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    1. The Fight Because of a Video Game!

    For all to read! It might not seem like much for a first chapter, but just wait for the next 11 chapters I've completed! I took this from the location.
    By the way, I don't have a grudge against ANY of the Love Hina characters.

    A sunny afternoon begins at the Hinata apartments with the Cherry Blossom Festival soon approaching. Keitaro returns from an errand with a plastic Gamestop bag, waving at Motoko, who is out front doing her normal practice.

    “HEY SU!! Isn’t it right that you wanted me to get Soul Caliber 2?”

    Su runs out and high-kicks him in the face

    “YAYYY!!! You got it right this time!!”

    “What was that for?! I’m not even inside yet!”

    She snatches the game and dashes back inside.

    “I’ll never understand that girl” --;;

    Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and Motoko sees a figure running up the stairs…very quickly. As she begins to unsheathe her sword, the person has already made it to the top with a very pissed look. It is a 6’2”, 20 year-old male with short brown hair pushed up in the front. He carries a backpack, a duffle bag, and a samurai sword. He looked around and noticed Keitaro.

    “YOU!!!!” He points at Keitaro.

    “OH SHIT!!!” Oo;;; Keitaro begins to run for his life

    “YEAH, YOU BETTER RUN NOW BOY!!!” He drops his luggage, draws his sword and begins chasing Keitaro.

    With exceptional speed he blocks Keitaro’s path and lunges forward to strike, but Motoko blocks it with her blade. Everyone inside runs out to see the problem.

    “What’s all the… WHOA!! Who the hell is this guy?” Kitsune says with confusion.

    The young man, with his sword still against Motoko’s, replies, “Someone who is about to kabob a thief!” He fires a death glare at Keitaro.

    Naru: “what are you talking about? What would a pervert like him have stolen?”

    “This S.O.B stole my Soul Caliber 2 game!!!”

    Everybody sweat drops and falls over.

    Keitaro, with a nervous look, “I would just like to see you prove it.”

    “He doesn’t have to.”

    Everybody looks at Su

    “Keitaro did get Soul Cal 2, but it’s for the PS2. We have XBOX”


    “You threaten Urashima, therefore I cannot let you live…unless you leave NOW!”

    They both stare at each other eye-to-eye for a few seconds.

    “All right then!” the stranger says with a smile and jumps back about twenty feet.

    “COME ON!”

    He slashes the air with his sword, sending an energy slice towards Motoko, who easily dodges aside and charges the stranger to strike, but he blocks it and trips her, adding insult and injury by punching her face into the ground. He then grabs her foot slams her back-and-forth against the ground and throws her in the air a good thirty feet. Motoko quickly gains her balance, but only to be headbutted in the chin. The stranger then does a frontal somersault kick, pummeling Motoko back down to the earth, creating a wide crater. He comes back down away from the crater with everyone else staring at him. Motoko rises from the debris, sheathes her sword and back-flips out of the crater and leaps off a tree towards the stranger, aimed about where his gut is.

    “Hmph, you disappoint me.” He sheathes his sword and positions himself to perform a quick slash.

    Suddenly, Motoko begins to spin in midair. Fast.

    “DOOMSDAY TYPHOON!!” blue energy begins to surround Motoko in the form of a massive typhoon.

    “WHAT!!” The stranger is thrown off by the drastic change and quickly draws his blade in front of him to block the attack, but upon impact the blade shatters like glass, and the typhoon strikes the stranger dead in the gut.

    He is sent flipping, twisting, spinning, and turning in every direction uncontrollably, straight into the hot spring’s rocks.

    Motoko walks to the front of the damaged hot springs with a disappointed look on her face.

    “Stay down…it suits you.”

    She begins to walk away when she hears him beginning to stand, but falls onto his knees grasping his gut, coughing and wheezing, unable to breathe. He begins to cough out a torrent of blood, and at that point, the Hinata residents, except Motoko, ran to his assistance.

    Keitaro runs inside, “I’ll get an ambulance here”

    SO…whadja think? I’m very nervous to know what you all think about it (hands trembling) PLEASE review ASAP good or bad!

    Like I said, the future will have better chapters. You'd be suprised at how many people envy me for this fic; not meaning to brag.
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

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    hehe,I like it so far,finally another fic where Motoko doesn´t get her butt kicked by the new chars.....Hmm,post more
    And as I ask of every fic poster here,please check out my fic as well "Like The Moon".......
    This post is not an excuse to ask you that,though....I like it so far,it seems Motoko plays a big part,but I may be wrong.....

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    Ooh, I like it - it reads well.

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    to be honest I only like animated stuff....I dont read comics but its good and you should keep it up it seems other ppl here like it more then I do (like i said I dont read comics) so it was kinda boring TO ME to read it (sorry to sound insulting)

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    I like the story. I encourage you to keep the story going

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    He said he already had 11 chapters ready....-_-;.....more than me....ah,well depends on how long they are....

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    2. A Warrior’s Short and Sad Story

    The Hinata group sits, bored, in the waiting room of the hospital. All but Motoko is there.

    Kitsune (stretches)-Damn Keitaro! We’ve been waiting here all afternoon; it’s already 7:30! We haven’t even had dinner yet!

    Su (grasping stomach)-(groans and notices tama-chan) fried turtle.

    “I’m sorry about this, but it’s against my nature to not make sure that someone in the hospital is OK. You all can head back; I’ll call you when I’m on my way.”

    The girls walk to the elevator, tired and weary.

    As the door closes a doctor comes out-“Friends of Hanku Royiaki!”

    “Ummm…what did he come in with?”

    Doctor flips up papers in his clipboard-“Damaged respiratory system.”

    “I suppose that’s our guy. (gets up and walks toward the doc) Is he OK?”

    “Yes, he is expected to make a full recovery, considering his near fatal wounds, but he’ll have to stay here for the night. Both of his lungs are bruised, so he can’t breathe on his own yet.”

    “What about uhh…sticking a tube down his throat to help him breathe; wouldn’t that work?”

    “Unfortunately, no; when someone’s lungs are bruised, we have no choice, but to put them in a coma and have them on the iron lung(). He’ll be in there the whole night, until we can confirm his lungs are healed.”


    “One more thing, aren’t you the landlord of the Hinata Apartments?”

    “Uh, yes, why?”

    “Well, this happens to be his first hospital event…ever. I also found out that he doesn’t have a home, and he’ll need a place to stay, so we can set up his medical records. Are you willing to take him in about a week?”

    “Uhhhh…yeah sure, I’m sure we’ll be able to handle this just fine.” Knowing that the girls WILL have a problem with this.

    “Excellent! Here, you’ll need this. (gives Keitaro a small stack of paper) That’s Hanku’s profile; it’ll have what you need to register him in.”

    “Alrighty, thanks. I’ll just come late morning tomorrow to get him?”

    “Yes, he should be recovered by then.”

    Returns to Hinata

    “WHAAAT!?” Kitsune, Naru, and Motoko shout in unison.

    “Look, it’ll only be a week. What’s so bad about it?”;;;


    Silence is spread from Motoko’s rage

    “…Well, (picks up the packet the doctor gave him) it’s what happened to him at his home in America that makes me feel sorry for him. Look, (opens the packet)…”

    “I don’t have to know that little shit’s life!” Motoko starts going to her room

    Keitaro stands to quickly speak and gradually adds anger in his voice-“On his 17th birthday he went out for a walk, and while away, his mother, father, and his two sisters were MURDERED…(Motoko freezes)…the house was then set on fire and the murderers stole EVERY electrical item in the house…”

    Everyone in horror-“………”

    “When he returned to the inferno, he raced inside to find his family, but later came out with nothing in his possession. He told the police what he saw, and the CSI’s confirmed it. I would GLADLY mention the details of their BUTCHERED bodies, but consider yourself fortunate that Shinobu and Su are here, because honest to goodness, I can’t eat dinner now. If you want to know, why don’t you come down stairs and read it for yourself.”

    Shinobu runs off in tears from what she heard.

    Naru (still in horror)-“W-What made him come here?”

    “I don’t know, but the fact of the matter is, can’t we show SOME respect for this guy? He doesn’t have anywhere else to go…rather, live.”

    Motoko resumes walking upstairs-“……one week…nothing more.”

    “(sigh) Thank you, Motoko.”

    next morning

    Keitaro sits, waiting in front of the hospital, for Hanku, whom just walks out.

    “Hanku Royiaki, I assume?”

    “Yeah, and you are…”

    “Keitaro Urashima.”

    They shake hands and start walking back to the apartments-“Charmed…listen uhh…sor- HOLY CRAP!! Where’s my luggage?!

    “Relax, we kept it at the House just after the ambulance took ya.”

    “Oh…thanks. By the way, sorry for what happened yesterday.”

    “Ah, no worries, I get a lot worse from the girls.”

    “They kick your ass regardless if you’re the landlord?” OO;;

    “It’s a daily thing, you get used to it in a week or two.”

    “What do you do that pisses them off so?”

    “…Ummm…I always seem to be doing the wrong thing, in the wrong place when they’re in the hot springs, and while they’re changing, let’s just say. heh heh.”

    “Oh…(snickers) sucks for you.”

    “Yeah…(sigh) I only know pain.”;;

    Wow! Hanku seems to be quite a guy when he’s cooled down. But Naru’s question does seem worth asking.

    “Pardon for asking, but I read your profile and I was wondering…what made you come here to Japan?”


    “I’m sorry! That’s a stupid question; you don’t have to answer.”

    CRAP! I think I really hurt him by asking that.

    “I’ll tell everyone before tomorrow is done. They need to know anyway.”


    They get to the apartments where Keitaro calls everybody down for greetings.

    “Everyone, this is Hanku Royiaki. Han-…(notices Motoko with a shocked look)…um Motoko, what’s wrong?”

    “Hanku Royiaki? American AND Japanese martial arts champion?!” OO

    “What’s it to ya?”


    “RRRRight, well anyway…”(introduces everyone else, but Motoko)

    “Pleasure…oh, word of caution…I’m a sucker for taking opportunities at pranking people; so if you do the wrong thing around me, be aware that I might publicly humiliate you.”


    Keitaro (ignoring what Hanku just said)-“And, uh, I suppose you’ve already met Motoko.”

    Their eyes meet for a few seconds-“……Indeed…anyway, um, where will I be sleeping?”

    “Well, there is an extra room next to mine if it’s not a problem, but you’ll be below Kitsune’s room.”

    “What’s wrong with that?”

