most of you will have seen the blog feature by now, so this may not be news, but I'd like to have a thread in here just in case people have questions regarding anything about the setup and whatnot.

One thing that has come up recently (thanks Kata) is the ability to post on other people's blogs, by design or by accident

Thing is, this shouldn't be an accident, and in this case I was sure I'd informed the other party that I'd given them rights to post on my blog.

There is a setting called Manage Groups in Blogs>Blog Settings.

Using this you can grant other members the ability to add entries on your blog. If you just add people, by default they can add entries. There's a little cog icon by their name once you've added them, that allows other configurations, like editing, soft-delete, hard-delete, comment management, and moderator access to your blog, both allowing entries in a queue and managing other group blog members' entries, including the owner.

I've granted Betong rights to my blog because he didn't want to run his own (and he has posted before). Thought I'd done the same for Kataja, due to the NBB's POTW thread but I'd not, it appears. I'd give anyone else on the NBB rights to add to my blog should they wish to add any new pantsu, which is why I keep asking for other contributions.

If people would like to ask any further questions, please feel free to post further in this thread