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Thread: E3 thoughts?

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    E3 thoughts?

    Anybody else "here" watch E3?

    Sony stomped Microsoft into an early grave this year, but that subjects been talked into the ground over the past couple of days..

    So many exciting announcements from Metal Gear Solid 5 to Kingdom Hearts 3. This years E3 has been pretty entertaining.

    Battlefield 4 looks really damn good, I'm pretty excited for the return of more destroyable buildings (THAT SKYSCRAPER!). The fact that BF3 had very minimal FULLY destroyable buildings was a bit of a letdown for me.

    The new Smash Brothers! Mega-man is finally in there and it's about damn time too. Villager looks hilarious and I don't even know what to say about the Wii-fit trainer. I just hope they still have Fire Emblem characters (namely Chrom from Awakening on 3DS).

    I could go on about this crap for hours..

    SO, what are the games at E3 that you were the most excited for? What console are you planning on buying (if any?)?
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    Aiming for the PS4. But yeah. Microsoft got curb stomped this year

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    Titan and Destiny looking good..
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    The main thing I wanted to hear about was the new consoles, and that we did. Looks like for the next gen of consoles I will be returning to Sony's camp. As for Microsoft...maybe I'll go back to them when they learn that people who buy consoles buy them TO BE CONSOLES, not another computer. In fact, on the overall, this may be the first console generation since the early 90's where I only end up with one of the consoles. WiiU holds little interest for me and XBox One looks like a disaster in the making. Anyone know where Microsoft got that "We will sell over 1 billion of these consoles" idea? I want to know what they are smoking over there.

    I note that while I was planning to avoid Call of Duty from now on I may give the franchise one final chance since the premise is somewhat fresh. I just hope the game doesn't end up with the same type of "This was an afterthough" campaign the last 3 have had (BO and MW3 disappointed me and BO2 I played through only once then shelved it other than occassional playthroughs of Zombies) but I am not putting my expectations too high. To much focus on multiplayer, not enough on single. This is a still raising problem for to many games that could have otherwise been great.

    As for other games, BF4. Destiny, and a few others kept my interest or raised to have me take an interest in them due to E3. As a lover of the original SSB and Melee (Brawl was only okay for me) I of course was curious about SSB4 but it will take more than that one game and a couple other good titles for me to return to Nintendo.

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    Whew, lots to talk about.

    Sony stomped Microsoft, then proceeded to kick them while they were down. I'm glad Microsoft has since changed some stuff, but I still won't be buying a One. Sony and Nintendo have my wallet in tight grasp.

    Can't wait to use Mega Man in the new Smash. The reveal sent chills up my spine! The Wii Fit Trainer honestly feels like a really bad joke.

    BF4 looks so good. I wish they would have touched on how much destruction there actually is. I got fooled with BF3 a bit.

    Killer Instinct.. disappointed me. As a fan of the old games it looks more like Street Fighter 4. It was cool to hear ULLLTRRAAA COMBOOO again though.



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