now. She let out a sigh and rested her hand on her door quietly. “Keitaro…”

    “I’m sorry Grandma Hina… I just…" Keitaro paused to think about what he just done downstairs. "I can't do that... to work here... to live here with such... crazy girls. Except that Kitsune girl, she's the only one who seems to be normal..."

    Oh, is he in for it then. He just didn't get to know Kitsune enough. "Keitaro, it’s not like I'm trying to hurt you or anything, I'm just trying to do what's best for you. And right now it's to keep your mind off those terrible things."

    "It's not easy... It's not easy at all for me..."

    "Tell you what Keitaro. How about you spend the night here at Hinata Sou first then decide if you want to run it, okay?"

    "I don't see the point... my mind is already made up. I definitely do not want to run Hinata Sou..."

    "Oh Keitaro..." Hopefully you'll have a change of heart very soon.

    The day went by slowly for Keitaro; he didn't really want to leave his Grandmother's room at all. He just didn't want to have to comfort the girls; their previous encounters were just too much for him in his current state. He didn't even want to leave to eat when Grandma Hina went to get him. What he was doing though... he was just lying on the ground staring into the ceiling the whole time, all up until he fell asleep. But this gave him a lot of time to think, to think about what Grandma Hina was asking of him. His decision was still the same though; he would not run Hinata Sou. He still had other matters to deal with.

    But sometimes things you don't want to happen WILL happen no matter what. Some may call it destiny...some may call this fate... but in Keitaro's case... it's called Grandma Hina.

    Love Hina: The Path of Love

    Chapter 2: The Perks

    "Hey... Kei-kun...?" Keitaro is asked from the darkness of the night, not being able to see anything as the moon was covered by clouds.


    "I was wondering something."

    "What's on your mind?" Keitaro asked as he looked at the silhouette of a female figure approach him slowly.

    "You love me right...?"

    "..." Keitaro paused for the moment and gave a look of sheer surprise. But it wasn't like this person could see that anyway. "You already know that, heh." He smiled and held out his hand, grasping the woman's soft hands. "Of course I love you."

    "Would you always love me... no matter what?" The woman's voice whispered softly.

    Keitaro thought for a second and waited as the moon now shined upon them. He could now clearly see the face of this woman with that blush on her face. "Always... you have my word... Yukari."


    Keitaro opened his eyes suddenly and finally awoke from his dream. He couldn’t describe what he was feeling right now, he was so unsure of himself lately. He didn’t know WHAT he was going to do any more; things just were so complicated for him. The events from yesterday didn’t exactly help with his stress either. And the thought of being the landlord of Hinata Sou… that was the LAST thing he wanted right now.

    Reaching across the floor for his glasses he glanced at his watch, still lying in his futon he laid out. “Hmm… 9:00AM.” Obviously the long I stay here the worst things will be. I need to have a nice long chat with Grandma Hina… alone. He let out a groan and lazily got himself out of bed to get dressed into his casual jeans and polo grey shirt. “Besides… staying in this place with such got headed girls would be bad for my well being.”

    “Hot headed?!” A loud voice yelled above Keitaro. The voice was quickly silenced though.

    “That was weird…” He glanced all around the room then quickly scanned the ceiling. He noticed there was a rather big hole in the ceiling. Going under it he saw something was blocking the hole, like a big wood plank. He tried pushing it away but just couldn’t, there was a lot of pressure keeping it in place. He gave up on that. “Strange…” I’ll investigate that later I guess. But first I’d better look for Grandma Hina


    “That’s horrible!!!” Su yelled out with great anger.

    Su, Kitsune, Motoko, and Haruka where all together seated in the kitchen table. Haruka had just explained the entire situation that Keitaro was in to the girls. Haruka was not surprised to get such shocked looks from them. However you couldn’t tell with Motoko, she didn’t look phased by the story one bit.

    “Wow… that’s something…”

    “Yeah, but he must’ve done something wrong to make her do that.”

    “I can’t believe this! What kind of woman just does that?!”

    “Su! Just calm down.” Haruka went and held Su by her shoulders, she calmed down and relaxed. “Good… now look. I want you all to take it easy on him okay? He’s going through a really hard time right now. I don’t want to have to worry about him.” Who knows, if things get worse he may think of… suicide… NO! Keitaro wouldn’t do such a thing.

    “But he’s a male!” Motoko protested harshly. “He has no place here!” Who knows what he’d do here. “This is a girl’s dorm for Kame’s sake!”


    Haruka slammed her palm onto the table. This shook up all 3 of them. “Please! He’s been through too much! Don’t make things harder for him!”

    “But he’s a per-“

    “Keitaro is NOT a pervert. I’ve known him since he was just a little kid. He’s not that kind of person.”

    “You know I’m pretty sure she’s right.” Haruka and Motoko faced Kitsune. Su was busy spinning around bashing Yukari in her head. “I mean, he didn’t react like other guys around us, for one. I mean in all this time of seeing me and Naru naked and all, I never saw him really react to that.”

    “That’s because Keitaro’s different.” Haruka sighed. “Some may think he’s a pervert, but he’s just very clumsy and is very accident prone.” She stared off into a daze. “Just be nice to him…”

    It just so happens to Keitaro walked by the doorway just as they were done talking. He peered into the kitchen and saw the girls. He was about to go in and have a nice chat, but the sight of Motoko sent chills down his spine. The glare she was giving him didn't seem so inviting either. He didn't bother to walk in. "Umm... any of you know where Grandma Hina is right now?"

    "Grandma Hina?" Haruka repeated and thought for a second. "Sorry, can't help you there. Haven't seen her since yesterday."

    “Oh…okay then. Well… could you tell her that I need to talk to her if you see her?” Keitaro asks, only looking at Haruka.

    “Of course.”


    Haruka saw what he was wearing. “You going somewhere?”

    “Yeah, just out for a bit. I can’t stay cooped up in this place.” He scratched the back of his head with a smile.

    “Okay then. Just come back soon okay?” She waved him off and wanted until she heard him leaving. She heard the front door shut. “He acts calm… but in reality… he’s being eaten inside…”

    In that instant Naru decided to walk into the scene completely unaware of everything that happened. The 4 of them knew they would have to explain everything to her.


    The blue haired little girl from yesterday sat on the bench that Keitaro had taken before, in the exact same spot. She was dressed exactly the same and held Keitaro’s sketchbook in her arms. She’d been there since 7:30; she didn’t want to be home right now. Things were not okay back at home when her father appeared.

    “Why do they always have to fight…?” She was on the verge of crying her little heart out. Thinking of her issues at home really tore her up inside. She couldn’t stand it. Just… what do I do? What CAN I do? She was going through a lot of torment in her life; her parents were the cause of it all. They were so inconsiderate of their only daughter’s feelings in her eyes. She just wanted to cry. Tears started to form under her eyes.

    “It’s you…” The girl looked up and saw the concerned look of Keitaro looking down on her. “Why are you crying?” The girl wiped away the tears that almost rolled down her face, feeling a little embarrassed. “I hope I wasn’t the one who made you cry.”

    “N-no it wasn’t!” She shyly said.

    “Good… I’m glad.” Keitaro took a seat right beside her, staring off into the distance. “Sure is a nice day...” The girl looked down at her lap at the sketchbook.

    “Umm… excuse me?” She got his attention and held his sketchbook to him.

    “My sketchbook!” He happily accepted his book back. “Thank you very much…umm…” It occurred to him that he didn’t know what her name was. She realised this though as she was thinking the same thing.

    “Shinobu Maehara.”

    “Ah, thank you Shinobu-chan.” Shinobu felt embarrassed in this situation, her face was fiercely turning bright red. It’s still in perfect condition too… I wonder if she looked inside… With this question going through his head he gave Shinobu a suspicious look.

    “Ano…” Why is he looking at me like that? Does he know I saw his picture of me? Oh my god I knew I shouldn’t have done that! He’s going to hate me!!!

    It’s nothing, just thinking.” It’s no big deal I guess. I mean she did return it to me. Besides it was a drawing of her, not like I had any right to draw her anyway.

    “…” Shinobu smiled, got up, and began to walk away.

    “Wait!” She didn’t even get 3 steps away from the bench when Keitaro called out to her. She turned and faced him questionably. “Are you busy right now?”

    “Huh…? N-no.” She said nervously and just a bit excited. What are you getting so excited about? It’s not like he’s going to ask us out.

    “Would you like to go and grab a bite to eat with me?” Keitaro his hand in front of him. “My treat of course.”

    Shinobu looked at him dumbfounded. Her heart was racing and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Keitaro. But she managed to gather her composer and gave another cute smile. “I’d love too.”

    This is the least I can do too thank her.


    Shinobu and Keitaro were seated across from each other on a two person circle table. The place wasn’t really packed or anything, there must’ve been only 5 other people there. Only 1 female waitress was going around taking orders and serving them their food. Shinobu and Keitaro had to wait for their turn to be served.

    “Oh my how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself.” Boy is THAT embarrassing, “I’m Keitaro Urashima. Nice to meet you Shinobu-chan.

    “N-nice to meet you too, Keitaro-sempai.”

    “Sempai?” The mere thought of him being called sempai made him laugh inside. “I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean I’m still trying to get into Tokyo University.”

    “I know but I’m only an 8th grader, and you’re already going into university. Calling you sempai would only be proper, being so much higher than me in school…” Several seconds later the information processed in her head. “You’re aiming for Tokyo University?!” She looked like she was ready to jump out of her seat from excitement and amazement. “That’s the top University in Japan! You must be in the top percentage if you’re aiming for that!”

    Truth be told Keitaro was WAY under the passing grade.

    “Heh… umm, not really.” Wish I didn’t have to dig THIS up from the past. “I’ve actually failed to get in… twice already.” Shinobu calmed down, her excitement diminished as well. “BUT… That doesn’t stop me from trying and trying. The point is to never give up on your goals no matter how hard it may seem. No matter how much suffering, heartbreak, and pain I go through. That is what I think.” What he had just said really clicked in her head. It made her think of her own problems back and home and how she should deal with things. Shinobu would remember these words always. “Enough about me though. Tell me a little about yourself Shinobu-chan.”

    “Well…” she trailed off when the waitress had finally come up to them. She had short black hair, bangs that stopped right on her eyebrows, and emerald green eyes that looked very calm. She wore a normal black t-shirt and jeans. She held up her little notebook to take their orders.

    “What can I get you two?”

    “Beef bowl for me please.” Keitaro ordered and looked at Shinobu.

    “Alright. And you miss?” She glanced at Shinobu and kept her sights on her notebook to take her order down.

    “Huh? Me? Oh no, I’m not hungry.”


    Shinobu covered her stomach in embarrassment, her face went completely red. Both Keitaro and the waitress laughed her Shinobu’s stomach. It was loud enough for everyone there to hear.

    “Y-you sure about that Shinobu-chan?” Keitaro laughed.

    “Auuu…” Oh my gosh… please keep it down stomach. Look what you’ve done to me now! “Ano… maybe I’ll have the miso soup…”

    “Okay. Coming right up!” The waitress laughed a bit in what she said and walked away. What a cute looking couple.

    “’Not hungry’ huh? Looks like your stomach disagreed with you there, hah!” He stated to tease her a little.

    “Auu, I almost died of embarrassment.”

    “I could see that, heh.” Keitaro paused. “What were you about to say before she came?”

    “Oh… that’s…” Her mood changed and turned depressed, it wasn’t a pleasant sight for Keitaro. “What is there to say? I’m 12-years-old, I love to cook, and I’ll be moving soon…”

    The last part of her little sentence got caught in his mind. “What? You’re moving? Why?”

    “Well you see… my parents… they’re separated. And on that case they’ve decided to leave this place and sell our old home.” She looked out the window to their side at the many people walking by. “It’s not like I want to leave here, I want to stay here. To be able to stay at my school with my friends, to be able to live in such a peaceful place.” Her sights shifted over to Keitaro. “To see and talk to you again.”


    Keitaro couldn’t fully grasp how Shinobu was feeling, but he did understand her. He went through a similar thing in his life, not so tragic, but similar in some ways. He didn’t know what he could do for her, he wanted to help her for sure. But just what could he do? He needed to do some thinking about this. He just didn’t want Shinobu to be sad anymore.

    The waitress came up and placed their orders right in front of them with a smile. “Enjoy.”

