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Chocolate Lovers

  1. hinarei
    hey chocogang!

    I'm kind of a trier I tend to try all the new chocs out and see what fits my taste. Once I've found a favourite, they can prove pretty hard to shift

    Recent faves include: Galaxy Bubbles bar (aero bar, but made with Galaxy choc), Kit Kat Caramel Cream Senses, and Galaxy choc muffin. A muffin of a morning, and a bar either side of lunch make for a very tasty day!
  2. Sir Mefsalot
    Sir Mefsalot
    I...... Love.... CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didnt know that this place here excisted!!!!! it's like a little piece of chocolate heaven! so Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hinarei
    lots of piccies and a haven for fans of the bean

    please: what's your favourite chocolate, or is the world your cocoa bar?

    Welcome to the choco mountain!
  4. Sir Mefsalot
    Sir Mefsalot
    ma Fav is 85%!! the bitter sweet taste.... the way it slowly melts on the tongue..... O.O i want some now!!!
  5. hinarei
    fairly new out - Galaxy Bites: sort of like Maltesers. Except maade with Galaxy chocolate. Without biscuit. but with caramel o_O

    They's absolutely delicious!!
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