[TCFA] = The Campaign for Activity

This is not something new, but I think this is what we need to get more people on this forum again. First of all its not gonna be easy, but nothing is easy these days. You will have to tell yourself over and over again that you want to see AnimeB back to its former glory and that you are the one who need to work for that goal. - What will you get out of this you might ask... The Honor of being one of the heroes who saved AnimeB!!!!
(If that's not enough for you it's because you have already given up on saving animeb from the very start... and you shouldn't bother trying - sry to tell you that)

Anyway if you think that sounds great here is the guide for you how to become a Legend of AnimeB

I got this idea from a friend on youtube who got around 5k channel views in 1 day. Its rather simple to do all this, but it only works if we get more people to do it over time.

How to recruit more people:
This is how you should recruit more people to animeb

  • Step 1
    Find another Anime forum and create a account.
  • Step 2
    Go to your profile page and edit your signature so it make commercial for Animeb*
    * You should not write something that makes it obvious that you want to recruit more people to AnimeB but more like you're a part of animeb which is a great community - Here i would like to refer to the Jante Law - THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO
  • Step 3
    Now with your great signature (hopefully) that links back to Animeb you should start posting like insane. (don't spam) - Look on the website and try to figure out what topic people would find interesting. If you post a lot and people thinks the post are interesting they will also think you are interesting. Therefore they will also see you signature. Then they will also start clicking on the link to animeb.

Remember this will take some of your time so only do it if you really have the time. This is a project that don't need slackers who don't want to do their job properly. So either you're up for it or not. I don't expect anyone to follow up on this project immediately, but this is the guide to succes for Animeb.

(I haven't double checked what I've been writing but will do it asap when I got the time - Hopefully you get the idea for how to become a Legends of Animeb)