    There’s silence for a few seconds until Kitsune replies with her traditional devilish smirk-“You’ll see later on tonight.”

    “Well, suppose we leave you to your business then?”

    “Yeah sure…Thanks, Keitaro. Thank you everybody for taking me in on such short notice.”

    End of chp.2 -An iron lung pretty much does the breathing for a person who is not able to breathe

    I think this chapter was a little slow, but Hanku will quickly adjust to his new environment next chapter. Also I want to clear one future thing; this fic will have a fight scene time-to-time, but the rest is humor and romance (creating a third genre).
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

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    you starting to post them here instead now?

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    Yeah! Seeing as how YOUR fic is on here, I figured "Why not?"
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

    Me at an anime convention \/

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    Ah,but my fic is good....
    No, have a link for it somewhere don´t you?
    Besides,when´re you gonna publish more?
    Now mine is longer than yours.....

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    I'm gonna! I just needed to join the Negima Brigade! I think you should be in by now!
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

    Me at an anime convention \/

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    3. A Normal Day and a Threat!

    Hanku has just started settling in at Hinata. We now see him unpacking his things.
    He starts to pull out the following.

    “Okies, I got the PS2, Soul Cal 2, Armored Core games, (and a lot of other cool games) (pulls out a heavy shoebox) Secret…(grunt)…Stash (drops it), binoculars…” (A/N: When I say Soul Cal 2, I mean Soul Calibur 2. I normally say Cal instead of Calibur.)

    Su slams the door open upon the mentioning of video games-“WHAT GAMES YOU HAVE???”

    She kicks Hanku in the face sending him tumbling into his unpacked stuff, he then sits up in a daze with binoculars hung around his neck, and wrapped in wires from his PS2 and controllers.

    “That’s quite a left foot ya got there”

    “So, (starts clearing through his games) how many games you got here?”

    “About 15-20, at least…HEY WAIT!!! NOBODY TOUCHES THE GAMES!!! OUT, OUT, OUT, OUT, OUT!!!” (picks Su up and tosses her into the hallway)

    “Ummm…okies I’ll just come back later for Soul Cal”

    Hanku walks outside on the balcony taking the wires off his body, and notices the hot springs, but doesn’t have a clear view of Kitsune, Naru, and Shinobu, since they’re so far away.

    “Jeez, pity they don’t have apartments like this in America…heh heh.”

    in the hot springs

    “So…another resident. What do you think of him Naru?”

    “Frankly, Kitsune…I think we just welcomed a more “advanced” pervert.”

    “Yes I think his muscles are sexy too.”

    Naru falls over-“I never said anything about his muscles!!”

    “Well, you did say he was more “advanced”, …if you catch my drift. He’s already checked off one of my “turn-on” requirements…sexy physique.”

    “(sigh)…alright I’ll give him credit for appearance, but I still find him as a pervert!”

    “Alright…if you say so, Naru”

    “Well, Sempai seems to have no problems with him staying, so I don’t think we should either.”

    “I agree with Shinobu, Naru, we could at least cut this guy some slack, he might not be so bad.”

    “Too late.” Naru notices Hanku on the balcony.

    “What’s she starin’ at me for?”

    He looks around and finds that he forgot to take off the binoculars around his neck.

    “ooooooooohhhhhhhhh SHHHHHHHHHIT!!” OO;;; He starts waving his arms up and down in a panic.

    “NARU, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK, YOU GOT THE WRONG ID—” He’s silenced by a rock hitting his head.

    He groans in dizziness and pain until he falls off the edge of the balcony right on top of Motoko.

    “Grrrrrrrrrr…GET OFF ME!!! GOD-SCREAMING STRIKE!!!” She sends Hanku soaring into the air. He crosses his arms and legs while in the air.

    “I’ve been here less than 30 minutes and I have been hit in the head with a rock and struck by a sword. What can make it worse?”

    Hanku finds himself under shallow, hot water. He rises out of the water and breathes heavily to catch his breath……until…


    He is only able to stare in horror at his naked, redheaded executioner.

    Kitsune with a smirk on her face-“Once a pervert, always a pervert it seems.”

    Naru pops her knuckles-“Apparently so……NARU ATOMIC PUNCH!!!”

    Hanku is sent flying to the front of the house where he lands and slides on the ground a good 15 feet.

    [A/N: let’s review his injuries, shall we? He has a bruise above his right eye (rock), a singe across his shirt with a burn underneath (sword), and a bigger bruise on his left cheek; he’s also soaked (hot springs and Naru).]

    Hanku continues to lay down on his face with spirals in his eyes-“ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww……………… pain………tremendous………agonizing……lo nely………pain.”

    Haruka shows at the top of the steps seeing Hanku right at her feet.-“So, new guy huh?”

    “……Did you catch the license plate number on that truck?”

    “(chuckles) let me guess…(she helps Hanku onto his feet and looks over his injuries)…hmmm…You were standing on the balcony where Naru threw a rock at your head and you fell off, right on top of Motoko, whom sends you all the way into the hot springs, where Naru punched you in the face……of course that’s only a guess.”

    “………You’re good” OO;;

    “I should know since my nephew gets enough already.”

    “Nephew?…Are you Keitaro’s aunt or something?”

    “Yes, I actually am. Haruka Urashima.”

    “Hanku Royiaki.” They shake hands

    “So, the martial arts champion got more than what he paid for it seems.”

    “I see you’ve read your magazines.”

    “I just wanted to see how everybody was handling you, but…I see I don’t need to continue.” Starts walking back down the steps.

    “Later then.”

    “Oh, you should talk to Motoko, she’s a big fan of yours.”


    Haruka ignores Hanku and continues to walk.

    “Great, I just happen to get my ass kicked by a kendo girl that loves my skills as a fighter. (looks toward the audience/readers) Boy, the irony is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.”

    that evening

    Everybody is eating dinner, but can’t seem to eat because they’re being distracted by Su’s and Hanku’s ravenous eating.

    Kitsune can only stare with dumbfoundedness-“You know…it’s bad enough watching Su eat, but…I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the two of them.”


    Everybody looks at Shinobu, who blushes at the question.

    “DAMN!!! She should be paid extra for this.”

    Keitaro-“Well…she kinda is.”

    “Hmmm? How?”

    “Well, we also find her cooking to be very unique, so we agreed that as long as she could cook for us, she wouldn’t have to worry about her rental fee.”

    “Really? Wow…Lucky!” He shoves a ton of ramen noodles in his mouth.

    “Yeah……Ummm…Pardon me for asking, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know.”

    “Hmm?” (it’s the only thing he could say with a mouthful)

    “What made you come here to Japan?”

    He pauses, slurps up his noodles and swallows, “……I’d rather talk after supper.” He reaches for another rice ball, but finds that everybody’s plates are cleared and there’s no more food on the table.

    “Whatthebejesus?!” Oo;;;

    He looks at a smiling Su, whom has a humongous amount of food in her mouth.

    “Soooooo……Shall I share this story of mine in the living room?”;;

    Su swallows her food in a single gulp as everybody leaves the table and sits down on separate couches.

    “Let’s see…where so I start?…After my unfortunate loss, I was offered to live at an orphanage until I would go to college, which would be the next year; but I decided to turn the offer down and live a life of my own; why? Because one: I hardly had any cash in my account; two: I really didn’t plan on going to college in the first place. I really regretted that statement within 6 months. I couldn’t afford shelter, I had worn out clothing, and I could only pay for 6 more meals from McDonalds. Fortunately, things were looking up as I saw a newspaper article mentioning a national martial arts tournament in my home city of Dallas, Texas.”

    “What is Texas? Is it delicious?”

    “Uhhh…OH!! I should’ve told ya’ll this when I got here. Texas is part of the United States and Texas isn’t delicious, but it does make delicious foods.”

    Keitaro with a puzzled look-“Well, your last name, Royiaki, says you’re from Japan.”

    “True. True, but my father enjoyed the life of the America’s more than Japan’s; thus, with him living in the U.S. he met my mother, who was an American.”

    “So…that means…”

    “Yes, I’m half American and half Japanese, but my personality is more of the Americans’. My sisters’ blood and personality were no different than mine.”

    “Wow! So, you found out about the tournament…then what?

    “I used my remaining money to pay the entry fee, and became qualified for the tourney. I easily won the $500,000 dollar prize; which is……about…54,000,000 yen.”

    (A/N: I noticed some authors that had problems converting yen to dollars and vice-versa. One American dollar converts to 108 yen. I found this info on a very reliable site. I know that this’ll help some authors, so spread the word to those who haven’t read this fic yet for me PLEASE.)

    Everybody is in awe and wonder at the number Hanku had just stated. Almost instantaneously, Kitsune hopped on his lap, smirked, and started twirling her finger around his left torso, and began to speak in a seductive tone.

    “So what would a fine, bulky American, such as yourself, spend it on…or have you yet to spend it on something or someone?”

    “Whoa!! Easy there sex huntress with huge “headlights”!! ;; I quickly spent it on very important, personal matters…sorry.” Boy am I sorry.

    “Damn, I swear, you Americans are like vultures…you take it then you go.” She gets off him and sits back down on her share of the couch.

    Naru with a sarcastic look-“Then you’d have to be a buzzard Kitsune, if you want to be that realistic.”

    “SHUT UP!!”

    “(chuckles)…Well, when you win a national tournament, the press is just itching to shove a microphone into your face, so needless to say I became a bit popular. I was even told that the news had spread to almost every martial arts dojo in Japan. Isn’t that right kendo girl?”

    Motoko stays silent with a blush on her face.

    “So, anyways…I had to use the money to buy new clothes, entertainment equipment, and an apartment, but after living there for 6 months, I quickly began to come up short on money and was forced to leave. On the first day of walking the streets…again, I came bought a USA Today paper and found some hope. There was a national martial arts tournament being held here in Japan. I admit, the fighters were a little more difficult, but I still whooped up some ass. The prize money was half as much than America’s…27,000,000 yen ($250,000), (flinches) BUT PLEASE DON’T POUNCE ON ME JUST YET!! We American’s are vultures as you said.”

    Kitsune with a dull look-“So, you’re almost broke again?”

    “Actually, quite the opposite. I still have about umm…12,487,176 yen in the pot right now………(smiles) but I shouldn’t have told ya that.” ;;

    Kitsune opens her mouth to speak, but is cut off.

    “Su! You said you wanted to play Soul Cal tonight, right?”

    “Okies! IT’S TIME FOR AN ASS-KICKING WITH NECRID!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” (hops on Hanku’s shoulders, whom struggles to carry her upstairs).