    “Ah, arigato gozaimasu.” Keitaro looked back at Shinobu. “Come on, let’s eat.”

    “Huh?” She wasn’t exactly paying much attention; she was lost in thought for the moment. “H-hai!”

    And so they ate together. Keitaro of course was eating slowly, mainly due to the fact on how fast Shinobu was going through her miso soup. She was REALLY hungry it would seem. In any case this really amused him but he had to eat fast if he wanted to keep up with her.

    Once they were finished eating, Keitaro paid the bill and they left together. Heading back to the bench where he confronted her they sat down side by side.

    “Thank you for treating me, sempai.”

    Hmm? How did it suddenly get straight to just ‘sempai? “No problem Shinobu-chan.” Keitaro flipped through his sketchbook and stopped on the sketch of Shinobu from yesterday. Carefully he ripped it out and handed it to Shinobu. “I want you to have this Shinobu-chan.”

    “What?” Shinobu nervously took the picture and got a good look at it. “Are you sure about this? I mean, it’s a really well drawn drawing.”

    “It’s okay. Seeing the real smile is good enough for me.” He smiled at her, giving her a gentle look. “That smile you gave me when you took me up on my offer to treat you. For some reason your smile has really brightened up my day you know that?” He looked up at the sky slightly but mainly kept her in his vision. “I’m sure others would feel the same… promise you’ll smile more, okay?”

    “Shinobu felt as though she was going to cry. She never had anyone be so nice to her in her life. She was feeling things that she couldn’t describe thanks to him. “I will… sempai.” She stood up and bowed to him. “I’m sorry but I should be going now.”

    “Aww… okay then.”

    “Good-bye sempai.”

    “Good-bye Shinobu-chan.” As he watched her walk away he couldn’t hold back the sad feelings he had for her. A 12-year-old girl moving from a town she probably love her whole life, having divorced parents who she thought would stay together forever. To have a family just break up like that in her life. This was all very hard for her. But what could he do? …Maybe Grandma Hina is back at Hinata Sou.


    [End Part 1]

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    [Begin Part 2]


    “Ah, Keitaro. Finally back I see.” Haruka greeted him when he walked up the stairs that lead to Hinata Sou. Seemed that she was waiting for him at the top of the stairs for a while now, smoking her cigarette. She still had that emotionless expression though, Keitaro would never tell how his aunt was feeling or thinking.

    “Any sign of Grandma Hina?” He walks up beside her and they both go towards the front door.

    “You could say that.” She took one last drag, dropped it to the ground, and then stomped it out. “Let’s go to the kitchen.”

    He follower her into Hinata Sou and into the kitchen. He paused when Haruka walked in before him because he saw the rest of the girls in there as well. Seeing as Motoko wasn’t currently giving him the evil eye he was able to go in, still a bit scared and nervous though. But one thing bothered him; Grandma Hina was nowhere to be found. He took a seat at the end with Haruka standing beside him. She through a pile of papers in front of him, he knew exactly what this was.

    “I thought I made myself clear last time?” He let out with a sigh, grabbed the papers, and straightened them out. Having to run this place would just be like some sort of nightmare. “Did she give these to you personally?”

    “No actually. I found these in my shop in the morning after you left. She also left a letter for you. I’ve already read this to everyone. She threw him a letter with a broken seal. Keitaro would notice the disappointing looks from the girls… well except for Su, she looked pretty such happy.

    Keitaro took it and began to read it out loudly.

    Dear Keitaro, Haruka, and girls,

    Sorry to have left so suddenly and all but I honestly had no choice in the matter. Sorry Keitaro that I’ve done this to you but trust me… this is for your own good. I have already signed over Hinata Sou onto your name, congratulations you’re officially the new Hinata Sou landlord., never thought you’d own such a place I’m guessing. This should be a treat. This works well for you too you know? You don’t have to pay any rent, you’re closer to your prep school, and you’ve got a lot of nice girls to keep you company. Please understand how they feel. They’ve got a lot of things going on with their lives too.

    Haruka you’d better take care of these kids while I’m gone. Make sure they don’t do anything illegal or anything I wouldn’t approve of. Oh yeah there’s no smoking in Hinata Sou, you’ll have to put that out.

    Girls… please don’t make things any harder for Keitaro; he’s very sensitive right now. He could sure use the comfort of those around him, please support him. I’m counter on you girls to make sure that Keitaro is fine when I come back. Keep a strong head on your shoulders now.

    Remember Keitaro you have complete authority here now, you can do what you wish with Hinata Sou as you see fit. After all, you ARE the owner now.

    See you in a few years.

    ---Grandma Hina---

    Everyone was speechless. Of all of these people the only one who seemed happy was Su. Actually deep inside she was REALLY happy and excited.

    “Haruka…” Keitaro whispered. “Could you… do me a favour?”

    Hey, I know what he’s thinking. “Sorry Keitaro, I can’t take Hinata Sou off your hands. I got my hands full with my teashop already.”

    “No, that’s not it at all.” He looks up at her. “Do you happen to know where the Maehara residence is?”

    “Maehara?” Haruka questioned. Strange, I was sure that Keitaro would’ve burst out again, why the sudden change? Maehara… I’ve heard of them from some of my costumers… Oh wait, I know where they live, was in the back of my mind. “Yeah I do. Why though?”

    “There’s someone I need to talk too. Could you bring me there?”

    Haruka could tell how serious Keitaro was. He was speaking as if this was the most important thing in his life. “Okay, I’ll bring you there.” She turned to the girls. “You girls stay here, understood?”

    “You can trust us.” Kitsune said happily. Yeah, like I’m really gonna stay here. I gatta see what’s going on here.

    “Yeah, we know what to do.” Naru agreed along side of Kitsune. Kitsune, you’re planning on following them aren’t you? Might as well tag along too.

    Motoko looked at the 2 girls and could only shake her head. She knew what they were thinking and what they were going to do. Looks like I won’t be able to stop them, oh well.

    Su wasn’t paying attention at all and was just thinking about bananas in her mind the whole time. Oh, I wonder how many I can eat today; maybe I’ll break my record! While she was thinking of those banana related things, Haruka and Keitaro had left. Hey! Where are they going?! Must follow and spy like a ninja!


    Shinobu Maehara sat alone in her room. All her things had been packed up neatly into there boxes. Her room was nearly empty except for her table where she was sitting at. She looked down at her table at the picture that Keitaro had given her. On the side she was actually drawing something herself. She’d been working on this ever since she left Keitaro and was doing a good job on her drawing. There were other reasons why she was doing this though… it as the only way she could drawn ou the arguments of her parents out by the front door within the house.

    Just a bit of shading here…. And there… darken this line and-

    “I thought I told you to get the hell out!” yelled Mrs. Maehara from outside. “Just go away and never come back!”

    “What? Is it a crime just to come see my daughter?!”

    “I told you to leave, you bum!”

    “Me?! The bum?! What about you?! You don’t even have a job!”

    “Shut up!”

    “How are you suppose to support Shinobu-chan?!”

    “Go to hell, I’ll get by okay!?”

    “For God’s sake think about Shinobu-chan!”

    “Shut up! Don’t tell me how to raise my daughter!”

    “She’s my daughter too!”

    These were the things Shinobu had to deal with just about everyday when her father came to see her. Seeing and hearing her parents fight like this always made her want to cry, at many times she had. No one, especially someone so young, would want their parents to fight like this. Shinobu was no exception.

    Done… Shinobu put down her pencil and admired her own drawing. It’s not as good as sempais… but… She blushed at her own drawing and put it under Keitaro’s. Sempai… I wish I could just see you one more time…


    The house’s doorbell rang and Shinobu’s ears perked up. Who could that be? We’re not expecting anyone… Shinobu slowly crept out of her room and peered from the corning to the front door. Her eyes went wide and her heart raced. Sempai?!

    Keitaro was standing outside the front door with Haruka standing slightly behind him. Both of them looked dead serious at her parents. “Hello Mr. Maehara… Mrs. Maehara. May I speak with the two of you?” Keitaro acted calm and spoke clearly and slowly. He could tell that these two were fighting from the angry looks they gave him.

    “About what?” MR. Maehara strongly said in an attempt to keep his composer.

    “Shinobu-chan, of course.”

    Shinobu’s heart skipped a beat when he called out her name.

    “Who are you and how do you know my daughter?!” Mrs. Maehara yelled out, obviously concerned and wondering if this was a suspicious guy.

    “I’m Keitaro Urashima, owne of Hinata Sou.”

    “Hinata Sou?” Mr. and Mrs. Maehara questioned.

    “The all girls’ dormitory?” Mr. Maehara asked

    “Yes, that is correct.” Keitaro sighed. “You know I’ve spoken and listened to Shinobu-chan. She told me everything about what’s going on here. I can’t say that I’m not worried.”

    “Get to the point Keitaro-san.” Mr. Maehara said harshly to act mean.

    “I want Shinobu to come live at Hinata Sou, along with the other female tenants of course.” They weren’t responding to what he had just said. It was too much of a surprise and they needed to collect their thoughts. “She wouldn’t have to worry about her rent, knowing her situation I can handle to pull some strings.”

    “But you’re a man! A man running a girls’ dorm! That can’t possibly be good at all! You probably-!”

    Don’t even go there! Haruka knew exactly what she was getting at. She was going to assume that Keitaro was doing things to the girls; she definitely looked like the type of person to jump to such conclusions. “Keitaro is NOT a pervert! He’s not that kind of person and you will NOT say such things about him!” Haruka yelled and caused much silence.

    “Look… you have to understand what’s happening to Shinobu-chan. She’s lived here all her life right?” He waited for her parents to nod their heads. “How do you think this effects Shinobu-chan? Having to move away from a place she had never left so suddenly, to go to a completely different place. Having to leave her old friends behind so suddenly. Leaving without even being able to say good-bye to anyone! To see her own parents fighting all the time!” Keitaro tightened his fist in anger. “How do you think this all effects her?!” Everyone was silent. The girls hiding far from behind Haruka and Keitaro all listened carefully. Shinobu herself looked like she was going to burst into tears. “…You’re her parents… she’s your daughter… you should notice these things. As her parents you must do the right things for her.”

    “…” They were speechless. So they only did one thing; they slowly closed the door right on Keitaro’s face. Nothing else was said by them. Haruka placed her hand on his shoulder.

    “Are you okay Keitaro?”

    Keitaro let his grip go and closed his eyes tightly. “Yeah…” he turned around. “Let’s go back.” Keitaro hadn’t even noticed that Su, Kitsune, Naru, and even Motoko had followed and heard everything. He didn’t look like he would even care if he knew though. “I tried my best Shinobu-chan… I really did…”

    “Don’t sweat it Keitaro. “ Haruka patted his shoulder. “I’m sure things will turn around for you.” Those girls! I thought I told them to stay back at Hinata Sou! You’d better run while you can! She looked right into the direction of where they were hiding. Motoko could see the deathly glare she was giving them. They immediately ran away.

    “Yeah… I really hope so Haruka.”


    The next morning Keitaro was up early at 7:00am to just do some early checking up on Hinata Sou. Before he could do this thought he went to the kitchen to get something to fully wake him up. He was still half asleep and coffee or tea would be the answer for that.


    The phone rang before he could even get one step into the kitchen. Ugh… who calls this early in the morning? Keitaro picked up the phone and held it to his ear, wiping his eyes. “Moshi moshi?”


    I know that voice anywhere. “Ah, hello Kanako.”

    “Is it true? Are you the owner of Hinata Sou now?”

    “Yeah…” Unfortunately… I wonder how Kanako found out about this. Must’ve been told by Haruka.

    “That’s great oniichan! I didn’t know Grandma Hina was so generous. I hope you’re doing well with this oniichan!”

    “Thanks Kanako… So where are you coming here anyway?” I still remember you saying you’d come. I wish you’d hurry up… you being here would make things a whole lot easier for me.

    “I don’t know, maybe a week or two. I can’t really say.” Keitaro could hear a knock on the front door. But also Keitaro could hear Kanako give a little gasp, her mood completely changed and was somewhat robotic. “Anyway I have to go now oniichan. See you later.” She hangs up quickly, not even giving him time to say his good-byes.

    Wonder what’s up with her… Oh well, she seems excited about something. But who could that be at the door? Keitaro went straight for the door and opened it. He was surprised to see Mr. Maehara and Shinobu standing before him. “Mr. Maehara.” Was all he could say for now.

