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Chocolate Lovers

  1. hinarei
    favourite choco is any 70% cocoa stuff Anything around that or higher is proper tasty

    I refuse to believe the validity of the chocolate keyboard, however
  2. Shinobu Angel
    Shinobu Angel
    My favorite too! 70% always tastes the best.
  3. hinarei
    [action=hinarei]shares a bar of Bournville[/action]

    What's your favourite brand? I'm partial to a bit of Green & Black's and Lindt 70% and 85% chocolate

    I'm a fan of drinking chocolate, as well.
  4. Shinobu Angel
    Shinobu Angel
    I love... Nutella! And Ferrero Rocher! But when I want actual chocolate bars, I agree that Green & Black is the best for it that I've tried (so far)
  5. Shinobu Angel
    Shinobu Angel
    How are we still the only members???
  6. hinarei
    Nutella isn't all that common in my house, but I try and get it when I can I'm not allowed Ferrero Rocher, cos my mum loves 'em so much I can't get near 'em

    I am sure that more people round here are choco fans. Time for some promotin'?
  7. Shinobu Angel
    Shinobu Angel
    Really? Yeah, it's made by the same Italian company as Ferrero, so if your mum has an addiction to it.. then you best not buy Nutella or it'll be gone in a matter of hours. (or minutes, with some people )

    O.K! I will do promoting asap.
  8. Hyuga Neji
    Yay! I joined. My favourate chocolate is dark. It's so tasty.

    And I don't like the chocolate you do. ;( I don't like nuts.
  9. Shinobu Angel
    Shinobu Angel
    Aw, that is fine! And just so you know, all 3 members' preference is dark! I wonder if there are any milk or white contenders going to join? Dark is the best though really, imo.

    Do you have a fav brand Neji ?
  10. hinarei
    Fox has joined too! Welcome to the choco mountain, Neji and Fox

    Agreed, dark really is best. Milk is more usual, white is something I enjoy occasionally, but dark seems more like a treat than any other type of choco

    Fox, what's your favourite? White, dark, milk or drinking?
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