    Later, in the hot springs

    Naru and Motoko bathe while overhearing Su and Hanku playing Soul Cal 2.

    “WHOA!! I didn’t know Astaroth could do such painful and powerful moves!! How could you get so good with such a slow fighter?”

    “Well, Su, that’s because other people don’t give characters, like Astaroth, any chances, because of him being slow, but I have mastered that flaw, so you’re dealing with a quick and powerful opponent. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!”

    “But can Astaroth be this quick?” she kicks Hanku in the face sending him directly, not flying, but directly into the hot springs.

    Hanku quickly stands up in frustration-“NO NEED TO BE A SORE LOSER SU!!!”

    “A-hem” Hanku hears this behind him and freezes.

    “……Uh-oh…now before I turn around and you try to punch my face in, you need to realize that this wasn’t my fault and you know it. So, I’ll just walk directly to the exit, and we can all walk away happy.”

    Motoko raises her sword ands strikes behind him. She notices that the attack didn’t finish, because Hanku holds the blade by his palms. Motoko quickly brings her sword back, and begins to throw lightning-quick slashes at Hanku, whom dodges them with ease.

    Everybody in the House sees and/or hears the fight, causing them to go outside to see what was happening.

    “You know, it’s best not to fight while you’re naked, because I’ll just but that to my advantage. (Motoko doesn’t respond) Alright, I REALLY hoped it wouldn’t come to this.”

    Hanku blocks to a point where Motoko is thrown off-guard and her chest is revealed. He then lunges forward and grabs them both. Motoko is so shocked and violated at the offense, that she doesn’t notice Hanku taking the sword out of her hand, it was as if she handed it to him. Hanku then walks over to the nearest wall and stabs the sword directly through it to where only the hilt and a tenth of the blade was showing.

    “What kind of women bring swords into a hot spring? Are you paranoid, or somethin’?”

    Hanku turns and begins to leave as the two women gave him frowns. Naru didn’t attack Hanku based on the fact that if he could evade Motoko’s blade, he could make her look like trash.

    Motoko with a quiet, furious tone-“Who does he think he is? Fighting women and grabbing them as if they were his own worry stone.”

    “Probably started doing it with his mother and sisters…gasp” Naru can only cover her mouth in shock at what she just heard herself say. Even Motoko and the others, who were watching couldn’t believe what she just said. Hanku freezes and looks down at his feet.

    As he began to cry he clenched his hands into a tight fist and turned around, revealing a frown with tears running down his cheeks.

    “Naru Narusegawa, you can humiliate me, you can punch me, you can destroy my property, but never insult anyone I know who are close to me…ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY!!!”

    “…Hanku……I’m…I’m sorry.”


    Hanku fires an energy wave, strong enough to kill any normal human being, directly at Naru, who can only watch helplessly at her incoming death.
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

    Me at an anime convention \/

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    Ah,but I meant when are you gonna make chapter nr.12 ?

    I am....*runs off*

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    4. Taking and Returning the Favor

    Hanku fires an energy wave, strong enough to kill any normal human being, directly at Naru who can only watch helplessly at her incoming death.

    Motoko stood in shock at what was about to happen, until she felt a sharp pull through her body. She knew it couldn’t be from Hanku’s energy wave.

    What is this strange energy I sense?

    Hanku breaks his frown into a look of surprise as he felt the same pull that Motoko experienced.

    What the hell just exploded?!!


    Hanku and Motoko’s questions are quickly answered when they both hear Naru.

    “Wha……KEITARO??!!” Both warriors become as shocked as ever at that scream.

    Using his unknown ki energy (from an emotional rage). Keitaro stood in front of Naru with his arms and legs spread out with a look of determination on his face. It was obvious he meant to take the blow.

    At impact, a blinding light covered the Hinata House as they heard a male’s scream of pain echoing throughout the block.

    When the light and dirt subsided, Hanku quickly looks in front of him, thinking that there wouldn’t be any remainings, but finds Keitaro barely able to stand with most of his clothes torn and withered away, smoke drifting from his body, his glasses are broken, he is covered with burns and bruises, and is grinding his teeth in pain. He turns his head back at Naru.

    “A-Are you alright, N-Naru?”

    Naru can only nod as she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

    “I’m glad” He collapses on the ground unconscious.

    The residents quickly run to Keitaro’s aide, but Hanku can just continue to show his look of shock, until he turns and jumps onto the roof of the apartment and runs. No one cared to notice.

    1 hour later, we see Naru running down a street to the apartments with a box of gauzes in her possession.

    “What a time to run out of gauzes, for the sake of Pete!”

    Naru continues to run in a hurry, until she stops when she hears at what seems to sound like footsteps. She looks behind her, but finds nothing until she turns back around to find a man covered in black clothing (jacket, hat, pants, etc.) standing a foot away from her. Naru knew this guy was bad news, so she tries to walk by him, but is restrained by his grabbing of her wrist.

    “Not so fast sweetheart.”

    Naru tries to break free, but is slapped by the man, causing her to fall on the concrete sidewalk. He grabs Naru’s leg and drags her behind a bush (for obvious reasons). Naru screams for help, but with no answer. However…


    Shinobu wrings out a wet cloth to place on Keitaro’s forehead when she suddenly heard a scream that seemed to have came from the block next to them.

    Recognizing the scream, Shinobu rushes upstairs to find Motoko.

    “Motoko, Naru’s in trouble. I just heard her scream about a block away from here.”

    “What?!” She quickly picks up her katana and rushes out of the room.


    As he begins to undo her clothing, the man is stopped by a fist striking his right cheek from the shadows, sending him into the street. Naru quickly looks and sees Hanku walk past her, towards the man, whom quickly gets up and throws a punch at Hanku. Hanku backhands the punch and counters it with his own punch dead in the man’s gut. The stranger falls to his knees, as Hanku wastes no time in throwing a left hook at the man. Hanku then grabs the man’s jacket, by the back of its collar, and throws him straight into a streetlight (or whatever those tall lights are called), causing the pole to bend slightly. The man slowly gets to his feet, but at the moment he gains balance, Hanku leaps onto the man, with his feet placed on the man’s chest (crouching position), and Hanku’s left hand grips the man’s right shoulder. (This fighting position is known for pouncing an enemy while keeping his/hers balance at the same time.)

    Motoko arrives at the scene and notices Naru on the sidewalk.

    “Naru! Are you alright?”

    “Yes, yes, I’m fine Motoko.”

    Motoko notices Naru staring at Hanku with astonishment. Motoko didn’t do anything different than Naru.

    Hanku uses his free right hand to pummel the man’s face. With each word Hanku speaks, another punch is thrown.

    “You don’t…treat…women…like…that!!!”

    With his statement finished Hanku grips the man’s left shoulder with his right hand and leaps himself off the man with great force, sending the man sliding on the asphalt a good 50 feet, where he then lays unconscious. Hanku lands with ease 25 ft from where he launched the supposed rapist.

    “Cold hearted, son of a BITCH!!”

    Hanku walks over to Naru and helps her onto her feet and the three of them walk back to the apartments without a word being said to each other.

    About an hour later (making it around 11:30-12:00 at night), Hanku stands on the edge of the rooftop and stares into the moon without movement. Naru finds her way to the roof and can only stare at Hanku with his back turned against her.

    “How is he?”

    Naru is slightly dumfounded at Hanku knowing where she was.


    Hanku turns his head around to look at her and takes a step to the side, signifying that he doesn’t mind her company.

    Naru sits down on the rooftop’s edge-“He’s covered with moderate burns and bruises, but Motoko says he’ll be just fine. In fact, she says that all he needs is sleep. He should be better in the morning.”

    “(whispering) dammit”

    “Ah, don’t go beatin’ yourself up. You didn’t intend on hitting…him. You know for a second, I thought you wanted to kill me with that attack, heh heh.”

    “That attack was meant to kill.”

    “……oh……but still, I should apologize for my cruel words I said to you.”

    “No, no, no, no, no, I’m the one that should be apologizing Naru. I was willing to take away your life just because of some words you didn’t even mean to say, and I don’t expect to be forgiven for that. I even almost took another life my mistake.”

    Hanku looks at Naru and sees a depressed look on her face. He knows she feels guilty for what Keitaro did for her.

    “Listen…I don’t know about your friendship with Keitaro, but you shouldn’t take what he did for you in a bad way. You should take it into special consideration that you now know that you have a friend that would risk his life for you; don’t take it with guilt. I would drop dead if what happened today, didn’t make your friendship with Keitaro any…”closer”.”

    “But…Keitaro and I don’t have a…relationship.”

    “Uh-huh, suuuurrrre you don’t.”

    “Really, I can’t even stand that pervert during the day!!”

    “Hey! He could’ve let you die!!”

    “C’mon!! What’s the big deal? It’s not that big a crush!…”

    Hanku smirks, and looks back at the moon.

    “Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be left alone.”

    Naru nods and leaves Hanku on the rooftop, where he would stay for the remainder of the night…thinking.
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

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    5. PAYBACK'S A BITCH!!! Part 1

    Keitaro wakes up in his futon with the feeling of bandages placed/wrapped around his ribcage, his right cheek, and his left elbow. Everywhere else was either healed or scared from his incident the night before. He looked at his clock, which said 7:30 am. Feeling that he could walk, Keitaro headed downstairs into the kitchen and realizes he is alone until Hanku's head pops out of nowhere shouting.

    "BAAHHHH!!" Keitaro jumps, in freight, and gets his head stuck in the ceiling. He quickly pulls himself out and lands flat on his ass.

    "…for breakfast?"

    "You have a cruel sense of humor, you know that?"

    "What can I say? I'm proud to be an American, my friend."

    "Right…(looks around) um…where's Shinobu? Shouldn't she be cooking breakfast right now?"

    "Shinobu will be indisposed for the day. She seems to have caught a summer cold."

    "Ah…well, suppose we microwave some leftovers, shall we?"

    "BULLSHIT! I'm cookin' breakfast today."

    "…No offense, but…do you have ANY skills as a cook?" OO;;

    "Are you kiddin'? You haven't lived until you try my very own curry." (starts gathering the necessary ingredients)

    (A/N: I don't know any special curries except the fact that it's spicy, so add-in any special curry dish you want.)

    "And, uh…why are you doing this?"

    "Think of it as…an "I'm sorry"."

    "Well uh…thanks"

    "The girls might not trust my cooking, especially kendo girl, so I'll say you made this, take my word for it. They'll love it."