    “Please, Yashuhara will do… Keitaro-kun.”

    “Okay… Yashuhara-san. Please, come in.” He led the two of them into the kitchen and seated them beside each other. Keitaro sat across from the two. “What brings you two here?”

    It took Yashuhara a few seconds to speak. “I’ve talked to Shinobu-chan for quite sometime with her mother.” He lightly touched Shinobu’s hand. “Honestly Keitaro-kun what you’ve said is just about exactly what I was trying to tell her mother this while time. What you’ve said had really set her mind straight. I really have to thank you for this.” Yashuhara his hands on the table. “After much talking with each other with Shinobu-chan. Since she has great expectations from this place and you, we’ve decided. It would be best for her I she lives here at Hinata Sou.

    “Really?!” Keitaro exclaimed and stood up from excitement.

    “Yes, of course. You understood Shinobu’s feelings just as I do. I can’t think of any better place for her. And I know you’ll take care of my little angel.


    “So Keitaro-kun… will you take in my daughter as one of your tenants?”

    Keitaro smiled brightly. It was a while since he felt so happy. He held out his hand to Shinobu. “Welcome to Hinata Sou, Shinobu Maehara!”

    “H-hai! Thank you sempai!” Shinobu accepted and shake his hand happily with that cute smile of hers. Her father was happy to see her smile as well.

    Thank you Keitaro-kun, you’ve done a great thing today. Shinobu’s well being, her feelings, and her very heart will be safe in your care… I just know it. “I’ll send her things here right away. You can also contact me or her mother on these phone numbers in case of an emergency.” He handed him a piece of lined paper with their numbers on it. “I’ll be going now.” He got to his feet and walked to the doorway.


    “Hmm?” He turns around to see her daughter’s smiling face.

    “Thank you!”

    “…No problem… angel.”

    End Chapter 2

    Zero Eiyuu: Well that's chapter 2, hope you liked it. I'm very sorry If you didn't like it due to the lack of the other girls. But thi chapter was all about Shinobu-chan and Keitaro-kun so I had to do things like this. oh well, next chapter things will he crazy, I'll tell you that! Haha!

    As I was thinking I thought I'd give some info out for later chapters. Mutsumi, Sarah, Seta, Yukari, Kanako, Tama-chan, Nyamo, and just about every other support and minor character will make their appearances later on, and they will have huge impacts onto the story. So yeah.

    You know I've been thinking of some pairings but I haven't exactly come to an conclusion about it. I was thinking later I'll just branch off into 6 different endings in the end, but that would just take a little bit too long. Possible pairings are: Shinobu/Keitaro, Mutsumi/Keitaro, Kanako/Keitaro, Naru/Keitaro (highly unlikely though), Su/Keitaro, and Yukari/Keitaro.

    I'm still thinking though.

    Oh well, review if you wish, chapter 3 will be up in like, ugh, I dunno, 2-4 weeks, blah!

    Sayonara minna-san!

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    yikes, Zero o_O

    I have to say I've yet to read all of this (Imma copy it and read it tonight before bed ^^ ) but what I've read so far (chapter something, part whatchamathingy... I got lost ) is very promising indeed. I did, of course, read up to the encounter in Kaolla's room Riveting stuff so far, and wirthy of a thread rating, which I don't do very often

    I'll be able to comment more fully on the story once I've finished reading up and getting up-to-date

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    [...]pretty epic in terms of epicness

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    Good job Yoru-san please keep it up
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    *Runs around with his arms flailing around comically*

    Wahhh, this story is getting out of hand for me, it's taking forever to make these chapters! But I'm trying my best, so far I've only got 24000 characters are so into the next chapter but honestly it seems to be a little random at times, 0_o;

    Things to look for next chapter: Hinarei's Box, Hinarei himself, bananas, Mutsumi and watermelons, and of course Su's inventions and traps, x_X;

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    Zero Eiyuu: Oh my god sorry for the huge delay, I bet you thought I scrapped this story didn’t ya? Haha, I’d never do that! NEVER you hear me? …Well actually I did before, but not this story! So enjoy!

    Disclaimer: I do not own Love Hina, Love Hina Again, or anything created or written by the great Ken Akamatsu.

    Kanako walked along the sidewalks dressed fully in her black dress. She had a completely serious look on her face that scared anyone who would dare give her any weird looks. And that was many since it was morning and many people had to get to their work early. She didn’t care about those people though, they meant nothing to her. The only person she truly and completely cared about was her brother.

    “Wonder what oniichan’s doing…” She let out with a sigh and decided to take a seat outside of a public park on a wooden bench. She pulled out her limited addition razer phone in the maroon colour. Cycling through her list of numbers she stopped right on Keitaro’s cell phone number. She was about to dial it when a thought came to her head. Oh wait, he left his phone with me… I can’t even contact him if I wanted. What luck…


    “Hmm?” She looked at the flashing number on her phone as it was vibrating lightly. Grandma Hina? She answers it immediately. “Moshi moshi?”

    “Kanako, you haven’t left for Hinata Sou yet right?”

    “Yeah… I still have many important things to do here.”

    “Ah… I see. Well thought, in any case, you should know something.” She still sounded casual as ever.

    “Is it important?”

    “No not really.” She paused for a second to let Kanako brace herself. “I just signed over the ownership oh Hinata Sou to Keitaro. That’s all.”

    “Oh, is that all…?”

    3… 2… 1… 0

    “YOU WHAT?!” Kanako screamed loudly into her phone. Luckily Grandma Hina saw this coming and held her phone far away from her ears.

    “Your oniichan is the new kanrinrin of Hinata Sou.”

    “That’s crazy… and oniichan accepted this?”

    “Well…” She let out a little giggle. “He kind of had no choice in the matter.”

    “I… see… wait, if oniichan’s running Hinata Sou then where are you-“ Kanako was suddenly cut off from her phone. All she could hear was static. Feeling unsatisfied with her response she dialled Grandma Hina’s number.

    “I’m sorry but the number you are trying to reach is unavailable.” And electronic voice message said. Kanako closed her phone right away and gripped it tightly.

    “That’s strange.” Kanako opened back her cell and tried again but only got the same electronic response. Did she turn off her cell phone or something? A more important matter sparked in her mind, her brother. Luckily for her she had Hinata Sou’s number in her list. It’s still a little early but maybe oniichan will answer. She dialed and waited and waited. Come on… pick up oniichan.

    “Moshi moshi?”

    I know that voice anywhere. “Oniichan?”

    “Ah, hello Kanako.”

    Kanako felt suddenly excited at the sound of his voice. It was like she was a little school girl. “Is it true?! Are you the owner of Hinata Sou?!”


    He doesn’t seem all too excited. “That’s great oniichan! I didn’t know Grandma Hina was so generous.” She paused and waited for him to say something but he didn’t seem like he was going to. “I hope you’re doing well oniichan.”

    “That’s Kanako… So when are you coming her anyway?”

    Oh that’s right, I DID say I would go with him later on. “I don’t know, maybe a week or two. I can’t tell right now.” Kanako looked straight ahead of her. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. “Anyway… I have to go… now… oniichan. See you… later.” Before Keitaro would respond, she hangs up and turns off her phone. I’m not seeing things am I? Kanako got to her feet and glared straight ahead. I’m sure that I’m not… She took a couple of steps forward.

    “I’ve found you… Yukari.”

    Love Hina: The Path of Love

    Chapter 3: The Will to Move On

    Keitaro walked down the halls of Hinata Sou, carrying a plastic bag and a rather large and heavy looking box. Fragile was written on it in big red kanji characters. He stopped in front of a room numbered 201, there was still no name plate for it though. He put down the box carefully and couldn’t keep his eye off the empty slot.

    “Oh yeah.” Keitaro reached into the plastic bag and pulled out a metal plate with ‘Shinobu Maehara’ engraved on it really neatly in katakana. Reaching up he slowly set it in place. Perfect. Took me a while to make that too.

    The door slid open in front of him. Shinobu stood there looking at Keitaro. “What are you doing?” Keitaro backed off and let her come out to see what he’d done. “Thank you sempai, it looks great.”

    Ugh… calling me just ‘sempai’ now, I don’t deserve to be called that. “No problem Shinobu-chan.” Keitaro lifted up the box and went into her room with her. “Where do you want this?”

    “Oh, right over there would be good.” Shinobu points next to her desk that’s against her east wall. Keitaro went and set it down slowly, making sure to be as delicate as he could. “Thank you so much for helping me sempai. It all looks so perfect.”

    “It’s okay, I couldn’t let you do this all by yourself.” Keitaro reassured her. Besides there were so many boxes and as I am I couldn’t allow her to do this on her own.

    “Yes but…” She looked around her really organized and clean room that looked much like her old room back at her home. “You brought all these here… by yourself. You must be tired.”

    “Yeah, a little bit. But I’m okay.”


    “W-well I should really introduce you to everyone. They should be waking up soon.” Keitaro walked out of Shinobu’s room with her.

    “Are they friendly?” Shinobu asked, obviously nervous on meeting her fellow tenants.

    Keitaro thought he should tell her what he REALLY thought, but he didn’t want to scare her. “To me… no…” He said it so bluntly but changed it to a happy expressions and padded her shoulder, making her blush. “But you, they’ll just love you.”


    “Of course Shinobu-chan.” Keitaro sighed inside and they walked downstairs together. After all… you ARE a girl… you’ll be treated with respect.

    Together… side by side… they walked together into the kitchen, Shinobu took a seat at the end of the table with Keitaro seated adjacent to her.

    “Are you hungry Shinobu-chan?”

    “H-hai, just a bit though.”

    “Hmm…” He went over to the stove and got a pot of water to boil. “I’ll make you a little snack before everyone wakes up. Is miso soup okay with you?” She shyly nodded to saw yes. Keitaro went to the fridge and took out a bag of Japanese noodles and various amounts of herbs, spices, and vegetables. He set them all aside then pulled out a sharp knife and a wooded cutting board. He then started to dice up a bunch of vegetables at the same time at an extreme speed. It’s been a while since I cooked… hope Shinobu-chan will like this. Careful now Keitaro, you don’t want to cut a finger off…

    He’s going awfully fast with the knife… I hope he doesn’t-

    “GAH! THAT’S SMARTS!” Keitaro put his left index finger and thumb into his mouth. Shinobu got right up and went to his side.


    “Don’t worry!” He blushed when she grabbed his hand to examine his wound.

    That’s a deep cut The cut must’ve went 1/5 through his fingers. She let go of his hand and blushed too. “S-sorry.”

    “N-no I’m sorry. I’ll make your food right after I get this cleaned up. I should have some bandages in my room so don’t worry.” He wrapped his hand in his shirt to absorb the blood and stop the bleeding. “Be right back.” He left her alone.

    “Sempai… you’re really something else…” Shinobu went over to the cutting board and was shocked to see the blood covered board and vegetables. Auu…


    In his room Keitaro was searching all throughout his backpack. “Darn, I’m sure I packed some in here! Come on!” Since he couldn’t find his bandages he angrily threw his bag across his room and applied more pressure on his wound. “I need SOMETHING at least to stop the bleeding. Darn… my shirt’s all bloody.” Just how can a cut like this get the best of me? What kind of immortal am I? Keitaro started to reminisce about the times he spent with Yukari. He thought about the most dangerous of times with her where he could get fatally injured in many ways. But he always pulled through quickly somehow and Yukari was happy that Keitaro was always with her, she often called him her immortal. “Yu…chan…”

    “Hey, why are you making so much noise for?”

    “Huh?” Keitaro looked around to see where the voice was coming from. “Who said that?” He couldn’t see anyone at all. Am I going crazy?

    “Up here dummy.” He looked up along the ceiling and saw Naru’s head pop out upside down from the hole he saw last time. Her mouth fell open at the site of his bloody self. “Whoa! Are you okay?!”

    Keitaro didn’t look at her, he looked to the side with a cold look. “I’ll live… no need to worry Narusegawa, it’s just a cut…”

    “…” Geez, what’s his problem? She brought her head back through the whole.

    “Years huh, Grandma Hina? I seriously don’t know If I can do this.” He groaned lightly to himself, tightening his grip.

    “Here.” Keitaro looked up and saw Naru again, she threw him a big white roll of bandages. He caught it and looked dizzily at her with a kind of ‘what the hell is she doing?” look.


    “No problem…” she fixed her glasses and gave a small smile to him, but it just looked like a frown to Keitaro. “You know if you want some help you should just ask.” Naru waited for Keitaro to say something to her, but he was too busy wrapping his fingers. “After all we can’t let our kanrinrin die.”

    “…” Keitaro kept an eye on his wound, wrapping it over and over until the blood barely seeped through. “There…” Keitaro walked to Naru and held out the bandages to her.

    “Nah, you can keep it.” Naru titlted her head slightly. “Mind if I come in?”

    “If you want…” Keitaro set aside the bandages and stood up, watching Naru in the corner of his eye. She dropped down from the hole and landed on her feet. She was dressed in a yellow sweater and a red shirt. …WHY is she even talking to me? I’m pretty sure she hates me a lot… so why?

    “Can I ask you something?”

    “If you must, go ahead.” I don’t know if I’ll answer you though.

    I guess he must not like us still… I can’t blame him though. “How did you cut yourself?”

    “I was chopping vegetables a little too fast.”

    “Oh… I see…” Was he trying to make us breakfast?

    “Thanks again for the bandages.” Keitaro left his room without looking at Naru. She didn’t even get to reply to him, Keitaro was acting very cold to Naru. Keitaro didn’t know just how much this was actually hurting Naru… but he didn’t care that much for someone who came to such sudden conclusions about him.


    “Huh? Shinobu-chan? What are you doing?” Keitaro asked when he walked into the kitchen and saw her placing 2 plates beside each other. They were both full of very delicious looking and smelling food. It definitely wasn’t miso soup, it was more of a fried rice with cooked shrimp, eggs, and cut up pork. Where… did she got those ingredients? Okay, I think it’s better off not asking.

    “Oh! Sempai, sorry but I umm… I wanted to cook for you.” She covered her face and pretended to scratch her nose to cover her blushing face. Auu, this is more embarrassing that I thought.

    “Wow…” Keitaro said in awe and sat down beside the standing Shinobu. Wow was right, it looked amazing and Keitaro was actually drooling from the smell. “It looks so good…” Sure does look better than the mess I would’ve made… my pride as a cook has been shot down. Shinobu sat down beside him and watched as he took a big bite. His eyes instantly turned glazed with joy and happiness. I think I’m in Heaven!!!

    “H-how is it?”

    “Shinobu-chan…” Keitaro said seriously In combination with the most serious look Keitaro had ever given. Shinobu looked worried and scared from his stare. “This is… THE BEST THING I’VE EVER EATEN BEFORE! IT’S AMAZING! IT’S INCREDIBLE! YOU MUST BE THE WORLD’S GREATEST COOK!”

    “Sempai, you’re making me blush!” That’s a good excuse for now. But being praised by him in such a way… I’m so happy.

    “But it’s true! This is truly out of this world. “You have to teach me how to cook like you someday.”

    “O-okay… you can count on me.”


    Keitaro and Shinobu cold here the door knocking “Be right back Shinobu-chan.” He got up and walked out to the front door. He could hear 2 people talking loudly outside, he recognized those voices and opened the door to meet with his two friends; Shirai and Haitani.

    “Shirai… Haitani. What are you two doing here.”

    “What kind of welcome is that Keitaro-kun?” Haitani laughed.

    “You gonna invite us in or what?” Shirai padded Keitaro’s shoulder.

    “Huh? Of course. Please come in-“ Wait a minute, if the girls see these guys they’ll kill them. Keitaro paused and held his hands out to stop them from walking in. “Actually that’s a bad idea. And When I mean ‘bad’ I mean ‘bad’ as in you’re gonna die.”

    “Huh? Why?”

    “I’m afraid for you two.”

    “What’s the matter? There a monster in there or something?” Haitani joked.

    “Worse…” Keitaro rested his shoulder on the doorway. “Tsuruko’s younger sister, Motoko.” The second they heard that name they froze up as if they saw a ghost.

    THE Motoko Aoyama?!”


    “The feared swordsman of the shinmeiryuu?!


    “Keitaro-kun, what happened here?!”

    “It’s a long story, so lets go out and talk somewhere else more pleasant. Just give me a sec okay?”

    “Take your time, we’re wait right here.”

    Keitaro walked back into the kitchen and saw Shinobu ¼ done her food. “Sorry Shinobu-chan but I’ve gatta go out for a while with some friends of mine. You can come if you'd like, I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

    "No, no, it's okay. You should just catch up with your friends, I wouldn't want to bother you." She smiled at Keitaro to reassure him that it was okay. "Have fun okay?"

    "Okay Shinobu-chan. I'll be back soon. In the meantime, I'm sure you'll meet up with the rest of the tenants. Hope you get along with them."

    And before she knew it Keitaro had left without saying another word. She could only sigh with boredom and place her utensils down beside her plate. Looking straight ahead at Keitaro's plate, she noticed something odd; it was spotless, as if it were licked clean. The food was all gone and all that was left was a wobbling plate.

    "Auu... that's odd..." Suddenly she felt a small gust of wind run right past her, like someone was running really fast. With her hair slightly blown by this mysterious wind she looks down and is shocked to find that her plate was in the same state as Keitaro's. She was starting to get scared down. …Okay Shinobu... don't panic... there has to be an explanation for all of this. Her eyes widened with fear, she quickly and nervously shuffled back until she hit the wall and pressed her back against it. W-WHAT?! Shinobu was looking right at the upside down face of Su.

    "You're a great cook! You must be an Iron Chef or something!" Su says with a smile. Shinobu was too shocked to reply to her praise since Su was hanging upside down from the ceiling on what looked like a fibre optics wire.

    "Uhh... uhh..."

    "Oh wait..." Su tilts her head. "Who are you?"

    [End Part 1]

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    "Sorry to keep you guys waitting and all. Let's go." Keitaro said right after he swallowed the food he had quickly snuck in his mouth before he left. "I'll explain it all at Haruka's place." They walked together towards Haruka's teashop side by side, with Keitaro in the middle.

    "Oh yeah, now that you mention it, some girl was waiting outside Haruka's place." Haitani informed. "She was kind of staring inside of her shop for a while."

    "And how is that important?" Keitaro questioned.

    "I-I don't know. I just thought it was kind of suspicious and all." Haitani tried to back up but only earned a sigh from both Keitaro and Shirai.

    "Oh well, let's just hurry up." Shirai suggested. -Actually I saw that girl too, I thought she looked really familiar... like I've seen her on my trip...-

    Together they moved on to Haruka's shop. The 3 of them noticed the girl Haitani was talking about, she was still standing outside her shop just staring inside. Once the 3 of them got close enough she finally noticed the 3 of them and faced the gang. She looked right at them with her dark brown sleepy looking eyes and charming smile. Keitaro was surprised at her, something in his memory kicked in the second he laid his eyes on her.

    "Kei-kun?" She asked. Haitani and Shirai looked at Keitaro. Keitaro was looking at the girl with a sort of daze.

    "Mutsumi-san...?" Keitaro asked as well. The two just looked so stunned. The woman drew herself closer to Keitaro with a gentle smile and slowly got closer to wrap her arms around him into a embrace, resting her chin on his shoulder.

    “Kei-kun… It’s been so long.” She said. It was hard for her to say this, all the meanwhile when he had arrived, she just felt like crying. “I’m so sorry for what happened between you and her.” Keitaro relaxed himself and embraced her back, lightly crying from the happiness of seeing her again.

    “Thank you.” Keitaro whispered. Mutsumi Otohime... Someone who I have a special bond with I often wondered how she was doing since we last met, but it doesn’t matter I guess. It’s just great to see and hold her again. He lightly tightened his embrace on her with a single tear now rolling down his face. I find it so strange… but I feel completely at ease… so safe. I have so many problems in my life, Yu-chan, Hinata Sou, but this friend of mine… with this one simple embrace from her all my troubles seem to vanish. She always had that effect on people, she was special. Was this all I really needed though? A embrace? “Thank you for this. It’s good to see you too Mutsumi-san.”

    “Ara ara, likewise.” Mutsumi happily whispered into his ear. And without really thinking, she slightly pulled away and looked at Keitaro, still holding onto him. Slowly she drew her face closer to his and gently kissed his lips right then and there. Both Haitani and Shirai’s eyes popped out of their sockets and their jaws dropped to the ground.

    “Hey Shirai… what’s going on here…?” Haitani whispered.

    “… I have no idea…”

    “Ara ara.” Mutsumi broke their kiss and blushed slightly, still holding onto Keitaro. “Oops, sorry about that.”

    “It’s okay, you were always like that back then. I understand.” Keitaro blushed as well but only slightly like he was used to it. Shirai and Haitani got Keitaro’s attention though with some pretty clueless stares. “Umm… you guys okay?”

    “What was that about Keitaro?!” Shirai yelled angrily. Truth be told Mutsumi was actually the girl he met at Okinawa and personally had a thing for her.

    “Oh, you mean that kiss?” Keitaro laughed.


    “Oh, well you see she always does that to people she likes. It’s perfectly normal in her case.” Keitaro stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    “What?! Really?!”

    “Uhh… yeah?”

    Darn it! Why didn’t she kiss me back in Okinawa then?! Damn you lucky bastard Keitaro! Hey hey… calm down now Shirai, let Kei-kun be, he’s been through too much already, just let him be. His happiness is more important right now. But still… oh Mutsumi… “Okay okay, I get it. But… could you guys do me a small favour?”

    “What is it?”

    “Could you two stop hugging!!!”

    “Huh?” It took a while for Mutsumi and Keitaro to realise they still held eachother in a pretty intimate way right in front of the two. They separated right away with their faces beat red.

    “Ara, gomen…” Mutsumi shyly apologized.

    “I-it’s okay.” Nervously stammered. To the group’s surprise the entire time Haruka was standing by the entrance watching and listening on their whole conversation. She looked quite annoyed actually.

    Well that was interesting. I’ve seen Mutsumi kiss Keitaro several times before but that time… I can’t put my finger on it but it was different… must be my imagination. “Hey, you guys coming in or what? No loitering outside my shop.” You guys had better got money on you too.


    Back at Hinata Sou after Su had eaten all of Shinobu’s food, Su forcefully brought Shinobu over to her room. However Shinobu didn’t know this at the time nor did she even have a choice. All she knew was that this girl was nuts, completely bonkers, and a human food disposal.

    “We’re gonna have so much fun you and me, yup” Su said happily, grasping onto Shinobu’s hand and dragging her through the forest otherwise known as Su’s room. This being Shinobu’s first time in Su’s room of course she was scared.

    Get a hold of yourself Shinobu, you can’t let this weirdo hurt you or anything. You must make a break for it and escape! Quickly now! Knock her out or something! “Umm… Who are you?” Shinobu asked in crippling fear. Auu… why did I ask her name?

    “I’m Su, Kaolla Su! Nice to meetcha oh great and powerful master chef!”

    Master Chef? “My name isn’t Master Chef… I-It’s Shinobu Maehara…”

    “Ah! Nice to meetcha Master Chef Shinobu!” Su kept on tugging onto Shinobu and showing no signs of letting go any time soon.

    What’s with this girl? This is getting creepy now. “W-what is this place anyway? It’s a jungle in here, I didn’t know Hinata Sou had such a place.”

    “Thanks, my room really IS like a jungle… huh, never noticed. Cool!”

    Did she just say her… room?! Su pulled Shinobu harder and they picked up some speed, just running through all of the plants. “S-Su, what are you doing?!”

    “I want to show you something! We’re almost there!” With one leap the two of them hand in hand jumped through several branches and landed right in front of what seemed to be Su’s bed. Now where did I put that ‘thing’? “Shinobu, I’ll be right back. I just know I left it here somewhere.” And with that Su zoomed away through the sea of green and out of sight from Shinobu like a rocket.

    “Auu… where are you sempai?” Shinobu looked around for anything that would help her with her next encounter with Su. Maybe a weapon to fend her off with. But the only thing that was around was a box labelled ‘Hinarei’ on it next to Su’s bed. “What’s this?” Maybe there’s something in here that’ll help me. So out of curiosity and desperation she opened up the box.

    “Banzai! I’ve got you now Su! You’re all mine to play with muahahha!”

    “KYAHHH!” Shinobu screamed out when a strange strong looking man jumped right out of the box and grasped her shoulders violently. “Please don’t hurt me!”