    Later, while Hanku's curry is on the stove…

    "OH CRAP!!! I need more potatoes." He opens the fridge and begins searching.

    Su hopes her way into the kitchen in her pj's.

    "Oooooooooo…what's cookin', doc?" She lifts the pot's lid, grabs a spoon and tastes the curry.

    "Hmm…not bad, but needs a little more 'kick'. She pulls out a milk carton filled with a very dark red liquid inside, labeled: SU'S TOP SECRET CURRY RECIPE!!! Su begins to dump the curry into the pot with SUCH a good mood, until she hears Hanku…

    "AH-HA!! Found ya!!" Su dashes out of the kitchen, and Hanku continues cooking his "infected" curry.

    About 30 minutes later, everybody (except Shinobu) sits at the table as Keitaro brings out the curry and places it at the center. When everybody had their bowls full, Naru gave a suspicious look at Keitaro, unsure about his cooking.

    "Wait! I think we should have Su test this, before we become, supposedly, intoxicated."

    Motoko and Kitsune agree on the idea, and all eyes are on Su.

    Su stares at the spoon in her hand and at her roommates for a few seconds before…


    The girl had just thrown her spoon aside and started chugging at her curry.

    The rest stare at the blonde and figure the curry is safe for eating, so everybody digs in, except Hanku and Keitaro who both wait with anxiousness at their response.

    "Hmm…not bad Urashima…mmm…not bad at all."

    "Sake can't compete with this…well, maybe…it can, but it's still delicious."

    "I'm impressed Keitaro, you might be a fair competitor against Shinobu."

    "Glad you think so." Keitaro felt the relief he was hoping for, but only for a short while.

    Kitsune, Naru, and Motoko in unison-

    A kettle's whistle is heard as the girls' faces gradually became cherry red, the sound of a train's bell and horn could also be heard as the girls shrieked as the spice began to take its toll.

    Mutsumi enters through the front door just in time to see the 3 "hot heads" make their run in search of some H2O.

    "Ara, ara, did I come at a bad time?"

    "Naw, you're actually on time for the firework show, heh, heh."

    "(giggles)…You must be the Hanku, the new resident Haruka told me about."

    "Yup, that's me, and who the hell are you?"

    "Mutsumi Otohime, I assist Haruka down at the tea house, and am a friend of everyone here in the apartment."

    "Jeez, is there anyone else I don't know about."

    "Well there's Seta and Sarah who are currently on their way back here from a business trip of Seta's. They should be here before lunch."

    "Oye, oh well, better two than three."

    Motoko was the first to spell relief correctly as she dived for the kitchen sink and pressed her mouth against the faucet and turned the cold water on max.

    Naru found the first floor bathroom and the sound of the sink's faucet could be heard. Hanku hears this, looks toward the readers, and points back with his thumb.

    "Is that even sanitary?"

    Kitsune didn't have much to worry about as she scampered to her room, opened her mini-fridge, and pulled out her coldest sake. With the bottle's bottom facing upward she chugged the whole thing. To her dismay she had to empty 3 more bottles before the spice ended its torment.

    When the trio came back, they took a few seconds to catch their breath, before their traditional death glare was given to Keitaro. Hanku smirks and puts his hand in front of his mouth like it's a walkie-talkie.

    "BING…You are now free to move about the country."

    With that being said Keitaro made his daily flight out of Hinata.

    Mutsumi, not knowing what had happened, walked over to the table and noticed an untouched bowl of curry.

    "What's for breakfast?" She begins to insert a spoonful of curry into her mouth.

    Motoko, Kitsune, and Naru panicked-"WAIT, MUTSUMI!!! DON'T DO IT!!!"

    Too late. The Okinawan had already swallowed and instantly fainted flat on her back.

    Hanku freaks-"HOLY DOG SHIT!!! THE CURRY KILLED HER!!!"

    Naru punches Hanku in the back of the head-"Calm down, stupid. She only fainted."

    "Oh! Well then…forget it!"

    At noon everybody had gone to do his or her daily summer activities. Su's in her room working on God-knows-what, Kitsune is in the living room drinking sake and watching TV, Motoko is out front, doing her normal exercises, Mutsumi, Keitaro, and Naru are studying, and Shinobu is hanging and folding the laundry with Hanku's assistance (since he had nothing better to do).

    When asked to take the towels back down stairs to the hot springs, Hanku accepted and took enough towels to block his vision of what was in front of him. As he went down the second floor hallway, Motoko had finished her exercises and went towards her room until she saw Hanku and his complication. She frowned and continued to walk forward, but with the bottom of her sheath sticking out next to her trying to trip Hanku.

    It worked flawlessly as Hanku threw the towels in the air so he could break his fall, but only to be surrounded by a mess of towels. He began to pick up and fold the remaining towels before Kitsune called Motoko.

    "Hey Motoko, where's the remote, girl?" Obviously she was drunk.

    "Hang on a sec Kitsune."

    Motoko started heading back the way she came passing Hanku and kicking the towels in the middle of her steps just to piss him off.


    "Hey kendo girl! That was uncalled for."

    The samurai ignored Hanku and continued her way.

    Another hour later, Motoko and Shinobu joined Kitsune in watching television, and Hanku finished putting the towels away. With no more laundry left Hanku headed his way to the couch, which bothered Motoko, whom gave an uncomfortable look.

    Motoko stood up and headed in Hanku's direction, and upon their passing Motoko made an "unintentional" shove at Hanku sending him to the floor. At that moment, Sara had entered through the front door with her luggage in her possession, before Hanku's time bomb detonated and begin shouting in Motoko's face…


    After SOME of his rage was dealt Hanku stomped his way to his room.

    Sara with a blank stare and a smirk (everybody else gave a stare)-"Alright……what did I miss?

    Back in Hanku's room, Hanku begins to bury his head in his stuff in search of something.

    "Whereisit? whereisit?" Keitaro enters with a soda in his hand.

    "Hey man, uh…what's up?"

    "Kendo girl's gonna get a beating tonight!"

    'Oh boy' "What did she do this time?"

    "She pissed me off!!"

    "Okay…uh…what are you gonna do about it?" He starts drinking

    "I'll get her back, and I'll get her back GOOOD!! By means of this!"

    Hanku raises up a magazine where Keitaro sees the title, but the readers can't (A/N: HA, HA!! You don't know what it is!!).

    Keitaro spits out his drink in shock-"BY MEANS OF THAT?!" OO;;

    "That's right."

    "Man, I don't think that's gonna work."


    End of chp.5
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

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    6. PAYBACK'S A BITCH!!! Part 2

    Motoko became a bit more cautious and alert upon Hanku's threat a couple of hours ago. She didn't even feel that she was safe 100% of the time while she attended to her secret studies in her room. Well, all that was about to change!!!

    Shinobu's scream triggered Motoko's reflex of grabbing her katana and running for the kitchen, where the scream was heard.

    All the girls entered the kitchen with Naru trying to comfort Shinobu.

    "What's wrong Shinobu?"

    Shinobu could only point at a magazine placed on the table.

    Naru looked at it with the other females looking over her shoulder. With a vein on her forehead, Naru shook her fist.

    "That perverted, landlord…"

    "Now wait a minute Naru." Hanku enters

    "Just because it's a Playboy magazine, doesn't mean that it's Keitaro's right off the bat."

    "Are you saying that this is yours?!"

    Hanku still keeping cool- "No, I'm just saying, check inside the cover; it might have a name."

    Naru didn't see much good in it, but she agreed with the idea.

    Open cover…everyone freezes except Hanku with a look of triumph on his face

    The cover read in permanent ink, and I quote, "Property of Motoko Aoyama!!"


    "Hey, I only said that you could have it for an hour, but if you insist on keeping it, kendo girl, that's okies by me. (snicker)"

    Kitsune was pretty much the only one who didn't have her jaw drop in shock. Instead, she quickly shoves a different magazine in Motoko's face.

    "Well if you're going to be a magazine reader, I'm gonna make sure you lay off the women versions. To start off, you might as well see this guy. His name is Kaito and he's a famous American model, doesn't he just turn you on?"

    Motoko could only see a pair of golden eyes.

    "Careful, Kitsune. Kendo girl might be turned on RIGHT NOW by your presence. So you might wanna watch your back for this girl in the future."

    He let's out a sinister laugh and runs like mad with glee.

    (A/N: Those of you who have seen Motoko pissed, this is way, way, way, beyond pissed)

    With a demonic twinkle in her eyes, the samurai runs to capture and annihilate the man who set her up.

    The two ran throughout the Hinata grounds for about 10 minutes from the hot springs, to the abandoned annex. When Hanku made his 15th lap past the open kitchen window he smelt a very delicious lunch being served. Immediately picking up his pace (with Motoko close by) he raced inside and immediately sat down in the kitchen table and raised his right hand signifying an immediate halt. Motoko, with the blade inches from Hanku's head, was dumbfounded by the demand and took the time to notice her surroundings with 7 pairs of eyes staring at her.

    "You don't wanna obliterate the dining room and everything inside it do ya?"

    Motoko had no other choice, but to surrender. Hanku gave the look and sign of victory.

    "YEAH!!—BOOF!!" Silenced by Naru's punch, in the back of the head, Hanku's face was flat on the table.

    "That's for getting Shinobu involved in a conflict that doesn't concern her."

    "Owie…" Hanku lifts up his head only to be punched into the table again by Naru.

    "THAT'S for setting Motoko up to make us think she was gay."

    "(groans)…" Lifting his head up again…you guessed it…another face plant into the table, courtesy of Naru.

    "And THAT'S…for my own amusement!!"

    Becoming slightly retarded-"ooooowwwww…dose things aw' bad fo' you."

    What was once a chaotic chase became a very, VERY quiet lunch.

    After lunch Keitaro met up with Hanku in his (Hanku's) room.

    "Well, at least that conflict has been settled!"

    "This war is FAR from over." Hanku pulls out the box labeled "Secret Stash"

    "C'mon Hanku, will you just give it up, already."

    "NEVER!! At least not until I use ALL of these in my scheme." He opens the box revealing at least 60 porn magazines.

    Keitaro's eyes bulge out in awe and wonder-"What…is…your…PROBLEM HANKU?"

    Hanku only smiles-"What can I say? I have my 'issues'!!" (A/N: you're a dumb shit if you can't find the double meaning in that word.)

    "These magazines will serve their purpose in due time, but for now, I'm gonna whoop Su's ass in Soul Cal." [A/N: (giving a "rock-on" sign) ASTAROTH RULES!!!]