    “Muahahah!” The man laughed maniacally with the most EVIL voice of all. But he got a good look at Shinobu with his blue eyes and slowly let go with shock. “H-hey! You’re not Su!” He looked angry now. “Tell me where she is or else you’ll have to do!” And I’ve got many dirty games for us to play, heh heh heh…

    “S-she’s!” She couldn’t get her words together, she was just too scared. But she gathered in all of her strength and yelled out… “She’s right behind you!”



    In one big swift motion, Su ran up from behind the man, jumped, and fiercely roundhouse kicked the side of his face. That one attack sent the mystery man right into a tree nearby. Shinobu could only stare blankly at the power that Su possessed.

    “Back for more have ya Hinarei ya pervert?!” Su triumphantly said and slowly crept towards the man in a striking pose.

    “Su… you’ll pay for that!” Hinarei yelled out and got to his feet, ready to strike at Su.

    “ Neva!!! I have nothing for yous!” Su took one leap towards Hinarei, her foot ready to land another attack.

    “Eat this!” In a sweeping motion Hinarei put all of his strength into one kick towards the airborne Su. There’s no way I’m gonna miss this!

    “(Chomp)” Hinarei did not expect that Su would just simply take a huge bite of his leg in midair. As you wish Hinarei!

    “Wuahhhh! What the heck!” Hinarei spin around and tried to shake off Su, but her grip was just too strong. Her teeth REALLY sunk into his leg. “Wahh! Get it off! Get it off!”

    “Weehee, this is so fun!” Su was able to say even though with a mouth full of Hinarei’s leg. Needless to say… Hinarei was quite surprised and scared once Su started spinning around, flinging him around in a circle. “Wee” But now is not the time to play with Hinarei, I play with Shinobu now! Time for Hinarei to go bye-bye! “Have a safe trip Hinarei!”

    “EH?!” Before he could react Hinarei was flung into the air when Su let her grip go. But what really looked like it hurt was that Su made a giant leap up into the air and kicked Hinarei so hard he went through the ceiling and far away from Hinata Sou. “Gameover!”

    “Su what was that about?!” Shinobu screamed in fear and anger.

    “Oh, don’t worry about Hinarei. He isn’t a major character in this story.”

    “Story? What are you talking about?”

    “Hey look! I found it!” Su pulled out a large smooth metal box like item with straps like a backpack on it. She handed it right to Shinobu. “Here put it on please! I wanna see if it works!”

    “Ano… okay… but what is this?” Shinobu slipped on the item onto her back just like a backpack. It’s kind of light.

    “You’ll see.” Shinobu looked on curiously as Su pulled out a complicated looking joystick with many different coloured buttons on it. She just smiled at Shinobu.

    Auu… what have I gotten myself into? Sempai… save me…

    “Ignition!” Su pressed the big red button on top of the joystick itself. The metal box suddenly spread out two giant 3 meter long metallic wings and the box itself transformed into a giant muffler that looked like a huge cannon.

    “Huh?” Shinobu was so clueless as to what was going to happen to her.

    “Launch!” Su hit another button on the joystick and the cannon let out a fiery blast that sent Shinobu high into the air like a rocket.

    “KYAHHH!” In an instant, Shinobu was sent right through the hole that Hinarei made. For a while she was flying around uncontrollably… Su was controlling Shinobu with that joystick of hers anyway.


    Back with Keitaro, Mutsumi, Haitani, and Shirai though the four of them shared a table together located near the corner. Haruka had to put them somewhere out of the way as they caught up while she took care of her other customers.

    “Ara, I didn’t know Shira-san knew Kei-kun. How surprising.” Mutsumi murmured.

    Ugh… I should be saying the same thing. “Well you could say that the three of us are best friends.” Shirai said and looked at Keitaro. “Isn’t that right, Keitaro?”

    “Huh?” Keitaro was a bit spaced out from looking at Mutsumi the whole time. “Oh… yeah. We’re pretty close.” Keitaro looked over to Haitani who was glaring at him. “Oh… uhh, this is Haitani. My other best friend. He’s actually closer to Shirai but we hang out together a lot.”

    “Nice to meet you Haitani-san.”

    “So Mutsumi-san, what brings you here in Hinata City anyway? Okinawa is quite a ways away.” Shirai asks.

    “Ara, ara. I wanted to come and see Keitaro after Grandma Hina told me of what happened. I was so concerned.”

    Grandma Hina? She sure spreads the word quickly. Just what is she up to? I feel like I am in some kind of master scheme of hers. Meh, I cant be so paranoid, this is just a coincidence.

    “But I see from looking at you right now that you’re doing just okay.” Mutsumi clasped her hands together happily. “I also came back because I wanted to try to get into Todai again. Third year’s a charm right?”

    “Todai…?” That’s right, that’s what I wanted to do as well. That’ll keep my mind occupied for sure. “What a coincidence, so am I. Maybe we could study together for the upcoming exams?” That reminds me, I still need to apply.

    “Ara, that’s a great idea. Haitani? Shirai? Are you both also aiming for Todai?”

    “Who? Us?” Shirai looked over to Haitani and the two of them just shrugged. “I guess so; we can’t just let Keitaro do this alone.”

    “Yeah, you can count on us Keitaro.”

    “For some reason I feel uneasy…” Keitaro joked and laughed by himself. Shirai looked at his watch and tapped on it to catch Haitani’s attention.

    “We gatta go Haitani.”

    “Oh that’s right, we have to go get to our jobs Keitaro.” Haitani said as him and Shirai got up. “Talk to you later okay?”

    “Right, see you guys later.”

    “Bye Mutsumi, Keitaro.” Shirai waved as the two of them exited together.

    “Well then I suppose I should get back to Hinata Sou then.”

    “Ara, Hinata Sou?” Mutsumi sounded very intrigued. “Can I come with you? It’s been so long since I’ve been there.”

    “Of course, I don’t see why not.” Suddenly though in the sky above Hinata Sou, there was a small explosion visible. “…What the heck was that?”

    However though that explosion was actually Shinobu as her jetpack looking item overheated and exploded on her back. She was plummeting back to Hinata Sou at an extreme speed towards the roof area where Motoko would usually turn up.

    “KYAHHH!!!” Shinobu screamed.

    “Huh?” Motoko stopped her daily training and held her bokken to her side, looking up at the screams of Shinobu. “What is that?!” It kind of looks like that girl Urashima was talking to yesterday. She readied her sword as Shinobu got closer and closer. I’m going to need to slow her down. This shouldn’t harm her…


    With a mighty swing Motoko sent a giant gust of wind at Shinobu and slowed her down just a bit. That gave Motoko enough time to jump up and grab Shinobu while removing the jetpack from her. Motoko landed safely with Shinobu in her hands Just in time too as the jetpack went straight through the roof, leaving a big gapping hole.

    “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Motoko demanded of her.

    “Y-yes, thank you…” Shinobu shyly said when she was gently put back on her feet by Motoko.

    “…” There’s no doubt about it, this IS that girl. But why is she here? I’m sure her parents deeply disagreed with Urashima before.

    “Oh! How rude of me. I’m Shinobu Maehara, I’ll be living here from now on.”

    “Here?” Guess Urashima was more persuasive than I thought. Can’t say I’m not happy… goodjob Urashima. “Nice to meet you Shinobu-chan, I’m Motoko Aoyama.”

    “Nice to meet you.”

    “May I ask how this happened? And please tell me that it wasn’t Su…”

    “Well… that would be a lie then…”


    “Someone call my name?!” In the sky Su was flying in the sky in the same thing she gave Shinobu, but it was a different model from before that didn’t overheat or explode easily. She slowly came to a landing in front of Shinobu and removed her jetpack. “I’m so sowie Shinobu…” Su cried out tears and embraced Shinobu warmly. “I hope we can still be friends…”

    “Of course we can Su…” Shinobu quietly said to her and embraced her back. Auu… she’s so cute, how can I be mad at her?

    “Hmm? Urashima was gone?” Motoko said from near the edge of the roof. She was looking down towards the stairs.

    “Huh? What do you mean?”

    “He’s walking up the stairs, and he’s not alone.”

    “Oh! That! Sempai left with his friends a while ago. I guess he’s done.” Shinobu was able to unlatch herself from Su’s mighty grip and stand beside her. “Is he bringing them over?”

    “Them? He’s only got a woman with him.” Motoko pointed down at the happy looking couple talking with each other. Mutsumi and Keitaro didn’t really take notice to the ones observing them. They just walked and talked happily.

    “Hurry hurry! Let’s go down and greet them!” Su grabbed both Motoko and Shinobu with her mighty exaggerated strength and ran for the front door. Her speed was… almost light speed. Now, back to Mutsumi and Keitaro.

    “Ara ara, Hinata Sou is still so big.”

    “Yeah… I know. Not THAT much has changed…”

    “Is Grandma Hina still in charge?”

    “No, she… well mysteriously vanished. I’m in charge now.”

    “Ara ara, no way. You’re the kanrinrin?”

    “Yup. For now at least.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Honestly I don’t know. I really don’t want to run this place… but I can’t just leave some of the residents. I feel like I shouldn’t really be here. You know what I mean?”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about Kei-kun.” Mutsumi said tilting her head slightly to the side as they arrived at the front doors of Hinata Sou.

    “Heh, it’s okay Mutsumi.” Honestly telling someone this has really helped me today. “Well then, let’s go in.” Keitaro opened the door and was surprised to see Naru and Kitsune right in front of him, they were dressed to go out. “Huh? What are you-?”

    “Oh, Naru was just gonna go out and look for ya.” Kitsune blurted out and got elbowed in the ribs by Naru herself. Sorry Naru, couldn’t help myself. “She’s been worried about you the whole time and wondered where you were.”

    “Really? That’s nice of you, but you don’t have to worry about me.”

    “Idiot! I know that okay?! I was just wondering where you were, that’s all.” Naru yelled at him. Kitsune and Mutsumi were shocked but that didn’t phase Keitaro one bit, seemed he didn’t care much.

    “That’s strange, I thought Shinobu-chan would’ve told you where I went.”

    “Shinobu-chan…? Who’s that?” Is he talking about that girl from yesterday?

    “By the way Keitaro, who’s the girl?” Kitsune pointed at Mutsumi.

    “Ara, nice to meet you, my name is Mutsumi Otohime.”

    “Huh? What the heck is that?!” Keitaro pointed behind Naru and Kitsune at something going extremely past that left a trail of dust in it’s path.

    “Welcome home Keitawo!” Su yells at the top of her lungs, still holding onto Shinobu and Motoko. Su couldn’t stop herself in time and bashed right into Kitsune, Naru, and Keitaro. All of them went tumbling onto the ground in front of Mutsumi.

    “Ara ara, Hinata Sou is so lively.”

    [End Part 2]

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    As all of these events were occurring though, Kanako had her hands full with something else. Something much more important especially to herself. She had been following Yukari this whole time.

    What the heck is she up to? I’ve been following her for hours now. Kanako kept herself well hidden from Yukari in the crowded areas where she went, never to be seen or heard by her. Let’s see…she went around from store to store buying some regular things, but the oddest one of them all was that set of men’s clothes. Just what is going on with you? If you’re a cross-dresser then you’ve lost my respect. Kanako followed Yukari as she walked across an intersection

    “There you are Yukari.”

    What?! Who’s that?! As soon as Yukari had crossed she was greeted by a man no older than Keitaro. He was well dressed in his business suit and gave a smile to Yukari. Who is this man?! Before she knew it the two of them hugged.

    “Good to see you too.” Yukari responded.

    “Are you ready then?” The man asks.

    “Yes… let’s go.” And they walked away together side by side. Kanako didn’t follow them though, she was too angry on what had just happened.

    “Yu…kari… you… you…” Kanako tightened her fist, digging her nails into her own palm so tightly that blood slowly seeped out. This is your reason?! This is why you caused my oniichan such pain?! You… “You’ll pay for this!”