    Later…Motoko walks by Hanku's room and stops to hear-in on the conversation.

    "Damn, Hanku! How can you be so good with such a crappy fighter?"

    "HEY!! Don't dist Astaroth, Sara!!"

    "It's not like you to lose against anyone when you're Voldo, Sara! Hanku really shocked your marbles, but don't worry, I didn't fare any better."

    "Yeah! I haven't been up against this much competition since…since…Motoko first played me with Mitsurugi."


    Motoko enters-"It's true and I suppose I might as well face you right now while I'm here."

    "HA, HA!! Good one, kendo girl!"

    "That's Motoko to you, you bastard!! Move it Sara!!"

    "It's your funeral! GO ASTAROTH!!!" Su and Sara quickly change into a cheerleader's uniform with "Astaroth" written in front of Su's shirt, but Sara has "Mitsurugi" on her shirt.

    "NO WAY!! The samurais are gonna beat that dork down to a pulp."

    Both girls wave their pom-poms while they cheer for their selected fighter.



    A swings his axe at M's feet, causing him to trip. M quickly gets up and performs a throw- he trips A and brings his sword down.

    A-185% health M-190% health

    A does an attack throw by guiding M behind him with his axe and does this repeatedly.

    "No I'm over here!! No, no, no, here!! Wrong turn, he went this way."


    "If you say so"

    A grabs M by the back performing a throw-he places the top of his axe on the back of M's ankles. He then grabs M's head and brings him around the hilt of the axe to where his head is in front of A's face. A ends the attack by quickly shoving M's head to the ground.

    (A/N: Any normal human being would have his/her entire upper-half broken.)

    Motoko flinches-"OW!! Geez that hurts!"

    A-185% health M-90% health

    A quickly ends the fight by using another attack throw-A swings his axe around in a circle, and M gets stuck on the axe where A continues to swing a couple more rotations and releases M HIGH in the air and lands HARD!!



    "Well that's the idea that I was aimin' for."

    "SHUT UP!! That was only battle 1!!"


    "I'm gonna end this in a snap."

    A immediately starts with the attack throw that he used to finish off M in the first fight.

    M positions himself where he holds his sheathed sword and spreads his feet.

    A charges at M, but is stopped by M using his unblockable move where he slashes down low twice. Upon A standing up, M uses an attack throw where he stabs his katana through A's stomach, and M shoves A off the blade with his foot.

    A-45% health M-110% health

    M finishes A off by kneeing him out of the ring.

    RING OUT!!!!







    "Behold my one-two knockout attack"

    A again starts with his axe-swinging attack throw. M stands back up and charges at A, whom, upon M hitting the ground from his previous attack, was starting his unblockable attack. A holds his axe like he was holding a baseball bat. M stopped his charge, because Motoko had never seen this attack and didn't know what to do.

    "It's OVER!!"

    A swings the axe like a golf club sending M high-flyin' into the air and making a hard landing.



    "WHAT THE…?!"

    "The Demented Moon-the most powerful attack in the game. It can immediately take away over half of your health in one strike."


    "AH!! No worries, though. You put up a great fight!" Offers a handshake

    "DON'T TOUCH ME!! I'm going to the roof to meditate. (sigh)" leaves the room.

    "JEEZ!! Never thought kendo girl could be such a sore loser."

    "She never likes to be #2. THAT WAS A KICK ASS FIGHT HANKU!!! WEEEEEE!!!"

    Su jumps and wraps her arms and legs around Hanku-"Thank- BOOF!! That's gotta stop."

    Sara sweatdrops-"It can't be helped, she'll never get out of that habit."

    That evening, after dinner and everyone was excused from the table, Motoko made her way to the hot springs and soak off the stress she was having.

    Little does she know that hell itself is about to appear and consume her soul.

    End of chp. 6
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

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    7. PAYBACK'S A BITCH!!! Final

    Motoko makes her way into the hot springs…

    Motoko leaves the table and gives her compliments to Shinobu’s exquisite cooking, unaware of Hanku’s smirk and evil glare. When she leaves to go upstairs and ready herself for the hot springs, Hanku pulls out an army helmet and a walkie-talkie.

    “American Punk, what’s your position?”

    Sara is in the women’s changing room with an army helmet a walkie-talkie of her own.

    “Hell-Raiser, sir! In the changing room, awaiting orders, sir!”

    “Excellent! Banana-Splitter, what’s your location?”

    “Behind you, Hell-Raiser, sir!”

    Hanku turns around and sees Su with her own helmet and walkie-talkie. Still speaking into the WT…

    “What the hell are you doing, Banana-Splitter? You’re supposed to be getting the materials needed for this operation.”

    “Already got them, sir.”


    “Yes, sir.”

    A few minutes later, Sara and Su exit the changing room and meet up with Hanku back in the kitchen. They stand at attention and salute.

    “The bomb’s been planted, sir.”

    “Is it properly undercover?”

    “Unless Banana-Splitter’s tech skills are fading on us, it should be invisible to the others.”

    “Excellent! Now is for my part.” Hanku makes his way to the hot springs with something in his possession.

    “Hell-Raiser, sir, what if the operation fails?”

    “I don’t know, American Punk, because this plan should work flawlessly. You two are dismissed.”

    “Thank you, sir!”


    Motoko begins to unwrap her towel, but feels something being pressed against her stomach. She pulls out yet another Playboy magazine.

    (A/N: Yes, Lee3, but like I said, this is way, WAY beyond Tsuruko’s pissed.)


    Motoko quickly looks behind her and sees the flash of a Kodak, digital camera.

    “In case you’re wondering what I will do with this picture; let’s just say that I’ll be sending QUITE the Christmas card to a few of my friends. AFTER I make a few “adjustments” with it.”


    “Does the name Paparazzi mean ANYTHING to you? Hahahahahaha!!”

    Hanku scrams out of the springs with another look of triumph on his face. Motoko throws the magazine down, wraps the towel back around her top, and pursues Hanku. One slight problem though, the magazine carries a thin paper weight with a string attached to itself and Motoko’s towel.

    Hanku is running his ass off as fast as he can, but to his dismay, he’s got a VERY pissed samurai on his tail. At this point in the chase, the other residents begin to block his path.

    “Hey Hanku, why the flushed face?”


    Whether she heard him or not, Kitsune was shoved away into the wall. Everyone else got out of the way, but they noticed Motoko’s towel beginning to fade away as the string, gradually began to “reveal” Motoko.

    Hanku looks at his watch-“Right…about…NOW!!! (he turns around and holds his hand out) HALT!!

    Motoko, again, dumbfounded by this demand stopped a foot away from Hanku.

    “(snicker) If you’re going to continue this chase…(snicker)…you might wanna put some clothes on.” A series of camera flashes flood Motoko’s eyes and face with fear, anger, and pure humiliation. With no other choice, Motoko begins to run for her room, but ironically, Hanku is chasing HER with his camera continuing to shoot.

    “Oh, c’mon, first you’re wanting to obliterate your public embarrassment, now you’re camera shy. You know, it’s so funny; the golden opportunity in this moment is so HYSTERICAL, that I’m not even shooting you!! (faces his camera to the wall and takes pictures of it) IT’S CRAZY!!!”

    Motoko slams the door to her room and locks it. Hanku smirks and walks downstairs with Sara and Su waiting for results.

    “Was Operation: Slut Payback a success, sir?”

    “Envy those who are victorious!! And pity those who are defeated by the victorious!! Yes Banana-Splitter, the slut got SOME of her payback. Operation: Slut Payback isn’t even finished!”

    Kitsune comes downstairs herself, with a hangover-“Damn, Hanku!! What was all that about?”

    “That doesn’t shit right now. I got a question. When you shoved that magazine into Motoko’s face about that model; did you say his name was Kaito?”

    “Yeah, he’s coming here to Japan in 2 years. Why do you ask?”

    “…Shit…oh God…”

    That night, around 12:30 am, Motoko sneaks out of her room and into Kitsune’s room. She scavenges through her stuff.

    “Dammit, that slut. Where did she put it?” She looks over to a sleeping Kitsune with a Playgirl magazine in her arms.”


    Motoko creeps over to the sleeping drunk and tries to pull the magazine out of her arms, but is suddenly grabbed by the arm.

    “(groans)…how much…is it?”

    Apparently, she was sleep talking. Motoko slightly flinched, but quickly recovered by finding a nearby, empty bottle of sake, and holding it to Kitsune’s face. Kitsune smells the alcohol and grabs it with both her hands releasing her grip with both Motoko and the magazine.

    “…whew…close call”

    She grabs the magazine and heads for Hanku’s room, whom is sleeping just as soundly as Kitsune. With her stealth abilities, Motoko is easily able to place the magazine in his arms. With a triumphant look on her face, Motoko leaves the room and turns in.

    Upon her leaving his room, Hanku opens eyes and smirks.

    “Clever bitch! Very clever indeed!”

    Hanku takes the magazine in his arms and his box of ALL of his porn magazines and leaves his room.


    “KYYYAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” The scream of Shinobu has a policy to freak people out at the least favorable moment, especially at 6:00 am.

    Everybody gathers at Shinobu’s room (except Hanku).


    “You all might find me a pervert, but I guarantee I don’t read yaois, Naru.”

    “Do we have to talk about this now? My hangover is taking its toll on my head and back.”


    SLAM!! Shinobu’s bedroom door slams open revealing a very tired and worn out Hanku.

    “Boy! You look like shit Han--.”


    Everybody keeps quiet from Hanku’s remark, until he walks past everybody, towards Kitsune.


    Hanku turns Kitsune around, still with a tired look, and punches her back with a great amount of force.

    “AHHHHHHH…YOU BASTARD!! YOU BROKE MY…oh.” The drunk realized that she just moved her back without the feeling of pain.

    Hanku then walks to the magazine, opens it and reveals…“Property of Motoko Aoyama”

    “Now if everyone will SHUT UP, and GO BACK TO BED we can sleep through this ordeal. By the way, if you want to interrogate the suspect any further, go to her room.” He walks towards the door, turns around, and before slamming the door again…

    Everyone scampered up to Motoko’s room and find the unearthly, unthinkable discovery of a floor full of dirty magazines.

    Motoko gave Hanku the most terrifying death glare-“Hanku…”

    “Who gives a RAT’S ASS if I did it anyway.” He slams the door.

    Upon him dragging himself back to his room, his past caught up with him.

    “DOPE…(slaps the front of his face) I just ruined it. Everything became exposed. DAMN YOU SANDMAN!!”