    End Chapter

    Zero Eiyuu: So I hope you enjoyed reading that, sorry it took me so long and sorry the story went on so slowly, but now that this was all out of the way I can get to much more interesting parts of the story. So prepare yourself for some suspense and drama! Hahaha! But Honestly I hope you really did like this and you can be sure that I’ll update a lot more often, I’ve got a lot of free time so bleh…

    Oh yeah, just a little heads up for the future, if you’re a real big fan of Shinobu X Keitaro stories then you’re in for a treat, I’m currently working on a really really well structured fanfic that will be just as good as it is long. It’s like a movie and therefore I’ve actually draw pictures and such and am in the process of making a little opening movie for the story with my own pictures, it’ll be kind of a Canvas 2 knock off with Love Hina. But it’ll be cool. It’ll be a story of heartbreak, love, mystery, betrayal, and triumph. I may not complete that for a while though, heh. Just thought I should say. But yeah…

    As the story is progressing my ideas are still coming out, I’ve got some great ideas for later chapters but I’m most concerned about how I should end things. And that is still a mystery to me. But that won’t be for a long time.

    Another things was that I was thinking wither I should make my chapters this or just as long again or shorten it to maybe 2000-3000 words per chapter to increase how frequently I update. But that’s kind of boring to me, but I just feel bad for leaving you readers out with my long long periods of not updating.

    Oh well. Also I remember reading in one of the reviews that someone didn’t really like the idea of the Yukari X Keitaro pairing in this story, well trust me you’ll view of her shall change in the next 2 chapters. Don’t give up on her now, it’s still just too early.

    That’s all for now, hope to see you again in chapter 4: The Reason to go on!

    Oh and before I post Chapter 4 I’ve got a funny little intermission for you guys to read. It’s just a little thing I wrote to cure my boredom and it has to do with me, Hinarei from AnimeB, BobCat from AnimeB, and the cast of Love Hina, just talking about the story. I’m sure that will generate a few laughs as well as some answers to questions you may or may not have. Until then though. Sayonara!

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    So I haven't read this yet, but I saved it all on my laptop. So I will. Knowing who wrote this, I'll look foreward to it.


    So far, I've read chapter one and two and I'm very interested as how this will all turn out. I can't really give some good feedback as I was half asleep when I read the chapters (this will allow me to reread them with the same ammount of enthousiasm as when I first read then.)

    Perhaps a nice fanfic idea's/progress thread in the Fanfic brigade will do nicely for you Zero, I check there more often then here, it was by shere chance (or was it fate?) that I found this. I'd really wouldn't want to miss any more chapters you present to us.
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    Ah, you've got a point them my friend. I guess I should be making a thread about this.

    Also as you can see in this story I tried to make it somewhat funny, but as you can see I'm not all good at that. Hope for your feedback on my story after Mr.Anderson.

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    So I completed reading all present chapters (quite a while ago). Hmm, what to say about it, I must say that I really had a laugh about the Hinarei part, but I also fear that many will not appreciate it. That's just what I think though and I don't mind. The way you make Su-sama look as a comical character (which I think no one can deny) is done pretty well.

    All-in-all, next chapter plz

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    [BEGIN PART 1]

    Zero Eiyuu: Sorry, I’ll just skip the intermission…

    Umm, wow, that sure took me a while. So sorry for taking so long and I have to be honest with all you readers. I actually completed this chapter on paper about two weeks ago and it just took forever for me to type it up, I mean they’re so many distractions on the computer, haha!

    Well anyway I see that this is quite a popular fanfic I’ve written, you don’t know how happy I am to have so many readers of this story. It really warms my heart! Thank you all!

    So, yeah, all you readers should know one little thing, I’ve come up with three different endings I want to come up with and when it comes to that time when I must post the last chapter, I will post all three at the same time so it’ll take me a long time for the last chapter. But that won’t be for a long time… yeah.

    Well anyway though enjoy this chapter, I’ve gone in a slightly different direction with this. And, and it seems that a lot of people like this version of Keitaro I’ve written about, cool! Enjoy!

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Love Hina, I can’t stress that enough.

    Chapter 4: The Reason to go on

    Four days have past since Mutsumi had paid her visit to Hinata Sou. She didn’t stay for long but she was able to meet and greet with all of the residents very happily. She was welcomed as if she lived there herself. At that time as well, Shinobu was introduced to everyone by Keitaro who explained her situation and what had happened. She was quickly accepted into the group of girls. Yes… everything sure was going well, Keitaro was even able to get to know the girls a little bit too. Keitaro and Kitsune got to know each other a little bit as they both got stinking drunk one day and Kitsune got Keitaro in trouble by making it seem like he was feeling her up. Keitaro would never fall for that mistake again he thought. Shinobu herself suggested to Keitaro that, since everyone wasn’t too great in cooking, she’d from now on cook everyone’s meals throughout the days. Keitaro really didn’t want her to work so hard like that but once everyone had a taste of her cooking… they all grudgingly accepted her proposal. Keitaro and Su… they’d been playing many of her dangerous games that always resulted in either part of Hinata Sou being destroyed, or Keitaro getting hurt. It was fun for Su, sadly it wasn’t for Keitaro. On the day that Keitaro had arrived to Hinata Sou, Motoko was always interested in the defensive moves Keitaro displayed and had asked him of how he learned such moves. Keitaro explained to her that he had gone through training before much like her own, she had a little respect for him. But in the case of Keitaro and Naru… they really haven’t bonded much, those two kept away from each other as much as possible.


    Keitaro walked across the streets through a crowd of young students who crowded most of the area. He was able to make his way through all of them and got to the reason why there were so many students, it was the exam applications. He had hung out with Shirai, Haitani, and Mutsumi before he had come get his application, seems they already have done it and had to get going to their jobs. Mutsumi had gotten a job as a waitress at a restaurant. Shirai and Haitani never said where they worked and wanted to keep it that way.

    “I really have to hurry and find one for myself…” Keitaro sighed and wanted to hurry up and submit his application and head back to Hinata Sou. Once he was over and done with he turned and headed for Hinata Sou. But in his haste he accidentally bumped into a girl who was grabbing herself an application and caught her arms before she fell back. Keitaro helped her back to her feet. “I’m sorry, it’s my entire fault.” He slowly let go of her hands with that apology.

    “No no, it was all mine, sorry.” The girl fixed her big round glasses and blushed. She had her long auburn hair tied in two ponytails. He handed her the application she wanted.

    “Excuse me but…” Keitaro got a good look at the girl’s face. “Do I know you?” Keitaro rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “Sorry if I’m being creepy, but you look really familiar.”

    “Umm, I don’t think so. I’m never met you before…”

    “Oh, sorry. My mistake.” Keitaro was embarrassed and blushed a little. Hmm, I should get back to Hinata Sou and clean up before I go job hunting. Kitsune and Naru aren’t home, so that just leaves Motoko to warn… “Well I gatta go, good luck on the entrance exams.”

    “Y-yeah… bye…” Keitaro left in a hurry, squeezing through everyone and out of this girl’s sight. …He’s a lot nicer than I though. The girl blushed slightly at the thought of Keitaro.

    “Hey, Naru! You done yet!?” Kitsune came running through the crowds in the opposite direction where Keitaro left. She came right up to the girl. “Geez, I finally recognize you. Hurry up girl, the store’ll close soon!”

    “Yeah yeah, just give me a minute Kitsune.” The girl took off her glasses and revealed herself to be Naru. “Really now, this isn’t even much of a disguise.”

    “Girl, whatever you say. Just hurry up will ya?”

    “I told you to wait a minute, geez. Can’t a girl take her time?

    “Okay okay, take it easy…” Kitsune waited patiently for Naru to finish applying. “There, you’re done right?”

    “Yuuup. Let’s head out. And please take it easy on me, I’m not loaded or anything.”

    “Don’t worry, that’s a promise!” Kitsune said it a most serious tone.

    “That doesn’t help me…” Of course Naru didn’t buy any of that.



    “Welcome home Sempai.” Shinobu greeted to Keitaro when he entered and removed his shoes.

    “Thanks Shinobu-chan.” From behind though, Su came right up to Keitaro and latched herself right onto him like he was going to give her a piggyback ride. Keitaro had this happen so many times that it didn’t bother him much, but it DID startle him. “W-what is it Su-chan?”

    “I’m booooored Keitawooooo! Let’s play.”

    “Su, please get off Sempai, I’ll play with you okay?”Oh god, what am I getting myself into? I shouldn’t have said that!

    “Noooooooo!” Su moaned and squeezed Keitaro’s neck very tightly in disapproval. Keitaro stumbled back and tried to release himself from her grip, it was useless though.

    “S-Su!!!” Keitaro gasped.

    “My game is too dangerous for you Shinomu-chan. I wanted to play my brand new game with Keitawo!!!” Su calmed down a little and rubbed her faces against Keitaro’s playfully, making him blush embarrassingly right in front of Shinobu. “Oh Keitawo, my new game is sooooo fun. Nuclear powered photon laser tag with Anti-gravity boots sounds like so much fun!”

    “…Did I just hear that right?”

    “Auu… photon lasers?” How does she get the equipment for these things?!

    “Yeahhh! Now let’s play!”

    “Su, I got a better idea.” Keitaro gave her a grin and looked around. I know I keep an extra one around here somewhere. Ah! I remember now!

    “What Keitawo?” Su squeezed harder around his neck but he resisted and slowly made his way past Shinobu and reached behind one of the plants, pulling out a large fresh banana. “’Nana!”

    “That’s right Su! Now go fetch!!!” Keitaro threw the banana far away into the cherry blossom trees. Su instantly jumped off of him and ran for the banana. Once Su got a hold and gobbled up her banana she realised that Keitaro had left a large trail of bananas leading her all around Hinata Sou.

    “Okay, we won’t be seeing her for about… 5 minutes… ugh.” Keitaro sighed.

    “Auu… I hope Su will be okay Sempai…”

    “I wouldn’t worry about her… I’d be worried about how many bananas she’s about to eat. But it’s not my fault she’s got an uncontrollable appetite for bananas, hah.”


    “Well anyway though. Has Kitsune or Naru returned yet?”

    “No they didn’t. They didn’t even phone back yet. I wonder what they’re up to.”

    “Yeah, me too.” But not really, what they do is really none of my concern. “Okay, is Motoko here? I’d like to talk to her for a second.”

    “Well actually she left about 20 minutes ago, saying something about making an important call to someone.”

    “Strange, and she needed to go out for that?”

    “Well… it must be important if she didn’t want anyone to listen.” Shinobu thought out loud to herself. “But she said she would be quick, I’m sure she’ll be back really soon.”

    “Ah, okay then. Well when she gets home could you tell her something for me?”


    “I’ll be cleaning the hot springs right now so if she comes tell her to wait a while okay?”

    “Ano… okay, but you know I could just clean the hot springs for you. I don’t have anything to do right now.”

    “Shinobu… you’re doing so much for this place already, I don’t want you to strain or stress yourself over such things. You have too many responsibilities. Besides this is my job, heh.”

    “Okay… I just wanted to help…”

    “Thanks Shinobu-chan… having you here has sure been a great experience.” Keitaro said and lightly pet Shinobu’s hair.

    “H-hai! I promise to work harder sempai!”

    Keitaro lightly chuckled. “Heh, okay I’m going now. Don’t forget to tell Motoko okay? I don’t want to feel her wraith again like last time.”

    “You can count on me sempai.” After ruffling up Shinobu’s hair a little bit he made his way towards his room to get dressed to do his chore. It was good timing for him as Su walked into the room and fell down on her face right in front of Shinobu. “Su…? What’s wrong with you?”

    “To…too many bananas… stomach is full… can’t… move…” And the funny thing was she was saying this while chewing on a banana.

    “Auu… Su.” Shinobu sighed. “Here, let me help you to your room… up we go.” She helped Su up to her feet and let her rest on her shoulder, Shinobu stumbled around a bit though because of the overwhelming weight. “Auu! SU!”

    “Sowwie Shinomu…”


    Once Keitaro was done changing into his clothes he headed straight for the hot springs with his work equipment, his mop. When he got to the springs he took his time to clean everything up, he wasn’t in that big of a rush and just enjoyed the scenery of the springs. These were just some of the few times he could really be alone and just relax without worries, where his mind was clear of all troubles.