    BOOM!! Shinobu’s door explodes with a pissed off Motoko AND Naru.

    “Shizer…AHHHHHHH!!!” Hanku runs his ass off again, this time, in the desperation of surviving. He runs around the entire house in his tank-top undergarment and boxers before ending back up in his room. He enters with a sigh of relief, but is interrupted by someone shouting…

    “SECTOR B-12 LOCKDOWN!!” Thick titanium alloy covers the walls, windows, and doors in Hanku’s room where he’s left in complete darkness.

    “Damn, Su’s security system must’ve experienced a glitch again. Now where is that flashlight? Ah! Here it is.”

    He turns the flashlight on and points the light above him (as if he was telling a ghost story), but to his dismay, two other people, rather women, were also shown in the light. Hanku immediately flushes white and has eyes bulge out in fear as he sees the two crack their knuckles. He turns to the readers in a weak, whispering tone…


    Everyone else is just outside Hanku’s room with a concerned look, until they all flinch at the enormous sound of punches, kicks, wall slamming, furniture being demolished, some of them might’ve slightly heard bone cracklings. That didn’t make them sick to their stomach though, what made them sick was that the heard screaming and shouting, pleads for help. They even heard…

    “(beatdown)…SHIT…(beatdown)…****…(beatdo wn)…AHHHH…(beatdown).”

    This series of destruction and pain continued for 15 minutes, until they heard…

    “Sector B-12 lockdown override” The titanium doors and walls rose back up into the ceiling, and the two goddesses of pain and suffering walked out of the room with a sick look of pleasure and satisfaction.

    Some of the others actually had the stomach in looking into Hanku’s room/doomsday location, but they wouldn’t have a stomach for long as upon the first glance of what looked like Hanku’s corpse, would bring sudden barfness upon their souls. Su, Sara, Kitsune, and Keitaro took no pleasure in experiencing this.

    (A/N: I know what you’re thinking: Su BARFING?! Yeah right! However, isn’t it also true that Motoko and Naru NEVER EVER beat Keitaro’s ass at the same time in the same room? Make it a note.)

    It’s a good thing that Hanku has Su’s friendship. There was some good news and some bad news in that friendship though.

    The good news, Su had an immediate cure for Hanku’s hellish experience.

    The bad news, knowing Su, the cure for this was Su’s very own “curry cure”, and it took her 5 hours to make it (11:15 am).

    Su shows up in Hanku’s room in a mad scientist coat with lab goggles on her head with a lab beaker fizzing rapidly.

    “Open his mouth.”

    Keitaro and Sara open up the “hatch”, and Su pours/dumps the ¼ gallon concoction in the fighter’s mouth. Steam and smoke begin to pour out of Hanku’s mouth and ears. Hanku opens his eyes WIDE, and he sits up, but doesn’t move. Now he begins to turn red and sweat, until…

    “BUUURRRRRPPPPP…(he clenches his fist)…THAT’S A SPICY MEAT-BALL!!!”

    During lunch, Hanku made his apologies to everyone, especially Shinobu and Motoko; although Shinobu forgave him, Motoko, of course, wasn’t the forgiving type.

    Afterwards, Kitsune made the suggestion of having a karaoke night in slight celebration of ending their current war, but everyone figured, “Why the **** not?”

    However, in order to get this party underway Kitsune and Haruka needed their booze. Su, Sara, and Naru took care of Su’s indoor, miniature amphitheater. Haruka and Kitsune had to take care of the teahouse. Keitaro had landlord business to attend to. Without anything left to do, Mutsumi, Motoko, and Hanku had no other choice, but to gather the food and drinks for the occasion. As much as Motoko and Hanku despised each other’s souls, they saw no other way to get themselves out of the ordeal.

    “Aw, c’mon you two. It’ll be fun.”

    “Mutsumi, in this chemistry between kendo girl and myself, is something that a watermelon-loving, turtle-breeding, Okinawan, such as yourself, would NEVER understand.”

    “This’ll be the only time I’ll agree with this bastard.”

    “Ara, Ara, sorry for bringing up the topic.”

    “That’s your first strike, Okinawan.”

    End of chp. 7
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

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    Hanku, Motoko, and Mutsumi pass by the teahouse on their way to pick up some groceries, noticing Haruka and Kitsune gather some booze for the karaoke that was about to take place that evening. Kitsune sees them and just couldn't stop herself.
    "You two shouldn't go all out at each other before the evening, save it for then…at bedtime. (giggles)"

    Motoko went red and was about to strike Kitsune before noticing Hanku frowning at Kitsune with wide-open eyes. He walks towards her not leaving eye contact with the blonde, until he gets in her face by a couple of inches causing Kitsune to lean back a little.

    "HOW 'BOUT NO!!!……You drunk, crazy-ass, SLUT!!!"

    Naru runs down the steps with a piece of paper in her hand and hands it over to Hanku, whom smirks noticing what it was.

    "You guys forgot the list of things that we need tonight."

    "Hey, I think you gave me the wrong one, it says Playtex. Hahaha" Hanku immediately splits the scene when noticing Naru's reaction.

    "Oh, fu, fu, fu! He always seems to get us when we least expect it!"

    Motoko draws her sword- "Don't worry Naru. The pervert will get his beating. Eventually, we'll meet up with him."

    A few hours and a beating later, the threesome have what they left for, except for the #1 item on the list…drinks/alcohol.

    The three walk into a liquor store where, unfortunately, was currently being robbed by another 3 with masks. They all make eye contact, and the robbers aim their guns at Motoko and Hanku, whom only smirks.

    Hanku starts cracking his knuckles-"So, you want to play. (chuckles) Well let's play."

    Motoko draws her sword-"Who started the party without me?"

    Mutsumi takes cover behind an isle, when gunshots are made. The warriors split up and strike, quickly, disarming the trio and end up back-to-back with each other.

    "You call this a party?"

    "Aren't we having a little fun?"

    Motoko begins to use her ki to stun one of the robbers, and embeds him into the wall with a simple strike.

    Hanku had just as much fun with his robber. He backhands the robber across the head, and throws three quick punches on his lungs, stunning his enemy. Hanku throws the man over his head straight into a watermelon stand. The crook shakes his head and starts to pull out a knife when he is knocked unconscious from Mutsumi slamming a watermelon on his head.

    At that time Motoko had the last crook in a headlock hitting his head with the bottom of her sword's hilt. Seeing that Hanku wasn't busy, she swung her opponent in a single rotation before releasing him where Hanku immediately, held his arm out. Clotheslining the crook dead in the throat. The man flips once in the air before slamming back down to the floor.

    Hanku remained still, realizing he just made an awesome move.

    "Ooohhhhh YEAH!!"

    Motoko sheathes her sword-"Just the way I like 'em; dumb and ugly."

    "Oh my! You two really work well as a team. You should've seen yourselves setting your affairs aside and teaming up to fight those men."

    Hanku and Motoko look at each other, blush, and turn their backs to each other with a "Humph"

    "It was a once in a lifetime moment. It won't happen again."

    "I'll be damned if I EVER ally with her again."

    THAT NIGHT (9:30)

    Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as the party was underway. Kitsune was her usual, drunkard self already. Su was hogging the buffet where Shinobu and Sara tried to restrain her from eating the table. Haruka, Motoko, Mutsumi, and Naru were in a friendly conversation with their wine, still sober. Keitaro just now enters after finishing a few trigonometry problems in his studies.

    Where is the party? You might ask; In Su's room, why, because the teenager was able to make an indoor, mini amphitheater inside of it during her spare time.

    "Hey Keitaro! (hic) Where's that f(hic)n Hanku? We haven't seen him all f(hic)n night!"

    "He said he wasn't quite the partygoer, so he's in his room, meditating."

    "Let him alone, it'll be much more fun that way. Besides, who wants that man to be involved with the good party, anyway?"

    Everybody in unison-"WE DO!!" Motoko sweat-drops.

    Almost instantly, Su left the room and came back in a flash dragging Hanku behind her. She holds out Hanku's leg and salutes to Keitaro.

    "One Hanku Royiaki, hold the onions!! (looks up in wonder and drools) Mmmmmm, onions!!"

    "WHAT TH—HEY!!!"

    "Glad you could make it (hic) Hanku. Why don't you kickoff this party with a song?"

    He gives Kitsune a sarcastic look and starts exiting-"Because you're drunk, and I ain't singin' no song."

    Everybody looks at each other and nods (except Hanku).

    Keitaro puts his hand behind his head-"Actually, Hanku, it might not be that bad of an idea."

    Su drops down on Hanku's shoulders-"C'mon Hanku, just one PWEEAASSEE?"

    "NO!! NEVER!!"

    "Some roughback of an (hic) American you are. I heard that America has a (hic) lot of good singers, but if you want to throw your (hic) patriotism away that's fine."

    Hanku frowns and gives Kitsune a cold stare-"You dare question an American's love for his COUNTRY!!!??"

    Kitsune looks up at the ceiling-"Maybe"

    "Alright, that's it! Move aside, I'll show you how a TRUE American loves his country, just by singin' ONE SONG!!"

    He goes to his room, grabs a CD and heads back to the stage of the amphitheatre.

    "This guy sang one of the greatest patriotic songs of all time. His name is Toby Keith. He made this song just after the September 11th attack; you all remember that don't you?"

    Everybody nods. Hanku sits on the provided stool where a microphone stand, with the mic, stood in front of him. He inserts the CD. "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)" starts playing.

    (A/N: If you haven't heard this song, read it anyway. This song is THAT patriotic. The karaoke box that was being used took out Toby's voice, so Hanku's singing this.)

    American girls and American guys
    We'll always stand up and salute
    We'll always recognize
    When we see Old Glory flying there's a lot of men dead
    So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our head

    My daddy served in the Army when he lost his right eye
    But he flew a flag out in our yard till the day that he died
    He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister, and me
    To grow up and live happy in the land of the free
    Now this nation that I love has fallen under attack
    A mighty sucker punch came flying in from somewhere in the back
    Soon as we could see clearly through our big, black eye
    Man, we lit up your world like the 4th of July

    CHORUS: Hey, Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list
    And the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist
    And the eagle will fly and its gonna be hell
    When you hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell
    And it'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you
    Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue

    Justice will be served and the battle will rage
    This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage
    You'll be sorry that you messed with the US of A

    Hanku smirks and looks at everybody…

    Cause we'll put a boot in your ass it's the American way

    With that being heard, a few people of the audience give whistles, "whoop's, and other cheers…

    Hey, Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list
    And the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist
    And the eagle will fly and its gonna be hell
    When you hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell
    And it'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you
    Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue

    Of the red, white, and blue

    Of my red, white, and blue

    "WOW!! WOWEEE!! You (hic) Americans are pretty patriotic."

    "Damn right!"

    (A/N: Any Americans, who read that song, give a 'HELL YEAH')

    The night continued with Hanku's presence for another few hours (11:30 PM). During that time, Hanku got into the party idea when he started taking pictures of everybody. Motoko would've sworn he was drunk, when he put his arm around her shoulder, pulled her in close, and took a quick picture of themselves. Fortunately, Hanku's digital camera was able to upload the pictures onto Su's computer and print two of each picture. Everybody is currently in chairs in front of the amphitheatre now, looking a bit tired. (They're sitting in a row like in the movie theatres) The order is follows from left to right:

    Keitaro, Naru, Haruka, Su, Sara, Shinobu, Kitsune, Mutsumi, and Motoko. Hanku is on the stage.

    Hanku looks at the others-"You all ready to call it a night?"

    Everybody groans, but Naru-"(yawns) I would, but I can't seem to keep my eyes closed."

    Everybody else agrees with Naru, since they were experiencing the same thing.

    Hanku looks down for a moment and looks at everybody again

    "How about a lullaby? I have just the one in mind."

    "And what's that? (hic)"

    "It's a bit of personal, but my father sang it to me and my sisters when we were kids. He said it talked about his and mother's relationship when they were teens."

    Everybody was a bit touched when he mentioned his family.

    "Just relax, and trust me, this song knocked me out every time I heard it. I just need a guitar."

    Su points to a door on the stage's side, where Hanku assumed it was where she kept the instruments. He was correct, grabbed one, and sat on the high-stool.

    (A/N: I'm gonna re-mention the disclaimer on "Huckleberry", in the story, Hanku's father made the song up himself. This song is Toby Keith's, not mine. Also, you might want to read/hear this song it's really touching.)

    Hanku starts playing his guitar…

    Just off of the two-lane where the school bus used to stop
    Was a little wooden A-frame with a yellow tin rooftop
    One day it was raining on this world
    She said 'Have you ever really, really ever kissed a girl?'

    CHORUS: Baby I'll be your Huckleberry, you don't have to double dare me
    If the storm gets wild and scary count on me to be right there
    You're so extra ordinary sweet like maraschino cherries
    We'll grow up and we'll get married
    I'm gonna be your Huckleberry
    Mmm hmmm

    Later on that summer we went to the county fair
    They had a brand new roller coaster and everyone was scared
    It was two bucks to experience the thrill
    She said 'Come on boy let's get in line I'll ride it if you will'

    Baby I'll be your Huckleberry, you don't have to double dare me
    If the ride gets wild and scary count on me to be right there
    You're so extra ordinary sweet like maraschino cherries
    We'll grow up and we'll get married
    I'm gonna be your Huckleberry
    Mmm hmmm

    Snuck off on a slow dance at the junior/senior prom
    Went lookin' for some romance before I had to get her home
    Steamin' up the windows of my car
    She said 'Until I get my wedding ring boy we can't go that far'

    Baby I'll be your Huckleberry, you don't have to double dare me
    If the world gets wild and scary count on me to be right there
    You're so extra ordinary sweet like maraschino cherries
    We grew up and we got married
    Now look at those three little Huckleberries

    Tears creep from the corner of Hanku's eyes and Motoko notices it. Hanku then made eye contact with Motoko, smirked, and winked. Motoko blushes at this.

    Mmm hmmm

    Everyone couldn't help, but smile at the last chorus before they all went to sleep. Motoko would be the last one to fall asleep, because for the very first time, she didn't see sarcasm, anger, or pervertedness on his face, she saw a gentle, warming, calm, and…comforting face. She would have never guessed that Hanku would have such passion for everyone, let alone, herself.

    Hanku pulls out some blankets and covers everybody one-by-one. He couldn't help, but find it cute that neither Keitaro nor Naru noticed that her head was resting on his shoulder as they both went to sleep. When he was done tucking everyone in, he left the room, and before turning out the lights he looks back at everyone.

    "Good night, everybody."

    Motoko barely heard this, blushed and whispered…

    "Good night"

    End of chp. 8
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

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    9. A Battle Between Admirers! Part 1

    Sunrise in the Hinata-Sou has begun. Everybody had gotten his or her fair share in sleep from a WILD AND CRAZY NIGHT!!! But what they didn't know is that when Motoko got up, she noticed the printed picture of her and Hanku. She looks right and left to check and see that nobody was looking as she slipped the picture in her back pocket.
    She changed into her training outfit and placed the picture in the pocket of one of the sleeves as she made her way to the living room. She stopped when she overheard a conversation that everybody was in.

    Hanku-"THERE'S NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN ME AND KENDO GIRL, GOT IT? How many times must I say that?"

    Naru-"As much as we want you to Hanku. As much as we want you to (giggles)"

    Kitsune-"Speaking of Motoko, Mutsumi over here told us about your little tag-team fight with Motoko and how much you kicked ass. Which raises the main question; did you go easy on Motoko when you first came here?"

    "Umm (sweat drops)…I don't mean to sound arrogant, but yes I did. I was pretty impressed with her abilities, but of course I was thrown off when we used that "Doomsday Typhoon" technique."

    Keitaro-"Yeah, umm…question. How come you never seem to be affected, rather hurt, when Motoko strikes you with her sword? I mean, I get burned and bruised from that thing."

    "You actually think that a sword THAT sharp could damage me?! (everybody stares and keeps quiet as they notice a VERY angry samurai walking behind Hanku)

    "C'MON PEOPLE!! Her sword's really not that sharp. It's like a toothpick, er…maybe sharp enough to make a paper-cut.


    Hanku gets a nervous look and tries to act like he doesn't know that Motoko is behind him-"Duuuuuuhhhhmmm…….which are 2 of…the finest things in life;…a toothpick or…maybe a paper-cut. (turns around) Oh hey kendo—Uh Oh!!"

    To everybody's shock, including Hanku's, Motoko didn't simply strike with her sword, instead she took her training katana, that was leaning against the wall, and held the sword where the tip would be an inch away from Hanku's throat and walked towards him, forcing Hanku to back up into the wall, while she insulted him…

    "You…you foul, evil, bloated, pretentious little WORM!!!"

    "Can't you take a joke kendo girl?"

    "You insult my sword, you insult my skills as a swordsman which I had learned from my family, thus insulting them in your evil words."

    Hanku gets a frown and tries to calm Motoko down-"I didn't mean to insult you or your family. Your pride is blinding your judg--"

    "SILENCE!! Your words will not go unpunished. Your saying of those words will the biggest mistake you'll EVER make in your pathetic life! After the next 24 hours, Royiaki, you and I will fight in a duel. A DUEL TO THE DEATH!!! I actually thought there was something in you I had respected last night, but now I see you'll always be the perverted bastard that came here 4 days ago!!"

    Hanku DIDN'T enjoy hearing those words a bit. He grabs the blade with his trigger and middle finger, and bends the sword to where it snapped in two. He throws down the metal piece, grabs Motoko, with both his hands, by her gi, and slams her into the wall (about a foot above the floor) where she had corned him.

    With a very pissed look-"One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my life was ever going easy on ARROGANT, little bitch like you. I used to think that SOME samurais had enough common sense to tell who other people were insulting, and whether they were serious or not, bu-hut boy you proved me wrong."

    "You don't frighten me you little…"

    "SHUT UP!!! (he slams her in to the wall again then brings her down to his face as he leans to her ear and whispers) If I have to, Motoko Aoyama, I WILL kill you. I will obliterate your life and feast upon your soul, and when that time comes, I will not be able to wait to do it."

    He walks away and starts leaving the room, before turning back around-"Oh and, by the way, this death match has already killed something that could've happened. (He pulls out, from his back pocket, a picture of him and Motoko from the previous evening and shows it) A very…good…friendship."

    When finished, he took the picture and tore it down the middle and tossed the halves away. He heads to his room and makes/punches a 2ft. wide hole through the wall, and shouts…


    The room was left speechless. Everyone, but Motoko, gave looks that didn't act surprised, in fact they were filled with pity towards Motoko, whom couldn't feel anymore guilty than she already was. Everybody began to walk to their rooms, not without saying something to the samurai.

    Kitsune-"I hope you're satisfied with yourself."

    Shinobu (crying)-"Motoko…(sniff) how could you?"

    Mutsumi-Fu, fu, fu.

    Sara (thumbs up)-"Way to go, stupid."

    Su just bounces away

    Haruka lights and starts smoking a cigarette-"Ya, happy?"

    Naru-"That…was a bit low of you Motoko."

    Keitaro-"Mr. Opportunity was knocking, but you chose to ignore him."

    Motoko, actually felt alone in the world. She was pitied by her friends, not to mention she got told by the perverted landlord, she destroyed a friendship and was left with nothing but a fight to the death with a man that HAD admired her as she had admired him.

    Before Naru started walking upstairs, she noticed Hanku's door was wide open. Out of curiosity, she snuck just outside his room and peeked inside to see Hanku in a meditating position facing the window.

    Meanwhile, Keitaro was passing by at the time and decided to check on what was going on along with Naru.

    Toby Keith's "It Works for Me" starts playing. Hanku starts singing along with the CD in English.

    Never owned a brand new car
    I never worked in a white collar
    I never held a woman longer
    Than I held one single dollar
    I never went out chasin' rainbows
    'Cause there can't be that much to it
    Even if I found my pot of gold
    I'd probly' piss right through it
    I can't remember ever wanting
    For one second of my life
    Even if I did it cost too much
    To ever pay the price
    I don't dance out on the dark side
    Ain't no secrets I can tell
    So you don't have to say a prayer for me
    I just said one for myself

    I'm livin' my life
    Under my terms
    I'm callin' the shots
    As far as I can see
    I don't owe nobody nothin'
    I don't answer to a soul
    It might not work for you
    But it works for me

    Naru looks at Keitaro-"You know the language. What's he saying? I can't understand it."

    Keitaro stares in disbelief. It's true he can understand English, but it quickly came to his senses that this song was not just another American country song that Hanku would normally play, it was a song talking about Hanku, himself.