    “Maybe I should take a little dip before I go look for another job.” In the previous days Keitaro had fixed many of the damaged parts of Hinata Sou thanks to Su’s handy work. This wasn’t cheap to repair Hinata Sou either and Keitaro had to pay a lot out of his own pocket for repairs. He had plenty of money but he wanted a job just in case something would happen and something else to do besides getting ready for Tokyo University. And knowing of Su’s energetic ways she would cause more damage to Hinata Sou… very soon. A genius mind in such a hyper and… psychotic girl, what a dangerous combination. “Just what the damage have been if I played that crazy game with her…?” While he ponder and imagined the terrifying results of that thought he realised he was just about done cleaning the hot springs, just a little bit more to go. Kanako… I’m still waiting for you, what’s taking you so long? If you were here… then maybe everything would be different… He took a little rest before he was about to finish, but someone walked in on him.

    “Urashima!!! You vile pervert!” Keiaro quickly looked over to the change rooms and saw that Motoko was glaring at him, giving him a stare with eyes only a killer could possess. He quickly turned away though when he noticed that she was only wrapped around in her towel with her sword drawn ready to strike. “You’ve been waiting here to spy on me haven’t you?! You’ll die for this you pervert!”

    “W-wait you’ve got the wrong idea!”

    “Silence! Prepare to die!” Motoko charged at him with her blade ready to pierce his flesh. Keitaro with his eyes still closed held out his mop in front of him hoping to block any attack she was going to throw at him.

    What the heck?! I’m starting to get annoyed with this! But she scares the hell out of me! “Kyahh! Don’t kill me!” He yelled out and shook in fear… but nothing happened to him. He opened one eye and saw Motoko standing a few inches away from him with a smirk. “Huh?”

    “Just kidding Urashima. Shinobu informed me already.” I got her right before she left and helped her bring Su to her room. It was a good thing I came a little early or else I would’ve come here and seriously have hurt him. What luck.

    “Oh my god, don’t scare me like that Motoko! Why are you even here?! I’m not done yet!” He yelled with his face red with anger and embarrassment.

    “Huh? Sure looks like you’re done.” She looked around and saw the place just about spotless.

    “Well it’s not okay?! Geez…” Keitaro took a moment to calm down and sighed. “Sorry for yelling… I’m just a little stressed.”


    “Anyway I’ll be done in a couple of minutes so gimme a sec.”

    “Actually Urashima I wanted to chat with you for a moment.”

    “Umm… can’t this wait until I’m done?” Keitaro blushed and hid his face. “And… wouldn’t you like to put on some clothes?”

    “Eh?” Motoko blushed too and looked at herself. “Oh, umm, I was going to use the springs after.”

    “…Suit yourself…” Keitaro mumbled to himself and resumed his job. He was done in only a minute and set his cleaning equipment away. The whole time Motoko sat down with her feet dangling into the springs. “So what did you want to talk about?”

    “Okay… well this will be quick. I just have a favour to ask of you.” She looked really nervous and tried her best to keep herself calm and cool.

    “I see…” He said with that sort of ‘go on’ look.

    “Would you please come with me to Kyoto tomorrow?” She said a little louder than a whisper.

    “…Huh? Kyoto?” He sounded surprised.


    “Why there?”

    “Well, um, I needed to visit a relative there and I just didn’t want to go alone.”

    “If that’s the case, why don’t you ask Naru or Kitsune?”

    “I would but they seemed kind of busy.”

    Man, you think that I’m not busy or something? Ugh, Kyoto… what to do there. Maybe I should pay sensei a visit… wait a minute! “You’re visiting Tsuruko aren’t you?”

    “So you know… still though, what do you say?” Please… just come with me, you don’t know how important this is to me… please…


    “…What?” She was speechless at his blunt answer.

    “I said no, I don’t want to go with you.” He said like it was the most obvious thing.


    “Hmm?” Keitaro looked confused, it looked like she was going to cry. What the…?

    “Urashima…” Motoko walked up to him and starred at him right in the eyes. He expected her to give him a piercing glare… but she didn’t; she was crying. “Please… reconsider, I’m asking for your help.”

    “M-Motoko…” I thought that she was this strong and fierce independent girl. But… thought she puts up such a tough exterior she’s just like a normal girl with a fragile heart inside. I can tell in her eyes that she was serious… she was nervous… but most of all she was so scared. She… she really wanted my help.

    “So please… please say yes.”

    “Motoko.” Keitaro calmed said and drew Motoko towards himself and warmly embraced her in his arms closely. “Okay… I’ll go with you.”

    “Thank you.” Motoko whispered and embraced him as well. He may be a male, a pervert, a clumsy fool… but this man makes me feel happy at times. I’m beginning to see what my sister had been talking about for so long. Something jerked in her mind though, her face really turned red. “Let go of me Urashima!”

    “Huh?” Keitaro immediately let go of her and was shaved away by Motoko. Her face was still red from embarrassment of how close she was to him. She turned away from him and just stood there. “Umm… sorry about that. I was just trying to comfort you. I don’t really like seeing girls cry.”

    “Just go okay? Don’t you have a job to find or something? She coldly shot at him. But the coldness of her voice didn’t effect him, that only made him smirk.

    “That’s right, thanks for the reminder.” There you go again Motoko, trying to hide yourself again, it doesn’t suit you. But I must admit you’re good at it… but I’ve seen your other side already. You’re pretty strong to do such things… Keitaro walked away.

    “Urashima.” Keitaro stopped and looked back at her. She slightly turned her head around and peered at him. “We leave at 9:00 in the morning, make sure to rest up.”

    “Got it.” Keitaro was now gone and Motoko was left alone. She submerged herself into the springs and relaxed her body. But her blush never vanished.

    “Damn you Urashima…” But thank you so much. I hope everything works out in the end… I truly do.


    “Ugh… okay, so let me get this straight Hinarei…” A man sat down outside at one of the café tables outside with Hinarei seated on the other side. The man was dressed in a typical black business suit and ruffled up his white hair. He didn’t look too happy. “You were flung into the sky… landed in a truck full of bananas… ate all the bananas in under 5 minutes... was hit by said truck…and as a result was sent flying right into my house. Am I correct?” Hinarei nodded happily. “Hinarei! What the heck man!”

    “Hey! I’m telling you the truth! You gotta believe me Zero!”

    “Ugh.” Zero rubbed his temples angrily to try and calm his headache that he got from Hinarei. “You broke my windows, my tables, and the trucker made ME pay for the bananas you ate!”

    “Oh yeah, heh heh, pay you back later.”

    “Now you and I both know that’s not happening.”


    “Man…” Zero looked off to the side and spotted Keitaro walking towards him. Keitaro noticed Zero and waved to him happily. He nodded back to acknowledge him. “Hinarei, was good to see you and all but I’ve got an appointment with someone. I’ll need you to leave.”

    “Hey! How did YOU become important in this story and not me?!”

    “Cause I said so, now scat.”

    “Aww…” Hinarei pouted and walked away with a defeated look. Keitaro walked up and took Hinarei’s place.

    “Been a while Keitaro-kun.”

    “Sure has Zero-san. And thanks so much for helping me with this, I really appreciate it.”

    “Think nothing of it. Helping you find a job is an easy task for me anyway.”

    “Well then, what have ya got for me?”

    “Well let’s see…” Zero pulled out a notepad, several different names, numbers, and addresses. “I’ve got several friends who would be willing to employ you, they’re not all that exciting though.”

    “It’s okay, I’ll take what I can get right now.”

    “Well then. My friend who owns a manga café is looking for some help stocking and organizing. Another one of my buds is looking for some help in construction around the Kyoto district. A computer art designer for kid’s web sites…”

    “Interesting…” Maybe doing some construction work would be good, but I got a feeling that’ll be a full time job…

    “Then I got an upcoming mangaka looking for assistants. An opening at the kindergarten at the Tokyo schools. And lastly… oh my.”

    “What is it?”

    “An assistant for one of the craziest archaeologists I know. You best stay away from that one.”

    “I’ll take your word for it.”

    “So any of these sound interesting to you?”

    “Well they all do, but right now I think I would like that manga café job.”

    “Well okay, I can’t really guarantee you the job though it’ll all be up to you and my friend. All I can say is don’t mess up, she’ll most likely give you a little test first.”

    “That sounds reasonable.”

    “Okay, here’s the location. Ask for ‘The Dark Evangal’”


    [END PART 1]
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    [BEGIN PART 2]


    Keitaro arrived at a shopping district; many people were going in and out of a great variety of stores and window shopping. Keitaro walked up to a store that had a very kind looking and beautiful woman standing by the door with a smile on her face, she looked right at Keitaro.

    “Hello, you must be Keitaro-san.” She said with a glimmer of sunshine around her.

    “U-umm, yes I am.” Whoa, that’s a little too happy for me. “Are you The Dark Evangal?”

    “That is correct, but you can call me Eva. Please come in.” She opened the door for Keitaro and the two of them walked in. The store was empty but it was only like that because she just opened up the store. But inside it looked pretty normal as a normal manga café would look. “Now I assume that Zero-san has told you about me right?”

    “Yes he has. So what do you want me to do?”

    “Well I would like you to just organise all of those mangas in the right place…” She pointed to a far corner where a large pile of mangas laid on top of a table.

    “Odd, I didn’t see those.” I swear those weren’t there before.

    “Also as you can see I have my mangas organised into their different genres and in alphabetical order. You can do that right?”

    “Sure, piece of cake.”

    30 minutes later…

    “Well let’s see what you’ve done so far.” Keitaro stopped what he was doing to let her inspect his progress. “What the… you’ve got so many of these in the wrong places… the volumes of each book aren’t even in order, nothing is in alphabetical order and, what’s this? A.I. Love You in Horror?!”

    “Oh crud… should’ve read those titles closer…” What’s wrong with me? I would never make such weird and stupid mistakes like this…but actually I think I know why, I’ve been thinking of Yukari the whole time. I just can’t help myself, I can only think of her... I really need to relax. Yukari… I hope you still loves me because I still love and care about you…

    “I’m sorry but if you’re going to work like this there’s no place for you here. You don’t get the job.”

    “Ugh… I understand…” No biggie I guess, I’ll just get Zero-san and see if he can get me another employer. Maybe that mangaka assistant will do the trick. This time I’ll keep my thoughts on track. I need to stop thinking about her for the time being.[/i]


    “We’ll need this… and this, oh and this, and that…” Kitsune kept grabbing off various random items off the shelves of the store into her shopping cart. Naru was following closely behind her with a big sweat drop going down her head.

    “Do we really need all this stuff right now? She’s not coming for another couple of days you know. Besides… isn’t this a bit much?”

    “Come on girl, how often does she come to visit you like this?”

    “Well… this is actually the first.”

    “See? We really gatta make her feel welcome. So just suck it up okay?”

    “Okay okay. You have a point there, but it’s still not that big of a deal.”

    “My god Naru, what’s wrong with you?”

    “Sorry, I’m just lost in my thoughts right now. You’re right though. Do we have everything we need now?” Naru pointed at the shopping cart with the mountain of items piled on top. So much on my mind… just what do I do though? I mean, should I try and make up? Keitaro… I can see that he’s a really nice guy now, but he’s just so cold towards me. It hurts me so… but I can’t blame him, but he should be able to forgive and forget. Just what am I to do?

    “Just about.” Kitsune said and counted the various items. “I’m just guessing but I think this should come up to at least 25 000 yen.”


    “25 000 yen.”

    “Okay, once again. WHAT?!”

    “Don’t worry~~~, Keitaro’s paying for us.”

    “Huh? And how is that?

    “With…this!” Kitsune pulled out a wallet.

    “Isn’t that-“

    “Yup! It’s Keitaro’s wallet! Huzzah for us!”

    “Oh Kitsune…”


    Keitaro walked through the studio doors of a manga studio and was following a tall long red headed man dressed in normal business clothes. Keitaro shuffled through his pockets wildly suddenly and received a raised eyebrow from the man as they entered through the doors into the work area.

    “What are you doing Urashima-san?” He asked and fixed his glasses, laying his hand on an empty work desk.

    “Seems I left my wallet at home.”

    “Do you really need it right now?”

    “No, not really I suppose. Please continue Ryo-san.”

    “Very well then. Zero-kun told me a lot about you, seems he has high hopes for you.”

    “Well that’s nice of him to say.”

    “I hope you’re ready to do some hard work.”

    “Yes sir. What do I do?”

    “As you know I needed a few assistants with helping me develop my manga, so your main goal right now is the following in this test piece.” Ryo laid out a roughly drawn but still very fine drawing in manga panels. It was all done in pencil but still looked amazing. “Now your goal right now is to just darken this all with black ink or Indian ink. Also I got some tones of the ones I’ve sketched in there on the desk.”