    I've been bent and bruised and broken
    And flat busted once or twice
    I brought most of it upon myself
    But I never compromised
    My pride's too hard to swallow
    So I've chewed a lot of it
    Mild-mannered and soft-hearted
    And hard-headed as you get
    I live out on the backroads
    Where I walk my country mile
    And if it's so good in the city
    Why don't anybody smile?
    The traffic's always heavy
    And that air ain't fit to breathe
    I ain't saying that it's wrong for you
    It just don't make sense to me

    I'm livin' my life
    Under my terms
    I'm callin' the shots
    As far as I can see
    I don't owe nobody nothin'
    I don't answer to a soul
    It might not work for you
    It might not work for you
    But it works for me

    That afternoon, Motoko starts training for, what would be, one of the biggest fights of her life. She had gotten over the fact of Hanku's former respect for her and once again saw him as her enemy that needed to die. In the middle of her strokes, she sees Hanku staring at a humongous tree (5-6ft wide and 50ft high). He was wearing a black Karate uniform with the sleeves torn at the shoulders, a silver dragon was on the back and he wore a belt with a purple and black flame. He also wore bandages around his hand (not fingers) down to the middle of his wrist and elbow on both arms, and around the center of his feet (horizontally), and his ankles.

    Hanku looks up and down the tree, gets in a fighting stance, and strikes the tree with all his might. The earth shook for a moment before Motoko paused and noticed that nothing had happened, not even the tree was splintered. She wasn't surprised however, because she had practiced her strikes upon that tree and it was never scratched from them either. She still, however, found it amusing that Hanku thought he could knock the tree down in a single punch.

    Hanku then stands in his normal way saying, "Damn", turns around and starts walking back inside, wiping the sweat away from his forehead and speaks to Motoko.

    "You might wanna cover your eyes."

    Motoko was a bit confused, but quickly saw what he meant. The tree made a cracking sound as giant cracks gradually surrounded the tree, about 1 or 2 13ft cracks a second, before the tree, branches and all, shattered and became nothing but sawdust and twigs. Hanku then looks back at Motoko and asks…

    "You still want to continue with this?"

    Motoko gave a look of shock, but then just smirked and chuckled-"Of course not. It just now means that I won't be as disappointed as I thought I would be."

    Hanku returns the smirk and walks back inside.

    The next morning…24 hours from when the death match was suggested…we see the two warriors standing face-to-face, 30ft away from each other, staring eye-to-eye. They both wore their training outfits from the previous afternoon. They also decided to fight where Motoko did her own private training: at the edge of a canyon with a waterfall flowing down the steep drop and with a one-room cabin. Both became soak and wet as it began to rain.

    Hanku crosses his arms-"Last chance, kendo girl. Either step down or get your ass beaten."

    Motoko shakes her fist-"Grrrrrr…Why did I spare the life of a SELFISH, parasite like you. You have a pretty weird way of thanking people who spare your life, because I could've just finished you off that day, and then I could've rested in peace that night."

    Hanku smiles-"Well then that makes you both a bitch…AND a dumb-ass!"

    Motoko points to her sword-"You won't be talking so much after I infect with this venom."


    "I coated my blade with the legendary Monrovian poison. Assassins have used it for generations, why, because there's no cure for it. Once infected, you'll have no more than 24 hours left to live."

    "(Yawn) Are you through? I wanna get on with my life."

    Motoko draws her sword-"Let's…end this!"

    Hanku bows-"I thought you'd never say it."

    Both fighters charged head-on.

    Now the fight for their lives begins.

    End of chp. 9
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

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    10. A Battle Between Admirers! Part 2

    Both fighters charge at each other head on. Hanku throws a punch, but upon impact Motoko disappears.
    Hanku quickly looks up and sees Motoko flipping over him.

    When Motoko has her back facing Hanku, in the air, Hanku jumps.

    He leaps 20ft in the air with his arms wrapped around Motoko's waist on his right shoulder. He then suplexes her into the ground.

    Hanku grabs Motoko's right ankle with his right hand and starts slamming her into the ground repeatedly.

    When Hanku raised her for another slam, Motoko using quick thinking, places her left foot on his left shoulder, grabs his right arm and pulls. Hanku feels his arm almost being pulled out of place and loses his grip on Motoko's ankle. Motoko then places her released foot on his right shoulder, grabs his left arm and leaps behind him hanging onto his arms.

    Hanku grunts in pain as he gradually tries to pull his arms above his head, but Motoko only adds on to the pressure.

    Now feeling his bones crack, Hanku grabs Motoko's wrists, back-flips and drop kicks her in the stomach, sending her 15 feet away.

    Motoko jumps back on her feet and charges at Hanku while he's still crippled.

    Hanku jumps in the air, having Motoko miss her strike, and kicks her in the back, sending her into the canyon wall. Motoko lies on the ground slowly recovering as Hanku walks towards her.

    "Awww, Motoko fall down. Here lemme help you up."

    Hanku grabs her leg (two-handed), and swings her, 180 degrees, into the canyon wall again.

    Motoko falls into the dirt after being stuck in the canyon wall a few seconds. Hanku bends down.

    "You know, if you want to, we can start fighting right now. Unless you prefer continuing to feast on dirt."

    He gets no answer.

    "Very well, then."

    Hanku grabs Motoko's throat and hangs her about 3 ft. above the ground. Motoko begins to choke for a few seconds before opening her eyes and smirking.

    "You know, there was one thing I (cough) learned from you on your first night here (cough, cough)."

    "Oh? And what might that be?"

    "It's to fight DIRTY!!"

    Motoko swiftly kicks Hanku right in the balls. Hanku releases her and bends down in pure agony as Motoko walks away holding her neck and coughing some more.

    "Alright (groans), I admit it. I may have deserved that."

    The Final Fantasy IX battle/monster encounter music starts playing.

    Motoko recovers and once again, charges. Hanku doesn't fully recover, but continues to fight.

    BURST MODE!!!!

    Punches, slashes, and kicks continue to be thrown until Motoko sees an opening for Hanku's neck.


    She strikes hard, but is stopped by Hanku's bare arm. Motoko becomes dumbfounded at the sight of this. Hanku only smirks and punches Motoko into the ground.

    He then flies into the air. He opens his hands as purple energy fills them. Hanku now starts throwing a series of energy waves at Motoko at a very fast rate. This keeps up for a minute before Hanku stops, showing a look of surprise and floats back down.

    Motoko is seen with her sword held in a blocking position surrounded by an energy barrier.

    "No wonder I didn't sense her energy decreasing."

    Motoko breaks the barrier.

    "Since when could you FLY?! And why didn't my sword…it didn't even leave a scratch!!!!"

    "Let's just say that you're sword is now just a big stick."

    "Shut up and fight!"

    BURST MODE!!! This time, Hanku is blocking Motoko's attacks, instead of dodging, with his arms and legs.

    In the middle of this "BURST MODE!!!" Motoko began to remember what Hanku had done to her in the past few days, which encouraged her idea that Hanku needed to die. This anger turns into a sudden rage. Her speed in her strikes increase dramatically to a point where Hanku couldn't keep up with her. Motoko then knees Hanku in the gut and takes the offensive.

    Although he was guarding the attacks (crossing his arms on his chest, Hanku knew he couldn't win the fight if he kept this up. Motoko now brings her sword back.


    She strikes and sends Hanku into the canyon wall. Hanku opens his eyes in pure anger and notices his shirt was slashed in so many places, as was his chest and arms that began to slowly bleed.

    Hanku stands not leaving eye contact with Motoko, slowly grabs his shirt and tears it off while throwing it aside. He now moves to a fighting position ready to continue the fight.

    Motoko grunts and grinds her teeth in frustration.

    "Why, Royiaki, why, oh why, must you continue to resist? WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE?"

    Hanku disappears and reappears on a nearby tree branch.

    "Because you won't stop being an arrogant and pretentious pain my ass, (teleports again to another tree branch) and I'd like to do nothing right now, rather than to piss you off."

    Hanku enters a "BURST MODE!!!" of his own, only he's the only one attacking. To be technical, he's the only one attacking a helpless opponent who can't guard.

    Hanku kicks Motoko into the air, teleports above her and "clubs" her back down, teleports below her and throws a spinning back kick having the samurai slide a good 20 ft. away.

    Motoko continues to lie down while trying to find a weak spot, until she noticed something.

    Whenever Motoko brought her sword near one of his palms, he'd quickly move it out of the way instead of blocking it. She stands, as she now knew what to do.


    Motoko guards for a few moments while trying to find the right time, then she finds Hanku's shoulder wide open and grabs it. Hanku begins to feel the sharp pain he had felt when Motoko nearly tore off his arms earlier, and tries to get out of the grip.

    Motoko seizes this distraction and elbows him in the chest. After sliding a few feet Hanku is caught off guard as he sees Motoko's blade being brought down on his head. He catches the blade in his palms and quickly realizes his fatal mistake. A standoff between two fighters, in the rain, starts.


    He gets a very nervous look as Motoko gives him an evil glare and a smirk.

    A few moments later, Motoko frowns, twists the blade and yanks the sword out, slitting both of Hanku's palms. Hanku bends down, shouts and groans in udder pain and holds his hands below his face.

    Motoko sheathes her sword and starts walking away-"Now that the Monrovian venom has entered your body…there's no point in continuing this fight, let alone any hope of your survival."

    "How long did you say it would take for this to kill me?"

    "24 hours…what? You want to die now?"

    Hanku begins to stand-"24 hours is all the time I need to slaughter your ass. So long as I'm able to stand and fight, I'll never surrender to ANYONE!!! Your Monrovian venom is of no use to try and keep you alive. Think of it as a last wish I want before I pass on to my next life."

    "Well, I'm afraid that you can't get everything you want, but I can give you a quick and painless death."

    "Your empty threats don't harm me. So if you're finished with your little monologue…(tightly clenches his fists despite the pain he feels as blood began to slowly drip down his hands. He slams his foot into the ground and brings his fists to his sides) COME OOOOOOOONNNN!!!!!"

    A black energy aura began to surround him as Motoko felt his strength increase, dramatically. She now forms a white energy aura surrounding her as she also positions herself, but she couldn't believe what has happened. She is now fighting a man that, even though his death is coming on swift wings, he continues to fight trying to stay alive.

    Both fighters now know that the gloves are off, no one is holding back any longer, and they both knew that one of them would walk away from this fight…alive.

    End of chp. 10
    We need to be more worried about KITTENS and their prevention!! I mean those things are just going growing in numbers unless we STOP THEM!!

    What I do when I see a MAJOR spoiler:

    Me at an anime convention \/


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