    “Okay, this shouldn’t be too difficult.” Keitaro sat down at the desk and observed his task.

    “Well I’ll come check on you in a few minutes; I have to go check on my other assistants to see how they’re doing. Work hard now.”

    30 minutes later… again…

    “Mind if I take a look at your progress?” Ryo walked up to Keitaro’s side and peered over.

    “Sure, I hope you’ll be pleased.” Keitaro handed over his work to Ryo and he happily accepted it.

    “I’m sure I-“ Ryo’s eyes and mouth dropped with surprise. “…won’t…” Ryo but back the ‘work’ face down in front of Keitaro. “That was horrible, I can’t even believe I drew that.”

    “Huh? What was wrong with it?”

    “I don’t even want to start with that. Let’s just say you don’t get the job okay? End of discussion.” Ryo walked away with a disgusted look. Keitaro could only sigh and gather his things and leave.

    “Wow, that was unexpected. I always thought of myself as a talented drawer.” Keitaro picked up the page he was touching up and the problem with this was that when Ryo took it he accidentally smeared all the ink all over. “Wow, no wonder. Hey wait a minute, it was his fault then!” Oh never mind, I’m sure Zero-san can just get me another… and another…ugh…

    No matter how he approached things, no matter what he did… he always messed up with his employers in some way that made them not want him. Zero tried his best to get him a few jobs but soon word got out to Zero’s friends about Keitaro and soon no one really wanted to employ Keitaro. Zero told him about this and the long day was soon coming to an end with a sunset at 6:00.

    “What a crummy day. Getting fired five times all in the same day. What kind of bad luck is this? And the sun’s already going down, what a waste of a day. Just perfect…” Keitaro sighed and thought about his next move. Zero said he would try again tomorrow to convince someone to employ me. I sure hope that he’s successful. I gatta make some extra cash somehow…


    “Oh my, not again!” Keitaro looked off to the side and saw a tall slender man trying to load several old looking antiques and boxes into his white van. But they just kept falling out and the sound of glass shattering was heard all over. “This is so troublesome…”

    “Need a hand?” Keitaro approached him and offered his help. He was an older looking man with a rugged look upon him but his glasses made him look very intelligent. The two smiled and Keitaro helped him load his things in, no objects were broken this time and the two closed the door. “There you go, a lot easier with two huh?”

    “Thanks a bunch my friend, you sure saved me a lot of time and broken artefacts.”

    “No biggie.” Keitaro looked at the man’s van and thought a little. That stuff kind of looked familiar. “That was some pretty interesting things. I could swear those looked exactly like earthenware from some kind of ancient civilization.”

    “Ah, you’ve got a good eye there young man!” He smacked his van hard with a smile and several small shattering sounds came from inside. Whoops! “These were just some of the earthenware that I unearthed from the ruins on a island on my travels!” He proudly said this with a triumphant tone.

    “Fascinating. I’d love to work with such things as that someday.”

    “Oh? Then how about you work for me then?! I’ve got my own business traveling the world to discover these artifacts and more!”


    “I sure could use an assistant in my work. I mean, everything has been such a mess lately. What do you say my friend?”

    “Well, uhh… I guess so…”

    “Great!” The man held out his hand to Keitaro. “The name is Seta Noriyasu. Pleased to meet you.”

    “Heh, I’m Keitaro Urashima. The pleasure is all mine.” Keitaro accepted his hand and they shook. Wow, how lucky was that?

    “Keitaro… Urashima?”

    “Hmm? Is something wrong?”

    “No, it’s nothing. Just my imagination.” He couldn’t be related to her… could he? Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

    “Anyway though, when do I start?”

    “Tomorrow around 9:30AM would be the best.”

    “What?! Tomorrow?” Keitaro squinted his eyes with disappointment. That… isn’t going to be good. I have to go to Kyoto with Motoko. I can’t break my word to her. But I really want this job… but I’m a man of my word, maybe I’ll find another one later. “I see, that’s a problem.”

    “What is it?”

    “Well… the thing is that… well I… I’m going to Kyoto that day with someone. Sorry.”

    “Did you say Kyoto? That shouldn’t be a problem then. That’s where I was planning to go anyway!”

    “N-no way, seriously?”

    “Yeah, I needed to drop these off to someone tomorrow. How about we meet around the Kyoto Tower? Of course when you’re done doing your business with your companion.”

    “Sounds good. Hopefully my business won’t take long.”

    “Well that’s great, everything will go according to plan.” Seta smiled happily and got into his van. “Hey, where do you love? I’ll give you a lift.”

    “Huh, oh thank you.” Keitaro got into the passenger seat. “I live at Hinata Sou,” Seta gave him a confused look that was actually more surprised. “Uhh… do you know where that is?”

    “Oh, uh, yeah I do. I was just thinking.” Seta started the engine. “Well, Hinata Sou it is.”


    Naru and Kitsune had finally returned from their little shopping spree. Naru had retired to her room to relax herself from her… exciting day with Kitsune. Carefully putting away the things they bought in her room she decided to just lay down on her futon. Kitsune though carefully slided Keitaro’s wallet back into his bag in his room, with much of his income gone as well. In the end of it all she went over and crashed at Haruka’s place. Good timing too since the last customer of the day left and Haruka put up her ‘closed’ sign, Kitsune sat down, tired, at one of the tables. Haruka sat across from her.

    “So… Kitsune, you’d better pay back Keitaro, got it?” She glared at her as seriously.

    “Huh? What do you mean? Pay him back for what?” Kitsune asked innocently.

    “Hey, don’t try and pull that one over me. I know you all too well. Plus it’s written all over you face, you stole Keitaro’s wallet to pay for all that stuff.

    “…” Wow, just how did she just do that? I can’t be that predictable… can I? Still though she doesn’t know for sure! I must defend myself! “I prefever the word ‘borrowed.’”


    “…” Oops.

    “Doesn’t matter, if you don’t pay him back then you’re messing with me.”

    “Okay okay, you got me. I’ll pay him back. Sheesh Haruka, why do you care so much?”

    “Do you really need to ask me that? He’s family.” Haruka intensly stared into Kitsune’s eyes. “He’s also someone who deserves all the happiness in the world. When I see something, anything, bad happen to him it just down right pisses me off.”

    “Whoa, don’t ever let me get on your bad side.” Kitsune jokingly said. I never thought she felt that way.

    “Well, hurry up and pay him back then.” Or else you may find all of your booze gone.

    “Hey look… isn’t that Keitaro?” She pointed outside at Keitaro who was just standing far away from the shop looking up at Hinata Sou. He was talking but due to their distance nothing could be heard. “He looks kind of happy.”

    “That so now?” Haruka glanced outside and her jaw dropped the second Seta walked beside Keitaro. “Seta?!” Her face flushed slightly and soon did Kitsune’s.

    “Why the heck is he here?!”

    “Huh? You know him?!”

    Now as Haruka and Kitsune talk from the side, Keitaro was having a pleasant conversation with Seta. Seta wasn’t even paying attention to Kitsune and Haruka but Keitaro sure noticed but ignored them.

    “Well… there’s Hinata Sou.”

    “My oh my. Still looks the same even after all those years.”

    “You’ve been here before?”

    “Sort of. I didn’t really go IN Hinata Sou, just near it many times.”

    “Is that so…”

    “Well you know I changed my mind, 7:30AM too early to meet up. How about we meet up at Kyoto Tower around 11:30AM? I don’t want to rush you or anything.”

    “It sounds good but why the sudden change?”

    “No reason really.” None that concerns you right now anyway. “I should be going now. I’ll talk to you later Keitaro… oh ya, here’s a little something for helping me.” Seta handed over a couple 10 000 yen bills. “There’s a lot more where that came from when you work.” Keitaro smiled and waved to Seta when he left.

    “What a strange guy… nice, but strange.” Keitaro slipped the cash into his pocket.

    “Keitaro!” Haruka yelled out to him as she and Kitsune ran his way.

    “Haruka, Kitsune. What is it? And what the heck were you guys doing over there?”

    “What were you doing with Seta?!” Haruka asked impatiently and ignored what he had just said.

    “Huh? You know him?” Keitaro rubbed off the odd feeling he was getting from the two girls. “Well he just dropped me off here. Also I’m working for him now.”

    “Ah, good…” Keitaro’s working for Seta? Well this could be troublesome if handled the wrong way. Just must keep myself calm and collected. “He didn’t mention me did he?”

    “Hmm? I believe he didn’t.” What an odd question to ask… how does she even know Seta? “All he really did was reminisce about the past on Hinata Sou. Interesting fellow.”

    “I see.” Thank god, he didn’t talk about me. I’m saved for now. I hope Kitsune can get the info she wants too.

    “Now Keitaro, listen to me carefully. Now at any point did Seta ever mention Naru in any way?”

    “What? No! He didn’t mention anyone! What’s with you two? And how do you both know him?!”

    “Phew… it’s nothing Keitaro.” Oh that is such a relief, now Naru won’t have to know about this.

    “Y-yeah, it’s nothing.” This is good, this is good. Maybe he forgot about me, yeah, that’s it. Seta forgot about me… I hope.

    “…Okay… you guys are weird.” Keitaro rose an eyebrow to the both of them and walked away towards Hinata Sou. Well today sure has been an interesting day. So many bad things had happened but I’m happy with this end result. Now that I’ve got my job down, I can relax a little. But I wonder why exactly Motoko wants me to go with her so bad. I can’t say I’m not suspicious of her intentions. I’m worried.

    Keitaro walked down the halls to his room and collapsed right onto his floor, closing his eyes. “It’s so early but I just wanna sleep forever…” He glared at his ceiling and his eyes couldn’t be kept off the hole separating his and Naru’s room. It occurred to him that he was treating her so very different from the rest of the girls, all due to his personal feelings. He didn’t really hate her so he didn’t want things to be like this. To be honest with myself… I guess I was acting this way because in some ways… she reminds me so much about Yukari. But I must remember she isn’t her… she is somewhere else. Come on Keitaro, you have to make up and say you’re sorry to her. Keitaro got to his feet and walked under the hole and peered up. Grabbing his stool he placed it right under and stood on it to get higher. He had his fist ready to knock.


    But she knocked first. “…Keitaro?” Naru asked quietly but loud enough for him to hear. Keitaro was a bit stunned at first. “Can I talk to you?” Please answer me… I know you’re there, I hear you walk in.

    “Sure… can we do this face to face though?” He calmly asked.

    “Okay.” Naru opened up the floor board and offered her hand to him. Keitaro smiled and accepted her help and jumped into her room. “Keitaro, I-“

    “Naru, please let me speak first.” Naru stopped talking and listened. “Look, I know I’ve been kind of hard and all to you and being so cold. But let me first say that I’m sorry… I’ve just been through too much right now and I guess I’ve been lashing it mostly on you. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way, please forgive me.”



    “I’m the one who should be sorry. I should’ve been more sensitive towards your feelings and not have come to such ridiculous conclusions of you. I know that you’re a nice and kind person and that’s the kind of person I’d like to have as a friend. So maybe we can put this all behind us. I hope that we can still be friends.”

    “Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Keitaro held out his hand and shook her’s. “I hope we get along better than before.”

    “I hope so too…” That’s good... after all you’ve gone through something similar to his situation in a way. You should know how he feels… being friends is a good start. I really like him...


    The next day around 9:00AM on a clear morning day, a taxi stopped in the middle of the road in parked itself in front of a bus stop.

    “That’ll be 3500 Yen.” The driver said to his customer. The girl paid him with exact change and got out with a single suitcase and a long eared black cat perched on her shoulder. “Thank you m’am.” He then drove away and left her alone.

    “Kanako.” The cat whispered in her ear. “Are you sure about doing this.”

    “What are you talking about Kuro? He deserves to know.” She said back to her cat. Good thing no one was around her or else this would look really odd.

    “I won’t argue with you there.” Kuro jumped off and stood before her. “But you might get a really bad reaction from him. I mean, he’s already in a fragile state. Maybe it’s best he doesn’t find out just right now.”

    “It doesn’t matter Kuro. He of all people needs to know this.” Kanako picked up Kuro and perched him on her shoulder again. “He needs to know… he has to know what Yukari’s been up to. This is too important.” Kanako looked in the direction of Hinata Sou, the sun shining on her eyes. “I’m coming oniichan.”

    End Chapter


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